Tum braces Cha-aim’s fall, catching her around the waist. He notices her feet are still on the rung of the ladder and he devilishly smiles at her, roughly pulling her to the ground where she lands with a thud. He steps away and laughs at his handy work while she moans in pain and irritation.

Picking a fight with her, Tum instigates that her fellow coyotes were on the news about getting arrested. Cha-aim indignantly tells him that she is not like one of them and tries to walk away. Tum still has a few things left to contend with her so he held her wrist to stop her from running away, but Khun Aon sees this and comes to his side. He does not have a problem “touching” Cha-aim, but when Khun Aon links her hands around his, he immediately unlinks them. Hah.

Tum decides to continue pegging at Cha-aim and see if she will fold under pressure. His aunt in law, Khun Cheun, asks if he could help her arrange a welcoming tea party for the Hello magazine who will be featuring her on their next column. Tum tells her that he is quite adept at planning last minute parties but that he would need assistance from one of her maids- and we know specifically which one he is referring to.

Cha-aim mutters to herself that “that Khun Tum” has been relentlessly drilling her, and it makes her paranoid that she will trip up and ruin her plans before she could even acquire any good research materials. Much to her chagrin, she has to tag along and help him shop.

Not only does Cha-aim has to watch her own back, now her “boyfriend” Pong has decided to impersonate himself as a maid as well, to protect her. But as he enters the mansions iron rod gates, Khun Pae notices him and immediately squeals with delight. Pong tells Khun Pae that he is looking to apply as a maid and when he learns that Khun Pae is conveniently hiring, he immediately accepts, not realizing that Khun Pae does not live in the same household as Khun Cheun. Pong soon realizes his mistake when Khun Pae leads him to an adjacent house and unceremoniously flirts and molests him, lol. But it is too late to turn back! It’s funny how Khun Pae refers to his all-male maids the names of the 4+1 superstars!

Meanwhile at the mall, Tum interrogates Cha-aim regarding her experience as a maid (since she told Khun Cheun that she has 3 years’ experience, this is coming back to bite her!) She throws him a stream of lies that she could clean, wash dishes, do laundry, cook, and even raise dogs without missing a beat. When she should have stopped talking, Cha-aim digs herself a little deeper and tells him that her entire lineage (dating back to the royalty days) were all servants. This is her calling. Cha-aim smiles at her small victory, thinking that she made Tum speechless.

Unfortunately, Tum is smarter than that and he doesn’t believe her boastings, and she is walking right into his trap. He tells her that because she has so much experience being a maid, then she would know exactly how to throw parties for the elite. Cha-aim confirms this. Then he gives her a task of making Au gratin for the tea party tomorrow. Now Cha-aim is speechless.

Off they go shopping! Cha-aim stresses out and buys time by faking a stomachache (that seems to be her handy excuse most of the time ha.) Once in the restroom, she soon came up with a brilliant idea. (Always good at thinking on her feet..) She looks up the ingredients on her smart phone and went to town selecting appropriate groceries, surprising Tum.

Pong on the other hand is exhausted from cleaning so he takes a nap on a large rock. A golden retriever mischievously meanders over and licks him, then strips him of his pants. Pong is left with only his underwear as he runs away from the dog. Khun Aon is searching for the naughty dog when she sees Pong by the pool, perverted and naked. He tries to stop her from calling the police while the naughty dog encircles their legs with his leash- and they both go heralding into the pool. Chaiyai, the dog, lies on the ground watching them, almost as if he is smiling at his handy work. Ah, we are introduced to our second pairing! The misunderstanding about Pong prancing around the yard with his underwear is cleared when they realized that Chaiyai has a sliver of his pants still stuck in his teeth.

For someone trying to convince others that she is a maid, she could not withhold her own true knowledge and personality. Tum and Cha-aim made their way to a tea shop so Tum could select tea for the party tomorrow. As they are given samples, Cha-aim naturally grasps the tea cup handle with ease and sips daintily. She teaches Tum the intricacies of tea. Tum is bewildered and asks her how she knows so much about tea. She catches her mistake and lies that her old boss taught her (despite already telling him that she spent a summer in England lol.) She has made him even more suspicious!

