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Courtesy of Blobofcolour’s drama challenge, which originated this stimulating topic, we’re going to partake, so please feel free to include your answers!

This challenge is challenging in itself for me. If you’ve read my about page, then you might be aware that I stopped watching lakorns for 10 years and returned in 2010. So theoretically, I should examine lakorns within the last three years, however, having returned back to lakorns, I’ve caught up with so many that I’ve missed, that the lines are simply blurred. And well, I.Just.Want.To.Write.About.Everything. But for clarity and brevity sake (much to my chagrin) we’ll just talk about lakorns between the years 2010-2013 (so file away Jam Loey Rak (sob), and worse lakorn ever Namtarn Mai (you escaped this time around unscathed, show.) *As a side note, you can provide answers for lakorns that you’ve seen in the course of your lakorn-watching days.

Disclaimer: The following answers should be taken into consideration, the fact that yours truly, your P’Fia, is currently drunk off Sudafed (she’s recovering from a cold!) and won’t be responsible for any loopy, seemingly random answers. But she stands by her efforts.

  • How did you start watching lakorns?

Technically since the womb. But picked it up again during my sabbatical to Asia. Too much time on my hand and not enough to do, despite all my café trolling, people watching, and eating.

  • Your all time favourite lakorn?

The answer blurted itself before I could even write: Sood Saneha. Such an easy pick. This lakorn is perfection, from the cast, to the chemistry, to the storyline, to everything else under the sun.

  • Your least favourite lakorn?

We would have to preface with, least favorite among lakorns that we’ve watched in its entirety. That would be Ubatheehet of 2012, which has a revolving door or insanity: people who do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Thank you Einstein.

  • Your favourite lakorn OST?

That’s so hard! Almost an unfair question! I’m gonna cheat and say the entire soundtrack to Game Rai Game Rak – namely Glub Ma Pen Meurn Derm- because I had that song as my ringtone and every time someone calls me, I want to cry because I miss Saichon and Nangfah so much. Not only for personal reasons, but the song does the lakorn so much justice, it evoked the greatest desire from our leading guy: the fact that he wants things to go back to being the way they were, yet ultimately, it can’t because Nangfah will never regain her entire memories back, and yet, he’s happy enough just to have her back in his life. See? You may sob. Second place would be Rak Tae Yoo Neua Garn Wayla from Suparburoot Series ‘cause it’s so classy and beautiful.

  • The last lakorn you watched?

Kaen Saneha. Which, thank god it’s over.

  • What lakorn are you currently watching?

Nang Rai Sai Lup.

  • A lakorn you looked forward to but disappointed you in the end?

I followed Qi Pao since the inception, the fitting, but the whole story just failed for me. Sad.

  • A lakorn you started without expectations but loved it in the end?

Num Barn Rai Gup Warnjai Hi So, totally and unexpectantly wonderful.

  • Preferred lakorn type (revenge, slap/kiss, boran, romcom etc)?

Romcom, you didn’t know?

  • Favourite male/female character?

Alin from Sood Saneha, she’s so strong, smart and cunning.

  • Least favourite male/female character?

My least favorite (the culprit) usually borders on the weak, confused kind. For instance, Whitney from Ubatheehet, a girl who’s world seems so out of her control.

  • A lakorn character you’d like to be friends with in real life?

Soh Surikarn from Nang Rai Sai Lup because we can go shopping, and she would do anything and everything for me. I can totally count on her.

  • A lakorn character you’d marry in real life?

Well, *laughing uncomfortably* I’m already taken! But let’s just tweak the question to, a lakorn character my lakorn persona would marry, and we would have a few scenarios for that: if I want a calm, nice life, I’d pick Mr. Farmer from Num Barn Rai (starring Peter) because he’s supportive, understanding and totally hot (what, that’s not your prerequisite??), if I want a risky (but totally exciting) life, I’d go with Chakrit (Khun Sama) from Mon Jantra because he would love me unconditionally (erhm, my lakorn persona that is) despite running away from bullets together.

  • Lakorns are full of psycho villains. Who makes your blood boil the most?

The chick from Fah Jarod Sai, I think her name is Kashfiya, ooh, she makes me ponder murder.

  • A lakorn character that is most like you?

Sadly, my life is not as melodramatic as the actresses in lakorns, it only gets melo when I run out of wine. So I like to stock up, I have a wonderful wine rack stacked with sangiovese, pino noirs, cabernet.. wait I’m getting sidetracked. What’s the question again?

  • Most memorable lakorn confession?

Don’t you love it when the leading characters just fall in love and go with it? (No we really don’t.) So it’s nice when one of them confesses his/her love for the other. I would say the most memorable would be in Khun Chai Pawornruj, our lead characters are in a cabin in Switzerland alone, they just lost their way, it’s freezing cold out and the two has been building that chemistry since the onset of their tour in Swiss. Chai Ruj very smoothly and very romantically, tells Rasa (whom he thinks is an ordinary girl and not a titled princess) and says that when he’s with her, he just wants to be a man that loves a woman with all his heart, and take care of her for the rest of his life. Swoon.

  • Most memorable first meeting of the main couple?

In Khunchai Ronnapee, where Piangkwan falls literally into Chai Phee’s arms, we have a moment of profound breath-holding (is that even a word?) and he thereafter stalks her for an entire episode, which seems like a whole day. So that totally qualifies like a very long first meeting, no?

  • Favourite lakorn ending?

Plerng Toranong, simply because Plerngrit was put through the ringer and is shocked by the ending himself, when his beloved (whom he thinks is lost to him) redeems herself, gives him his dream by painting his house by the lake blue and confessing to him that she loves him. And to seal the deal with a sweet, real kiss? Priceless.

  • Top 3 couples in a lakorn?

I’m only including sensible couples: Alin-Kru Cook, Chai Ruj-Than Ying, Traipoom-Plaichat, Prap-Nupdao (I know that is four, bite me.)

  • Top 3 actor/actress pairing?

KA, Yadech, see I compensated by giving only two since I gave four for the last question. I’m being good! Give me a cookie!

Keep in mind that these are answers pertaining to 2010-2013. J and I decided that for me, we’ll keep it at that, otherwise it will be even more challenging to decide between 20++ years of lakorn watching. I don’t want to acquire more gray hairs than I already have. Besides, if anyone asks, those are only hairs that are losing pigmentation. Not that I’m getting old! So you must join me and J and step up to the challenge of 20 questions (you can span for your entire lakorn-career-watching if you like.) And then of course, what’s your favorite poison?