Since I get asked a lot of the same questions, “What is your fave lakorn” or “What lakorns would you recommend?” I’ve decided to put together a ratings list to help you out. These lakorns are the ones that I’ve recapped, reviewed or watched in entirety. Also to keep you aware of how they are rated, please see my rating system below.

Lovefia’s Rating System:
10 – One of the best lakorns I’ve ever seen.
9 – Damn near perfection
8 – Excellent
7 – Very good
6 – Good, recommend with reservations
5 – Meh, take it or leave it
4 – Bad, but not without some merit
3 – Horrible, barely watchable
2 – Complete waste of time
1 – Worst lakorn ever

Badarn Jai (2008) badarn jai It was a long lakorn that encompassed everything a lakorn should and should not do. (6/10)
Botan Gleep Sudthai (2008) botan gleep sudtai Very good writing, acting and directing. Also made me feel compelled alongside Aum Atichart. Would love just a tad more focus on the main character’s romantic relationship. (7/10)
Boy’s Paradise- Ugly Duckling Series (2015) boysparadise8 Funny and Sean-Esther made it worth the ride, if you’re a Sean-Esther fan. (7/10)
Buppae Sanniwas (2018) What I consider a perfect lakorn. Stunning from start to finish. Strong cast, strong writing and beautiful direction. (10/10)
Chat Suea Pan Mungkorn (2018) Gripping show ’til the very end. One that is committed to the storytelling, no matter how many lives must be lost (senseless or deserving). Story and character wise, they always remain true. The ending is no less. What a journey with Hia Hou and company. (8/10)
Cupid, The Series (2017) Sorn Ruk Kammathep – man-hating Cupid who meets the man of any man-hater’s dream. Love this show. (10/10)
Kammathep Son Gon – the love storyline is cute and the leads have great chemistry. But the story as a whole was irrelevant to the main lead – in that the psycho killer subplot is after the second lead, making the killer escape not so very interesting . (6/10)
Dao Kiaw Duen (2013) daoandkhunchai Great characters and great pairing, with an interesting premise, and an awesome soundtrack. My crack show. (8/10)
Dao Long Fah (2005) dao long fah Cherry is amazing as a spoiled child but who inevitably meets karma for her selfish actions. But she has Aum by her side. (7/10)
Dao Reurng (2013) dao reurng Made me laugh hysterically. Great heroine and light hearted fun. (7/10)
Duang Jai Akkanee (2010) duangjai akkanee 21st century Romeo & Juliet, but a happily ever after. Excellent chemistry but basic plot. (7/10)
Fah Krajang Dao (2013) Fah Krajang Dao Contemplative, a lakorn for society. (7/10)
Game Rai Game Rak (2012) Game Rai Game Rak Amnesia, betrayal, revenge, intense romance. Best Yadech lakorn. (9/10)
Game Sanaeha (2018) A game of love that had more unnecessary angst than I would care for, but Taew and James are adorable together. (7/10)
Hi-so Sa Orn (2018) A hi-so lady falls in love with an ordinary guy. Most adorable first love plot with social status differences. Excellent writing, directing, and cast chemistry (10/10)
Hong Sabat Lai (2012) Hong Sabat Lai Government betrayal, love triangle and nostalgia. Love the mood and the acting. (7/10)
Jai Rao (2008)  jairao Heart break (like it’s title, cracked heart.) Will make you shed tears but smile with Ken T and Aff. (9/10)
Jao Sao Jom Yorm (The Reluctant Bride) (2018) It’s rare to find a hero that remains steadfast and smart to the end, this one is a gem. The chemistry is also amazing. The overall story could use some work, for that they get a (9/10).
