Welcome!  Thank you for joining this maddening and highly addicting lakorn club. However and whichever way you found yourself immersed in this wonderful world of lakorns, I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’re here to stay.

By now you have come to know that lakorn is a Thai drama series, which is a unique drama series on its own, that sets them apart from other dramas out there (i.e. Kdramas, Japanese dorama, Chinese dramas etc). What makes them unique, you ask? We have terms like pr’ek, nang’ek, nang’rai, slap kiss, R scenes, you name it. Lakorns are another beast in the world of dramas. There are standard clichés that make them lakorns, whether you like it or not, it’s the addicting formula and storytelling format that keeps the fans coming back for more. And that’s probably why you’ve made yourself at home.

On this blog, I will endeavor to bring to you recaps, reviews, first impressions and random musings/snippets of my thoughts surrounding lakorns, whether they’re currently airing, have already aired or projecting to air soon.

Since it is your first time watching lakorns or even your first time visiting this blog, I’ve created this page to help you navigate the site a little better:

  • Recaps– alphatical order of lakorns that I’ve written about
  • Recommendations– a list of lakorns that I’ve watched and rated. Feel free to peruse the list and pick your choice of what you’d like to see based on my ratings. It is rather subjective, although my input is based on what makes the story great.
  • Resources/Eng Subs – a list of Thai lakorn resources for you – whether they are English subtitle sites or fan subbers out there.
  • Requests – a spot where you can submit your recap/review requests. I don’t do translation or subtitles, but I would be happy to consider recapping or providing my musings for the requested lakorns. It’s a great place to organize requests also, and readers can chime in.

About the blogger:

I was raised on lakorns (thanks Mom!) and have been a fan for over 30+ years. I prefer romantic comedy, but most of all a good story. I turned to blogging about lakorns because I want to share the viewing experience with fellow lakorn fans, whether you already understand Thai but want to talk about lakorns, or don’t understand Thai but LOVE lakorns in general.

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