Our midweek lakorn has come to a close. It’s not so much a revenge lakorn as it touted itself to be, because it’s really a story about a beast’s journey into a prince (so to speak). From an abandoned, abused childhood, and tough façade in order to rule over Rai Phu Tupdao, Suriyen transformed into a person who could feel again due to the love of Tarntawan and his nephew. Will the finale help us determine whether this man has indeed changed from the burning sun into a hopeful sunrise? Is the ending everything we hoped for? How did the whole story fare? Let’s just get to it!


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Suriyen instructs Kaekhai to stay put behind the boulder until he returns for her. Then he’s at gunpoint with Decha on the edge of the cliff, bargaining for his father if Decha wants his daughter back. Decha claims this has nothing to do with Kaekhai but Suriyen argues that this doesn’t have anything to do with any of the people who were murdered either: Suri, Nopasit and Uncle Wit. Decha relents he’ll bring Suriyen to his father but Suriyen laughs and scoffs that he won’t have the chance since he’ll be spending time in prison. Suriyen adds that he didn’t leave the farm ONLY to try and exchange Decha’s life with his father’s life. He says he wanted to make sure that Decha brings all of his men out of Rai Phu Tupdao so that Dam Gern is safe, the man is not dead yet and he’s with the police. He’ll want to survive this so that he can see the ending to his betrayer’s life, because Suriyen promises that Decha will pay for each and every life he took.

There’s nowhere to run, Decha attempts to shoot at Suriyen, but Suriyen beats him to the punch. Decha goes down and whimpers at the shot to his knee. He scampers towards his gun and Suriyen tells him to stop because he doesn’t want to kill the old man. As Suriyen tosses away Decha’s gun, the man reaches for another handgun taped to his ankle. Tarntawan shows up on time to see this and alerts Suriyen, but Decha has his gun aimed at her. Decha warns Suriyen to drop his gun if he loves Tarntawan – she’ll be another person on the long list of people that Suriyen loves who dies. Suriyen drops his gun and Decha smiles, he couldn’t believe that Suriyen loves Tarntawan for real. Decha now has his gun on Suriyen and is determined to end his life today because Suriyen has become the only obstacle from obtaining the farm. But Kaekhai runs out and begs her father not to shoot. Decha fires – Kaekhai shields Suriyen and goes down. Before she dies, she cries that she loves both Suriyen and Dad, and they shouldn’t kill each other.

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Tarntawan goes to Suriyen’s side and they watch Decha agonize over Kaekhai’s death. Tarntawan says that it’s because Decha destroys other people’s family and the people they love that this now happens to him. His punishment fits his crime. Tarntawan reminds him that Kaekhai died from his hands. She questions whether he has repented? Because if he has, then he could tell Suriyen regarding his father’s whereabouts and Tarntawan will forgive him. Decha finally admits – after Tarntawan’s long lecture – that Athit is actually DEAD, HE had been the one to kill him. He doesn’t deserve to live after reneging on his promise to give up the farm. Decha flashes back to the night Wit confronted Athit, and he was about to say that Decha devised everything, when Wit gets shot pointblank. Visut misunderstands that his dad said Athit killed him. Athit races away on horseback, and at the same spot that the loyal horse always runs to, Athit gets shot to death by Decha. Before Athit dies though, Decha says Athit had been the one to force his hands in everything, like killing people, when all he had to do was go away and give up the farm. Athit spites that Decha could never measure up to Suriyen who will take over the farm and gain respect from the townsfolk. Decha claims that he doesn’t remember where Athit’s body lies, but it probably has already turned into fertilizer.

Suriyen cries that he now understands that his dad didn’t abandon him, he was killed. Decha adds that his father deserves to die like a street dog. He taunts Suriyen to go ahead and shoot him. Tarntawan tells Suriyen not to fall for his taunts, he just wants Suriyen to go to jail for murder. But Suriyen still has his gun pointed at Decha, shouting that this man should die, but Tarntawan says death is too easy, he should pay for his crimes in jail. She adds that he wouldn’t want to be the person who killed Kaekhai’s father. Suriyen cries that he can’t do it (he can’t NOT kill Decha) but Tarntawan has her hands around him all this time and coaxes that he’s not like Decha, he can DO it. He’s not a beast, she explains that the REAL Suriyen is soft hearted and considerate. She urges him not to turn into the person (or thing) that he hates. She rests her hand over his hand on the gun and they both bring it down. Decha says he wants to go with is daughter and tries to jump off the cliff, but the cops appear and take him away. Convenient, that.

