Oh boy are we in for a treat. Ask and we shall receive! I knew talking to the universe works! Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

EPISODE 6 RECAP – “Fugitive”

Will pays Alan a visit and apologize for not suggesting that he return the gold to his country from the get go, but Alan tells him not to blame himself because he had already made up his mind. He does ask Will if he happen to know who was behind the attack. You’re looking at him, manchild. But Will tells him to enjoy his newfound fame, which makes Alan curious as to who made him out to be a hero.

Mona tells Kate that she has figured out a way to get Alice out of hiding. She orders the chief of police to investigate Alice’s disappearance. Mona suggests that Alice might be responsible for the king getting poisoned and the illegal gold trading deal that fell on Alan. Oh no she didn’t! She further orders a request from Thailand to return Princess Alice back to them for further questioning, and hands over a usb card to back her claim. The investigation rolls into motion and the first person she arrests for questioning is Petra. Dammit.

The Dream Team and Alice celebrate their success in saving Alan and the gold. Alice thanks everyone for their hard work and Jacee apologizes if she had disrespected any of them in the past, she now knows that they are truly helping the princess and Hrysos. The gang encourages Dawin to work hard and play harder but the commander tells them they all need to get back to work after. Lol, such a buzz kill.

Alan doesn’t believe the rumors that Alice is the culprit behind poisoning the king and plotting the illegal trade deal. When they think about who would want to ruin Alice in a legal and public way – Alan surmises that it must be his mother’s doing. Kate says they need to find Alice before Hrysos does but Will says they’ve been looking for her to no avail.

Kate attempts to get Dawin to tell her if Alice is with him, but he denies it again of course. She begs him to tell Alice to come out of hiding because they need to resolve the issue before it’s too late.

Dawin and dream team gets summoned for an urgent meeting with the general. He briefs them of the situation in Hrysos and that they’ve received a formal request to release Alice to their custody. The general says it’s a difficult decision because he can’t get a hold of the king (who had initiated this secret mission in the first place) and they risk jeopardizing the relationship between the two countries if they keep the princess.. so the general decides that they will covertly send Alice back to Hrysos. The dream team all look to their leader for final direction, even though he looks unpleased, Dawin requests that his team escort the princess since they’ve protected her since the beginning.

Jacee calls her princess to the security house due to a rumor she wants to inform her of in person– even though Alice says she hasn’t seen Dawin since this morning – but Jacee says she’ll send Muat Hin to pick her up. Which is a good thing Alice left because Dawin ushers the team B responsible for returning the Princess, and she’s nowhere to be found. Muat Paen wonders if they let that team barge in like that, wouldn’t it be like betraying the princess? Dawin says robotically that he’s sure the princess will understand that they’re doing their job – they cannot disobey orders. But we can see Dawin’s eyes darting back and forth..

The government put plan B into action since they know Jacee had made contact with the princess and they’re probably at the security house – dammit – and Kate and team A will charge into the house. Dawin sends Muat Paen and Lieutenant Kan to follow team A while he stays put at the military home. I hope he has a plan, I hope he has a plan.

Kate and team A make it into the security house, and we can see Alice is also there, and they both are shocked by what they see. Turns out, Kate sees Jacee unconscious and strapped to a chair, but Alice is nowhere to be found. Whew!

Meanwhile Dawin rides on his motorcycle and meets with an SUV with Alice in it, though she thinks she’s being kidnapped. She snags the gun from one of the men and the minute Dawin opens the door, she angrily points it at him, demanding answers. Dawin says they had to do this for her protection and we see in a flashback that Dawin and Jacee met prior, Dawin has no intentions on sending Alice back to Hrysos and asks for Jacee’s trust and help. Dang, he even tricked some of his subordinates too? Gutsy. He wants to hide Alice in a safer place and will refuse to reveal her unless it’s safe, he’s willing to risk his job and life.

Dawin takes off his sunglasses so that Alice could see his sincere eyes. She still has that gun pointed at him. Dawin says, “may I have the gun back? When you’re with me, you do not need to use it.” Swooning so hard right now. Muat Hin and Ling has packed the car with sustenance and things for a long commute. Dawin instructs them to take his bike and fill Muat Paen and Lieutenant Kan in on the plan since they don’t know. Alice keeps her eyes on Dawin, demanding to know everything.

Meanwhile Jacee comes to and tells Kate what happened. Kate’s brain seems to be reeling but she says that at least she now knows that Alice is alive and somewhere in Thailand. I’m little scared of Kate tbh, it’s the quiet ones you have to worry about.

