I was regretting that I didn’t watch the finale live this weekend. The sun was out, the flowers were blooming and it was the freakin’ weekend- as R. Kelly might point out. I had a great time sipping sangrias and throwing a BBQ. It’s how we roll in the Pacific Northwest when there is a semblance of sunshine.

So when Sunday finally rolled around and I caught up with the finale of Mam Gam Dang, I was glad I opted to enjoy life.

Because unfortunately, the ending was a total miss. It is almost as if Great Warinthorn (writer) or the director scratched their heads at the final fork in the road: I have all of these characters I’ve introduced, how will I finish them off? Let’s just create the most perplexing climax and closure of lakorns to date! Everything that I’ve enjoyed about Mam Gam Dang came crashing down..

Rather than talking about what I didn’t like (because to be honest, all of ep 13 was bad..) I’m going to relive what I liked about it instead. I love how Mam Gam Dang challenges the typical lakorn norms, I enjoyed and related to the strong attributes of our main leads and I thoroughly adored their progressive and eventual love story.

It is far from being a perfect lakorn, but it did managed to strike a chord with me, and for that, I truly appreciated it.