There are only three things that our leading girl, Soh Surikarn, the number one lakorn villainess, fears: tarnishing her squeaky clean image, being a bad friend, and ghosts. Definitely ghosts.

It’s one of those deep-seated, real fears that haunt her. So when a deceased mom and daughter decide to come after her to repay her debt, we get ourselves a nice lakorn trope, accidental roommates. It never gets old.

Soh packs up her bag(s) for a weekend getaway to Inspector Bate’s home, who’s overbearing housekeeper is conveniently out of town, and with her skilled acting, convinces his humane side to host her. She’s high maintenance, he doesn’t give an inch: their shacking up bids uproariously funny and cute scenes that will make you grin and laugh like a silly fool.

She spends three days and three nights with Inspector Bate, fighting, laughing and learning about this incredibly kind, giving (albeit workaholic) man. And those quiet, musing and sweet moments are areas that the show excels in.

Soh finds out that Inspector Bate has a green thumb and likes to garden, raise fish and live a fulfilling life despite his high-risk career. One fine, starry night she muses that his home is pretty neat. But that kind of life isn’t conducive to her lifestyle, she believes that if one cannot do it well, one shouldn’t attempt it at all, whether that is planting, having a pet or even having someone in one’s life. And despite their fighting and differences, they have the same philosophy in life, so Bate agrees with her in that focusing on taking care of oneself is the best thing to do. Because if you can’t take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of others?

Which is very telling of our leading girl. She can be indignant, high maintenance, but underneath all of that fluff is a hardworking individual who gives herself 100% to the task at hand, and contributes to the working relationship and ultimately, the whole story. Because as much as Inspector Bate finds her fluffiness cumbersome, even he can’t deny that he needs her. I love a strong heroine, and it’s quite refreshing to see her neck to neck with our hero. Fun stuff.

Soh doesn’t realize this, but she’s already falling for our guy. She likes to sabotage him in front of Praemai, a woman he grew up with who crushes on him, and Soh couldn’t help herself making the girl jealous because deep down, she is jealous that Bate has another woman in his life. Soh also couldn’t stem her urge to imply to his housekeeper- who clearly has been rooting for Bate to hook up with Praemai- that she has been chumming up with him for 3 days and 3 nights. She’s petty and adorable, and she can’t stop thinking about the accidental ‘kiss’ they shared even if she denied that she hates it. Ha. I love her.

Granted, some aspects of the story require checking your brains at the door, and even the ghost bit is a convenient plot device. But I don’t care. It’s a trope I don’t get tired of. Goes to show, if a pairing is electric, and the leading characters are strong characters separately, and offers something to the table, I’m game. And to think there’s still this weekend’s goodness that I need to catch up on.

[*Ratings wise, NRSL is growing steadily in BKK: Ep 5 (10.8), Ep 6 (11.3), Ep 7 (12.5). Can’t wait to watch Ep8!)]

*pic credit to entertain teenee