Action packed episode! The lakorn is fast paced as usual, Ittiharn doing crazy things to undermine his father while Nay and Rabin continue to find evidence to put them away. Baby steps.. because even though they have some evidence, Tamrong wanted to wait until everything lines up before they did anything.

Episode 7 Recap

Nay and Rabin are digging through her old mansion, searching for a tape that her father had recorded before he passed away that will incriminate Ponglert. Nay is pissed because Ponglert and son turned her mansion into a hotel and because of the extent of the redecoration, she didn’t think that they would find the tape.

Now, Rabin had permitted her to sneak into the mansion with him under the guise that Ittiharn won’t be home today. But things start to get interesting because Ittiharn is rolling in with his minions. Don and the crew across the street are watching the video surveillance closely and notice this- in which Don decides to rescue them while the crew screams at him to stop.

Too late. Don is already yelling at the men who are about to enter the mansion. He hollers that their car hit him. Irritated, Ittiharn and his men made their way to Don. Nay and Rabin watch from the bedroom window with anxiety.

Ah shit, Don’s excuse doesn’t match up. Ittiharn says that he’s lying and he punches Don in the face. Don apologizes for wasting their time, but he doesn’t know Ittiharn well enough. Ittiharn pulls out a gun- Nay is in the house panicking, telling Rabin to do something. But Ittiharn is only teasing him, like a cat playing with a mouse; he shoots the ground by Don’s feet, scaring the wits out of him. Before he could do further harm however, Rabin appears from the corner and kicks the gun out of Ittiharn’s hand. They get into a brawl, but they were no match for the skilled Rabin.

Golly Ittiharn is a flippin idiot. When the police showed up, he still wants to best them with a gun.

When the evening turns into night, Rabin, Nay and Aor are searching for Don in the area. He had been hiding from view and looked pretty beat up.

Aunt Jan is pretty shaken up. Wichate asks the family if they would like to move out of the house, he would arrange another, safer one for them. But Uncle Gan says that for the longest time, the bad guys forbid them to leave, now that they could, he wants his family to stay. It is how they will defy the bad guys and show them that they will fight for their justice.

Aor tends to Don’s bruises at their condo. Don asks Nay if she had looked at the storage room, which made her perk up. That was one room she did not search. She turns immediately to Rabin and asks if he would take her to the mansion again. Rabin looks at her as if she is joking.

“No can do,” he says. “They are more careful now, if we go, there will be combat.”

“Are you scared then?” she taunts.

“Yes,” he replies, “I’m afraid you would be in danger,” and continues, “At this time, I think we should recuperate and devise our next steps instead.”

Nay looks disappointed and deep in thought as she and Rabin sat at a coffee shop. He tells her to take it easy but she is frustrated that she hadn’t thought about searching the storage room first. Rabin mischievously pulls out his cellphone and says that they can at least get the bad guys with one case. He shows Nay a video he took of Ittiharn doing an illegal exchange at the mountainside.

The bodyguard gets his first day off. Rabin balks, but Nay is persistent that ever since he worked for her, he hasn’t had a break. Wichate will oversee the house while Nay will spend some time with Siwat. Wichate tells Rabin to go listen to music or watch a movie but Rabin says that he would rather work. Wichate smiles and relents that if he is so crazy about work, he wouldn’t be able to find a girlfriend. Wichate realizes what he said and immediately regrets it. Of course, Rabin is trying to work all the time so he doesn’t think about a girlfriend, a late one or a lack of one.

Rabin decides to pay respect to Aim. But as much as our bodyguard should take the day off, he immediately got back to work when he overhears Parn’s voice telling the guards to watch the house as he sees to a personal business.

Rabin follows Parn’s truck as the older man turns into a home with white picket fence. There, he learns of a secret backstabbing that he could not have imagined (even though we, as the audience had an inkling.) His brother’s girlfriend who had gone MIA is actually shacking up with Parn. She complains that he has not stopped by for a couple of days and Parn explains that he had a lot of work to do. He notices that she has more customers (she’s a seamstress) and she says that she has a lot of work because she wants to make money. Parn promises her that (not very long) he would be able to bring her a lot of money. She is excited at the prospect- maybe that is why she went with the bad boy, at least he brought in more money, than a poor soldier. Rabin witnesses all of this and says, “is this why you weren’t willing to talk? (about Gong’s disappearance.)”

Jid is shocked to see Rabin. Rabin steps into the house as memories of their time together, him, his brother, Parn and Jid flashes before his eyes.

“How could you do this to P’Gong?” Rabin asks Jid.