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Rujira slaps her brother for shooting Visut and questions whether he has turned into their dad now. Khetarwut looks all nonchalant about attempted murder which prompts Rujira to state that she will divulge the truth now, she’s not going to let it slide anymore. Khetarwut aims his gun at Officer Ekk and threatens to shoot him if she tells – but then the cops appear out of nowhere again and take him away. She confesses in front of everyone all of her father’s crimes. Look at the lives she could have saved if she would just confess sooner..

Pensiri thinks Visut is dead, even when Officer Ekk tries to tell her that he’s not. Pensiri says she’s devastated because he’s the man that she loves, and if she had known that it would end like this, she would have been nicer to him. Officer Ekk gives up and leaves Pensiri to her tears – but he does tell Rujira that there’s no blood on Visut. Don’t mind if I roll my eyes. Pensiri questions what she needs to do in order for Visut to wake up again, to which the supposedly dead Visut says “kiss.” She says out loud that her love might be the thing that could wake him up from the dead. As her lips almost touch his, he opens his eyes and wonder why she hasn’t kissed him yet. Pfft. He wore a safety vest and said it was necessary in order to get Rujira to confess. He indicates that he cares about Pensiri but Pensiri gives him a swift kick to the shins.


Dam Gern gets questioned by Officer Ekk and in a flashback we see that Khetarwut had ordered him to kill Suri otherwise his wife and child would die, along with the attempted murder on Suriyen’s life multiple times, and Nopasit’s death. Dam Gern’s wife and kid appears and Officer Ekk says that Suriyen had someone investigate and rescue them when he found out that Decha used them as a bargaining chip. Officer Ekk prompts DG to turn over a new leaf since the person he betrayed is still good to him. DG nods his head in agreement.

Suriyen and Rujira releases Kaekhai’s ashes into the sea. She says that she’s not really ok but she has to deal with it and come to terms with reality. She apologizes for the past and for making him hate himself. She then apologizes for her father. Suriyen smiles and says that he understands. She remarks that she doesn’t remember the last time she has seen him smile and that he seems like a different person now. He’s a cute Big Boss and she wonders if they should credit this to Tarntawan. Rujira adds that since he understands everything now, he should stop pouting at Tarntawan because she wants to see him happy.

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Tarntawan tells Nong Phit that she wants to bring Daddy’s ashes back to the farm so that he could be with Mom. Nong Phit isn’t receptive to the idea about the farm so Tarntawan sits him down and has her talk with him. At the mention of Uncle Phu Bear, Nong Phit distances himself from his aunt. She continues on that Uncle Phu Bear loves him and he did not hurt Daddy, and that Uncle Phu Bear is a good person. Aunty says that she feels badly for Uncle Phu Bear who became saddened because Nong Phit is afraid of him.

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In the midst of the sunflower fields, as the sun is about to set – dude how much time has passed, the sunflowers are fully grown! – Uncle Phu Bear reminisces the time they’ve planted it from its seedling. He flashes back to all of the sweet moments he spent with Tarntawan.

Visut thinks back on Pensiri’s teary confession when she thought he died, he too flashes back to his moments with her. In this scene where he’s sitting on the windowsill, he still looks like a teenager. Definitely not like the grown man that is Suriyen, in his snugly fitted v neck tee, but I digress.

Visut gets a text message from Pensiri’s dad, he shows up the next morning wondering if dad isn’t done scolding him yet. Lol. Dad just wants Visut to meet Pensiri’s new prospect – Visut immediately gets annoyed. But we see this is more for Visut’s benefit than Pensiri, as he gets jealous. The old man gets creepy as he even spanks her. Visut pulls her away and proceeds to spank the old man. He questions why mom and dad would allow her to marry someone this old and why Pensiri would allow the man to touch her like that. Pensiri says she’s given her parents’ permission to find her a husband so she could just get it over with.

Visut remarks that she’s not the person he knows, doesn’t love matter to her anymore? Pensiri laments that love is painful and she won’t deal with it again. Visut encourages her to persevere because even though he’s recently heartbroken, he hasn’t given up on love. He hesitates but takes her hand and suggest they date. They’re both heartbroken, why not be together? She thanks him for pitying her since HE’s the one she loves so that’s really not gonna work out. Visut stammers that he does have feelings for her, he was worried about her when Khetarwut tried to shoot her and now he’s angry when the old man spanked her. She wants him to admit his love, but he says it doesn’t mean that he loves her now, just that he COULD love her. He also tells her it’s a good opportunity if she wants to court him while he’s nursing a broken heart, it could very well fall in love with her. When he leaves, Pensiri does a silent squeal and tells her parents that their plan worked. The family celebrates.

