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It has been a long and rough road for our duo Dr. Satawat and Anusaniya, hasn’t it? Their love and marriage was challenging from the get-go, making us wonder whether they’ll survive their marriage from naysayers and especially Anusaniya’s prejudices. I am happy to report that I did not need to take a blood pressure medication, but I did panic, just a little bit, from the fear that we’ll get cut short of our happy ending. I’ll have champagne (or something stronger) waiting for you at the end of the recap and I’m here to process this lakorn with you (or just be a drinking buddy) if you need me. Without further ado…


The kidney transplant between Chayakorn and Khun Phon is a success. Mirantee waits in the hallway deliberating about the proposal she received from Chayakorn. He wants an answer when he comes to. Anusaniya tells her friend to go on in because he’d want to see Mirantee’s face first but Mirantee hesitates, she thinks Chayakorn wants to marry her because he feels bad. She states there is a fine line between love and pity.

Anusaniya gives her friend a pep talk, her uncle almost died so he knows how he feels about Mirantee and its significance. Since Chayakorn wants to spend the rest of his life with Mirantee, it’s evidence enough that he loves her. But wise Mirantee explains that she’s hesitant in the same way that Anusaniya is hesitant about Satawat. Hee. Anusaniya is adamant that after yesterday she is positive she doesn’t need him. In fact, she wishes that they never met. Suuuure.

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But then we see her walking to Dr. Satawat’s on-call room where she finds him asleep on the couch. She notices the medication prescribed to him and out of concern, touches his forehead. She proceeds to cover him with his lab coat and then sits down next to him. That is when he wakes and she leans down to give him a kiss. They smile sweetly at each other… BUT that’s only Anusaniya’s imagination. Buahahaha. She immediately walks out of the room which wakes Satawat who gets up with a start. In confusion he stares at his lab coat. Omg, did they just fantasize about the same thing?

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Mirantee thinks she’s being sneaky when she enters Chayakorn’s ward and wishes him a speedy recovery. But Chayakorn grabs her wrist before she could tiptoe back out. Ha. Chayakorn looks expectantly at her, waiting for an answer. Mirantee says that she’s rejecting his marriage proposal. Chayakorn releases her hand and looks away dejectedly, stating that he understands. Aw. Mirantee tells him that she doesn’t want to marry him, because she wants to get engaged first. She smiles shyly and explains that during the engagement, she wants to be proven that Chayakorn loves her for her and then they can get married. Chayakorn pulls her onto his hospital bed with glee and says he’ll send mom over to ask for her hand. Mirantee says they don’t need to rush things, and gets herself pulled even closer to his side (hee), and this is what mom sees when she walks into the room. Smart mom leaves just as quickly as she came in. Chayakorn tells her he won’t ever change his mind and they have to catch up to Satawat and Anusaniya, then he leans over to sniff her but she turns just in time so that their lips touch. They’re SO cute.

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Anusaniya walks into her room and notices that a nursery has been set up. The maid tells her that Dr. Satawat had arranged all of this himself. Said doctor notices sadly that four days have gone by, he turns on his phone to look at the baby camera that he installed in the room. Ha. Best way to see her reaction since the words that come out of her mouth don’t exactly match how she feels. Anusaniya admires the baby booties, toys and then she notices a baby book that Satawat created. The first page is a picture of her sleeping (because he only has pictures of her sleeping, it’s when he thinks she’s the cutest). Satawat watches her reaction with a smile.

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Next morning Chakree apparently has made himself at home in her house. He’s bringing a dish for her to taste, all complete with aprons and a warm smile. Who the hell let this man in? He even feeds her the food. Satawat sees this and says that during the time he’s not around, she apparently has moved someone in. He reminds them that they’re not broken up yet, but Chakree retorts that he came with the intention of taking care of her since he knows Satawat can’t do it right. Anusaniya says she invited Chakree over to talk business. Satawat spits that they can hurry up their talk and Chakree can get the hell out, he questions whether Chakree has manners. Haha.

