Witnessing Cha-aim holding hands with different guys is a recurring nuisance for Tum. Earlier she pretended to loose her wallet in front of the restaurant and now she is standing, hand in hand with the fat guy. Even he couldn’t steer away from her, how could he blame anyone else? Lol.

Cha-aim consoles Waen that Tum is merely a friend. Apparently Waen has a crush on her too and he tells her that even though she is seeing Pong, he would always wait for her. Cha-aim is relieved that she could get rid of him, not knowing that Tum is watching them from across the mall.

Meanwhile Pong is trying to steal Khun Aoy’s cell phone. But the little girl is possessive and smart about her phone and he ends up getting coffee and water poured on his head instead.

When the trio returns home, Tum watches Aim remove Khun Aon’s shoes with a sullen smile. Khun Aon dismisses Aim to put her things in her room and tries to cajole Tum to spend more time with her, but he isn’t having it and tells her he is heading home. However, he searches for Cha-aim instead.

Aon reports to her mother that she went shopping and dined with her P’Tum, but that is not enough for her mother. She scolds the younger girl for not seizing the moment and requiring too much guidance. Aon looks away with sadness, nothing she did seem to please her mother. Khun Cheun turns to her husband and blames him for ordering Cha-aim to join Aon and Tum.

There seem to be a false truce behind Aon and Aoy- Aoy still has the upper hand since she possess the “incriminating” photo of Aon in her phone. The parents look on with surprise that they are getting along.

Khun Cheun is not through with reprimanding her husband. She follows him upstairs and tells him that Tum is the only man who is suitable to be her son in law. She further threatens him to find any way to get Tum to visit their home every day.

Cha-aim complains to herself that fooling people is simply not an easy task, but she could not stop now, she has gone too far. She slips on her shoes and makes her way back to the servants’ quarters. Tum steps from beside the bushes and asks her who the fat guy was that she was talking to and why she had been running away from him. When she doesn’t answer right away, he assumes she is running away from debt, lol. Cha-aim finds him infuriating because even her father doesn’t question her motives that much. And I don’t know if it is due to jealousy but Tum instigates that due to her behavior and having many male friends, he believes her to be more than a coyote. In addition, he doesn’t care about her past, but he doesn’t want her to reach for his uncle in hopes that she could live a good life. When he walks away after his last word, Cha-aim advises him to write his own drama script, lol.

Banjong has been eavesdropping in the corner and is suspicious about their interaction. She did not hear what they said though.

Furious that Pong is not successful at extracting the phone, Khun Aon yells at him. They finally team up to steal the phone from Khun Aoy. While she is taking a bath, Aon helps Aoy scrub her back while Pong retrieves the cellphone. They succeed and rendezvous back at the pool where Khun Aon removes the sim card for safety measure.

Devastated at the loss of her cellphone, Khun Aoy accuses her older sister for stealing it (as she knows quite well who is responsible.) When Khun Aon denies it, the two get into a scuffle and start pulling on each other’s hair. The parents break them up and Khun Phi had to use extreme measure by spanking Aoy to stop her. He regrets it immediately but it is too late, Aoy runs sobbing into her room. Cha-aim consoles her by bringing in a meal to her room but Aoy rejects it. So Cha-aim tries to get to the bottom of it. She tells Aoy that it is merely a cellphone, why is she so upset about it? But to Aoy, the cellphone represents a caring entity, her lifeline. Her parents are too busy to care about her that she uses the phone to call her friends, people who actually want to talk to her. Aoy proceeds to say that she hates her parents, by which Cha-aim warns her that it is sinful to say such things. She would reborn as a demon that can never eat again. This scares Aoy and she immediately apologizes and eats her meal.

That night Cha-aim concludes that what Aoy lacks the most in life is attention from her parents, so she seeks them from possessions.

Banjong tattles on Cha-aim to Khun Aon that Cha-aim is evil and is setting her caps on Tum. This worries Khun Aon because if Tum doesn’t like her, her mother would scold her. Clearly we see that Khun Aon isn’t all that in love with Tum, just doing whatever her mother tells her. Banjong advises that they need to find a way to get Cha-aim fired.

Cha-aim confronts Pong about the kiss between him and Khun Aon. She is not concerned about the kiss, but she is angry that Khun Aon told him to steal Khun Aoy’s phone, and that Pong didn’t share this information with her.