Jam Loey Rak (2008)  jam loey ruk A hero you’d love to hate but end up loving. A prisoner’s love story. (9/10)
Kadee Ded Hed Hang Rak (2006)  kadee ded hed hang rak Chakrit. That’s all. (7/10)
Kaen Saneha (2013)  kaensanaeha4 Lakorn started out very promising, but took too long to carry out its story arc, which could feel very slow. But it’s a value driven type lakorn, so watch, if it’s your kind of thing. (6/10)
Kah Kong Kon (2011)  kah kong kon A mixed bag of drama. But the argument is to teach Luk (Pong Nawat) how to value a woman. Love Pong from this lakorn. (6/10)
Karn La Krang Neung Nai Hua Jai (Once Upon a Time in my Heart) (2016) Once Upon A Time In My Heart Although the finale was flawed, it was a thoroughly enjoyable ride. It’s a rare chance to watch a great production with awesome actors and characters. This one will be near and dear to my heart. (8/10)
Khun Chai Pawornruj (2013) popethanawat Love love love. Our smooth diplomat meets our stubborn princess. A story about surpassing social status and finding true love.  (9/10)
Khun Chai Phuttipat (2013) khun chai puttipat Fangirling seemingly just for James Jirayu and his portrayal of the cerebral doctor. (7/10) Fangirl (8/10)
Khun Chai Ratchanon (2013)  kcratchanon Adventure and throne redemption. Great plot and acting by everyone but Bomb Tanin. (8/10)
Khun Chai Ronnapee (2013)  mintjames Great acting by James Ma and directing. I didn’t like the fact that the heroine doesn’t offer anything to the table (relationship) and proceeds to push the hero away. But this makes the rooting for Chai Pee all the more important. (8/10)
Khun Chai Tharatorn (2013)  kctharatorn The pacing is so slowwww, the writing leaves little to be desired and the acting is just ok. (5/10)
Khun Noo Tevada (2008)  khunnootewada The spoiled rich girl gets taught a thing or two from her photography teacher. Cute and scandalous. Heh. (7/10)
Koo Dued (2010)  koo deud Moral lakorn, black versus white, good versus bad. And Karma of course. Love Por and Aum’s brotherly relationship. (6/10)
Kuan KaanTong Gub Gang Por Pla Lai (2014)  400px-KuanKaanTongGubGangPorPlaLai-1 Not perfect, but makes me so in love with the three leads. Excellent writing, directing and acting. (9/10)
Kularb Rai Korng Nai Tawan (2014)  520 A romantic tale about two polar opposites who find love and have to overcome surmountable obstacles to be together. Although elements of the story has a light hearted flair, the show still manages to grab you by the heart. All of this has mostly to do with the earnest chemistry and acting of Kan and Mai. It shows how much true love can put one through the ringer. Someone give Tawan a hug please! Love.Love.Love. (8/10)
Kularb Son Klin (2014) 400px-Kularb_Son_Klin_poster The onscreen chemistry between First and Marie was so palpable and made up for the fall out of the plot line towards the end. It made me smile a lot though, and for that this show gets a (6/10)
Leh Ratree (2015) lehratree30 Seriously so good. Storywise, the one to beat. Great overall acting, directing and writing. Favorite in slap/kiss genre (10/10)
Likit Rak (2018) Nadech-Yaya are on fire in this lakorn, their chemistry is fantastic. The story had only two things to tell though, whether God will give them duty or love, and who ends up on the throne. Not complicated, but with a basic story, I did wish we had more meat to bite on. Storywise Game Rai Game Rak is still the best Yadech lakorn, but best chemistry is Likit Rak (8/10)
Luk Mai Klai Ton (2000)  lukmaiglaiton This one grabbed my heart. Excellent acting, directing, writing. (10/10)
Mam Gam Dang (2012) Mam-Gam-Dang-Lakorn-Part-1 Such potential to be wonderful. Definitely not typical: a man falls for his sister in law. Chakrit and Matt Peeranee did a great job with what they were given. (7/10)
Maya Tawan (2013) Maya Tawan A remake that fell short from the original. Very short. But the whole package wasn’t horrible and it was nice to see Aum and Yaya together, despite the lack of spark. (6/10)
Mon Jantra (2013) Mon Jantra The spark between Margie and Chakrit practically bounced off the tv. The conflict is mainly from our heroine who can’t accept someone who owns a casino. (8/10)
Mook Liam Petch (2012)  Mook_Liam_Petch02 Action action action- from our heroine too, she gets to do all of the asswhooping. (6/10)
Morrasoom Sawat (2015) morrasoomsawat Great romance story, but the misunderstandings can be repetitive. Worth it for the sweeping romance. (8/10)
