I’m a typical professional who comes home from a crazy day at work and let the television fill the void. I have specific shows that I tune into on specific days, but today happened to be one of those days where that specific show came to an end (at least the season series anyway. Thanks so much Walking Dead..) So I had to find a replacement. Imagine my surprise when I query my Netflix and discover “Prosecutor Princess” available on stream.

Can I request lakorns to be available on stream too? Wouldn’t that be nice? As much as I love YT (the free aspect of it..) I love being able to watch something crisp and clear more. You know, being able to see Nadech’s face on tv and spazz uncontrollably. Well not really anyway as I usually have my significant other peering oddly at me over his remote. But he knows me and lakorns are BFF so he reframes from judging.

So for an hour or so, I watched a Korean drama series about Ma Hye Ri, a short haired (permed I imagine to rock the wavy bob) and pretty woman who has more style than sense. She just ‘earned’ her prosecutor status and instead of appearing at the final ceremony and celebration, she opted to go shopping for her ski outing. To get away from attending, she lied that her mother was in the hospital- which is true but she forced her mother to fake it- which further shows the depth of her character and the extent in which she is willing to go in order to get what she wants.

But what is more important than going to your acceptance ceremony? Well, to attend the reveal of a luxury brand’s new design, of course. However her purse got stolen and made everything extremely difficult for her. She runs into the mysterious rich guy whom she ends up sharing a hotel with and another guy whom she thought stole her wallet but ends up being her superior! Yikes, so many cringe worthy scenes for Hye Ri. I can’t say that I can relate to her ditzy character, but it’ll only mean that much lesson is in store for her.

Will she be able to take home the designer shoes she came for? Can she force her prosecuting superiors to take her more seriously? Does she even care? Who is the main guy? I’m definitely going to watch more to find out. Besides, even though both mysterious guys are not drop dead gorgeous at first glance, their on screen charisma made them attractive! I must say I want to see more of the rich guy, haha. What does he do? Why is he so rich? What makes him so mysterious? Is it a Korean drama style to make their lead guy so intriguing? If so, Thai lakorns can learn a thing or two from them.. this is only my second Korean drama but it will not be my last!