Dawin fills her in on the case against her which makes her furious that he or the general didn’t explain to everyone that she wasn’t the one behind the illegal gold dealing. Dawin says that explaining won’t matter because they need to protect her. Alice refuses to run away again and wants to confront everyone in Hrysos, she’s convinced her grandpa would help her. Dawin begs to differ, the king can’t help her now. Alice spins around and asks what’s wrong with her grandpa. Dawin tells her that there’s one more accusation he hadn’t told her – that she’s a suspect for poisoning King Henry, and that the king is very ill right now. Alice is close to tears as she’s so angry and asks him how long it’s been since he’s known, Dawin says ever since she wasn’t able to get a hold of the king. Alice also asks about Petra, who has been locked up as an accomplice.

Alice slaps Dawin across the face and pushes at him, questioning why he didn’t tell her. She decides that she’ll go back to Hrysos and confront everyone but Dawin holds her back and refuses to let her go. He lets her beat and cry at him until she tires out, she finally turns into him as he comforts her. He asks to allow him one last chance to protect her, as he has prepared a safe place for them. He is putting his reputation, duty and life on the line for her, and she will be able to return to her kingdom just as soon as it is safe. *Tear.*

In the middle of the night, they make their way to Bon Doi in Chiang Rai, going through security checkpoint with ease since Dawin claims he’s taking his wife on a holiday. Dawin adorably makes her more comfortable in her chair as she falls asleep. They arrive at Yot Khao and Dawin tells Alice that they are still hiding her identity but that she will be safe here since he’s familiar with the villagers and surroundings. He adds that they will remain here for a while since he broke some rules.

Dawin’s friend named MatMie greets him with exuberance, leaving Alice slightly annoyed. HAHA. Mie squeeeeezes Dawin around the waist tightly as she misses him so – I mean, can’t blame her, I’d squeeze the crap out of him too. Alice wonders why Dawin didn’t introduce her as his wife like back in the military compound, but Dawin says that him and Mie are very close and she simply wouldn’t believe it. Alice tells him she can see that. LOL. Mie takes them to a house atop the mountains and says that she’ll tell everyone that Alice is one of Dawin’s relative from overseas and that they are here for a visit and she promises to keep it a secret. Alice notices how friendly they are with each other.

As she dons the local attire for Chiang Rai, she couldn’t help but think about her grandpa’s words, that being out here and experiencing life would only benefit her as an heiress.

Meanwhile Lieutenant Kan and Muat Paen finally know the truth and in a way was glad they were kept in the dark because everything happened so fast and they wouldn’t be able to contain their reactions. The general is in on this as well (which I would be surprised if he wasn’t) and tells the team to go about their day normally so as not to cause suspicion.

Dawin tries to get Alice to eat something, but she’s in a depressed mood and takes an apple to appease him.

Jacee visits Petra at her holding and they talk in secret code since they’re under surveillance. Petra says that she hopes the “bird” meaning Alice, would not fly back to Hrysos until things are clear.

Alice thanks Dawin for trying to distract her, but it’s pointless because she has a lot on her mind and doesn’t want to learn how to throw knives or whatever else he’s trying to distract her with. Dawin relents that maybe she should learn to let some of the things on her mind go. But Alice says she’s responsible for everything and she can’t just let it go.

Mie suggests that Dawin let Alice do her thing and she notices how much it stresses him out, which to her seems like he’s taking this personally. Ha. Dawin tells her not to make any guesses but instead help him come up with something to make Alice feel better. Mie comes up with an idea to throw Alice a welcoming party. They start by doing a ceremony to pray to the mountains and Alice is particularly touched by a ceremony which an older woman wishes away all the bad luck, she pulls her in a hug and tells her to let the good things come to her on its own.

Atop the mountains Alice wonders how long she must pretend to be someone else. Dawin says that it’s time to move forward, because dwelling on her problems won’t help her. He calls her attention to the setting sun and its beauty before them. Dawin takes her hand and empathizes that he knows its hard to fight the thoughts that are warring in her head, but she’s a tough cookie and she can do it. Then he leans against a boulder and watches her dwell on her last thought. I just think it’s so sweet that he’s making it his personal mission to cheer her up.

Kate inquires if the general has additional updates regarding Alice but the general laments that he’s already off the case so he has no further details to provide. Kate tries to reassure the general that she’s one of the good guys, someone who is on Alice’s side. The general merely says that he would update her if he hears anything. Lol, it’s like talking to a brick wall, it’s awesome.

The king hasn’t come to yet but it’s nice to see that Andre and Alan are worried about him. Alice gives herself a pep talk that the king’s granddaughter is capable person and she must stand on her own two feet. No one is happier to see her back to high spirits than Commander Dawin who sees her learning to throw knives. He tests out her skills, and as they tango, I mean train, their noses accidentally touched (squee!)

