The channel 3 family of stars gathered together at the station to honor their great father, King Bhumibol, a week after his passing, while the remainder of the public gathered before the grand palace. These are some beautiful photos captured, translations of captions below.



Mickbarumvudh IG: This morning Ch 3 family gathered to bow before the father of Thailand, and recount his royal grace, one like no other, and pray that we are his subordinate in every lifetime.


Mickbaromvudh IG: we at ch3 love our great father. We would like to do well by you until our last breath. Let us be your subordinate in every lifetime.


When the loss of a great man prompts you to ponder the other loves in your life.


drama_thai IG: 3 women who can cry a lot. Thai beauties, Aff, Mew, Taew, gather to pay their respect at Ch 3.


drama_thai IG: Taew, Mew, Kim, Yaya. 4 beautiful ladies from Ch 3 show their sadness for the King this morning.


aarshar IG: we bow and offer our respect to His Majesty the Great King Bhumibol Adulyadej (thank you to the owner of the picture)


lakorn_online IG: Recollecting his royal grace, the Great Father.


drama_thai IG: we, ch3 actors, were born in King Bhumibol’s era, we would like to send you off to heaven.


drama_thai IG: @Regrann from @taew_in_lakorn – gathering in condolences to the King this morning


ganglompfc IG: Beautiful. Cr. @jordwphoto


drama_thai IG: @Regrann from @somrakn – we pray to our father and remember his royal grace, second to none.


Yossiebistro IG: Executive team, producers, directors, along with actors and Thai officials of Ch 3 gathered together to pay respect and send off His Royal Grace. We promise to uphold our duties by portraying honesty in art and contribute to our religion and country until the day we pass.


Ganglompfc IG: Ch3 stars sign their names in mourning

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