Everybody still alive after this episode? Crying level is a 10 and so is the squealing factor. This round sets out to show that the strength in a relationship is when two people fight for each other, not against each other. When one strives to be there for the other, life is a little more profound, satisfying and less lonely. One thing is for sure, slowly but surely, Nai is knocking down the walls surrounding Nok’s heart, and he does it in his own signature Nai style. It’s a one-two punch of love, communicating his feelings in his straightforward manner, and then making sure she fully understands it (instead of misunderstanding as many relationships are wont to do). Beautiful and effective. Perhaps they should patent this Nai style? Certainly Dad could use the strategy.


Kae’s mom prompts her to get rid of her ex-box and focus on Dad because he’s the real deal. But mom’s method of forcing her daughter to make a choice backfires because even though Kae throws the box in the trash, it inadvertently resurfaces and makes Dad misunderstand that Kae isn’t over her ex. Despite both wanting to start over with each other, there’s the big elephant in the room that they aren’t addressing. Which Mom astutely tells Dad, that instead of misunderstanding and come running to his ex-wife to talk about it, he should be asking Kae that very question. Although it’s the simplest form of communication, Dad struggles with that. I’m so glad Mom exists in this universe, she’s the voice of reason and the moral compass of the show.

Meunchanok is so embarrassed from the spa treatment debacle that she doesn’t want to see Luckanai’s face for the rest of the night. Nai is relegated to sleep outside, where the wind is picking up. That morning they have breakfast on the terrace, but instead of the continental fare they got, Meunchanok asks for the local fare that the resort owner has made before, which pleases the owner.

Unfortunately Dad passes out at the condo, and Mom figures he’s too chicken shit to face his problems, so she urges him to get ready and go see his wife. Kae arrives at the work the next morning and sees Mom dropping Dad off at his car, which doesn’t bode well with her.

Nok and Nai decide to join the resort family to visit the temple since it’s bell boy/resort son’s birthday. They dress in the local getup as they promenade along the temple, who’s getting a flashback of Kanthong and Mangmao during the Songkran festival?

Nai even puts a flower in her hair and they send selfies to mom (though prior to this, Nok has Dad’s contact up on her screen, as if she’s been waiting for him to call). Nai notices this but doesn’t say anything. When mom gets the pictures she immediately shows them to Khun Nim, whose face does not look like the diagnosis news was good, but she lies to mom that the doctor says she’s fine.

After the trip to the temple, Nai notices how Nok looks achingly at the father-son’s interactions. Nok wipes her tears as she tells Nai that her dad used to be by her side when she was a child. Nai reassures her that Dad still loves her and will always be there for her. Nok tells him that when she was almost done with her study abroad, Dad had told her that they would spend as much time together as possible because they had been apart for so many years. But instead, she gets Dad’s wedding. Nai fesses up that when she had asked him if Dad reached out to him, he lied. He hands over his phone to Nok and shows her the text messages between him and Dad. Nok gets all huffy when she sees her picture, since she didn’t ask him to send it to Dad, and the older man noted that she looks pretty in the local outfit. Nok questions why Dad cared, so Nai tells her to keep reading. As she scrolls through the messages, she sees a ton of her pictures but also that Dad had asked about her, how she’s doing and for Nai to take good care of her since she’s not responding to his text messages.

Nok walks away to cry on her own but Nai still follows, relenting that it’s his responsibility to be there for her. Nok scoffs that that’s exactly why Dad is so happy that she married him because now she’s not a burden to Dad. Nai says what’s on our minds as well, that she ought to be able to get over her dad’s marriage by now. But Nok argues that it didn’t happen to him so it’s easy for him to say it. Nai argues that it’s not about whether it’s easy or difficult, but it’s her mind. On the one hand, she’s worried about Dad so she wants to keep Kae away, but at the same time, she also doesn’t want dad to be sad, but that would mean Kae would need to stay close. Nai assesses that the fact that Kae makes Dad happy is Nok’s sticking point. She questions what she ought to do then, and Nai suggests she give Kae a real chance, since she has accepted her parents’ divorce, she would need to accept the path they’ve chosen. But Nok questions what she needs to do if one day Kae leaves her dad, and Nai tells her that her job would be to hold him. Nok doesn’t think it’s fair because she can comfort him when he’s down, but he doesn’t comfort her when she’s down, and she doesn’t get his hug. Aw.. Nai then takes her into his arms and says that she has him, and that he will hold her until she’s strong enough again. And that he will be there for her, he’ll be her strength, her family, as long as she shall need him. * tear * Nok hugs him back, and they just stand there, in the comfort of each other’s arms.

