Clarity was revealed about what had happened the night of the big incident. The group, comprising of Don, Aor, Nay and Rabin, stood at the country home in Singburi, listening to Thien recount the events leading up to that day, as well as the reason why Thien had agreed to raise Don as his own.

Wichien, Nay and Don’s father, was a good person. He helped people not wishing for any of his good deeds to return. But as with karma and Buddhism belief, his goodness came full circle. Thien had been employed as Ponglert’s driver at the same time Wichien was Ponglert’s financial backer (supporter.) Thien’s child was severely ill and Wichien had given him the money to help with the hospital bills. When his child inevitably died, Wichien gave him money for the funeral expenses. And also, when Wichien caught wind of Ponglert’s bad intentions he told Thien to terminate his employment and even gave him the money to start a new life. So needless to say, without Wichien, Thien would not have survived.

That awful day, when Nay’s parents were murdered, Wichien had Thien drive by the house to take his family away. It was as if he knew something bad was about to happen. Unfortunately, Thien was only able to save Wee because when he came back to look for Nay later, she had already gone missing. Nay chimed in that Tamrong had whisked her away to Paris for her safety. That was why Thien decided to risk and raise Wee as his own.

Rabin commented that the bad guys would wreak havoc if they knew that Nay and Wee have reunited. For safety measures, Nay was to call Wee, Don for now.

The air was cleared, opening the sky up to a tropical storm that will take away old debris and bad memories- encouraging new connections, one specifically between Nay and Rabin.

As the sky poured, Nay and Rabin were in the middle of the backyard (field) getting drenched. Rabin creatively thought of a makeshift umbrella with banana leaves and they remained huddle (closely mind you), exchanging shy looks back and forth. Shortly after, Aor and Don came to rescue them with large umbrellas, taking note of Rabin’s romantic gestures. His duties as a bodyguard have stretched beyond the norm.

The group ate country style at Thien’s house, sitting on the floor. When Nay appeared in a sarong and a borrowed tshirt from Aor, Rabin couldn’t help but gushed about how down to earth and cute she looked. When she told him to stop complimenting her, he told her that he would do so in his mind. (lo!)

Don spoke his thoughts out loud; he said that Rabin and Nay ought to be boyfriend-girlfriend since they look so well suited together, which received a warning look from Nay. But Don’s impression was pretty astute as throughout dinner, Rabin showed how much attention he gave to Nay. He partitioned the fish meat from the bone for her, warned her how spicy something was going to be etc, which only received admiring looks from Nay. They did seem like boyfriend-girlfriend, heeh.

That night, they stood beneath the tropical storm and Rabin told Nay that if he were to choose between technology, development or nature, he would choose nature. Nay surmised that was why he owned a farm home. They looked at the steady downpour together and smiled. The intimate environment brought a nice cocoon for them: if I were Rabin, I would get the chills from the way Nay was looking at me! Lol.

I really don’t understand Ittiharn’s role in this lakorn, except to do nasty, horrible things and show his stupid, idiotic ways. Here he goes again, abusing a woman he met at the pub.

Back at the farmhouse, sleep has eluded Nay. She decided to venture out of her bedroom and noticed Rabin standing at the balcony, listening to the roar of the thunder.

She approached him and asked rhetorically that he hasn’t slept yet. They discussed briefly about nature and that she couldn’t sleep. Rabin contemplated for a bit, but decided to tell her. He said that when he watched the reunion with her brother, he couldn’t help but think about his. This was news to Nay, she didn’t know that he had a brother. Rabin said that his older brother has disappeared for many years now. He still wanted to know what had happened to him.

We get a flashback about the last time Rabin saw his brother- it was before he left for duty. He told Parn to take care of his girlfriend and younger brother- Parn glanced at his best friend’s girlfriend with a knowing look. Hm.. We later see Rabin donning his police uniform and speaking of a great future with his brother. Like any sad story, they talked of a bigger house etc. Rabin came back from his police shift to a disheveled home and his brother, Gong, missing.

Nay said that his brother’s girlfriend and best friend should know something about what had happened that day. Rabin said that the girlfriend left the home and he couldn’t reach her from then on. As for Parn, he went to the dark side- working for Ponglert. Nay didn’t want to surmise that Parn was the same man who killed her parents. Rabin didn’t answer, but he said that he tried to ask Parn about his brother, Parn could only tell him to stop working for her. Nay panicked at the thought that Rabin would leave her, but Rabin lamented that no matter what will happen, he promised that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Nay was touched by his words and thanked him. She said that even if he liked to annoy her most of the time, she felt comforted by his presence. Awe.

