Channel 3 has released their upcoming lakorn list for the latter half of the year, and there is something for everyone. Which ones are you looking forward to the most? We have some great pairings coming up, and that is probably the main reason why I would tune in – chemistry is almost everything! Granted, story is important too, so I plan to write first impressions for the show that catches my interest.

Pitsawat Katagam aka The Deadly Affair – James Jirayu and Yeena Salas

I will be watching for James Ji of course, but this story sounds pretty heavy, and the male lead is held responsible for the death of his girlfriend but doing time for his conviction does not satisfy the female lead, who is determined to seek revenge.

Keu Ter aka Bad Romeo – Mario and Yaya

I’ve been waiting for this for what feels like eons ago. Mario and Yaya, are the main attraction – more notorious than the storyline itself. Anne Thongprasom is producing this one, and I guess we are all going in blind. Just give it to me already.

Mat Huajai Yai Suptar aka You Are My Makeup Artist – Janie and Gulf

Janie is back… this is a celebrity and makeup artist in a contract marriage? We shall find out more soon.

Sai Lub Lip Gloss – Boy Pakorn and Namtarn

This one looks hilarious and Boy-Namtarn look adorable together. It’s the fluffy and cute show I need, with the female lead learning to be a spy.

Chai Paetsaya – Ice, Poh, Masu, Phet, Oliver, Preem, Ann Siriam

Male prostitute is the direct translation for this show.. maybe that alone will interest you.

Rak Gaew – Cris, Kao, Peach and Louis Scott

This story sounds a bit twisted. Sometimes the story itself doesn’t always pan out the way the summary indicates.. but you can read more of it here.

Suptar 2550 – Ken and Anne

I was ecstatic when I first heard of their reunion. This is the OG koojin, even before there is a koojin term. I will watch simply for them, but the story itself sounds relevant, former stars want to return to the limelight again.

Lai Kinnaree – Nadech and Yaya

A period lakorn by Act Art production team, but more importantly it’s Yadech! You already know how I feel about them.. but this too sounds epic. More on the story here.

Tee Sut Kong Huajai, You touched my Heart – Patricia and DJ Push

I just watched Boss & Me (Thai version) of Push and he’s gotten me wanting more of his shows! Hopefully this is a good pairing with Patricia, whom I have been keeping an eye on her currently airing show, My Friend The Enemy.

Other shows mentioned:

Pah Nang Suea, The Tigress– Prim and Ohm Kanin

This one is a remake, it’s good to see Prim as the female lead again.

Poang Lang Hak On Son – Denkhun and Tita Chayanit

18 Mong Gut Sadut Love – Phet Thakrit and Jackie

Currently Watching:

If you are in the mood for lakorns, like me, these upcoming shows, and currently airing ones will hopefully have something that may interest you.

I am currently watching My Romance from Far Away, Koo Wen, Astrophile and KinnPorsche (happy Pride month!) and dropped The Cunning Destiny. I meant to write separate impressions on the last three shows, but life and laziness got in the way. So I shall leave my quick thoughts here:

Astrophile! It’s a slower paced and not super addicting, but the characters are so watchable. There’s Bright from F4 Thailand (a very adorable spoilt brat) who meets Mai’s character during college, she was his senior. He had a crush on her and admired her since. Fast forward many years later, he’s an artist and she’s a TV host for a home shopping network, and they are neighbors! But senior does not recognize the freshman because he used to be quite adorably dorky with glasses and bangs – in fact, she had been the one to coin him the name “Baby Bangs”. These are two very beautiful people to watch on screen, so I will keep watching this.

KinnPorsche is my first Thai BL. I was enticed by it being #1 watched on iQiyi, so I checked out ep 1.. and then 2.. and the rest was history. The only bad part is that it airs only once a week, so I am watching this slowly, hoping that the episodes would catch up to my watch speed. I dare say, it doesn’t and I am still waiting for more. The chemistry is awesome, even if the story is a bit crazy. You can read about the plot here.

Unfortunately I dropped The Cunning Destiny. It is not that it isn’t good, I wanted to like it, but I didn’t feel the story nor the chemistry right off the bat. There’s just so many other good shows out that I put this one on the backburner. I will say my fave so far is still My Romance From Far Away, it hits that balance of a good daily watch that is cute, romantic and oh so funny. I may check out Ratree Luang since the same male lead is in there and why not have two vitamins a day.

What about you? What are you currently watching or looking forward to checking out?