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Satawat sees her plane ticket on the nightstand and the calendar, and knows she’s taking measures to be done with their marriage. As he puts together the pack-n-play, he grimaces in pain every time he stretches (how is it that she hasn’t noticed that he’s in pain yet?) Anusaniya wonders out loud that if he doesn’t want her to be around other men, he should pay up, but Satawat doesn’t fall for her scheme, he says he knows she’s not interested in that man, she’s only doing it to annoy him. Because he’s a doctor and he can tell that her eyes don’t light up when she sees Chakree. I’m pretty sure you don’t need a medical degree to notice that.

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He further notes that she doesn’t look at Chakree the way she looks at HIM. He questions why she’s playing games with him, if he tells her that he’s jealous, would she come back to him? That is a no. He takes her by the shoulders and tells her he doesn’t like seeing her with another man, and he especially doesn’t like that she’s not being true to her feelings. He adds that he’s frustrated and exhausted – he doesn’t want their remaining time to go wasted over some game she’s playing. Agreed. He questions why they can’t go back to being the way they used to? Can’t she give him that much? Anusaniya pushes him away, but her eyes show pain.

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That night he sleeps on the cot on the floor while she finishes up work on their bed. She gets pangs of hunger and Satawat makes her a late night snack. He advises that she eats small meals throughout the day and don’t let her body go hungry, otherwise she may get lightheaded. As he watches her eat, he’s reminded of the first time they met and he made the same fried eggs for her. Kimberly always makes me hungry when I watch her eat, she eats food so well.

Satawat reminisces the first time they met and she actually smiles.

He says, “That’s when I fell in love with you, not even knowing who you were. But when I found out you were my lender, I knew we could never love each other.”

He takes her hand, “I loved you first, even knowing it’s impossible.”

Anusaniya’s nose gets tellingly red, as if she is about to cry. When she gets up, Satawat continues, “I don’t know how we got here, I don’t know how this became who-will-end-things-first game. But I am willing to lose, losing without shame.. because I can’t stop loving you.” Swoon.

“I’m not an expert like you, who can stand us becoming strangers,” he adds, without any bite to it.

Anusaniya turns to him slowly, tears are rolling down her face. Satawat wipes her tears away and he sheds one of his own- then pulls her into his arms.

“Three days,” he counts, “since you’ve closed me out. Let’s not distanced ourselves again.” He releases her slowly and walks out, leaving Anusaniya openly crying.

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Mafia henchmen reports to Soam’s dad that Satawat hasn’t reported the attempted murder on his life yet. Soam is supposed to board a getaway plane in two hours, but she ran away. Dad orders the henchmen to kill Satawat and prevent Soam from meeting him.

Next thing we know, someone smashes the fire alarm and everyone at Casa storefront run frantically out of the building. A toddler loses her mother and Satawat helps return her to her mother. Security reports to Anusaniya that it’s just a false alarm and she orders everyone to take care of the customer and calm things down. But things are still pretty hectic as Satawat looks for Anusaniya. As he spots her across the aisle and proceeds to walk to her, a man creeps up to him and stabs him in the middle. ACK!

Anusaniya sees her husband getting stabbed right before her eyes and catches him as he crumbles to the ground. The most heartbreaking part is when they cart him to the hospital and he pulls the oxygen mask from his face, he pleads to Anusaniya that they’re nearing 10 days now, but can she stay with him? She concedes with a nod and he passes out. That knife in his stomach though. GAH!

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Mirantee is alerted of the situation and rushes to the hospital, but she spots a flier on the floor. She immediately panics as she blurts out Anusaniya’s name.

Satawat is getting surgery to rescue his life while everyone waits outside the operating room. Chayakorn notes that he heard Satawat had been severely hurt a few days ago as well, he wonders if this has anything to do with it. Mom cries that since he outed Soamika’s intentions for the hit and run, the baddies have been after every chance they get. Anusaniya starts to panic and pieces the puzzle together, she recalls seeing medication that he’s taking and how he grimaces when she pushed him away (so you DID notice!) and she relents that Satawat hasn’t told her a thing about this. (But it’s sad someone had to tell her and she can’t be concerned and suspicious on her own). Mom surmises that he probably didn’t want to worry her when she’s with him, especially when he doesn’t even know if could survive from the baddies in those ten days. Anusaniya recalls his words that if she can live without him, he would be the one to go. As in, DIE. Eeeps!