And a development with our Kwan-Wichate couple. Rabin had called Wichate to watch over Kwan’s place while he and Nay were away. Kwan was a little less scared and can study in the living room now. Wichate approached her- which caused her to cower again- but he tried to comfort her by telling her that Nay has reunited with her brother. Kwan perked at the news. She told him that he didn’t need to watch over the house himself- he could have sent one of the other police officers. But Wichate told her that he wanted to come- lol- he meant, that he wanted to make sure of their safety himself.

Ittiharn is kidnapping women he meets at the pub for prostitution. His father reprimands him on keeping it down for a bit, Siwat may find out the truth. Ponglert on the other hand, is planting some illegal products at a farm nearby.

I feel that this lakorn is more of a romance drama than it is political. On the surface, yes, Siwat is running for Prime Minister and we are shown his campaign. But there’s no underlining suspense or plot that surrounds that. Ah well, at least I can take off my political intrigue hat and focus on the romance aspect of it instead.

At Kwan’s house, Wichate is picking up where Rabin left off, serving them food and winning brownie points. As he and Kwan sat outside reading a book, Aunt Jan looked on from the inside and was concerned that Wichate may be coming on to her daughter. She feared her daughter wasn’t ready for this but her husband, Uncle Gan said it was nature’s doing. This pissed Aunt Jan off because he was instigating that what had happened to their family was nature’s doing. Her husband told her to let the past be the past (well he didn’t get raped!!) He told her to let her daughter experience what she is meant to experience, at least it is within their watchful eyes.

Back at Thien’s farmhouse, he hands Nay a box left behind by her father. Thien says that it may hold a secret that can help put Ponglert away. Nay and Rabin take Don and Aor back to their condo in Bangkok. Nay wanted them to live together so Don doesn’t have to work so hard. Rabin advised that it was best they live apart until it is safer. Nay is still upset that she won’t be able to live with her bro; they have been separated for so long and now must live apart.

On their drive back home, Nay is still sad because Don would not take the money from her. Rabin tries to cheer her up by telling her that she should be happy Don turned out this way- from what he has seen, Nay was the nicest and most adorable sister ever. Nay rolls her eyes and says he’s exaggerating again.

Nay gets to be with her boyfriend again. They meet at a restaurant but she doesn’t look too excited. She asks him if he wasn’t afraid that there would be news? Siwat replies that he is dining with his “secretary.” She frowns. But he continues on, saying that not much longer, society will get to know that Nay is his better half, not just his secretary. Nay smiles but is not totally convinced. Siwat tells her that he should start revealing bits of his personal life to the public and that his heart is still the same. And lol, Nay’s eyes couldn’t help but wander to Rabin’s table and she says that she feels that they are burdening Rabin- so she offers to have him join their table- after all of those hours she has already spent with him?! Nay is clearly growing fond of Rabin hah.

Of course, as Nay and Siwat are enjoying their dinner, Tee appears, ready to spoil their good time. Apparently her role in this lakorn is to tear apart the two, other than that, she serves as an annoying addition with little depth. But me thinks Nay is going to sit there and let it happen, she’s playing the “nice” nang ek role a little too much that she forgets to show her claws when it counts. Even Rabin had to remind her every now and then that it’s totally ok to show the bitch that she’s the boss! But then again I shouldn’t get my hands in a pansy, Nay is meant for Rabin after all.

Rabin is driving Nay back to their house. She is silent. Rabin asks to inject his perspective. He says that Tee did not come to find her friend. Rabin gets a full view of the restaurant and notices that she came straight to their table, she intended to come see Siwat. He says that it is no longer the party’s effort to match Tee up with Siwat, but Tee clearly wants to steal the man from Nay. Nay says that she trusts Siwat- and Rabin agrees- but he (again) tells her to take ownership! Nay interrupts him that she wants to go to a park and open the box that her father had reserved for her. Apparently Siwat was the least of her worries..

Nay opens the box and finds a letter addressed to her. As Thien had surmised, the contents inside the box are to be used as evidence against Ponglert. The letter was short and sweet, stating exactly that. She rummages the box, searching for a tape. According to her father, there should be a tape that will incriminate Ponglert. But the tape is missing. Now they have another goal: they must find that tape.

Angry, Nay makes her way to the criminal’s house, looking to find out what they were up to. If they don’t have the tape, she thought to find new evidences.