Khun Aon and Banjong’s plan to get Cha-aim fired commences, Khun Cheun tells Cha-aim that she is to be Khun Aon’s personal maid. According to the history of Khun Aon’s personal maids, no one lasts for more than three days. She is notorious for making their lives miserable, to the point where she has not had a personal maid since. This bit of information terrifies Cha-aim because that would cut her research short.

There is a lot that Cha-aim needs to learn when it comes to being someone’s personal maid. Upon shopping with Khun Aon, Cha-aim learns to remain a few steps behind her boss. But the shopping bags keep growing bigger and bigger. Things didn’t help when she accidentally fell against Khun Aon (while riding a skateboard) and caused Khun Aon to bump her head against a car door. Aon begs her mother to fire Cha-aim but Khun Cheun knows the value of a good maid and tells her daughter that since it is an accident, she decides to cut Cha-aim’s monthly wage by a half.

Cha-aim summarizes her discoveries for the day onto her tablet. She observes that despite having wealth, no one in the household appears to be happy. But perhaps, she thinks, there is someone who is happy outside of the house (meaning the relatives.) Cha-aim decides to snoop and interview the old maids at Khun Orathai’s house. She tries to bribe them with fresh oranges to get them to talk, but they are disinclined. Unlucky for her, the perverted husband sees her and tries to make his move.

Tum is at the house visiting with his uncle and reporting that he has a lunch meeting with the governor later that day. He sees Cha-aim in front of Khun Orathai’s house holding hands yet again with another man. He shakes his head with disbelief and takes his leave.

Khun Aon and Banjong try for the second time to fire Cha-aim. They assign her to clean the room (which is in absolute chaos) and wash the car before a certain time. If she cannot complete it within the timeframe, her job will be at stake. Meanwhile Cha-aim’s parents are in town for the day and they request her presence at a restaurant for lunch. They happen to invite Tum to chat about work as well, but of course Cha-aim does not know this. She pleads for her friend Nong to pretend to be her while she meets with her parents.

Will Tum and Amika finally meet?

Her parents and Tum are sitting at the table waiting for Amika. She arrives looking fresh and pretty but stops in her track when she sees Tum turning his head towards her. She spins around and walks out of the restaurant. She doesn’t get very far when her mother follows her and brings her back. Amika is sweating profusely when they wait for the secretary to return. Tum finally reaches the table and Amika immediately dons sunglasses and a facemask. Tum looks bewildered at her. She explains that she has allergies, especially something in the restaurant is causing a flare-up (most likely him lol.) Tum says that he used to have allergies but since he plays sports now, it went away. Her mother asks him to take Amika to play sports sometimes too so her allergies would improve, lol.

Amika determines it is time to leave so she excuses herself to the restroom and changes back into Cha-aim’s clothes. She inconspicuously walks out of the restaurant- but not before catching Tum’s eyes as she clumsily bump into people. He recognizes her immediately and make chase. In the parking lot they play cat and mouse but Tum eventually apprehends her by tackling her to the ground. Amika thinks on her feet again and lies to him that she has to do dishes at the restaurant to make ends meet. She brings in the big guns and tells him her sob story- that her life is sad, her father is disabled and her mother is blind. (Back at the restaurant her parents are having a coughing and blinking fit due to her blasphemy.) She goes further and tells him that she needs to raise her siblings too.

Tum feels sorry for her and starts to believe her when he sees her sobbing (albeit fake.) With his suspicious nature, he tells her that next week, he has some free time to visit her hometown and see the condition of her home life with his own eyes. It gets worse and worse for Cha-aim as her triumphs are always momentarily, lol. Amika apologizes to the heavens above for cursing her parents earlier.

Meanwhile back at Khun Cheun’s house, Cha-aim needs to make it back there in time to relief Nong. Just when Khun Aon orders the “Cha aim” to turn around, Nark fakes a stomachache and Nong runs back to Cha-aim’s room. Cha-aim appears in the last minute and rescues Nark. Cha-aim thanks Nark for helping her but Nark warns her to watch her back because Banjong will not give up easily.

Banjong is disappointed that Cha-aim survives another day but Khun Aon is getting paranoid that if Tum finds out that she is behind this, he would think she is evil. Since she has always tried to appear nice and kind in front of him, this will not do. Banjong warns her that she cannot pull out because her mother will be on her case. This scares Khun Aon because Banjong does such an accurate impression of her mother.

