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It may take your entire life.. but it’s worth it, ladies! If the Khunchais series is about being a gentleman, then Kaen Saneha is about being a suparbsatree (a lady.) And our Lady Rung, or Khun Ying Wimornpayorn has it in spades. She’s a saint, she’s Ghandi, and the epitome of what the show wants ladies to be.

So without further ado, here are the 10 ways to win a gentleman, specifically a bipolar one like Khun Chat.

  1. No matter how evil, mean, condescending and verbally abusive your gentleman becomes, you must always endure, and take it, because he may turn out to be your soul mate!
  2. Hide the fact that his father is dying (per his father’s wish) because even the older man knows that your gentleman won’t be able to focus at school.
  3. Also hide the fact that he’s going broke because he won’t be able to handle the truth.
  4. Then work your ass off so you can support his education and lavish lifestyle in the states. Not to mention his sister’s.
  5. When he receives news that you’re opening a very popular, very successful restaurant (at his house to boot), do NOT by any means divulge his financial circumstances.
  6. Repeat rule#1 when he kicks you out of the house.
  7. When he assaults you with kisses, squeeze the living breath out of you with his fierce, manly hug, and says he’s possessive of you, pretend like it didn’t come out of the left field.
  8. And when he’s crying and confessing how much he loves you, and that he’s a horrible, horrible man to you, you must forgive him. You were never mad at him in the first place.
  9. Then smile and tell him to marry the other girl, because you are a sweet, self-sacrificing Khun Ying Wimornpayorn and you can handle it.
  10. Love knows no bounds. Repeat that to yourself everyday.

And at long last, because of your ladylike, self-sacrificing behavior, you will be rewarded with your Khun Chat and live happily ever after.

If that’s what it takes to win over a ‘gentleman’ like Khun Chat, I’d rather live in my Rangsiya palace and bake my own cake, thank you very much.


For the OST: “Plaeng Na-gat Hua-jai” (Song that masks the heart) by New Nappasorn. Listen/watch here.

All in all, Kaen Saneha has a bowtie ending, nothing was left unexplained, unexplored. Old relationships and deceased characters all have their farewells via flashbacks to remind us of them. Khun Chat’s fiancée faced the truth that he’s in love with Rung and decides to give him up (aw she’s showing she can be a lady too) because god forbids if Khun Chat breaks his promise.

The sky is pink, the twins marry and Than Ying remains at large a nun. She gives her final word of advice before she regally walks away: “Remember, don’t love someone too much to which your love turns into revenge. Because love and revenge are close entities.”

And that’s the moral of the story folks, if you hate, you won’t sleep well at night. When the disturbed characters let go of their hatred in this lakorn, they finally meet peace: namely Feurng, and Khun Chat.

It’s a value based lakorn in which draws the nation like bees to honey, as indicated from the ratings. KS had successfully hit high marks from the onset of the show, and went out with a bang (maintaining a steady 15 points.) I felt the direction (cinematography, score, lighting) was done well. I’m not a fan of the script, because the pacing is quite slow and really does take too much time in telling us all aspect of the characters, and often repeating scenes via flashbacks, as if we have short term memories. The acting, I would say both leading men, Khun Chat and Khun Chai Diew did a good job, while Rung is improving and Lima tends to overact too much. The rest of the veteran cast, especially Than Ying, Feurng and Bulanh deserves a round of applause.

Despite my 10 ways.. list, episode 14 got me swimming in my tears, and the finale (episode 15), if anything, does a good job wrapping up the story. It definitely didn’t feel rushed and that cannot be said about many lakorn endings.

Another khunchai series has ended, another classic era lakorn has come to a close.. but not to worry, another Khun Chai is coming our way, in the form of Mom Ratchawong Jantarapanu (Aum Atichart) who will be courted and wooed by our very own, Janie Thienphusuwan. If you don’t like romcom’s then Sarp Phra Pheng (starring Mew Laknara and Rome Patchata), a fantasy, boran type lakorn is coming your way, taking over Kaen Saneha timeslot (M-Tues.)