“Hold on Rabin, I-“

He doesn’t let her finish. “He trusted both of you. So why, why?”

“Rabin!” Parn points his finger at Rabin, admonishing him to stop. “You followed me here?!” Clearly. “I don’t have an answer for you.”

“I don’t need your answer either!” Rabin shouts, the answer is staring him in the face, and he says exactly that.

Rabin tells them that they are evil. Parn tries to land a punch but misses and they get into a fistfight. Jid is screaming in the background for them to stop. Parn pulls out a gun and is ready to shoot but Jid forces him to stop.

This scene ends whatever remaining friendship or kinship Rabin feels for Parn and vice versa. Rabin walks angrily out of the house. Parn says to Jid that he tries to tell Rabin that he doesn’t know where his brother went all this time, but Jid can only say that Rabin will never look at her the same way again. Parn says that it’s no matter because from now on, their roads are very different. Jid appears not to understand what he was referring to. Parn is cutting all ties!

Nay sits in the conference room, among all of the important people, Ponglert included, and she is about to play her hand. The video incriminating Ittiharn gets played for everyone to see. Ponglert is pissed and says that they’re “each other’s people.” Tamrong says that the term “each other’s people” making their country rescind. Chulongorn begged everyone not to make a big deal out of this. Nay finally speaks up and says that if she wanted to make a big deal out of it, she would have sent the clip to the media, instead of congregating in this conference room. She warned Ponglert that if he thought about doing anything, he should be very careful. Even hell has eyes.

Ponglert asks what they want from him then? He warned them not to do anything reckless otherwise there will be trouble among the party. They all wondered what he was up to- Nay surmises that he wants to leave the party. Because someone who is taking advantage of the country would not want to stay with a party that thinks he/she is tainted.

Tamrong and Siwat both compliment her for her fearlessness and that she must have gotten it from her father. Siwat asks his father for the rest of the day off to spend with Nay. Just as they are walking, they see Rabin waiting for them. Nay notices the bruise on his lips and immediately asks him what had happened. He’s a bodyguard; don’t you think he gets into a brawl every now and then? Clearly she’s concerned hah.

Rabin asks where they were heading and after learning that they are just touring around, he asks to tag along, as a means to protect Nay. Typically he doesn’t do this (since he wants them to have alone time) so it only means he fears something is up. Lol, and she offers to invite Don and Wee as well- the more the merrier! Then of course Tee appears and invites her to the “party,” which is what it has become.

To the movies we go. The funny thing is, they are watching the same movie that they’ve seen earlier. Is it because they want to watch it again or just a lapse in detail on the director’s part? Heeh.

As Siwat invites everyone to dinner, Tee fakes a faint and asks Siwat to take her home. Nothing new here, she’s still trying to steal Nay’s boyfriend, and Nay’s letting her. She tells Rabin to tag along with Siwat to make sure he is safe.

Later that night, Rabin asks Nay the burning question: how much longer is she going to condone this?

And yet, the same response from Nay: I trust P’Siwat.

She turns the question on him: what do you think I should do?

After all of the advices he has already given her? How about heed one.

Ponglert is willing to lose this political game for now, too much is at stake. But Ittiharn wasn’t willing to let this game go, he still wants to teach them a lesson.

The group is heading out to the countryside, to hold a press interview regarding illegal dealings in the forest. A caravan of cops and the media follows their van.

Ittiharn’s evil knows no bounds. The men who he was dealing with regarding the trees tried to run away so he pretends to make nice and give them money. However, as they drove off, their truck exploded.

Back at the outdoors press conference, Nay and Rabin quietly chatter about Siwat and how he has won the hearts of the country already. Rabin adds that there is one person that is hurting her and her confidence in Siwat. He points to Tee, who is standing next to Siwat, openly taking ownership in front of the media. Nay looks at the duo and tells Rabin that she doesn’t want to think much about it and tries to walk away. He says that walking away doesn’t fix anything or solve her problems, which annoy Nay. She says that she’s not running way, just doesn’t want to see it. Their bickering is cute, even if they’re talking about the same things.. he likes to push her buttons.

Siwat tells the media to look over yonder and peals Tee’s hands away from his arm. She asks him why he did that and he gave an excellent answer, I’m the Prime Minister, it is not appropriate in front of the media. Hey, when it doubt, blame on duty.

Meanwhile Ittiharn and his hired hands prepare to kill the whole lot of them. He gets a bazooka (?) and shoots at the caravan. Ittiharn likes the killing aspect and does it all on his own while his minion stand and watch.