Alan catches his sister fangirling over one of Will’s presentation online. Lol. Alan says she can like whomever she wants but that everyone knows Will likes Alice and she should steel herself. Kate gets irritated with her brother and questions when he’ll go home, since Kate has decided that she’s staying put until she finds Alice. Alan mentions that Alice resurfacing won’t be beneficial to her because Will would just go to Alice. Alan tells her to be honest with herself, why is she looking for Alice? When did Alan get so perceptive? Will consoles Kate that she’s done her best when it comes to looking for Alice. Kate says she’s concerned about everyone but not that anyone is concerned about her. Will tells her that he cares about her. This guy, always playing both fields.

Alice goes to the stream where the ladies are washing their laundry. They peer at her with a smile, and a few even giggle. She spots Dawin also doing laundry – but hers in plain sight. HAHAHA. He’s wringing her bra. Alice tries to take it from him but Dawin tells her not to be embarrassed, he will do the honor since no one else is around to do it. But Alice yanks the bra and falls on her ass, lol. Dawin wrings her skirt dry – and on a side note, did anyone notice that Dawin is still wearing the wedding band? Cutest thing ever – Alice leans extra close to his ears and tells him to teach her how to wash clothes, she doesn’t want people gossiping about them. And so Dawin proceeds to teach her how to do her own laundry. I didn’t know doing laundry could be so cute and fun.

The villagers are on alert when the bridge collapses as they work together to rescue it. Dawin tells Alice that the bridge is a representative of their late king, who had teach them how to build it. Alice takes an interest on the late king and does a little research, since he’s the type of king that Alice wants to model herself after, because no matter how difficult the road to travel, the late king always makes it his mission to visit his people and improve their life. Dawin finds her reading atop the picturesque mountain (I mean he looks like he’s modeling a magazine cover, gorgeous as always) Alice concludes that she has figured out why the Thai people love His Majesty so much: he has done so much for his people. This makes Alice feel sad that she hasn’t done anything for her people, and now she’s a fugitive.

Dawin tells her that the world is the same wherever she goes, and that she can do whatever she sets her mind to. I mean, with that kind of support, she could probably be wonder woman too. Alice smiles and thanks him for always trying to cheer her up, then she realizes that she doesn’t have to wait until she gets home in order to provide help. She wants to try and live like a commoner for real because she doesn’t know if she’ll ever get to return to Hrysos.

Meanwhile Will makes his move on Kate and not even the next day go by before he presents a project to be signed off by her dad. Kate says her dad likes him and she doesn’t think there would be any reason he wouldn’t sign off. Will beams and says that he picked the right person. Who knows if she’s stalling time to be with him – afraid that he would go to Alice- so she says that she won’t be truly happy until she could find Alice, but that it will take some time with her plan.

Alice gets a nightmare about her grandpa- which eek has blood! – and couldn’t go back to sleep so she takes a walk around. She happens upon Mie who is stumped on her lesson plan for the class. She wants to teach the kids English in a way that would be fun and easy for them. Alice suggests they play scavenger hunt and the kids will need to learn the words of the plants etc around them. Mie gets excited and both get to work on preparing for the lesson plan. They work late into the night and Mie retires first, with Alice falling asleep at the table. This is how Dawin finds her. He tries to wake her but she sleeps like a baby and so he scoops her into his arms and carries her all the way back to their house. I mean, gotta put those muscles to good use. When Dawin places her in bed and walks away thinking she’s asleep, Alice turns over and smiles. Oh you sneak!

The next morning Alice proceeds to teach the class English while Dawin looks on. Mie tells him that Alice is a very good teacher and it would be so great if she could live here. Dawin has a faraway look in his eyes. Darn these reality checks.

Andre visits his father – which is a nice thing to see – but Mona shows up and questions why he’s doing this. Like um, because he’s my dad? And that’s exactly what Andre tells her, which doesn’t go over well with Mona who glares angrily at the king and stomps away.

Alice learns to pluck some herbs and she watches – irritatingly I might add – at Dawin and Mie bantering back and forth, and is finally had it with their flirting that she asks if she’s done now. LOL. Mie goes to gather the other side of the line and trips – Dawin rushes after her with concern, without realizing that he bumped into Alice along the way. In a huff, Alice turns away but doesn’t watch her footing and falls on her ass. He says he already told her not to come, which annoys her more and she refuses his help, snapping that when Mie fell, he didn’t scold her. This is gold, you guys. A pouty princess. And she tries to take another step but falls AGAIN. I’m dying.

He doesn’t even say anything, just kinda gives her a resigned look. And ends up carrying her, in a princess carry (how fitting) down the mountain.

Each dream team members are called forward for questioning, and it looks like Dawin may take the fall alone. The only way for them to help him is to remain quiet about his location.

