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Everyone seems to know that uncle is in love with niece, except well maybe the niece herself. Anusaniya has to answer to her drastic measures when it comes to getting her money back, while Dr. Satawat works ten times harder to pay it back. Mom certainly knows how they can remedy this and she gets to work with Aunt Nan. But getting two very difficult people together requires some serious creativity. 


The aunties determine that their best option to survive in the household is to breakup Chayakorn and Anusaniya. Dad doesn’t appreciate the gossip news column tying the two together and wants a word with Chayakorn. The younger brother claims that he will continue to protect and love Nut as long as he shall live, whether as an uncle or as a man. This gets Dad’s blood boiling and he warns Chayakorn that Anusaniya will always be his real niece and can never be anything else. Dad adds that Chayakorn’s feelings will destroy himself and Nut.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.39.45 Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.39.54

Nut gets lightheaded and nearly falls to the ground but Satawat catches her in time and rushes her to get a formal checkup. She has no fever but her iron levels are low. He provides a vitamin drink and assures her that it’s not drugged.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.40.19 Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.41.32

Anusanyia says that she knows and begins to drink – but Soam storms into the room and accuses Anusaniya of trying to see Dr. Satawat when she claims that she has no interest. Dr. Satawat reprimands Soamika that they’re at a hospital and not a place for her to act out. Besides, he adds that he belongs to no one. He suggests Chayakorn to escort his “person” away, which makes Anusaniya angry, she tells Soam that Satawat is just a shell, and after all of the debt, he probably won’t even have the shell left. Dr. Satawat looks pointedly at her. Anusaniya tells Soam that he owes her 60 million baht. Gawd, how embarrassing. Let’s air his dirty laundry right at his work place.

Satawat tells Soamika that he doesn’t need her help. Mistakes in life makes you grow up. Soam says she doesn’t know what that’s like since she has never met any difficulties in her life. Satawat tells her that one day she will face it. This makes her even more smitten with him.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.44.58

Anusaniya’s words still sting him as he thinks about why he wanted to be a doctor. He didn’t do it for the money, he just wanted to be a good doctor like his dad. This spurs him to work harder and pick up lecturing jobs and more overtime with different hospitals. We see him running himself ragged and even napping in the hallway in between his jobs.

A younger man is found asleep in the showroom at Casa Studio. Turns out he is Anusaniya’s younger brother called “Lek.” He’s the inexperienced and uneducated one of the bunch. She offers him a job at the company, but he has to start from the bottom up. He scoffs at working at the warehouse, but decides he has no choice.

Reporter and Chayakorn seem to run into each other all the time. They are found jogging at the park and he keeps telling her to keep her distance. Even locking his door thinking she’d follow him.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.46.13 Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.46.40

The reporter is given a final task before getting to write meatier stories. Hi So Online will be hosting a charity function and she’s in charge. Not only must she find hi so and worthy bachelors for the charity, but she must get Chayakorn to sign up too.  The reporter thinks this is unfathomable, but it is her reason to get out of the gossip column.

Satawat’s mom spots Soamika’s dad at the golf driving range and introduces herself. But he has no interest in getting to know her and suggests that his daughter’s fling with the doctor won’t lead to marriage. The bodyguard clues Soam’s dad in that the lady owes him money too. She’s laden with debt. Soam’s dad scoffs and want nothing to do with her. Suddenly at the changing room, Satawat’s mom gets kidnapped and dropped off in the middle of nowhere.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.57.42 Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.57.59

Soam calls the reporter wanting to give her an exclusive story about her personal life but the reporter gives her a better opportunity to reveal her BF, make him join the charity event. Soam thinks its shooting two birds with one stone and suggests that Satawat join because he can get more work and exposure from this. He can also highlight his dream clinic on the beach, that’s a charitable cause.

Chayakorn gets the charity flier too but isn’t interested. Anusaniya thinks he should attend since he can represent the company and turn his enemy into his friend. (The reporter).

Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.58.30 Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.58.40

Anusaniya runs into said enemy and recognizes her immediately. They went to college together and Mirantee (aka Nid) happen to be the one who lend her shoes to Nut when her shoes was broken. The two caught up and became fast friends again.

Mom calls Satawat to come rescue her in the middle of nowhere. Satawat recalls that Anusaniya had threaten to take drastic measures and he fumes thinking that she had been the one to do this.

Soam’s dad warns her against Dr. Satawat that she will come to regret, but Soam claims that dad shouldn’t be the one to talk since she never interferes with his personal affairs. Soam hopes that the good doctor will take advantage of her.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.21.11 Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.21.27

Hi So Online hosts the filming of biographies and charity pitch for the upcoming event. Dr. Satawat talks about building a clinic/hospital by the sea and help those who cannot make it out to the city for good treatments. Meanwhile Anusaniya brings her uncle to the event filming as well, pitting him against Dr. Satawat, which makes Dr. Satawat wonder why there is a competition when it’s for charity. Soam blurts out that it’s an excuse to brag about your significant other. She changes her tactic mid sentence.

