I find myself fangirling our main couple in Mam Gam Dang. When they’re together, spasm from yours truly inevitably follows.

In today’s episode (10) we witness Nadol going through a riot of emotion. He feels guilty, confused, in love and then angry with himself. He is such a tormented individual. And I keep wondering and anticipating his reaction when he finds out the truth. If the preview is any indication, the truth will be revealed in episode 11.

You must be wondering however, did the two schemes succeed? Meaning, did Pat-May succeed in bringing Nadol closer to Ana? Did Nina-Kate succeed in causing Ana to lose her pregnancy? Yes and no.

Nina and Kate are failed villains- not only that, their plans seem to always backfire. I think Nina only succeeds in wearing one bad hat to another.

After Nina schemes to push Ana into the stream below, she thinks that Ana is dead or “gone” but she really has no depth perception as it was only a short fall and caused a twisted ankle.

Nadol comes to Ana’s rescue and ends up carrying her on his back, in which leads us to the sweetest words and deepest desires from his lips. (She was asleep while he mutters softly to her sleeping form.)

Wouldn’t it be great if there was another woman like you? Is that even possible? Someone who is exactly like you.. who is not pregnant or involved with my brother. If there is such a person, I will never let her go.

Nadol is such a romantic. The more he tries to stay away from her, the more he finds himself near her. We can thank Pat-May for that. Their next plan was to lock the two in the cool storage room which forces Nadol and Ana to snuggle close to stay warm. Nadol couldn’t help himself as he pulled her into his arms and kissed her temple. She was right there, what could a guy do? Especially when he’s so in love with her and so confused as to how he should comport himself.

Another progress the lakorn made is with the cute parents. They are adorable together.. and they start to question whether their matchmaking is only causing harm then help. Slowly they too are falling in love with Ana. How could you not? Like Nadol says, there is no one like her.

Ana is also anxious to reveal the truth. But deep down she is afraid that Nadol would only hate her. Will that be the case? Well my friends, tomorrow we shall find out! I’m certainly ready to see Nadol’s reaction- will he be happy that his deepest desires came true, or will he flip out because someone he trusted and loved, was not who she claimed to be?