Dad finally makes it home but Kae isn’t around. He hears a commotion from Nah Phai who cries over Penny’s sex tape that got released. Penny finds out, with dirty men leering at her in the mall.

That night our duo settles down under the darkened night, with candles lit all around them. Nai says that it’s nice, the atmosphere, that is. There are stars, there’s him and there’s also her. Nok leans back on the lounge chair and peers at him. She inquires what he likes about her, and he asks why she suddenly wants to know. Nok says she hasn’t been good to him in the past and wonders why he likes her. He replies that maybe it’s her smile, he has never seen a smile quite like young Meunchanok’s. We flash back to when Lucky first came to the house. In the voiceover, Nai says that when mom left him, the world felt cruel. It was lonely, empty and cold. Mom brings him to the house in time for young Meunchanok’s birthday, and Nai says that his world changed when he met her, it became warm again.

Nok smacks him a few times on the arm and asks how he could think such bad thoughts of her. Nai says he was only 10 at the time, there was no way he could follow that train of thought. He asks her in return why she hates him so much. She says that ever since he came into her life, things went very badly after. She reminds him immediately that he caused her to fall into her cake during her birthday party and her beloved furbaby fell into the grill where it burned to pieces. Nai laughs about it and gets up from his lounge chair. He says that it’s kinda funny that he started falling in love with her at the same moment she started hating him. He relents that it’s quite all right because he will reverse things for them. She wonders if he means that she would start falling in love with him and he would start hating her. Nai says he doesn’t know how he could come to hate her. Well, let’s not tempt fate.

Nai says that ever since they met, she has always been the one beautiful thing in his life. He has gone to the distance to love her, it’s just a matter of whether she would follow him there. Nok questions what he would do if her love doesn’t go anywhere, and Nai says he would wait for her for the rest of his life. They stare at each other until Nai leans closer and is about to kiss her, until the bellboy interrupts them. Worst timing ever, kid!

Kae reassures her mom that all is well between her and Dad, she just wants to spend the night with mom. She plans to get a physical the next day and mom thinks it’s a good idea because she wants to ensure Kae is strong so she could get pregnant soon. This seems to make Kae realize something as her face grows concerned.

And honeymoon comes to a close! Nok tells the resort owner not to do false advertisement and she would be happy to write a review and post photos for her, she’s sure more people would come. The resort owner agrees since she too doesn’t feel good about it, and they bid each other farewell and to come back another time so they could compete in the corn chucking again.

They go on the final jaunt in town as they sightsee, taste food, and experience some of the local activities.

In a museum, they hear poetry recital but Nok says she doesn’t understand a word it say, only that it sounds nice. Nai immediately says “I love you” which of course throws Nok in for a loop, but Nai explains that that is what the poetry means. Nok doesn’t believe it because how could such a long poetry be condensed to three little words? Nai says he can do the long translation and proceeds to whisper “I love you” over and over again. Aw, they’re so cute.

Mom meets Wongwait but gets derailed by Penny who wants to give Wongwait’s mom a piece of her mind. She even accuses Mom for being in on the sex video but Mom says that’s all Penny’s own doing. Penny tries to launch herself at Mom but Wongwait stops her, earning a scratch to his face. Mom tends to the cut – omg, if Show goes there, I would totally ship Mom and Wongwait, age is nothing but a number. She tells him that she can help matchmake him with another woman, after all, he’s a great catch and any women would be lucky to have him. Wongwait says he likes someone like HER. HAHAHA. She’s the coolest woman he has come to know. Ditto. His compliment makes her blush so hard, it’s hysterical. But then Mom gets some bad news, she finds out that Khun Nim was supposed to get chemotherapy. And we all know what that means. Mom rushes back to the condo and sees a letter from Khun Nim.

Khun Nim bids her final farewell to grandma who regards her with distaste. But she starts to soften when Nim says (through tears) that she’s grateful for grandma, and for the life that she’s given her. If only she had listened, she would not have turned out this way. Grandma tears up as Nim walks away.

Mom waits for Nok and Nai upon their return home. She hands over the letter from Khun Nim to her son, and Nai’s face falls as he knows what that means. She’s gone. Again. He doesn’t open it though, despite Nok’s urging him to. He opts to take out his laundry from the honeymoon instead, but they notice a fabric that he has chosen for his mom as a gift, and he wants to throw it away. Nok reminds him that that is out of character for him, because nothing in this world should be thrown away. Nok says she will keep it for him until they can find mom again and give it to her. Nai asks what if they don’t find her, but Nok says they must try first. She hands him the letter and says they might find a clue of her whereabouts.