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At Suriyen’s manor, he’s still distraught over the news about his father’s death. He thinks back to the moment his father left the farm and how the horse returned in distress. The horse’s face is covered in blood and would run away to the same spot. This makes him realize that it might be the spot where his father died. He rushes into the woods where he (along with his men) find the horse’s hooves scraping at the ground. Suriyen digs into the ground with his bare hands and finds a skeletal hand. Eeps! Suriyen is brought to tears as he cries that his dad has been here all this time. The lawyer holds his boss back.

The memorial slab gets changed to reflect his family that had died: mom, dad and sister. Suriyen sits hugging his legs and lamenting that they’ve finally reunited. How sad is that? The last time they were together was a rough one as his mom took his sister and ran away, leaving him and dad. Next he thinks back to their loving moments together.

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But he’s not all alone now. Tarntawan and Nong Phit shows up and tells him that he still has them. Nong Phit gives his Uncle Phu Bear grandpa’s gold necklace and helps him put it on. Uncle Phu Bear sniffles and asks if Nong Phit no longer fears him. Nong Phit shakes his head and Tarntawan reminds him that no matter what, she will make Nong Phit understand. She mentions that it took some time, but Nong Phit understands him now. And all of this seemingly happened off screen? Nong Phit apologizes to his uncle, wraps his little hands around Uncle Phu Bear’s neck and gives him a kiss. Aw. Suriyen takes his nephew’s hand and walk off, not even giving Tarntawan a second glance. Ha. Methinks if Tarntawan did what Nong Phit did, you know, give him a KISS, then maybe Uncle Phu Bear could be a little more forgiving. Just saying.

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They promenade through the sunflower field and Uncle Phu Bear asks Nong Phit to make a guess as to how many flowers they have. Tarntawan is surprised Suriyen hasn’t destroyed the flowers. Suriyen says he’s only good to Nong Phit and no one else. Tarntawan thinks out loud if this is his way of pouting. Haha.

Housekeeper and Suerkong shows up with food offerings to Nong Phit and the Big Boss. The lawyer had instructed them to bring food, and perhaps some goodwill in order to get the Big Boss to take them back. The housekeeper speaks extra nicely to Nong Phit, trying to convince Big Boss that it’s hard to find a good housekeeper nowadays. Big Boss says that he knows and smiles. Ha. Nong Phit takes his aunt and uncle’s hand and links them – he says if they love him, they will make up.


Suriyen peels his hand away and Tarntawan says she’s impressed that Big Boss of Rai Phu Tupdao could tend to the flowers this well. He says it turned out well because Nong Phit had been the one to plant it, otherwise he’d just toss it. Tarntawan pretends to trip and Suriyen catches her – the employees tease that he’s blushing and that it means he must love Tarntawan. She says that it’s adorable when men blush. Tarntawan admits that she and Nong Phit made a pact to ensure that they’re forgiven by Uncle Phu Bear, but right now she’s the only one who’s remained unsuccessful. He tells her he won’t ever forgive her since she deceived him, but he says it quite casually and with no bite. Someone wants more groveling, but Tarntawan merely says she won’t bother him again and turns to leave. Suriyen stops her and says, “If you go, are you willing to leave Nong Phit alone with me then? The boy won’t agree.”

Tarntawan smiles and turns to him, “What would you like me to do?” She says she’s is fresh out of ideas to make him forgive her, so she’ll leave Nong Phit with him. Suriyen tells her to wait and admits that he’s just mad at her, he doesn’t hate her. Because you know, when someone’s mad they can get un-mad. *Smiles* I’m really enjoying this blushing, shy Big Boss. Tarntawan says that he ought to express how he feels towards people he like, not be tight lipped. Suriyen is all, who says I have feelings for you? Tarntawan argues that she’s only stating the facts. The employees remark that the only feasible next step is a kiss. That’s what I’m saying! Let’s kiss and make up!

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Tarntawan grasps his hand and asks that they talk nicely to each other – he doesn’t need to be embarrassed. Suriyen says he’s not embarrassed, he’s walking away because he wants to be alone with her and there’s something he needs to say..ee! The employees finally get the message that they need to get lost.

