He’s so mysterious.

For reasons we are not aware of, Mr. Rich Guy is both wealthy and smart. He came from a wealthy family and from the United States (does that automatically make him awesome?) And as a successful lawyer who wins 90% of his cases, he can afford to pick and choose them. What makes him mysterious is his interest in our Prosecutor Princess. I sense there is something else beneath his on-set attraction. He follows both her work progression and life. Either he’s totally in love with her or a high class stalker.

I’d rather think that he has something else up his sleeve.

Because I’m beginning to fall for the Knight in Shining Armor quality in our Mr. Rich Guy.

Would you prefer someone who accepts you for all of your quirks and craziness? Someone who can give you one look and know your soul? Someone who can pick up the pieces for you? Be there for you when you’re suspected of meddling with the minors at a club? Mr. Rich Guy is your man.

When you have a beautiful, potentially smart Prosecutor Princess on your prospect list, there will be fierce competition. How else will you know her worth? So we have Mr. Brooding Prosecutor (J’s word) who is still haunted by the loss of his love/wife. He has a lot of baggage though and I much prefer it when our princess is onscreen with Mr. Rich Guy.

But at the end of the day, it is up to her. Who will she choose?

I can only advise by quoting from ‘This Means War’ a film surrounding a competitive love triangle between two undercover partners and Reese Witherspoon (paraphrased) ‘you should choose the man that isn’t necessarily the best man, but a man who will make you the best you can be.’ Essentially saying that you should choose the man who challenges you, a man who makes you a better person.

I sure hope it’s Mr. Mysterious Rich Guy!