The following morning, Nay is in a hurry to follow the bad guys. Just as she rushed Rabin out, she learned that he had invited Kwan to join them. Nay is irritated but continues on with her plan. [Ok, so if you know that your friend is terrified of leaving her home- and she finally agrees to go out- you’re going to take her along this chase with the bad guys?! Can’t this wait?!] On their way, Kwan becomes terrified because she sees the van with the bad guy’s faces. Rabin, the clear-headed one, chastised Nay for risking it. Nay said that they needed to go today because the bad guys are being suspicious- but Rabin told her to worry about her friend. Kwan whispered in the back that it was ok, they could follow them. I don’t understand the urgency at all, and Nay’s lapse in judgment was bizarre. She’s only spurred to take action after reading her father’s note!

Back at home, Aunt Jan is fretful (can’t blame her.) Uncle Gan tries to distract her by saying that he thinks he is ready to start trying to walk again.

Another bizarre moment is when she calls Siwat, and tells him of her plans. He’s taking the call in front of a conference room, where everyone could hear his panicked voice. She assures him that Rabin is with her and hangs up.

Nay is restless in the car, being the backseat driver, telling Rabin to get closer to the van. They follow the van until they reached a mountainous terrain. Kwan is appearing braver by the minute. He pulls to a corner and leaves the two in the car so he could investigate closer. He gives Nay a gun and warns them to lock the car and to remain in the car no matter what. [But any self-defense trainer would say to leave the car- so you can run, you know.]

And omg, shortly after Rabin left, Nay decides she needs to snoop around. The bad guys were up to something illegal- and she could help, how?! Kwan is left in the car, alone, and she decides to take off after Nay. Poor Rabin is going to have two females on his hands that he must protect.

Rabin crouches by the grassy area and takes pictures of the illegal exchange (for the forest). Nay and Kwan soon join him. As they try to creep back, Ittiharn notices them and starts to shoot. Everyone exchanges gunfire. Nay is flipping stubborn as she undermines every one of his commands, wasting precious time as the bad guys continue to shoot at them. She finally follows his orders and return to the car. But on their way back, they met some of the men and Nay shot at one of them. Kwan loses her footing and sprains her ankle. Apparently Nay could hold her own, but despite that, I couldn’t help but get irritated at her recklessness. All is well though as the three made their way back home safely. If anything, this scene served to show that Kwan is totally out of her shell now.

Siwat calls Nay and she assures him that she is fine and will send the evidence for him to review the next day. Rabin overhears her phone call and catches her drift. He calls her out- she was up to something else when she lied to her boyfriend. Nay was annoyed because he could read her mind, and told him that she wanted to find the tape (evidence) in her old house- you know, the house that the bad guys are currently residing in. I know that they’re not home today but dang, Nay has seriously grown some balls. I feel like she’s taking a lot of action all of a sudden though. I get it, I know that she is motivated and spurred on by her father’s letter, but it just seems so irrational.

Rabin tells her that he would go himself and check out the house, it was for her own safety. But she is angry and told him to bring her as well. Don and Aor came to visit and like his sister, he too wanted to find the evidence. Where are we at, the ending?!

Rabin shook his head, saying that it was too dangerous. It was decided that Nay and Rabin would infiltrate the house in the middle of the day. As they jumped the fence, they noticed a guard by the door and had to hide from view, hugging each other in an awesomely awkward way. There’s always time for romance, as the two looked into each other’s eyes.

They enter through the back door and made their way to the office. Unable to find anything, Rabin says that her father must have put it in a place that is not easily found. (Duh.)

Back at the house, Aunt Jan is pissed off that they are risking everything. Lol, she’s the only rational person here, I’ll say. Don gets his reunion with Kwan too!

Nay and Rabin tried to search the bedrooms as well but Nay said that it would be difficult to find the tape today because the bedroom has been redecorated. She contemplated that they might have thrown away the tape, not realizing its value.


This episode is a little bizarre. I find myself having difficulty getting through the storyline, the beginning of episode 6 started out a little slow and even though it picked up at the end, it left me somewhat confused. It doesn’t flow well from the last 5 episodes we watched, what happened?

When I first watched episode 1 and 2, I wondered how Nay would play a role in unveiling the bad guy. I mean, Siwat and Tamrong were taking on the responsibility of removing his power (by Siwat becoming a Prime Minister) but no one really took the part of revealing their bad past to the public. And I was left wondering when Nay would do something. So Nay discovering her father’s letter and being motivated to look for the evidence was a good thing. But it wasn’t conducted very fluidly. It appeared rushed, irrational and all too abrupt for me. It just sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If it’s any consolation, at least Por and Janie are still cute together.

I hope that episode 7 will make more sense and work out the strange kinks soon, otherwise, it’s going to be a long long recapping project as I will have to motivate myself to continue recapping this series!