Dr. Pathawee learns that at a certain point in his scientific, rational mind, he cannot continue using it to evaluate his increasingly strange niece. His original perception of her change in behavior and way of thinking is rationalized by the accident on the stairway. Her brain scans are normal, her physiology is normal, but psychologically, she’s 180 degrees from her normal self. Completely abnormal. In episode 7, Dr. Pathawee develops keen observations on Nong May, as the suspicions of her changed persona grows in the pit of his stomach. A wonderful, thoroughly enjoyable episode that not only moves the plot along, but offers some development in the romance department too.


Nawin uses a new tactic to gain Kru Bie’s (teacher Bie) attention, he asks Nong May for her help. Like a sappy, hopeless romantic, Nawin is falling madly, deeply in love with Kru Bie. He watches her teach her classroom from behind the glass window, as if a starving child looking longingly at a candy store. But this time around, Nawin is making leeway. His persistent attention to her, irritating presence, and relentless stalking is slowly paying off. Kru Bie, much to her chagrin, is noticing Nawin. There are aspects about him that she doesn’t know in which she suddenly finds appealing. Who could resist the charm and silly smile? Although she’s stubbornly resisting him, she’s slowly coming undone.

Tanyong’s chance of returning to her body is looking bleak. She has no idea what she needs to do, her best friend has no idea how to help her, and the monk’s advice is time- that she needed to do the best in her situation and allow good karma to carry her back- which is like answering without offering an answer at all. But it did make her feel better. I got goosebumps during the scene where she offered respect to the monk and he could see her spirit within the little girl’s body.

Life as Nong May for Tanyong though, isn’t all bad. Uncle Wee is a wonderful distraction. She finds herself staring endlessly at her “uncle.” She’s sulky when she sees him being so nice to other women. He is becoming the center of her universe- she just doesn’t realize that she’s falling for her uncle yet. Sounds creepy but it was done tastefully.

Regarding Aunt Prang, I cease to care how snarly and bitter she is anymore, because Nong May always has the last laugh, leaving her dear auntie in a fit of rage. Fun stuff. Another area I cease caring about: the relationship between the married duo, Pat and Metee. They’re always fighting about the same stuff, accusing each other for wronging one another yet not taking the blame for anything. Give and take, compromise is a valuable lesson these two still have yet to learn.

But it’s ok if Nong May has such useless parents, because no matter what, she will always have her darling, loveable Uncle Wee. With their cute scenes together, coupled with the love development between Nawin and Bie, they give me a toothache.