Tanyong never imagined that escaping her own world, with its magnanimous problems, will bring her into a little girl’s world with even bigger problems. This chaotic transition, this temporary diversion (or shall we say long vacation from her current self) is helping her view her own situation from a bird’s eyes view. Indeed just what the power above ordered, exactly what she needed. Through episode 8 and 9, we can see Tanyong realizing that even though it is easier said than done, forgiveness is the key to any relationship.


Things are getting down to the wire and I can feel the final part of this series lurking from this weekend’s episodes.

First, Dr. Pathawee, despite his diligence in researching Tanyong’s unique case, which is requiring a medical miracle and divine intervention more than his experience and training allotted him, is also experiencing some disappointments in his unrequited romance. As we know, he is in love with his unconscious patient but he has recently discovered that her fiancé has reappeared and pronounced his devotion to his fiancée again. Witnessing the tender love from the man’s end, he thinks his chances are looking slim and he assumes that Tanyong and her fiancé are so much in love.

But he doesn’t know that fate has brought Tanyong’s soul to possess in his niece’s body, who is growing attached to him, falling ever so much in love with him. Destiny is funny like that, strikes you when you least expect it. Dr. Pathawee is slowly suspecting that his niece is not her normal self. Little things start to alert him to that, but one day, Nong May had awaited for him to return from work and she handed to him her report card, looking dismayed perhaps from the low score. Much to his surprise however, she had completely aced her finals. Uncle Wee looked perplexedly at his beloved niece not knowing whether he should be happy for her excellent work, or cry because this confirmed his recent suspicions.

He offered her his happy smile though, as the perfect Uncle Wee could only give his niece. Later Dr. Pathawee tried to question her Kru Bie on whether Nong May appeared any different to her? Kru Bie as we know, is privy to Tanyong’s situation, so she immediately (albeit panicky) comforted the uncle that Nong May is absolutely normal. Dr. Pathawee although not completely convinced, dropped the topic for now.

The middle part of this weekend’s episodes escalated the situation between mia luang and mia noi (wife and mistress) of Khun Metee, Nong May’s dad. Although he did the unthinkable by having an affair, we know that his heart is in the right place. Khun Metee has a proud streak: he married a wealthy woman and feels the need to constantly prove himself. He didn’t want anyone to think that he married for money. So he owns his own construction business, which is taking off. But he has troubles balancing the act of a career and a life. Due to his workaholic nature, his need to prove himself, it is affecting his married life. The fact that his docile, weak and sweet wife is easily swayed by her cousin Prang, it doesn’t help his predicament no less. After everything is said and done, he regrets his cheating behavior when his marriage is at its breaking point and he came to realize how much his family means to him. Yet he cannot shake the mistress away.

Our poor Uncle Wee, who cares so much about his family, finds himself embroiled in Khun Metee’s problems. The day prior he promised Nong May that he would take her to Nong Ning’s birthday party. Unfortunately, he spots Metee walking hand in hand with the mistress and decides to intervene. His man to man talk with Metee has awakened the older man’s more chivalrous nature and because Uncle Wee feels that his sister’s marriage can still be salvaged, he decides to take matters into his own hands. The following day marks a wonderful relationship development and many lessons learned for Tanyong and her Uncle Wee.

Nong May is dressed up and ready for her uncle to take her to Nong Ning’s birthday. But she learns that her uncle has broken his promise to her, and that he had other important matters to attend to. She spots his car parked by a house in the alley, the same house she had suspected her father was at the other day, so she decides to snoop. Curiosity kills the cat. In Tanyong’s case, what she saw broke her heart a second time. The betrayal piercing her soul. She witnessed her uncle, whom she has no idea she has fallen in love with (just the other day she had asked him which Nong May he loved more, the former or latter? He had replied that he loved the current because she is brave and independent. She is her own person. This melted her heart) but now he is in the arms of another girl. She imagines her dad there too, another disappointment. But most importantly, the last image of her fiancé betraying her washes over her and she yells out loud to the two adults before her, “so this is your important matter?!” Tanyong runs away Dr. Pathawee follows her, wishing to explain.

Broken hearted, Tanyong evades her uncle and finds a random seat when she eventually tires herself out. Being in a little body does have its side effects. Dr. Pathawee is exhausted from the search but he doesn’t give up. He discovers her sobbing alone, her little body wracking from the exertion. This breaks his heart. He goes to her and explains. What a beautiful scene to solidify to Tanyong that not every man who walks into her life are all cheaters. It also shows that she has changed and grown up from her former self. She is listening.