Even her story of raising dogs are questioned when she sees Chaiyai and immediately freaks out. She explains to Tum that she is only used to smaller dogs. She observes Tum greeting Chaiyai and it warms her heart. Who doesn’t like a man who is good and friendly with dogs? Cha-aim smiles wanly at the image before her then remembers that she has to put the groceries away.

Upon heading back to the servants’ quarters, Cha-aim sees Pong and discovers that he is the new maid for Khun Pae. Now she has to watch both their backs as Pong is obtuse and naïve as she is. Cha-aim tells him that they must act as strangers so as not to raise suspicions.

Khun Cheun summons a meeting with the maids, announcing the tea party tomorrow for Hello magazine and that everyone must behave and uphold a great impression. The following day, the maids dress up in their pretty uniforms and prep for the tea party. Tum arrives early to ensure everything runs smoothly and notices that Cha-aim is missing. He sees her talking to Pong and asks if he is her boyfriend. Cha-aim denies it but Tum does not let it go. It’s strange to him that they are not bf-gf’s when they have held each other’s hands twice. Then he brings up the stranger he saw talking to her at the gates the other day- Tum does not miss anything! He has eyes like a hawk.

Cha-aim keeps him away from the kitchen so he doesn’t see that she had her friend Nong bring over pre-cooked Au gratin for her. Luckily Tum gets called to host the guests.

Will this tea party run smoothly? We have such a funny, dysfunctional family and keeping them well behaved is somewhat impossible. Thankfully Cha-aim reveals a well-made Au gratin and impresses the crowd. But “that Khun Tum” asks her how she prepared them which got her stammering and excusing herself to the restroom, as per usual hah. Tum follows her to the servants’ quarter some time later and finds her in the kitchen. Cha-aim escapes the close call but realizes that the wrapping of the Au gratin is still lying on the kitchen counter. She hides it behind her back when Tum approaches her. They wrestle for the wrapping as he corners her against the counter. She is about to stumble but he catches her around the waist in time as they look into each other’s eyes. That is when Pong walks in and gets angry at the scene before him. He is about to pummel Tum’s face when he realizes that is the same man at the club. They find more excuses explaining how he and Cha-aim are acquainted.

Things got even more out of control: Khun Cheun is “singing,” her sister Khun Orathai brought the granny servants, who spill the entire plate of cookies on the floor, and proceeds to embarrass her sister with her inebriation. And finally to put the cherry on top, little Khun Aoy throws a batch of leaves filled with vicious ants to the crowd, where everyone gets bit. The tea party is ruined.

Khun Cheun is in a state of depression as she karaokes in her room. Cha-aim believes that tea cures everything so she brought hot, calming tea for Khun Cheun. The maids laugh at her attempt because they figured she would get a scathing from Khun Cheun- but it is the opposite. Khun Cheun feels immensely better and comes into the kitchen to thank Cha-aim and requests for another cup. The servant crew looks on with surprise and distaste (from Banjong.) Cha-aim has survived another day as a maid.

Tum on the other hand, is still trying to figure out this puzzle with Cha-aim, in his eyes, she is truly not an ordinary person.

He receives a visit from his mother who relents that she will no longer try to match-make him. (Is this a method to let his guards down? Heh.) Tum is relieved and happy to hear that. But Khun Cheun has her own plans for him, she tells her husband (Khun Phi) that only Tum is suitable for Aon. She even continues to order her husband to do everything in his power to help Tum and Aon carry on. Khun Phi is disinclined to do so but is too afraid of his wife to say no, so he calls his nephew and requests for his help in finding Aon a good English class so she can improve before studying abroad.

Meanwhile Banjong orders Cha-aim to go grocery shopping where Cha-aim learns that Tum is trying to get a hold of the agency that placed her. She, along with her friend Nong contrived for Tum to call her friend who pretends to be the agency owner. Thinking that they have escaped another close call, they soon discover that Tum is going to visit the agency to chat more directly.

For our second duo, Khun Aon and Pong fell into the pool together (yet again) and Pong gave her CPR to revive her. Little Khun Aoy shows up on time to take a picture of them “kissing” which she will later use to blackmail her sister.