The crowd cries and disperses. Soon after, the minions picked up their guns and start to shoot at the people who remained standing. This went on for a while. People tried to rush into the forest as fast as they can for cover.

Tamrong learns about the shooting at the countryside as Chulongorn tries to distract him. But he’s smarter than she thinks and warns her that if anything happens to his son and niece, they were finished.

Ponglert calls Ittiharn and tells him to stop but Ittiharn was just getting started.

As they are deeper into the woods, everyone starts to realize that they have left the other behind: Siwat wants to go back and save Nay while Nay wants to go back and save her brother. But they are all forced to move forward to save themselves.

So action packed! Rabin kicking ass and Nay shooting (and not missing!)

The officers are finally getting involved, sending arm forces to rescue the Prime Minister. Kwan asks Wichate to bring everyone back and lastly.. to be careful. She’s growing fond of him!

The fight goes on much longer and very little talk happens.

Night falls and Siwat-Tee and Rabin-Nay couple finds each other. When Nay saw Siwat, she wanted to run to him and hold him but Tee appeared and snagged his arms away.

They build a campfire and Nay could only look at her boyfriend who is sleeping peacefully under a tree. It wouldn’t have been so bad if Tee weren’t snuggling so close to him. Rabin watches her watching them.

She soon walks towards the stream and Rabin follows her. He sees her crying.

“I know that you’ve experienced many things in life. But the tears that are falling can help you release and clean the little things that you have seen,” Rabin said.

“That’s why I’m hiding here. There are certain things that if seen, is much more than my heart can handle.”

“I don’t want you to be weak. You’re going to face many more obstacles. I want you to be strong and brave.”

Nay looked up at him, “You always tell me about the positive, good things. Thank you, Rabin.”

“I’ve decided from the moment that I’ve accepted my duty, that I will protect you, stand by you and bring you to safety.”

“I must thank you again, Rabin,” she said sincerely. “You are like a close friend who truly understands me.”

He tells her that she didn’t need to thank him. “I don’t like to see you crying. I believe that you will overcome this. Good things are coming your way.”

Nay wipes her tears. Who wouldn’t love such a great bodyguard?

Don-Aor made their way to the same campsite as Nay. Don had been shot on the shoulders and Rabin tends to his wound.

Siwat and Nay exchange a look, it is not like one between two lovebirds.

The following morning, the police helicopter discovers the survivors and Prime Minister.

Siwat wants to punish the culprits but his father says to keep it under wraps for now. His logic is that it is better to watch over them than to be blindsided. Siwat asks his father if he wants to wait until all of the evidences come together first, then punish Ponglert.

Ittiharn tells his dad that he has discovered Nay’s younger brother. They think that the evidence may lie with him.

Aunt Jan is still terrified of what can happen. Wichate offers for them to stay at his home, change the environment and it would be safer. But again, they’ve decided to stay home.

Nay and Rabin stood from afar watching Kwan and Wichate. Rabin asks if she notices Wichate’s “look” at Kwan.

Nay asks what if it was him? Rabin laughs it off and says that there was no way. He considers Kwan as his younger sister. Are you asking him this so you can test out how he feels about another girl? So if he says no way, you could feel better?! Lol, she doesn’t even realize she’s doing this..

She’s still digging, trying to reveal his new/old or secret girlfriend. Curious aren’t we?

Rabin tells her that when it comes to matters of the heart, no one can determine it for you. Especially his heart, no one knows it best than he does.

Nay leans closer to his ears, “so exactly whom do you secretly admire?”

Rabin turns to her with a smile, but doesn’t answer.

And that is the end of our episode!

Stay tune for next week!


I’ve decided that I’m not a huge fan of action lakorns. If it’s TVB that might be a different story, but with lakorns, I think I’ll be ok with just rom coms or drama.. it’s just that lakorns focus too much on the same plot: bad guys selling or cheating certain aspects of the country. It’s all very patriotic. And to me, borrring. I like action dramas driven from personal motivations and consequences- like Jid Sung Harn or even Tawan Deard. Makes for a better story, I think.

But it’s not a bad episode all in all, very action packed and drives Nay and Rabin closer. But as much as Nay thanks Rabin (over and over) Rabin still claims and appears removed from it all. As if he’s just there as a bodyguard who goes above and beyond. I wonder what will convince Rabin that he should live in the present and forget his painful past? He keeps telling Nay to do this but he certainly doesn’t heed his own advice. I’m def still interested in seeing how their love story unfold. As for the other stuff, it’s just ok for me. In the last two episodes, there are no character arcs or growth, just more of the same issues. Hopefully we’ll be rewarded with something different next week.