“Tarntawan, I know that I’ve mistreated you. The things I did were terrible. It isn’t how normal people should treat each other,” Suriyen says. “’I apologize. I’m truly sorry.” He takes her hands, “I promise never to treat you that way again, I will be good (to you). I won’t use violence or let you or Nong Phit see that I’m a monster. I will be normal. You can seek retribution however way you like, but I ask for only one thing. Don’t leave.”

Tarntawan utters his name.

Suriyen adds, tearing up, “Because if this place does not have you, it’s very lonely. I want this place to have you.” Such simple words. “I’m begging you not because Nong Phit needs it, but because I truly want you to be here. With me. Please?”

Tarntawan nods her head, overcome with emotions.

They peer at each other for a long moment until Tarntawan makes the first move: she presses his hand to her cheek and then walks into his arms and hugs him around the middle.

Happy tears for the two. He then carries her in his arms (like she weighs nothing) and spins in happiness.

rangtawanend4 rangtawanend10

At the sheep farm, Pensiri lays it on pretty thick at how much she’s expressing her love. She throws cheesy pickup lines and makes him different breakfasts until he wonders if she ate something wrong. She doesn’t let his gruffness get in the way of her romance. That night she lights up candles in the shape of a heart but he’s still not impressed. He scolds her for not thinking carefully about lighting candles on the grass at a farm. He tells her to blow out the candles and not to do anything further if she doesn’t know how else to win him over. What a prince. She doesn’t give up easily though.

Onto the third couple. Rujira is trying to find ways to cover her scar on the back of her neck. Officer Ekk comes up behind her and says that when she puts her hair up she’s beautiful. He tells her that he’s on leave at work and thinks he wants to apply at her company. He takes a single rose out of his pocket and asks her to consider him. She says he can start today, but she’s a strict boss. He kisses her hand and tells her he’s not afraid. He then kisses her cheek and says he’s not afraid of getting slapped either. Is everyone getting kisses except for our main duo? He even surprises her with a ring from the rose, WHAT. I didn’t know we were already “there” with these guys. Rujira gives him a kiss on the cheek as a “yes” she’ll consider it.

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Pensiri takes Visut to the pier to court him. She says she’ll do whatever she can to get him to date her. He continues to play hard to get. She reminisces the first time they met when she was taking a selfie, and attempts to take another selfie with him, until he gets annoyed. She wonders why he doesn’t love her and he doesn’t know either. She starts shouting from the top of her lungs that she loves Visut, but that doesn’t embarrass him. She finally stops, in tears. She wonders why he likes to mess with her so much, he says because she’s easy to tease. But he admits she is cute. He asks for one thing from her though, if she could stop wearing her high heels, he doesn’t like it. She smiles and says that she’s already thinking about taking them off – so she could thrash his head with it.  He says whether she takes them off or not, she’s still cute. He lights up the sky with fireworks for her and they embrace.

rangtawanend14 rangtawanend13

The new little family go out to celebrate Tarntawan’s good news: she has been hired on to be Rujira Brand’s intern. Nong Phit says this calls for a little present and whispers in Uncle Phu Bear’s ears.

Suriyen and Tarntawan head to the beach where a romantic dinner for two is set up. Tarntawan realizes high heels and sand don’t go well together, so Suriyen takes them off for her (her shoes folks, her shoes). They are kinda awkward at this dating thing as he offers her his arm and they shyly walk to their table. But things get a little more comfortable as the sun dips below the horizon and Tarntawan proceeds to lecture him on ways to talk nicely. She says that she didn’t know he’s capable of setting up this scene and Suriyen blurts out that she doesn’t like it then. Tarntawan tells him to reword it – he can’t always pick the negative, choose the positive first, so Suriyen says, “you like this then.”


“Yes I do,” she replies with a smile.

“So you like me too then?” he asks. Ha.

She looks away, “I like everything.”

“If you like everything, then it means you also like me too,” he muses.

“Talk about such rose tinted views you have there.” Ha.

He invites her to eat but muses that it’s too bad there’s no sunset. She tells him it’s quite alright because he’s sitting right before her. Aw.

After dinner Tarntawan thanks him. He says he’ll always try to do his best moving forward to make up for his past actions with her. Tarntawan asks him what Nong Phit had whispered in his ears. Curious minds want to know too. Suriyen hesitates shyly and says that Nong Phit instructs him to tell her something. He motions for her to lean closer and she lends an ear. He says, “love and kiss kiss.” Ha, Nong Phit should have told Uncle Phu Bear to DEMONSTRATE IT. Tarntawan asks him to keep repeating it, because if Nong Phit doesn’t tell him to say it, he wouldn’t. Suriyen argues that he would say it on his own accord anyway.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 14.45.52 Screenshot 2016-08-03 14.48.28

They decide to play in the water and she leans down to help him with his shoes.. they’re suspended in the moment and Suriyen leans over to kiss her on the temple. Then they frolic in the water being so cute.

