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Who run the world? Girls.


At the rooftop bar Anusaniya tells her uncle that the islander is not a mere islander and he denied sending those pictures to her. She already has a sour taste in her mouth just talking about this man, he was not the man she thought he was. But then she sees Soamika meeting up with Satawat and wonders how the two know each other.

Soamika is acting extra chummy with Satawat who knows her game. He tells her that if she wants to make the man behind them jealous, she ought to find someone else. He’s here to retrieve his bag. She states that she didn’t want the uncle to get on with his niece, and that Anusaniya flirts even with her uncle. She insinuates about their relationship and Anusaniya spats that a man like Satawat could not compare with her uncle. Soamika argues that Satawat is a doctor with a degree from America. However Anusaniya scoffs that from what she knows, he’s just a man who lives off of a woman. Harsh words.

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Satawat doesn’t let that scathing and condescending comment go. He follows her to the stairs and claims that she has no right to talk down on him, but she surmises that he’s probably charming Soamika so that she could pay off his debt. Satawat spats that she’s one to talk, she has the thing about drug and men. As she tries to avoid him she trips on the stairs. He adds that he had been the one to reject her advances on the island. Furious, Anusaniya tries to throw her high heel at him, but misses. It goes sailing down several flights of stairs. Satawat fetches the shoe and tells Anusaniya that he’ll deduct the payment from the debt. Haha.

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Soamika tells Satawat that she actually left his bag at home so he would have to give her a ride in order to retrieve it. You could almost feel Satawat’s frustration, or even his eyes rolling in the back of his head.

As he gives her a ride on his motorcycle, Chayakorn spots them. He decides to seek retribution for messing with the wrong person (um, ok). He speeds up and tries to bully them with his car. Anusaniya asks him to stop, but his madness continues. Upon getting stopped by the police, he throws the first punch at Satawat. A bystander records the altercation on video. Soamika thinks Chaya is just crazy jealous of them but in actuality Chaya was just jealous that Satawat had anything to do with Anusaniya. Satawat tells Anusaniya that he’ll also deduct the ticket payment from the debt total.

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Anusaniya tends to her uncle’s wound, admitting that she thinks he is scary when he’s angry like that. She hope he wouldn’t act like that again. Uncle claims that he is possessive of her (but he corrects his wording that he’s worried about her). Dad walks in right when Anusaniya blows the pain away, which looks too inappropriate for a niece-uncle. Dad gives uncle the side eye.

Satawat returns home from retrieving his bag from Soam (whom he declares it’s the last time) and finds his mom on the floor from a drunken stupor. The maids say that she drinks when she’s lonely or worried and she had been waiting up for him to find out how his talk went with Anusaniya. He thinks about how he promised his father that he won’t ever abandon his mother and Anusaniya’s scathing words keep coming back at him.

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The news about the altercation made it on Hi So Online again where the reporter points out that a terrible love triangle is unfolding between Uncle-Niece-Soam. The whole household gets wind of it but Anusaniya says not to pay attention to false stories. But Dad is highly concerned and has a talk with Uncle to gauge how his brother feels. What he said was not comforting to the old man. Dad wants uncle to think about how odd it is that uncle cares to this extent about his niece. He should think about their blood ties, unless he believes the rumors that he might be an illegitimate child. Chayakorn spats that he can’t help but think it’s true, and is it such a bad thing that he has feelings for his niece (um, yes). Dad could not believe his ears and faints from the shock.

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Dad is taken to the hospital where Satawat attends. His kidney is failing and they consult with the attending specialist who happens to be Satawat. They needed to act fast and get permission from the family to provide dialysis and monitor his condition. Anusaniya questions the experience and sincerity of Dr. Satawat. She thinks because he’s a debtor, he’s going to use this to his advantage. But she has no choice and consents. Regardless, Dr. Satawat is indignant of her condescension.

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Soamika calls the reporter to clarify that the story is untrue, she will reveal her real boyfriend at an event tonight. She even contrives to mess with Dr. Satawat’s USB files so that she will have another opportunity to see him. He’s forced to find her that night and gets pulled into her shenanigans where she tells the world that he’s her boyfriend. I could feel Dr. Satawat’s annoyance palpitating from the screen.

He scolds her not to do that again and it was the LAST time he’s going to see her. Some random girl gives him a kiss on the neck. Where can I sign up to be an extra on this show? He gets called into the hospital because Anusaniya wants a word with him. She’s annoyed that he’s not reporting to her about her father’s condition and be at her beck and call. When she overhears from the nurses that Dr. Satawat had been out with his girlfriend that night and even has a kiss mark on his neck, Anusaniya is furious. The girl can’t even examine why she’s furious.