Nai asks her to stay with him as he reads the letter, and we see Khun Nim in a flashback crying as she writes the letter. She apologizes for not being strong enough to say goodbye to him. She is still hurt by the first time she walked away from him, and could not go through that again. Though even if she could turn back time, she would do it again, because he grew up just the way that he should. Mom only dreams of seeing him one last time, but she was able to do more, she got to see him up close and hold him. She tells him not to worry about her, she can take care of herself – and we see that she kept the garland that he gave her during the wedding – she says that he should go on living his life happily, as if mom never came back. Ugh, mom. Stop.

Nai’s tears fall and he says to Nok that he should be used to this by now. He says that this is not the first time he was abandoned, and this won’t be the last. As tears continue to fall despite him trying to stop it, he says that he’s born to be alone. Oof. Nok chastises him to stop saying that he’s alone, she questions if he has forgotten that he still has her. She wipes his tears away and touches his face, she reminds him that she’s the beautiful thing in his life. She adds that she’s the family that he wants, and she’ll be everything that he wants, she won’t ever leave him. She calls him by his childhood name, Lucky, and that they will overcome everything together. They spend that beautiful moment just crying and holding each other. AWW. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Mom and dad sends a private eye after Khun Nim, if they could find her soon they could treat her tumor, which isn’t terminal yet. Dad offers Mom a bowl of salad and this is what Kae sees, and she’s ready for a fight. Mom gets told to move her car since that is Kae’s spot now, but Mom is too cool to be embroiled in their marital spat so she sashays her way out of there. Kae and Dad have it out in the middle of the living room about each other’s exes. Kae says that she came to explain but since he doesn’t have any trust in her, she says he doesn’t need to know anything anymore. Turns out, she was going to share the result of her health examination today.

Nok and Nai filed their missing person report, along with visiting different shelter centers to see if they can find Khun Nim.

As they take a break to have lunch, Nai regards Nok with a smile. He says that she’s taking such good care of him and Nok replies that it’s because he’s sad. Nai begs to differ, is it because they’re family now? Nok just smiles and says that he already knows, but Nai wants to hear it again, as encouragement for his downtrodden spirits. Nok is all, yeah right, what delicate person would be this annoying haha. Nai relents that he’s a delicate person who is the happppppiest on this planet, because of her. Aww. She tells him that she’s taking good care of him because he takes good care of her. Omygah these two. Always giving it as good as they got.

He attempts another kiss but then they remember they’re at a public park, and people are about to exercise. LOL.

Kae’s mom calls to remind Dad that he had promised to trust Kae, but his actions don’t show that. Kae’s mom will take back her daughter if he continues to hurt her, but she’s willing to give him an opportunity to make it up to Kae by reserving them a table for lunch. Kae hightails out of there when she sees her husband though, but Dad apologizes for not listening to her about the ex-box. Kae is furious that they always need a mediator (her mom) and says their main issue is trust, which works both ways, she doesn’t trust him with his ex-wife either. Dad says he divorced Mom for her, because he loves her and that he sacrificed everything to be with her, but Kae spats that SHE doesn’t love him and she’s only using him for his money. Dad asks if she’s lying and she says that she’s lying about her feelings, she got forced by her mom to marry him and she only sees his money. Dad believes her (lies?) and he watches her walk away, but a car comes careening towards her. He pushes her out of the way and gets hit (splat!) against the car. Ack!

Nai is close to finding Khun Nim when they get a call about Dad’s accident, and they immediately rush out. At the hospital, Mom says if only they would just talk it out nicely, this wouldn’t happen. Kae already feels responsible and doesn’t get her own body checked. As Nok and Nai arrive, Nok angrily shouts that it’s all Kae’s fault, and when Kae faints, Nok laments that she’s faking it. When Kae finally comes to, Nai tells her that she should stay put because the doctor needs to ensure the pregnancy is ok first. Nai asks if Dad knows about the pregnancy, to which Kae says no, but she’s only worried about Dad’s condition. Meanwhile Nok isn’t happy that Nai is taking care of Kae. She chides that he’s her husband, he should be with her, not with the person who’s responsible for causing Dad to be hurt.

Mom tells grandma that Nim is sick, that she has a tumor, which stops grandma in her tracks – she had been repeating what she always says about Nim. As she cleans the cut on her finger, grandma cries alone, that she wishes Nim hadn’t come back, that she wishes Nim wasn’t sick.

Nai packs an overnight bag for Nok who would be staying with Dad at the hospital, but he’s met with a cold shoulder. Dad says it’s because he went to see Kae. Nai figures that is the case and isn’t affected by her anger, but Dad asks for a favor from Nai, that if Kae asks to see him, Nai is to lie that the doctor says Dad isn’t well enough to receive guests. He says that he’s not yet ready to face Kae, which makes Nai concerned because he knows what dad doesn’t know, though it’s not in his place to enlighten the man, so he keeps quiet.