Alice starts to panic a little when the village chief gets excited about talking to Dawin. The two village ladies tend to Alice’s ankle and informs her of an archery competition the next day and a party. But they’re really excited about possibly the marriage between Dawin and Matmie. Say what?

Dawin sees Alice practicing archery and chides that she should rest up, her ankle hasn’t healed yet. But Alice relents that she doesn’t need her ankle to shoot bow and arrows. She fishes for info and says that he ought to tell her if there’s something she needs to know. Dawin flippantly says it’s nothing, just personal issue. And an arrow whizzes right past his nose. HAHAHA. Dawin says if she’s this good she ought to join the competition tomorrow. Alice replies that she doesn’t like to compete with others (especially when you’re in a lane all your own lol) and asks Dawin why he didn’t enroll, he’s not the type to give up so easily. Dawin smiles and admits that he doesn’t actually know how to shoot. This surprises Alice since she thinks he is skilled at everything. She says that she will teach him and he can compete tomorrow, which of course makes Dawin question whether she’s capable of teaching him this quickly. Oh these two. I freakin love them.

Teaching someone how to shoot an arrow is almost like teaching someone how to golf, you gotta get real close, you know, teach them good form and all. Squeee.

Dawin encourages his teacher to compete tomorrow because no one knows who she is and it wouldn’t matter if she loses. It’s about having fun and forgetting things. He adds that she doesn’t have to win at everything. Alice gets lost in his eyes until Mie shows up and says she’s got dinner ready and made it extra spicy for Dawin (and the lesser spicy food for Alice). But Alice chimes in that she can eat however spicy Dawin eats – LOL, didn’t he JUST say that she doesn’t have to win at everything? And then she scares him a little by pulling out the arrow fiercely in jealousy.

Alice nearly dies trying to eat spicy food. She watches Dawin and Mie banter – which sounds like they’ve known each other forever – and that Mie has learned to make Dawin’s favorite dish. She adds that it’s not hard, what’s hard is ensuring that Dawin likes it. Dawin says she makes the best one in the village. Ahh so awkward for Alice who gets hurt over watching them getting so friendly with each other. When she can’t take it anymore she excuses herself.

That night Alice mulls over about Dawin getting married to Mie. When he comes to see her she asks him straight up, “do you have a girlfriend?”

He replies, “No.. but I have someone in my heart.” Oh no don’t say that she’ll be confused.

“How long has it been?” she asks.

“It doesn’t matter how long.. we’re two people who should not have met. We grew up in different places, living different lives. I don’t know how we come to know each other, just that we are together,” he peers at her.

“It won’t be much longer until you get to be together, forever,” she says quietly.

“I hope so too,” he says.

She just gives him this painful look and says that she’s happy for him and wishes him well.

Dawin is all, “hold on there..” but she’s outta there. Dude you can’t be saying cryptic things like that!

But WE all know that he’s talking about HER.

And it’s archery competition time! Alice does join the fun and only two people nail the bulls eye – Mie and Alice – and they compete in the final round where the whole crowd cheers for Mie. Alice smiles and aims, missing by a foot.

Dawin comments that she’s good at pretending to lose too, but asks why she pretended to lose. Alice says she thought about the village as a whole and that if Mie won, the whole village would be happy. There was no reason for her to win. Dawin says with a smile that he didn’t know she knows how to lose (them flirting words) but Alice uses his words back to him, that sometimes you don’t need to win at everything. Well look at someone who learned a lesson!

Alice tells him to go celebrate with Matmie since he’s the person she would want to see the most. Dawin is a little confused by that comment as she walks away.


Oh show, you sure know how to tease and trick us. I know that Dawin is a smart commander, but his dedication to his trade is unparalleled, so when he said that the princess will understand that they’re just doing their job by allowing her to leave the safety of Thailand (and his arms), I should have known there was a twist. Dawin is so ballsy, he even left two of his people out of the loop.

Now Dawin and Alice finally get their peaceful moment in Chiang Rai, just playing archery, plucking herbs, and bantering against the beautiful backdrop that is mountains and sea and clouds. How breathtaking. Which is also a great moment for beautiful love to start flourishing, feelings to be realized and hopefully, feelings to be declared. We got the cryptic confession from Dawin, even though Alice thinks he’s referring to Mie, but it made Alice realize just how much she feels about him.

And all those romantic princess carry down the mountains? Forget about it. I’m a goner. Sell me these two’s love and I will buy it like hot cakes. I’m getting a little nervous about next week! The preview looks exciting! And the behind the scene scoop? OMG. Yaya literally will not get off of Nadech as he has to carry her in the water because she refuses to step foot in it. Are there snakes? Creepy crawlers? Girl, you wouldn’t even need an excuse for me, Nadech’s strong arms are made to carry you anyway. Kyaa.