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Meanwhile Soam tells the reporter that she’s willing to get interviewed and discuss her relationship, but the reporter is aware of the the ongoings back on the island and shares that that is the same man who had belonged to Anusaniya first. Lol. The comment made Soam’s blood boil.

Back at the hospital Dr. Satawat suggests that the best cure for Khun Phon would be a kidney transplant. Anusaniya offers her kidney (which kinda touched Dr. Satawat) until her father refused and she ripped into Dr. Satawat, questioning his experience, his bias and basically his level of existence. Khun Phon even notices how harsh she is and tells her to to be nice. She follows Dr. Satawat out of the room to yell at him some more.

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But our doctor takes all of her scathing complaints and throws it back at her, it is not that he’s incompetent or doing what he wants during his personal time, but it is that she wants him at her beck and call because she wanted to take advantage of the fact that he owed her money. Anusaniya shuts up because she knows he’s right, and she doesn’t even understand why she’s acting that way. I’ll say it starts with the word J. He tells her to watch her way around here and left. Anusaniya finds out that she’s actually in the mortuary wing. Upon seeing a body, she screams in fright, turning into Dr. Satawat’s arms (oh you big softie, you came back for her!)

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He gives her his business card and orders her to call if she wants him to work overtime. Lol.

The reporter feels badly that her news caused Khun Phon to be hospitalized. She tries to visit but Chayakorn turns her away and dumps her present. He tells her to stay away or else he’ll sue.

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The four aunties brown nose with their older brother, but Anusaniya knows their game and asks which one of them wants to donate their kidneys? That certainly puts a damper on things, the four aunties suddenly need to be somewhere else. Dad smiles at his cunning daughter.

Satawat’s mom finds out from the photo of Soam and Wat that they are dating. She beams and goes in search of her rich future daughter in law.

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Anusaniya contemplates calling Dr. Satawat with a proposal, but every time she picks up the phone she’s too nervous to call. Thankfully Satawat notices her and approaches from behind. He decides to call her instead and witness her embarrassing display. Anusaniya gathers her nerves to pitch what she thinks is a win win solution for them both. She would be willing to forgive all debt if he speed up the kidney donor process for her dad. Dr. Satawat is aghast of her selfishness. She was willing to buy a kidney for her father. He doesn’t agree because it would mean other people would be unfairly moved down the list. He rejects her offer which causes her to be even more furious.

Soamika spots them talking and angrily realizes that the two do know each other. Anusaniya spats that he is not someone worthy of her and Soam can rest assure that she won’t get close unless absolutely necessary. Satawat looks at her indignantly. Anusaniya crumbles his business card, stamping on his pride even more.

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Satawat makes it clear with Soamika that he’s not the man for her, he has too many baggages. This makes Soam believe that he might be referring to kids or something else.

Anusaniya tries again to convince Satawat to concede – but it comes out more like bullying him. She said she would give him 3 months to find a donor and she will forgive the debt in its entirety, but he thinks that’s impossible, and even if it is, he won’t do it. End of story. Anusaniya doesn’t end it there, she said that if he doesn’t concede, then she’s forced to do whatever it takes to get her money back. Dun dun dun.

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Dad tells doctor that he knows what’s going on and he’ll try to help. He knows that Satawat wasn’t the original borrower and things wouldn’t have gotten so badly if his father was still alive. But Satawat says he already agreed to Anusaniya and he’s a man of his words. Dad smiles at that.

Anusaniya sends her secretary to get Dr. Satawat to sign the loan agreement, but Dr. Satawat refuses to sign until he has thoroughly read it. Anusaniya goes to plan B and sends a company to assess the valuables at Dr. Satawat’s home as collateral. They get into a tussle with his mom and maids, and cause mom to hit her head on the stairway. Furious, Dr. Satawat goes to Casa Studio to have a word with Anusaniya. He overhears that she’s just as tough with her own aunt. She threatened her aunt to either get the money back or stay out of her way, since her aunt is responsible for the loan and had everything gone on right, would have pocketed a lot of profit. She didn’t want to link this debt to her aunt and have to report her to the court. Aunt storms out, furious that her niece could think to treat her this way.

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Dr. Satawat barges in next and locks the door behind him. He questions what right she has to send people to trespass his house. Anusaniya claims that he’s too busy with girls to tend to her father or pay his debt. Really, we’re at this again? Dr. Satawat states that just because he owes her money, she can’t do anything she wants. He has rights too. Anusaniya doesn’t think he would sign the agreement, but Dr. Satawat merely wanted some time to read it over. She allows him time to read it now and sign. The agreement basically changes the debtor from his mom to Satawat. She feels more comfortable that on paper, Satawat is responsible for paying the debt. And he has 3 years to pay it off. If not, Anusaniya will take everything, including the house and the land he inherited. This causes Satawat to fume but he has no choice, he states how cold hearted she is but signs anyway.

