Dramatic or not, I’m digging the Id-Korya (Toomtam-Cherebelle) chemistry. After the accident, Id learns from his doctor buddy that Korya’s head injury did not come from the car accident. He believes that the people nearest and dearest to her had caused it. With this notion, Id decides to play his hero card. Since she’s amnesiac, he lies to her that she’s his girlfriend to keep her from harms way. Not only is he protecting her, but he wants to keep her close too, two birds with one stone. One valiant and the other, an act of self fulfilling. A man with complexity.

At the hospital Id has just finished telling his assistant why he is taking Korya home with him. Although his assistant has his reservations, he does what his boss tells him.

Korya is suspicious why she would even date someone like him (someone cocky, good looking and rich? Who wants to wait in line?) so she questions the assistant profusely until Id appears at the door and relieves his minion.

He tells her that she will be released from the hospital the following day.

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“Where is my home then?” Korya wants to know.

“You don’t have a home,” he replies and leans in, “there is only our home.”

“What do you mean I don’t have a home?” she’s starting to panic, thinking that it is another lie from him. “What crazy person doesn’t have a home? You’re lying to me right?” she pushes against his chest. “Go tell my parents to pick me up!”

She gets off the bed, and continues to push against him when he won’t let her go.

“I’m going home!” And they tug at each other roughly.

“Listen to me!” Id implores. When she won’t listen, he yells, “you don’t have a home- you don’t have a mom or dad! You’re an orphan, Korya!”


She tries to get away from the truth but he holds her against him. “You grew up in an orphanage. You’re parents are dead, Korya.” That’s pretty crystal clear.

Korya quiets down, allowing the information to sink in.

“You have nothing left in this world,” Id continues, “except for me.”

And the waterworks start. (Hers, not mine. Well, not yet anyway.)

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Later they arrive at “their home.”

“I used to live here?” she asks, “it doesn’t look familiar.”

“Well you have amnesia, how can you remember?” Id replies nonchalantly. Korya doesn’t look convinced. When she refuses to leave the car, he takes her into his arms, hah.

Id shows her to her room, well equipped with brand name clothing and bags.

Her innate self is kicking in and nothing he’s telling her rings true to her ears. Especially when price tags are still on “her supposed” clothes! She calls him out about that but he merely replies that she’s a shopaholic. Her room would brim with clothes and bags with no space for them. He prays that her amnesia will eliminate her shopping compulsion.

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She looks disconcerted and guilty about her past. “Was I that horrible?”

Id is gaining the upper hand, he even adds that there is more where that came from (regarding her bad behavior.) But to soften the blow, he tells her that he can handle it, and that she’s in good hands. Before he leaves the room, he couldn’t resist and gives her a kiss, which earns a few bottles of perfume thrown at him.

Soon however, drama immediately finds them. His father (and mia noi- mistress) summons her forward to question. She explains that she got in a car accident and doesn’t have any place to go. His father explodes and wonders why she’s following a man to his home. Id appears and opposes his father. He tells them that Korya is his girlfriend and he can allow anyone he wants to stay in his home (because it’s his mother’s home and there isn’t anything his father could do about it ha. Both the father and mia noi look like they are about to burst an artery.)

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Later that night Korya pleads for Id to confess the truth to her. She still finds everything too far fetched.

“I’ve never really lived here, right?” she asks. “Those are not my things. Your father doesn’t know me.. so are there any truths to the story you told me?”

Id looks down with guilt. “Here is the truth.. you’re an orphan, named Korya. Before the accident, you lived with the nuns, at the orphanage in Chiang Mai.”

“How come you don’t take me back there?”

“It’s not safe there. The wound on your head did not come from the accident. Someone is out to kill you.”

“Kill me?” she repeats, “who? Who-“

“I don’t know. You’re the only one who knows but you don’t remember anything. And I don’t dare risk you staying with anyone else.”

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He takes her hands, “Korya, I’m worried about you.”

“How long am I supposed to stay like this?” she asks.

“I-“ he starts, “I want you to stay like this, with me, forever.”

They stare at each other, tears swimming in her eyes. But she removes her hands from his. He looks at her with his puppy dog eyes, pleading.

Definitely a couple to watch out for.

I like that he came forward with the truth. It makes his character more loveable and not as cunny as he wants people to think.

Minus the background music (which is distracting), the lakorn is fast paced and keeps me pretty interested. Yay me.