A friendly reminder that this lakornmommy has a crazy and busy life, and unfortunately, the more you demand the recaps to be faster, the slower you’re going to get them. Because I do not feed on negative encouragement. Though I love to provide recaps to you and always strive to do so before each new episodes air, but this thing we call blogging does take time, the time I’m already strapped for to begin with. I dislike having to spell it out to some of you, because most of you are wonderful and kind and beautiful (so thank you!), but it goes without saying, I really can’t recap an episode that hasn’t aired yet. Xoxo ~ Fia

There are times I don’t know if I’m watching this show to see how Nok and Nai build their relationship, or if I’m watching this show to see how things fall apart, or continue to fall apart for this matter. It’s like I can’t rest easy because I know that the first five minutes of episode one is still looming over our heads, and I just want to get there so we can see how things resolve. But then I also don’t want the sweetness to end and I just want to freeze all the sweet moments in time. Can’t I just wrap these two in a bubble? Keep Nok in Nai’s arms forever, in their stress-free zone?

Because two things are evident in this round: DENIAL and FAMILY. Nok spends much of this episode trying to convince herself and everyone that she’s enough for Dad. At the hospital Kae begs Nok to see Dad because she thinks a good news she wants to share would help bring encouragement to Dad. But Dad bellows that he doesn’t want to see Kae anymore, not after she has made it crystal clear that she’s only with him for his money. Kae’s mom learns that Dad may never walk again and decides it best that Kae doesn’t have to tend to a handicapped husband again, so she drags her daughter out of there. Meanwhile Dad sobs in bed, having said things to spite himself and not his wife. He’s distraught over the fact that he’ll be a burden to her. Nok peers at him through the curtains, and saw for herself how broken and sad Dad is over pushing Kae away. But Nok opts to take the denial road, telling herself that from this moment on, it is up to her to bring Dad back to his normal self again.

And boy did she try, even at the expense of her newly wedded life. Nok takes a leave of absence at work to play nurse for Dad, so Nai has to pick up the pieces for Dad and his wife at work. As we know, he has already learned that Kae is pregnant, and upon learning that Kae would rather eliminate problems in her life (as she is always wont to do with everything else), she wants to treat this pregnancy as another problem. Nai takes it upon himself to ensure she bonds with the fetus by going to doctor appointments with her, taking her grocery shopping, doing all of the daddy to be duties in his uncle’s place, by of course, withholding this information to everyone, especially his wife.

These two (Nok and Nai) sulk back and forth, upset that the other isn’t paying enough attention, but instead of talking it out right away, they just turn it inwards. Nai would get mad because Nok promised to have dinner with him, but she ends up tending to Dad so late and falls asleep, leaving Nai angrily chewing on his food. Lol. Then of course she tries to make it up to him by bringing the stew that she has labored over the next morning, but he has already left for work. To make matters worse, she finds out through Instagram that he has hired a new employee to head their international correspondence because she speaks five languages and has a knack for managing projects. But Nok turns green with envy because it’s Khun Nat, the former employee at SJ Plastics. Nok shows up at the welcoming lunch and makes it one super awkward lunch for everybody. It’s pretty hilarious. And of course she can’t have an open communication with him so she stalks him after to see where he is headed because on his day off, he tells her he has something “personal” to tend to. She loses his tail though, and of course he’s tending to Kae’s pregnancy needs.

Nok decides she needs to put a GPS on his phone so she knows exactly where he’s at, at all times. She does this by trying to be sneaky and goes into their house with an excuse that she needs to use his hair blow dryer. She distracts him by playing dumb so he could show her how to use the dryer. When he steps out for the moment (because he knows she’s up to something), Nok installs the program on his phone.

It’s hilarious though because when she tries to eavesdrop on his private phone call, she gets her hair caught in the dryer. Ouch. After Nai rescues every strand of hair safely from the dryer, she apologizes for not having a meal with him the other day. Nai says that he’s not mad about it, he understands because she has to take care of dad, but he can’t help but feel a little sad anyway. Aw. He surmises it’s probably because he’s getting used to having her beside him all the time. He says he supports her current role and Nok relents that she’ll come by to have dinner with him. Can they be open and honest like this forever? They walk hand in hand back to the big house.

