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It’s so nice to see Mark’s face again. It feels like it’s been awhile. I think the last lakorn that I’ve seen of his is Punyachon Gon Grua, one of the most adorable lakorns. Mark Prin isn’t the best actor out there, but when he’s on screen, there is something compelling about him. I’m sure it’s the charm and charisma, not to mention great choices in character selection. And when you can’t have a swoony hero, at least there’s the goofy ones – and Mark’s character – Kritthon is such a goofball. He makes me smile.

Kritthon is the son of a hotelier and ancient artifact collector. Ever since he was a child, his father is obsessed about old things. They even live in one of those cute traditional homes. He helps dad in the hotel business, but as the oldest son, hasn’t found a woman who quite makes him want to marry her. He dated, certainly, but he’s not a lady’s man. Just half picky and half fickle. SO much like a girl, I want to be his friend. He’s forgetful, he’s kind of a romantic AND he’s nice? Love the role reversal. Even his brother questions whether he ought to see a shrink so that he can come out of the closet. HAHAHA.

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Kritthon forgets his briefcase on top of the car (I thought I’m the only one who does that) and starts driving to work unknowingly. Our heroine, Yositha is on her way to work as well and spots his BMW with a briefcase on top. She goes out of her way to alert him of this, but Kritthon would look at the giant truck following him and keeps trying not to make eye contact because he doesn’t want to get in a fight. HAHAHA. This guy cracks me up. I would so do that too.

But she doesn’t stop and thinks to herself, “how is this guy such a naiveté?!” She drives a TRUCK like a boss. Soon, she manages to pull up next to him and rolls down her window- and that is when it hits him – Kritthon is mesmerized by her beauty and then wants to find a way to thank her for her troubles. Yositha is good with just a mere thank you, but Kritthon thinks of something else – like maybe buy her coffee or something – but Yositha tells him to keep his money to himself, not everything could be paid with money. I’m sorry, did our story change from funny to slap kiss? Lol.

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Kritthon is totally smitten but Yositha could care less. They meet for a second time at his hotel because her best friend works there – and she recently heard that her best friend’s boss is a total asshole who scold her for talking too loudly. Angry at her friend’s behalf, when she sees Kritthon and is introduced as her friend’s boss, she immediately lets him have it. ONLY, the asshole is his younger brother, not him. Kritthon just smiles at her mistake, knowing that she’s about to eat a handful of crow. He can’t wait to see her again.

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Kritthon’s dad mentions that he wants to build a personal museum and would need a photographer to inventory his collection. So when Kritthon goes biking and spots Yositha doing a wedding photoshoot, he gets an idea of how he could see her again. Like everyday! So Kritthon approaches Yositha and proposes a job offer.  But Yositha thinks that it’s ANOTHER wedding photoshoot and says no thank you. She’s had her fair share of wedding drama and thinks she’ll just end up jinxing everything – her past clients either end up in a fight and cancel their wedding, or the photoshoot just goes awry. Kritthon couldn’t put a word in edgewise to correct her, and when he finally does, she’s all ‘WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST SAY SO?” Turns out, Yositha had been trying to get into the antique dealer realm in order to help her dad (a renowned archaeologist) find the missing tablet- you can read my previous synopsis about this show.

At any rate, Yositha fully agrees and Kritthon does a jiggle. Little did they both know that their past, in the form of a very angry ghost, is about to be rekindled.


Mark Prin’s goofball portrayal of Kritthon and the plot aside, I think the weakest link is Patricia Good. I’m not connecting with her portrayal of Yositha, even though there are plenty of opportunities to like the girl. She’s no-nonsense, drives a frickin truck, and a pretty cool chick. However, Patricia seems too young for the role and her home-alone-mccauley-caulkin terror every time she’s confronted with the ghost is a little off putting. I would think that after five lakorns under her belt, her acting would have improved. Perhaps it did, but not at the level necessary to help carry the show. I do hope, for the sake of this lakorn, that she gets better as the show progresses. Otherwise, it would be too bad. I quite liked Kritthon and the potential great storyline with Yositha.


Check out Buang Athitarn every Mon-Tues on Channel 3, first episode aired today, August 16th. *If you’re looking for English subtitles, go on over to Dynastykat33’s Youtube.