Penny retaliates with Wongwait’s mom (thinking that she had been responsible for the sex tape) and creates a photoshop picture of Wongwait’s mom with a lover. Wongwait’s dad confronts mom, who of course denies the allegations, and the shock makes her pass out. Penny beams with a satisfactory smile.

Nok tries to walk past the “sleeping” Nai, so as not to sleep next to him in the hospital room, but he trips her and she falls on top of him. Hee. He tells her to hush so Dad doesn’t wake, and decides to hold her close (and all night) until she decides she wants to talk to him. Nai admits that he did spend some time with Kae today – to which Nok says ‘tell me something I don’t know’ lol – but he says he only stuck around until Kae came to. His more important job is to find his mother and he doesn’t want to bother Nok, so that’s why he didn’t say anything. He apologizes for upsetting her, but Nok denies feeling any such thing. Lol, these two. Nai takes her chin and says that she has been avoiding eye contact with him all day, he wants a good look at her face. SWOON.

She wonders why he’s in the mood to mess with her and Nai relents that messing with her is his one true joy right now. As she scoots up to lay on the sleeper, Nai takes her hand and snuggles close. He wishes her sweet dreams and they fall asleep like this.

I’m dead, guys. Dead, I tell ya.

Mom pays a visit to her friend and assures her that it has been determined that the pictures were done by photoshop, though Wongwait’s mom doesn’t feel better about it, since her husband fell for it, which means others will too. Mom throws a withering glare at the husband. Hahaha. As she walks with Wongwait, she inquires if he thinks Penny is responsible. He doesn’t think it could be anyone else, but the bigger question remains, who leaked Penny’s sex tape if Wongwait’s mom wasn’t responsible? Wuttha’s mother, of course. The assistant eavesdrops by the door and hears that Wuttha’s mom wants inner turmoil within those group of people, to pay them back for what they’ve done to them.

Nai, like the good boy that he is, tells Kae that Dad is not able to have guests right now. Dad touches his leg as he thinks about the comment his daughter said in private to her mom, that the doctor said the accident may affect his ability to walk. He refuses to eat and his spirt is sinking. Kae’s mom finds out that Nok has been able to visit Dad so she brings Kae along, but Nok refuses to allow them to visit. She chides that it’s all Kae’s fault because now Dad may not be able to walk again. Nok questions whether Kae would be able to take care of Dad in his condition and if not, she needs to get the hell out. Nok continues railing at Kae, and Kae finally falls on her knees, begging to see Dad, and that a news she is about to share may give him motivation. And then Kae wais her.


Wow, I’m still reeling from Nai’s effective way of making Nok listen. I had hoped maybe Dad was overhearing his method, first getting her in a headspace where she’s actively listening, and then explaining exactly what happened, followed by an apology if that made her upset. At the end of the day, you just want your significant other to know that their actions hurt, whether they intend it to or not. And by Nai acknowledging that, it shows he cares about her feelings.

It’s something Dad could learn from. Dad is such a bear! His actions and words always war with each other, not only are they inconsistent, but they conflict with each other. He says he will trust Kae, but at the first sign of things, he immediately distrusts her. His communication style (or the lack thereof) is exactly the reason why the relationships in his life are failing: whether that is with is daughter, or his wives (yes, he’s failing both times). I hope he gets his shit together too before he loses another wife and another child.

Oh Mom-Nim. She is such an opposite to her son. She runs away from her problems, thinking that she’s saving him from heartache, when she’s only causing more pain. It’s a noble idiocy, especially when her son is a fully grown man and wants the relationship to work. But in a way, her character propels our hero to be the opposite, he’s a force that always faces his problems and no matter how difficult, or how self-destructive it could be, Nai runs towards it. Though he can be head strong and domineering at times, I love how he fights for what he wants (though his greatest fear of ‘I’m destined to be alone’ makes me a little afraid of his line of thought.)

And finally, I thought it was a wonderful reversal, and so true to Nok’s character (in her tit for tat way), that she takes care of Nai when he’s down and out. I loved it when she said that she will be everything that he needs, whether that is his strength or his family. These are the same words that Nai used to comfort her. She’s so protective of her loved ones that she has a hard time letting go, and I like it that Nai said her job is to hold the person she loves when things don’t work out for them, it isn’t within her power to protect them from the inevitable hurt. It’s something both of them could learn for the remainder of the show. But I like where we’re at, and I like where we’re headed. Petty jealousy territory? Yes please.