Nakak Dok Son Klin (2009) nakak dok son klin A hero who gains the ability to hear people’s thoughts. He must re-learn who he can or cannot trust. Aum’s more easy going lakorn. (6/10)
Namtarn Mai (2009)  namtarnmai Ateam was the only thing that got me through the show. Just horrible. I’d like a few hours of my life back. (2/10)
Neung Nai Suang (2015)  Neung Nai Suang Coming Soon
Neur Mek 2 (2012) neurmek2 I feel so cheated. We never even get to see the ending. Sadness. The show was getting so good. Politics should not mingle with entertainment. (7/10)
Num Baanrai Gup Wanjai Hiso (2012) numbanrai A light hearted fun in the farm, where Miss Hiso meets Mr.Farmer and must sabotage him to sell the farm. (9/10)
Nang Rai Summer (March 2014) nangraisummer Twenty-episode ride filled with fun, laughter and a lighthearted romp in the city and breathtaking resort. (8/10)
Neung Dao Fah Diew (2018) It was a story about redemption for a man and his family, for a nation and its people. The romance, although wasn’t central to the story, was innocent and cute. The story took us on an adventure, with roller coaster of emotions, and very compelling (7/10)
Padiwarada (2016)  padiwarada1 Arranged marriage, period drama, flawed pr’ek and a no nonsense nang’ek makes for a heart warming story. (10/10)
Pan Rak Pan Rai (2013) Pan Rak Pan Rai Daughter separated at birth. Amnesia. Craziness. But Toomtam proved to be a good actor and his chemistry with nang ek is palpable. (6/10)
Pathapee Leh Rak (2010)  pathapee leh rak For some reason, this lakorn has a soft spot in my heart. Great story and writing, acting is ok (by Mint) and directing is mediocre. (6/10)
Payakorn Sorn Rak (2020) pathapee leh rak Coming Soon
Phu Yai Lee Gup Nang Ma (2009)  phuyaileegupnangma What is your true calling? City girl gets her hands dirty in the countryside, love the quaint town and cute story. (8/10)
Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wiset (2016)  whenamanlovesawoman Enjoyable for the pairing, but lacking in the plot/story department. (6.5/10)
Plik Din Su Dao (2006) plikdinsudao A musical following the lives of aspiring singers, competing for the grand title. It’s almost like a reality show. (8/10)
Plerng Toranong (2011) plerngnumfon Boy against the world. He has to set out to prove himself worthy to his grandmother. He also has the heroine waiting to pounce once he fails. But oh so good, Mario. (8/10)
Pon Prom Onlaweng (2013) Pon Prom Onlaweng Body swap. A confused, heartbroken woman goes into the body of a little girl and learns how to grow up and love again. Dr. Pathawee!! (7/10)
Punyachon Gon Grua (2012)  punyachon A student masquerades as a maid to research for her script writing contest. She gets more than she bargains for as she learns about life and love. Ann’s debut production. Love Khun Tum and Amika (9/10)
Qi Pao (2012)  qipao Curator goes to HK and must fix the dress she tore, but gets immersed in a murder mystery of a woman who is identical in looks to her. (6/10)
Raak Boon (2012)  img_6123 A story about people caught in between the dimensions of the dead and the alive. Not a lot of variation in plot, as our heroine must help the dead rest in peace. (6/10)
Rak Kerd Nai Talad Sod (2012) rakkerd Fun time in the fresh food market. Ai Tong must win over his beloved’s mother and save the market at the same time. (7/10)
Rak Mai Mee Wan Tai (2011) love never dies Vampires. Old artifacts. The chemistry of Ploy and Dome makes this show. (7/10)
Rak Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong (2005) rakneehuajairaojong Stranded on an island, having to depend on each other, then learning to cope without each other in the city. Awesome and adorable. Janie and Ken are so cute together. (8/10)
Rak Patiharn (2011) Rak Patiharn A girl who lost everything and comes back to her hometown. Pretends to be a maid to make ends meet but must find her way to forgive/accept her grandmother. She gets immersed into the family conflict between two opposing families. My favorite aspect of the lakorn is Mint and Alex’s relationship. (6/10)
Rak Sorn Rode (2010) ruk sorn rode A lakorn with many flavors: a heroine trying to make the ends meet, a hero who wants to change her back to someone he used to know. Horrible villans though. (6/10)
Rang Tawan (2016) rangtawanend3 So many mishaps. Best part of the show is seeing how the beast (Aum) learns how to love again. The rest is just meh, take it or leave it. (5/10)
Roy Leh Marnya (2020) roy mai Coming Soon