At the pretend agency, Cha-aim and friends find a way to convince Tum of Cha-aim’s background. As Tum finishes up and goes to the bathroom, he sees her basket of groceries on the counter. Oh Cha-aim, you really aren’t careful are you? He hands the basket to her back at the house and tries to interrogate why she was also at the agency. Cha-aim explains that she worries about her job because he is always pestering her. She had to make sure she has plan B in case she gets fired. This seems to appease Tum (or made him feel somewhat guilty of always questioning her.)

That evening Tum goes in search for her at the servants’ quarters to continue their conversation from earlier. He is curious to learn why he made her feel “unsafe” with her position. She tells him that she is merely a maid, not a suspect under investigation. But Tum wants to get to the bottom of this and forces her to talk. At that same time, Jun appears around the corner so Tum is forced to pull Cha-aim into the restroom, where they pretend to take a shower and wrestle with the shower handle, hah. So cute. Jun decides to take a peek at her showering which rewarded him with a fierce douse of water in the face. Tum asks Cha-aim what she has done to inspire this peeping tom and Cha-aim indignantly exclaims that she is the innocent party here. Tum tells her that she is not trustworthy and he will keep his hawks’ eyes on her every move.

The next morning Tum is asked to take Khun Aon to go school hunting. While Khun Aon gets changed into a different outfit, she gets distracted by the horrible mess in her room. Apparently Little Khun Aoy has rummaged around and dressed herself up in her sister’s clothes. Khun Aon unfortunately cannot do anything since Aoy blackmailed her with the picture of her kissing Pong. Angrily, she searches for Pong and tells him to steal the phone from Khun Aoy.

Cha-aim bumps into Khun Phi and spills the coffee cup that is in his hands. She quickly dabs on his neck and shirt to help blot the coffee. Tum happens to walk in and sees how close they are and assumes she is trying to leech on to his uncle. Khun Phi thanks Tum for taking Khun Aon to go school hunting since he is the only one who Aon can trust. Tum explains that he thinks of Aon as only a sister, nothing will ever happen between them because she is not his “type.” And furthermore, if they were to be an item, it would have happened a long time ago. He adds that his parents even gave up trying to match make him. This pretty much clears up everything. Khun Phi sobers from this remark and feels guilty about pushing Aon on his nephew. He fixes the problem by ordering Cha-aim to tag along with Khun Aon and Tum.

School hunting deems difficult as Khun Aon feels highly insecure about her English and is afraid that she will be so behind everyone else. She is intimidated by the thought of learning English. By midafternoon, they have yet to discover a school of choice so they decide to go eat. Cha-aim recognizes a familiar face, Waen, the photographer at her school. She runs quickly away so he doesn’t see her face- thinking that she grabbed Khun Aon’s arm, but grabbed Tum’s arm instead- she proceeds to drag him away, leaving Khun Aon standing alone. Khun Aon mistakens Waan for her P’Tum and screeches in shock. She goes searching for Cha-aim and Tum. When they got further away, Tum asks Cha-aim who she was running away from but Cha-aim has a hard time explaining. Luckily Khun Aon found them and they all make their way to the restaurant. That was a close call, yet again for Cha-aim.

At the restaurant, Waen happens to walk into the same restaurant, which freaks Cha-aim out. She hides her face behind a menu and leans against Tum. Turning her face, she is so close; it is as if she kissed him. Cha-aim backs away nervously. Tum asks her to order and without thinking (and under pressure from trying to hide from Waen) Cha-aim bursts out in fluent English. This shocks everyone. Tum peels the menu from her hands and she jumps in shock and hides under the table.

Pong has been assigned to retrieve the phone from Little Khun Aoy. So as she is having a “tea party” with Jun and Chaiyai (the dog), he tries to find a way to steal the phone.

Tum searches for Cha-aim under the table but she is actually hiding behind him (lol) which causes another lip to lip close call as he turns his face to find her peering behind him.

Isn’t that quite creepy and funny at the same time? Lol. This show is too cute.

*screenshots from YT kisskeepintouch