What had Ana hoped for? Did she really think that she could escape this debacle unscathed?

When the plan commenced in London, she had nothing to lose. Why not help her friend out? Actually, she would be killing two birds with one stone. Pat wouldn’t have to marry Prae and May could have a chance with Pat. She also needed the money. It would be a shameless, totally wrong thing to do but she had her reasons.

What she hadn’t planned on happening was to grow fond of Pat’s parents and crush on his brother so truly and deeply. Now that the truth came out, Ana has so much more to lose.

Actions have consequences and this time around, I think that Ana has grown because of them.

I get it.

What I don’t get and what makes me angry are the responses from Pat’s parents and Nadol. Pat’s parents were warming up to her, defending her and even willing to accept her in place of Prae. Yet when the truth came out, it was like a switch being flipped. They just got nasty, back to their former selves. They moved forward with Pat’s engagement and turned their backs on Ana.

If I were the parents (and being the “adult”) I would contemplate my son and his friend’s motives. Why must they consort to such extremes? It’s because I left them no choice. I should know my son well, he’s not the confrontational type. Obviously I wouldn’t condone the behavior, but I would try to understand. I wouldn’t kick out my son’s friend like she meant nothing to me! The scene got me so angry!

As for Nadol, don’t get me wrong, I was totally feeling for him since the last few episodes. He was tormented, he felt like he was going to hell just loving his brother’s wife. I know he’s angry when he found out the truth and people who are hurt lash out. But my handsome male lead, let’s not make this all about you. No one is out to get you.

I guess I was disappointed with his reaction. If he truly loved Ana as he claimed, then he wouldn’t want to hurt her. It would kill him to hurt her. Yet he watched his parents treat her like a piece of shit. And let’s pour salt on the wound by saying, “Forgiving is easy. But asking for the good feelings we’ve had to come back- is impossible.”

Well she never asked for them to come back, you, you- imbecile!! Now wake up and smell the sea- then go and redeem yourself!

And Pat, oh em gee, this guy is a piece of work. I’ve never seen a guy with less gumption and balls. He’s letting his parents continue on with the engagement and he can’t even protect his friend who was helping him in the first place! If I were Pat, I’d storm out of the house too just to prove a point. Will it hurt him to man up and confront his parents?!

And May? Well, she’s still in love with a guy who is so far from worthy. But I guess they’re made for each other since they’re both wimps.

As for Nina and Kate, karma will bite you in the ass, ladies. Attempted murder is no joke.

Whew, that is my ranting for episode 11. I’m hoping episode 12 will give us more rational behaviors!

I know I should wait and cool down before I post this, but what the hell, I’m frustrated because the whole family is so mean!

How do I expect them to react, you may ask? Well, for one, Pat’s parents should be angry and disappointed. But that doesn’t mean they should treat her badly. They are a happily married couple, they should want the same for their son. End the engagement- besides, they were the ones who told Prae’s dad that he could not use the fact that they were indebted to him a long time ago as a means to force Pat to marry Prae. As for Nadol, he should be angry. He has every right to, but let’s not call her names like “greedy, money hungry,” words like those hurt, even if they’re true. He wasn’t in her situation so he wouldn’t understand. She needed to help a friend out and she needed the money. I’m not saying that her actions were correct, but she had her reasons. I think she would do it again. Especially when she has nothing to lose.. and Nadol- really, it’s not always about you. I dislike selfish pr’ek. But it’s the only bad thing he’s done in this lakorn so far, so he’ll have time to redeem himself, I hope.

What think you? Feel free to chime in!