Anusaniya introduces her reporter friend to Chayakorn and he’s surprised to find out that they’ve known each other since college. When he finds the reporter alone, he tells her that he doesn’t trust her and doesn’t want her to be friends with Nut. Nid rolls her eyes and walks away, not before he saves her from a fallen lightpost. Her heart accelerates. Sounds like someone is developing a crush.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 18.07.58 Screenshot 2016-04-28 18.08.06

Chayakorn is up for the pitch and his company is sponsoring a charity for kids. Soam injects that it is because he likes to “eat kids” (because he’s in love with someone younger). Anusaniya comes to her uncle’s rescue and wonders how Dr. Satawat is going to pay her debt when he wants to build a clinic. Dr. Satawat warns her to watch what she says otherwise he can easily report her to the cops for kidnapping his mom. He didn’t want to go there but he has to stop her. Anusaniya claims that she knows nothing of it and that he doesn’t have any evidence. Dr. Satawat says he has evidence on his phone of her offering something illegal. That quiet her down.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 18.10.46 Screenshot 2016-04-28 18.11.27

Turns out, Aunt Nan was the one who hired men to scare Satawat’s mom in paying up. Anusaniya tells her aunt to stop these tactics, but it was too late to stop the towing truck from towing Satawat’s mom’s car. Not only is her aunt causing problems, so is her brother. Anusaniya and uncle has to hustle to get the showroom ready for their client.

Meanwhile Dr. Satawat wonders out loud if there is a day where he doesn’t have to think about the debt? Soamika gets an idea and decides to get rid of her cash and credit card. She wants to spend today without money with him. She sounds like she really likes him, or really wants to win him over.

Dr. Satawat notes that for her, it’s already good if she doesn’t spend money for a few hours. Lol. But how will she find money to pay for transportation fare? Soamika decides she would use her talent to earn money. She starts singing on the street and garnered attention and donations. She made more than enough for a cab fare and dinner, in which she offers to pay.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 18.12.50 Screenshot 2016-04-28 18.13.16

We see two couples, Soam-Wat, and Chaya-Nut being the potential couple that they are. One is enjoying the day without money, while the other is working together towards a common goal. Even Chayakorn couldn’t help but dream about his future with his niece, they would dance under the candlelight, with a home right by the pier. He gives her a necklace (heart shape one at that) and tells her that a house is not a home unless you’re living with someone you love. Nut nods her head in agreement and tells him that she will have to take care of him until he’s old.

Soamika gets her wallet and hard earned money stolen but Dr. Satawat takes her to a place where she doesn’t have to spend money. They are at the pier looking out into the water and night. She cuddles beside him on the motorcycle and says that she’s glad Chaya ended things with her, otherwise she would never have met him.

Chayakorn spots his niece asleep on the ground and joins her. They find themselves awake and its morning, also the same day her dad is leaving the hospital.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 18.14.20 Screenshot 2016-04-28 18.14.38

She high tails out of there, in the same clothes as yesterday. Her aunties don’t miss the opportunity to point this out and shares with dad that uncle-niece has been missing since last night. Wonder what they were doing together. Anusaniya explains to her dad that uncle came to her rescue and she wouldn’t know what to do without his help. He helped save their project and he’s currently meeting with the clients. Dad says she’s too trusting and too blind to see what’s going on. Anusaniya argues that even if her dad doesn’t trust her uncle, he should at least trust her. Point taken.

Dr. Satawat brings his mom to Khun Phon’s house and mom tells on Anusaniya that she has been harassing the older lady and need to stop. Dad is flabbergasted and learns that Anusaniya had been trying to sue the mom and that Aunt Nan had been using scare tactics to get her to pay up. Dad tells them both to cease any tactics and agrees with Satawat that he can pay the debt in 3 years without any interest. Um, I thought they already signed an agreement? Perhaps Aunt Nan was trying to speed things along.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 19.30.01 Screenshot 2016-04-28 19.30.09

Anusaniya argues with her father that Satawat is trying to con him and he’ll get money from Soamika to pay off the debt. Dad wonders why she would care what method Satawat uses, it’s not her place to judge. Haha. Go Dad. Anusaniya wonders what Dad will do if he doesn’t pay everything in 3 years? Dad says that the good doctor won’t be able to hide especially when he’ll be his patient! What’s more concerning to dad is that Anusaniya has not even apologized for her actions. He tells her to reflect on her actions.

Dr. Satawat sets up Dad’s room like the hospital to ensure he has everything he needs. He also gives the caregiver (Chaya’s mom) instructions. Anusaniya tells her grandma that she should take advantage of the doctor since they don’t know how long they’ll have this well behaved doctor. Dr. Satawat suggests that they should also keep Dad away from dirty things and tells Anusaniya to cover her mouth too. Haha. As the family sends Dr. Satawat and Mom off, Dad apologizes on his family’s behalf. He also suggests that Aunt Nan and Nut start apologizing, but before Dr. Satawat could hear an insincere apology, he tells Dad that they have 3 years, he can get the apology later. Ah, you’re too kind Dr. Satawat.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.20.13 Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.20.26

And let the matchmaking begin! Aunties start parading men for Anusaniya in hopes to introduce her to new people and forget about her uncle, much to Chayakorn’s dismay.