Roy Mai (2011) roy mai A past can live inside a silk fabric, weaving the present to solve its problems. Two lives that are intertwined. Ateam is beautiful in this lakorn, although not without its plot problems. (7/10)
Roy Fun Tawan Deurd (2014)  royfuntawandeurd A playboy whose life turns upside down when his cousin permanently leaves his leadership role, forcing our hero to take on that role. Choosing duty over maybe marriage and maybe love, Ryu severs his good relationship with his fiance, hoping to protect her, while following her for 7 years. Fast forward 7 years later, it’s not so easy winning her heart back, not to mention, his competition and the baddies have much challenges in store for him. (7.5/10)
Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan (2014) royrakhakliamtawan He’s a Samurai warrior while she’s just a regular student studying abroad in Japan. Takeshi knows she’s the one from the first time he laid eyes on her, he just needs to convince her, while keeping his enemies at bay. (7/10)
Sai Lohit (2018)   Sai Lohit is a lakorn that focuses heavily on the war, but it also manages to remind us of what matters, that war sucks and life is hard, but there are moments of triumph, moments of love and happiness. (9/10)
Saochai Hi-tech (2010)  20110718-085336.jpg A psychologist pretends to be a maid in order to save a broken hearted man from himself. (8/10)
Sapai Glai Peun Tiang (2009)  sapai glai peun tiang A tough cop who marries in name into a family in order to make them accept her sister. Adore Chakrit and Ann  (7/10)
Sawan Being (2008)  sawanbiang Totally slap kiss. Revenge. But an awesome redemption when our heroine changes our hero completely. Not an easy ride but never boring. (9/10)
Song Hua Jai Nee Peur Ter (Two Spirit’s Love) (2015) twospirtslove1 Can the past repeat itself? Join our leads on a journey to uncover the connection between their past and present, while watching Mario play two different characters! (8/10)
Sood Saneha (2009) sood saneha A dream lakorn where everything is just perfection. A strong heroine, an awesome hero and just so delicious. (10/10)
Spark Jai Nai Jomying (2020)
Suey Rerd Cherd Sud (2010) suayrerdcherdsod Another hiso who thinks she’s perfect, but Janie’s great at it and her chemistry with Film was palpable. (8/10)
Tarm Ruk Keun Jai (2016) tarmrakkeunjai2 Amazing cast and directing that delivers. It’s a unique story about a woman who goes to find her father, and finds much more than that. She found her pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This show will make you squeal with delight. (10/10)
Tawan Duerd (2011) tawan-deard-lakorn-movie-picture-part-10 Excellent writing, directing and acting. The trifecta. Could use a little more romancing, but it’s a cowboy show. (8/10)
Taweepop 1994 taweepob small For a time travel, classic romance lakorn, this is the one to beat. Love Tua Saranyu and Ann Siriam (10/10)
Thara Himalai (2010)  Thara Himalai Kimberly’s debut but Aum helped carry the series, a prince who falls in the hands of a doctor and he falls in love with her. He has to find his way back to the throne. (7/10)
Torranee Nee Nee Krai Krong (2012) Torranee Nee Nee Krai Krong Being a farmer is never easy, but Nadech epitomizes such a hardworking one and we want to cheer him on. He goes against the feisty Darunee and we get a love bloom from jealousy, but inevitably respect. (7/10)
Trabab See Chompoo (Pink Sin) (2018) Revenge plot that started very good but had no direction to how the story was going to end. But this lakorn has high level of fangirling because of Pon and Bua’s chemistry. (7/10)
Ubatheehet (2012)  ubud4_1351156317 I lost a chunk of hair from this drama- well from pulling them out of course. It’s tragedy, accidents galore and a woman who must learn how to forgive herself. (4/10)
Wanida (2010)  wanida A classic that finally got its remake and with Tik&Aff to headline it too. Beautiful and poignant. (8/10)
Wayupak Montra (2010) wayupak montra Ghost and wine. Odd combo but a good story that covers a playboy who must trust a superstitious girl who protects him from the evil ghosts. (7/10)
Wong Wien Hua Jai (2009)  wongwianhuajai Big bro (hero) kidnaps/forces heroine to marry him as to keep her away from his sister’s marriage. It’s a hot and heavy drama, with great chemistry between Pinky and Weir. (7/10)
Yah Leum Chan (2014) Yah Leum Chan Although great directing and acting, the writing quite suffered in this lakorn. On a fangirl level for the second leads, I would say closer to 7/10 but in reality, the show should only get 5/10.

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