The family reconvenes in the dining room, discussing Khun Aon’s pending birthday celebration. Khun Aon wants to arrange a small gathering at their house and recommends that Cha-aim prepare the birthday meal. Cha-aim stares in shock and Aunt Sompit glares at her for taking her responsibility.

That night Banjong pours even more salt on Aunt Sompit’s wound by telling her that Cha-aim is after her position, turning them against each other. Sompit worries about her job and Banjong advises that she should use it to her advantage- meaning, ruin Cha-aim!

On the day of the birthday, Cha-aim sneaks her friends in the kitchen to help her prepare the meal. There are several close calls but Pong helps clear them away. The family members has all arrived and situated around the table, each person has presented Aon with a present. Curious, Khun Cheun asks Aon to open the present Tum has given her. She opens the Chanel box and reveals a black scarf, lol. Aon looks distastefully at it but her mom tells her to wear it right away to show her appreciation. Tum tells her that he’s not good at gift giving.

It is time for Cha-aim to present the prepared meal. Everyone pauses in awe at the food before them, especially that she is able to accomplish this. According to Khun Cheun, it tastes as good as it looks. Cha-aim immediately tells everyone that Aunt Sompit is her teacher and is the one to teach her this meal. Aunt Pit straightens her shoulders and boasts that Cha-aim is a quick learner and was able to grasp her teachings. Cha-aim and Aunt Pit peer at each other with a smile.

But Khun Aon throws her a curveball. A flurry of friends arrives to dine with the family. Cha-aim did not anticipate the group thus didn’t prepare extra food. Khun Cheun stands up and says that there will be food. She even advises that Cha-aim could order something- but her daughter says that it will make her look bad, to serve her friends store bought food. It is decided that Cha-aim must come up with some sort of meal in twenty minutes time. It just so happens that Tum is eavesdropping in the corner and his compassion wins over.

The hero comes to her rescue once again. He walks into the kitchen and pulls out bowls of fresh uncut fruit: melons, pineapples etc. They go to work chopping the fruits and placing them into wine glasses accompanied by whip cream on top. Cha-aim shakes the bottle of whip cream and releases the first squirt into Tum’s face. He looks at her and calls her evil before smearing whip cream on her face for retaliation. Tum later helps her clean her face and they have another mesmerizing moment looking into each other’s eyes. Khun Aon walks in on them, and Tum orders her to help them put the dessert together. Aon merely says yes obediently and goes to work.

As they deliver the glasses to the new guests, the perverted husband of Khun Orathai slips a note into Cha-aim’s hands.

The end of the birthday meal finds Cha-aim walking after Tum to thank him for helping her today. She tells him that she thought he didn’t like her. Tum looks at her and says that it’s not that he didn’t like her- in which she interprets that he must like her then. This catches Tum off guard as he stammers, “no.. because I don’t dislike you doesn’t mean that I like you.. I just don’t trust you.” He is the type that can differentiate things and doesn’t like others to be bullied. He explains finally that just because he helped her today, doesn’t mean that he has started trusting her now.

Cha-aim looks at him with bemusement and tells him that she will try to understand what he is saying. She thanks him again and says that she doesn’t want him to think that she is a bad person. Tum watches her walk away with a smile.

By the end of episode 3, Aunt Sompit has turned over a new leaf. She reserves a whole slice of cake for Cha-aim as a peace offering. Cha-aim is winning her over with her good heart.

Khun Aon scolds Banjong for failing with her plans again. She wants to quit but Banjong tells her that it would be embarrassing should Khun Aon loose to Cha-aim, as clearly Tum was the one who helped her today. Aon pouts at the thought, as she doesn’t like to be embarrassed. Then Banjong advises that they can take a break for now and allow Cha-aim to be unaware and they can attack later.

Cha-aim writes up her notes about the day’s event: that one should not judge a person from the outside. One should get to know a person from the inside. Some appear to be good from the outside, but will double cross you. Some wants to fault you but deep down are very thoughtful to you. And some people want you to think that they hate you, but they turn out to be the first person that helps you.

Cha-aim hugs her pink tablet to her chest as she thinks about Tum who came to her rescue today. As she walks out of the bathroom, Cha-aim drops the note given to her by the pervert; this gets discovered on the ground by Banjong, who went to the rendezvous point thinking that the note is from Pong. Karma is a bitch! The pervert hugs her from behind and they get discovered by the possessive wife, and Banjong gets a severe beat down.

*screenshots from YT kisskeepintouch