But the smarter of the aunties, namely Aunt Nan, notices how much Dad takes to the doctor. She thinks that getting his approval will be the best option.

Mom is playing both fields though, she instigates for Soam to get jealous so that she may pay the debt, but come to find that her dad disagrees and will not sign the loan. Mom appeals to another option that is presented to her.

Anusaniya is sick of all of these dudes that she has to meet. Not one of them makes her feel better than when she’s alone. Her reporter friend suggests that she take a look at the list of single bachelors from the charity, namely Dr. Satawat. Nid is curious why Soam is so head over heels for the doctor. If she truly wants to get back at Chayakorn for dumping her, shouldn’t she find someone who is more worthy? That only means there is something great about the doctor. She wonder what that is. Nut states that if the doctor is good, than there are no bad people in this world. Nid thinks that she’s just measuring everyone against her uncle.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 19.32.03 Screenshot 2016-04-28 19.32.18

As Anusaniya drives home she thinks more on what the reporter said. Soam thinks that Anusaniya is the reason why Chaya broke up with her, and if she has another boyfriend he has to be better. She will bring her man to compete with Nut’s significant other no matter what.

Anusaniya runs into the doctor at the hospital again and she thinks he means to argue with her about the debt. He merely agrees with her dad that everything that comes out of her mouth is nonsense. Ha. Suddenly her stomach growls and he offers to get her a cup of coffee and a sandwich. That way she will have the strength to get her money back. Lol. But Soam sees this and gets angry. She collects the cup of coffee from Dr. Satawat and pours it over Nut’s hand. Dr. Satawat rushes Nut immediately to a room to tend to her wound.

He puts her hand in cold water but she resists saying that he will take revenge on her for what she has done to him. But he reminds her that he’s a doctor and it’s his duty to heal people, no matter if that person is his enemy. Nut finally concedes.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 19.33.32 Screenshot 2016-04-28 19.33.48

Soam catches Dr. Satawat outside of the room and questions why he needs to tend to her. Nut is his money lender and that’s all. But he doesn’t dignify it with a response. He did scold her that she has no right to be involved and she needs to stop causing problems at his place of work. Moreover, she was wrong. She intentionally poured the coffee on Nut’s hand and it was not an accident. Go doctor! She doesn’t deny it. He orders her that next time she comes to see him, she will need to come during break time, because he has to work. Soam fumes in anger.

At the park, Chayakorn finds Nid (the reporter) and asks for a favor. He says that Nut has been on so many dates and he needs Nid to be a distraction on those dates. Nid refuses and wonders why the uncle is this concerned about his niece. Is he in love with her? He doesn’t think there’s anyone who can make her happy, but she argues that he doesn’t want to think that someone else can make her happy. Nid stops in her tracks when he admits that indeed he loves Nut, and Nut loves him too. He begs her to help him and he doesn’t want Nut to be with anyone else but him. Hard pill to swallow.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 19.37.33 Screenshot 2016-04-28 19.37.42

Mom decides to partner up with Aunt Nan towards a common goal: they need to make Nut and Wat fall in love with each other. It’s a win win solution. The debt will be forgiven and Aunt Nan will remain favorable in everyone’s eyes. They start their matchmaking right away, sending pictures of Nut to Wat (which makes Soam jealous, and the jealousy doesn’t win any points with Satawat).

We close this episode at the mall, in a dress shop where Nut is wearing a beautiful dress, preparing for the event that night. She thinks her uncle is meeting her there and she turns to show off her dress when she is faced with Dr. Satawat, whose mom had contrived for him to be there as well.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 19.44.00

Nice dress.


Let the matchmaking begin. Please. I am starting to get really concerned about this uncle-niece thing and that uncle is going to be sadly mistaken. I mean, is he absolutely certain that he’s not related to Nut? I mean, wouldn’t you want to find out first instead of believing all of the rumors? I mean, did you find out from your mom that you’re truly illegitimate? Let’s hope for his sake that that is the case.

I feel like Anusaniya truly loves her uncle, as an uncle and the closet person to her. But I don’t think she has any romantic notions about him, at least we haven’t been given that so far. She’s on an entirely different page than her uncle, or so I hope. Secretly she knows Dr. Satawat is a good person and maybe she’s just fighting her attraction to him. Choosing to believe that there really is no more good men in this world. Which is strange because we haven’t been given the fact that all she meets are bad men. She met one guy who tried to take advantage of her, but she was saved by a doctor, and she has two men who are great in her life. Show is missing a lot of pieces to help justify a lot of these characters’ actions.

I really love Dr. Satawat. He doesn’t dignify a response to people who don’t deserve it. He’s going through a tough time but coming out looking the better person. What is not to like about this guy? The reporter is smart to get Anusaniya thinking that there certainly is something quite redeemable about Dr. Satawat. I hope we get to see them together more often and find out how this attraction will flare. Right now they’re too busy spending QT with other people. But I do enjoy their verbal match.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 17.19.52