But the next day, Nai plays dumb as Nok tails him and Khun Nat at the recycling facility. Khun Nat had wondered why he would give her a tour when it has nothing to do with her daily responsibilities, but realizes what he’s after and plays along. Nok doesn’t realize that Nai is aware, since in order to hide from his notice, she ends up hiding in a collection truck and it takes her on its daily run. Lol. She doesn’t complain though as she stumbles out of the stinky truck, probably realizing that she did it to herself. Nai does make sure that she gets home safely by having Khun Nat follow Nok home. And then it is Nai’s turn to get jealous because Wongwait pays a visit to Dad and Nok ends up ordering pizza and hanging out with her bro instead, despite promising to have dinner with Nai.

It’s this sulking and culmination of “mad” build up that brings us to their one-month anniversary, and finally consummation of their marriage. Wongwait tries to get Nok to see that Nai may have planned a special dinner for her, and she finally remembers that it’s their one-month anniversary, but says that Nai isn’t the type to celebrate anything. Much to her surprise, Nai has the whole night planned out with cake, balloon and everything romantic and sappy that you could ask for. Though he angrily tries to pull the balloon away and clean up his hard work. Nok tries to make it up to him by saying how easily he pouts and re-enacts the whole surprise. This is when she’s so cute. She knows exactly what to do to make him smile again. They celebrate their one-month and Nai also knows exactly what to say to win her over.

As they are having cake, Nok states that she just found out he has this side to him. Nai laments that he has always had this side to him, just no one to perform it for. She asks why and Nai says he’s afraid of giving his all and then getting rejected – and that rejection is his greatest fear. Nok just laughs it off, thinking that he is so quick to pout, but Nai says there is a big difference between people who have everything and people who have nothing. He says that she has everything to lose (and thus afraid to lose it) while he has nothing to lose (and thus afraid to be rejected). She asks if that made him mad because she didn’t honor her promise and she apologizes, but Nai says she’s here now. He asks her to define what family means to her and she responds with the most basic of definition; that she sees family as people who are bonded by blood and love. He says that she told him that she sees him as family, and asks if that means she loves him because he doesn’t share blood relation with her. Nok doesn’t agree or deny, just blushing profusely, and Nai says she got cake on her face, then proceeds to marking cheeks and lips with cake. Hot dayam. But WHERE IS THE KISSING SCENE? Us abroad fans get the short end of the stick, the live airing had some kissing scenes, while the Youtube upload had none. Sad face, I had to result to watching those clips on Twitter. Next thing we see, her face is already clean and he’s staring into her eyes to say, “I don’t know whether you love me, but what’s true is that you haven’t rejected me. I love you, Khun Meunchanok.” But we can assume they do the dirty as he hoists her into his arms and carry her off to our active imagination. Well, my active imagination since everyone else and their mom has seen it live.

The following morning after and days ahead are as cute as ever. These are the moments I just want to freeze FOREVER.. making heart shaped jelly sandwiches, sunbathing on the boat, staring into each other’s eyes as they have a candlelit dinner on the beach. (Though we also miss the morning after scenes, which just isn’t fair.)

But unfortunately, as with these two, all of the good things must be met with some bad things. Nok is still in denial that all of the support from her should suffice for Dad, that no matter what other people tell her is Dad’s ailment, can be overcome if she would just try harder. But Dad has no will to walk again. Nai encourages her that maybe they should take him to the park and he can walk in the fresh air. In the meantime, Nai is still taking care of Kae, who relents that he can feel rest assured that she has bonded with her baby and will be keeping it. Back to Nok, Dad collapses and demands to be taken back home, he’s embarrassed to fall in public. Nok tries to encourage him but it all falls on deaf ears, Dad acts like a handicap and no amount of prodding from Nok works on him. Nok doesn’t know how to handle her Dad as she ends up just crying, while Nai watches on with a sad look.

He tries to cheer her up when they get home by making her laugh. He says he’s sorry for suggesting that they take Dad out. As he laments that Dad might feel disheartened, Nok doesn’t let him finish, afraid he would say what everyone is trying to tell her: that Dad needs encouragement from another person and not her. Instead she says that it’s her fault for not being able to make Dad walk again, and everything should have been over when Dad rejected Kae. And Nai just teasingly agrees with her and gets a smile out of her by saying that it is her fault because she’s been eating all of his food. Hahaha. Nai opens his arms wide and beckons her forward. He says that his embrace is her stress free zone. She asks what happens if she’s still stressed, and Nai replies that she needs to stay for awhile, stay forever in his arms. Swoon. And she goes in for the comforting embrace, adding that she’s going to eat everything to make sure no one else can move in.

But unfortunately someone else wants to move back in. That’s Penny. She cries and make a case that she’s learned her lesson and has nowhere to go. Even Nah Phai begs for Penny to be able to stay, which of course weakens Nok and she agrees. Both Nai and mom warn her that she can’t forget what Penny has done to her and always be on the lookout. Which of course is like inviting a snake to move into your home.