As the sun rises we see them riding off in a boat, Tarntawan fast asleep. When she stirs they are already heading towards the beautiful sunrise. He asks her how she feels when she sees a sunrise and she says that it makes her feel at peace, warm and happy. He agrees and admits that he has never told anyone that before. As I strain to hear above the roaring of the boat, he says “I love you Tarntawan… and I haven’t used that word for so long, I forget how it feels. And you make me feel that way again. YOU are my love, Tarntawan.”

Screenshot 2016-08-03 14.57.04 Screenshot 2016-08-03 14.56.30

Tarntawan smiles and leans down to plant him a kiss. “You are my love as well.”

He pulls her onto his lap and they drive off into the sunrise together. Suriyen’s voiceover promises that this Suriyen will be as cheerful and good hearted as this sunrise to Tarntawan.

Screenshot 2016-08-03 14.57.45 Screenshot 2016-08-03 14.57.59


Ending wise, that was really cute. We didn’t get cut short of their sweet moments, but I thought the final confession could be done with a more audible place. I really struggled to hear what Suriyen had to say and it was such a nice moment too. I’ve always felt the connection between Suriyen and Tarntawan, also Aum had great chemistry with Chippy, however, a great couple does not a great story make.

The show did not deliver in the story department, it was all over the place. The biggest fault lies in the writing of course, and it’s such a shame because the premise has such potential. We don’t often get to explore this type of genre and theme in other lakorns, so I was really looking forward to Show taking it to the next level. And we got Aum, we know he can deliver the emotional impact necessary for this character. I still say that he carried the Show, and he’s the reason why I tune in weekly. He brings the pathos to his character, the complexity. He did an amazing job as Suriyen. But the story remained predictable, the villains are cardboard box, and the other characters are annoying: namely everyone else that is not Suriyen, Tarntawan, Nong Phit and the lawyer. And the lawyer! Where was he? We’ve seen him for two seconds in the finale. I’d rather trade more of his screen time over the secondary or tertiary characters.

Secondary characters (Visut and Pensiri) belong in a romcom, and definitely not a show of their own. The actor who plays Visut is completely miss-cast, his acting and experience takes away from the quality of the show. Granted it’s mostly the writing, (and I will never come to understand the writer), but a more seasoned actor would be less annoying. The tertiary characters (Officer Ekk and Rujira) are so strange that they went from yelling at each other and smooching in a span of a day.

I also wished we had a more compelling reconciliation scene between Nong Phit and Uncle Phu Bear. Nong Phit’s “understanding” happened off screen – which makes me think that the initial misunderstanding is so flimsy to begin with. Think about it, a child is so easy to forgive. Especially when they love an adult as much as they would love a parent, the child would usually forgive by the next day. But because Tarntawan got flustered and everyone made a scene about the misunderstanding, it causes Nong Phit to make a big deal out of it more than necessary. I also wished we got a scene where Suriyen comforts Tarntawan about her brother’s death. I felt like we totally blew this one over. The man DIED. Can’t Suriyen acknowledge how this could be hard on her? He AND Nong Phit are the only kin she has left too. At the end of the day, Show focused more on the side plots of getting the baddie that it wasted a lot of time talking about the same things. The last few episodes felt draggy, characters going through the same motions.

Despite that, I felt that this Show was shot beautifully, and the tender sincere moments between Suriyen and Tarntawan allowed me to revel in them. When I think back on this lakorn, I’ll remember it more for Suriyen’s journey and how Uncle Phu Bear met and fell in love with his nephew and Aunt Kate.  Show may not have won in its own argument of whether a Beast can turn into a Prince – since I feel like Suriyen still has a long way to go- but at least he’s determined to try, and sometimes, that is the best form of growth: knowing that you’ll continue to work on being a better person for yourself and for the people that you love. And that you’ll continue to make mistakes, but it’s ok.

I’m going to miss Uncle Phu Bear, but I’m glad he’s riding into the sunrise in peace, warmth and happiness. Thanks for the fun time chatting about Rang Tawan. *joop job * (kiss kiss) despite the sad attempt of “kissing” aka camera angle for our main duo. I’ll take what I can get.