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Chayakorn makes his way to his niece’s office armed with security guards. But as he enters, Anusaniya tells him everything is fine since the agreement has been signed. Chayakorn follows Satawat out and warns him to stay away from Anusaniya, but Satawat is so steaming mad, he assures him he wants nothing to do with that woman anyway.

His mother cries when she hears this, saying how cold hearted Anusaniya is. Satawat promises to work hard to pay off the debt and mom continues to cry about how bad of a mother she is. If she had known this would happen, she wouldn’t have taken the loan. But the maids whisper that even if she had known, she would still do it since she’s such a gambling addict.

Mom approaches Soamika and decides to invite her home. She claims that she wants her son to have someone by his side and she would feel much better if that person is Soamika. Satawat is suspicious and hope his mother didn’t have ulterior motive. Soamika tells him that she heard from his mother about his dream to one day open a clinic by the sea. She wants to help him with that but concedes that if he’s not ready to date yet then they can be friends first.

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Chaya’s mom wants a word with him, asking him not to make matters worse with his brother. Chayakorn feels like everything he do is wrong, and is it so wrong to have feelings for Anusaniya? Mom says that no one will accept it, not even society. He claims that it’s not one sided, he is sure Anusaniya feels the same way.

He starts getting clues that makes him think that feelings aren’t totally one sided. Dad delegates the interim company president to Anusaniya (much to aunties dismay) who thought it should have gone to her uncle. But Chayakorn says that she’s the rightful heir and will take over the company eventually anyway. He just asks that she promise him that no matter what happens, she would not abandon him. Anusaniya doesn’t understand where it’s coming from, but she nods to console him. She also tells him that aside from her dad, she only trusts him. Chayakorn smiles and pulls her in for a hug, which also surprises her.

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Yikes. Anyone get angry at all in this episode? So many reasons to be, and it’s absolutely the producer’s intentions. I’m glad of the power that lies in the female characters of this show, but often time in lakorns, the rich always feel like they have the right to insult the poor, or those beneath them. Anusaniya who seems to be a rational businesswoman, completely accuses a doctor of being incompetent without any merit, believes that her savior is the person blackmailing her (without any proof except for a text message from who knows where) and thinks that because some lady is coming on to him, he MUST be using her to pay off his debt. The man hasn’t even scorned her. Did she forget so easily that not only did he save her from drowning, but he kept her virtues in tact at the island, and even takes her back to shore to her family? Is the world so bad that a good action like that can be turned on its head into something that is misconstrued as an ill intention? I like a strong leading lady, don’t get me wrong, but I also like a sympathetic and rational one. I get that she’s upset that he’s not the man she thought he was and maybe even jealous that her rival is onto him. I’m just disappointed that her character is turning this way. I really like her in the first episode. Maybe it’s too soon to tell. I’m hoping I can continue to like her.

But I’m not disappointed in our guy. He’s so great isn’t he?! James Ma is doing such a great job making us feel how frustrated he is with Anusaniya AND Soamika. He’s such a softie and a nice guy though, so things happen to him and he rolls with the punches. So far, I love him. But on a side note, am I the only one who finds it strange that a doctor is riding a motorcycle? I know it’s kinda hot, but doctors I know find it rather dangerous. I mean, I find it rather dangerous.

Which isn’t the same as Chayakorn. I find him to be the most selfish out of everyone. How did he expect her father to feel if he confessed like that? They grew up as uncle-niece! It’s not like Anusaniya grew up knowing that perhaps this man isn’t her uncle. I can expect that she respects and love him (like an uncle). And that he’s a constant, enforced male figure that she can count on in her life. I also get that they are closer in age and she’s like his pal, but he should be very careful of those types of feelings and hurting everyone around him. His character is made out to be one dimensional at this point. Perhaps if they kept his feelings at bay until we understand his background, I would understand him more. Right now he just seems like a plot point to marry off Anusaniya to keep gossip at bay. Please don’t be a raging lunatic second lead.

Speaking of second leads, oh man Soamika is so annoying. Already. And we’re only on episode 2. Does she really think that bulldozing her feelings and forcing Satawat to do things will actually get him to like her? She’s sadly mistaken and maddening. But this goes back to the competitive nature between Soamika and Anusaniya.

I actually like Mirantee the reporter, it’s her job to report the truth and she tells it like it is. I know that her role is to bring to light the feelings that Chaya has for his niece and inevitably cause tension there, but like she said, if you don’t want something reported, don’t do anything worth reporting.

Which brings us back to Satawat and Anusaniya. They are certainly cute together, and I love it when he shuts her up for being such a bully. I wish our girl can be the one to shut people up, because girls can run the world, but at the same time, let’s be fair and worthy leaders.

Still excited for what’s to come!