Khun Metee promises to do better, to try harder. When he approaches his daughter, who is growing more reticent and savvy, she tells him that he needs to try even harder than he already is. Especially with her stubborn mom. She isn’t mad at him because his heart is in the right place. Khun Metee turns off his cellphone from his mistress and proceeds to avoid her. His marriage is finally turning around when he comes home everyday and showers his wife with attention. But when things are great, something usually upsets it. And we get to see a showdown between the wife and mistress.

It was a couple of days prior to grandma’s birthday celebration. Aunt Prang is arranging everything when she sees the mistress talking to the driver. Her ill intent completely obvious, Prang invites the other woman into the house. Khun Pat is not familiar with the woman but soon learns that she was her husband’s mistress. The realization weakens her as the mistress gets the upper hand. Nong May steps in on time and tells the mistress to lay her hands off of her mother. The mistress aims her anger at Nong May instead and was about to smack her when grandma intervened. She threatened to call the cops on the premise of breaking and entering, as well as breaking up a family. Uncle Wee wonders his money was enough for her and grandma tells him that no amount of money is going to be enough for a woman like her. Grandma gets in the final word when she tells the other woman to cease her attempts or she will teach her a lesson. Go granny! Scared, the woman left with a “I’ll get you back next time.”

Nong May tries to comfort her tearful mother. She tells the older woman that the woman came because her dad didn’t want anything to do with her. This surprises her mother because Nong May and Uncle Wee already know this. They just didn’t want to hurt her with the news. Khun Metee immediately returns from the trip he was about to make. He kneels to his wife and apologizes profusely, crying. He tells her that he loves her and that he messed up. He asks for her forgiveness. Khun Pat is crying harder but she gets a few words in, that she was so afraid that she would lose him. They embrace and forgive.

At the stairwell, Nong May is exhausted. She leans her head against the wall. Her uncle comes to her and let her little body lean into him. She asks him if forgiveness was the most important thing between two people? Her uncle nods his head. She mentally thanks him for allowing her to lean on him. Then she mentally asks herself on whether it was time she had forgiven Piram, her former fiancé?

The theme of forgiveness is explored by the characters in this drama, in different ways. For Tanyong, she wonders if you lose someone’s trust, can you ever get it back? Perhaps not your initial trust. But there is also the factor of love, perhaps she is not meant to be with Piram thus after the heartbreak, she meets a worthier man who teaches her about love and forgiveness. Tanyong is aware that her mom and dad loved each other dearly, and that there is more to a relationship and marriage than fluff and romance. She is able to see what happens after the happily ever after. What will she decide to do upon returning to her own body? But that’s for another post.

Grandma’s birthday arrived and during the praying ceremony, Khun Ying glances over to her great granddaughter and saw a spirit within her. Momentarily caught off guard. She gives the little girl a Buddha pendant to protect her.


Alas things are going smoothly, mom and dad are good together, Nawin and Kru Bie are an item (and they are so darn cute), and Nong May has her Uncle Wee to herself. They have rehearsed a song for grandma’s birthday and will be showcasing it later that night. We can also see that Tanyong gets super jealous when she sees Dr. Neung around her uncle. Nothing shows the onset of love than the good ole jealousy!

The subplot thickens around Aunt Prang whose husband is giving her an unlimited use of the credit card and perhaps fabricating the financial statements of his business. She believes her husband when he tells her all is well and their business is prospering. Because of her clear competition with Khun Pat, and drive to be equal with her, she will have the roughest ending. Karma will get her before this lakorn ends, well that’s how it typically goes down!

And after it is all said and done, I am dying to watch how this lakorn ties up the plot and theme together. What will Tanyong do when or if she wakes up from her extended beauty sleep? Will Dr. Pathawee ever find out that his beloved little niece was actually his crush?

I don’t know about you, but I want to see Tanyong, in her real self, saying to Dr. Pathawee upon waking up, “Nah Wee, tee neung korng Nong May..” (Uncle Wee, my #1 person (she used to tell him this.)) I know, that’s a bit far fetched. How about just, “where is my Uncle Wee?” Hah.

Oh do stay tune.