And I cannot speak more highly of Mom who is the only person who can talk some sense into Dad. He even mentions that he’s starting to believe that people are right about Mom knowing Dad so well. Mom relents that she knows him so well, she can’t stay married to him. LOL.

Then she spots Dad harboring a picture of Kae on his bedside and decides that she knows who will turn things around for him. I laughed so hard when she says, “Get up man, get up!” She takes him to see Kae, just to SEE her so that he realizes that all he needs to do, in order to find his happiness, is to walk to it. Gosh Mom, I want to marry you. And then.. they see Kae’s baby bump and take a collective inhale of their breaths. Mom says that he’s not the only stubborn person, and that the sight before him should be his strength to walk again. Then they see Nai, smiling and helping Kae like it’s something he does everyday. Goddamnit. The next shocker is Nok watching all of this take place from the balcony and on the phone with Penny, who relents that she had a feeling that Nok must follow mom and dad. The bish is just waiting to spread venom.

The next morning Dad is on a walker, which makes Nok even more upset. Dad doesn’t want Nok to hear it from anyone else so he divulges that Kae is pregnant. Nok questions whether he’s sure the baby is his, but Dad says no matter what she or anyone else say, the baby is his. Nok argues that Kae won’t come back to him because of his condition and because she won’t let Luckanai go. But Dad says even if she doesn’t come back, he would be the one to walk to her. Nok’s tears scald her face as it falls. Then Dad says that his relationship was ruined because of distrust, he advises that she should have more trust in HER family. Dad asks if Nai’s past behaviors hasn’t convinced her of his sincerity yet?

Nok answers that question with her next action. She goes to confront Kae about the divorce. Kae tests Nok with a question about what Nok is willing to give up in order to get the divorce between Dad and Kae. Nok says she’s willing to give up anything – Kae asks for Luckanai, thinking Nok wouldn’t take the bait. Nok says she’s willing to trade anything to get her dad back. Her erratic, emotional behavior starts to point to one thing: pregnancy hormones! Even grandma starts to note how she’s eating nonstop, which is a pregnancy side effect. Nok assures Grandma that she couldn’t possibly be pregnant, like you can just will those thoughts away. Lol. PSA to everyone, if you’re having unprotected sex, and you’re a healthy, and at a baby producing age, you might get pregnant. Nok isn’t too sure about her own words to Grandma so she picks up a pregnancy test on her way home. Close call with Nai seeing the box, but he thinks she’s sulking at him and tries to make it up to her with food. Smart man.

Mom confronts Nai over the phone about what she recently saw and Nai asks her what she knows. Meanwhile Nok gets a positive pregnancy test and freaks out. So am I! Honeymoon stages are over you guys, we are heading to even more drama territory!

I feel that both are at fault here. Nok just doesn’t see that when you marry someone, you are starting your own little family and you become your own parent’s extended family. Even though she tells Nai that he’s family to her and wants to build a family with him, she’s still not treating him as family. But by the same token, Nai isn’t being totally honest with her either. He’s still withholding information, knowing full well that when it gets revealed, he’s going to cause a whole host of misunderstandings. When you want someone to trust you and believe in you, you kinda have to start with yourself and being honest and trustworthy. I have so much issues with Nai going out of his way to help Kae and look out for her – it’s nice and kind and all sorts of great way to show another side of Nai’s character – but at the same time it’s so frustrating to watch because he’s causing more drama. Sometimes like Dad, I feel like these two don’t see the “happiness” that is right there and all they need to do is just to take that step forward. Instead they take some steps backwards and sideways, ending up with their hair caught in the hair blow dryer and locked in a garbage truck. Just saying.

Though Mom does bring up another good point. That motherhood does humble you. To me, it is probably the single most humbling experience. However, just because you become a mom or give birth to someone, that doesn’t mean you inherently change. Whatever faults and weaknesses you have will only get magnified. Being a mom – and I say this in the most personal way possible – teaches you even more about yourself – you won’t grow unless you want to and you must work very hard at it. So I’m curious to see where Show will take us with this golden nugget. It’s hard being a mom, but it’s doubly hard when you don’t have the right partner, or you’re constantly fighting just to show your worth. I hope she does take Nai up on his offer, that his embrace is her stress-free zone, and that no drama is allowed. * Hugs * everybody. We certainly need one with the upcoming dark clouds ahead. Here’s a sweet one for the road.