Mirantee rushes over and tells Anusaniya that someone posted an article that Dr. Satawat sold himself to pay off debt and there’s evidence of a clip that Anusaniya admits buying Dr. Satawat. I was wondering when that clip would make its appearance. Yikes to the nth degree. What makes matters worse is that they have a copy of the agreement.

Chayakorn figures that Gina must have stolen it from the house since he knows she’s working with Soamika. He thinks they are releasing this article to make Satawat’s statement to the police look bias and groundless, and that Anusaniya must have paid him to say that. Dayam. Mom makes her own statement to the police, explaining that she was kidnapped and what Soam’s dad forced Satawat to do.

Anusaniya sits by Satawat’s bed and takes his hand. In tears she says that she doesn’t know how many times she would have to apologize in this lifetime, but she hopes it is the last. She promises not to be mean to him again. Aw.

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Mom reads the article on her tablet and cries that she doesn’t care what other people say about her son, to her, he’s simply the best.

Anusaniya visits her father’s ward and dad asks after Satawat’s condition. He says that people’s life is short, one doesn’t even need to wait for a divorce to happen because the other person could die before that. When his wife died, even if they argued a lot, he wished he could shorten his life by a few years just so he could see her for a few minutes. Words to live by.

Satawat finally comes to, and he reaches for his cellphone that has been blowing up. Ah, DON’T! He listens to the clip and her last words haunt him “once I use up all his worth, I might even give him to you for free..” Satawat shuts his eyes from those words.

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We can hear Dad’s voiceover, he tells Anusaniya that marriage is perseverance, you always want to hug your other half through everything.  Her desire to have a divorce only means that she can’t confront her problems and work through them. He adds that the doctor has always been willing to try his best, persevere for them. Anusaniya thinks back on all of Satawat’s attempts and that he never gave up. Dad says that if she’s only looking for the happy times in marriage, then she’s sadly ignoring the reality in life. He tells her that she’s not perfect, she can’t find someone who will give her a perfect life. He questions how many people could accept her for her, the way that the doctor has? Truer words.

Satawat admits to his mom that he never realized that Anusaniya felt this way about him (that he’s just a product). He says she must think of him as just the debtor and ill fitted for her. Mom tells him that Anusaniya is only spiting Soamika, she really doesn’t mean what she says, that is why Soam is using this to blackmail her. Satawat relents that he must have really shamed her this time around and she won’t ever give him another chance. This makes him realize that he can’t persevere anymore because he’s not capable of taking care of her in the way that she deserves. Aw, don’t give up doctor.

Once alone, Satawat removes his IV line. Uh oh.

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Next thing we know, the hospital admin hands over an envelope to Anusaniya – enclosed is her passport and a letter. The letter reads:

“I realize where I came up short. I’ve always brought you shame, because of me you aren’t able to look at people in the eye. These ten days prove that a man like me don’t deserve to be your husband. Our marriage was bound to fail from the get go, but I still chose to step into your life. This time around it makes me realize that the woman whom I want to give my everything to, the woman I want to make happy, is you.” Tear.

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Anusaniya rushes to search for Satawat but he has already left. She sees him getting into the cab and misses him right as the cab turns the corner. Drat.

We hear the ending of the letter:

“Every second we spend with each other is meaningful to me. You make me proud to be part of your life, to see you smile, to see you get angry and laugh, and to see you cry. Everything that is YOU makes me happy.” AWWW. “You make me want to be a good man who stands up for you and our child, the child that is conceived through the love that I have for you. I tried to prove to you and our child that I can take care of you both, but in your eyes, I am useless. And that I don’t deserve you. I’m just something that wrecked your life. From now on I won’t bring shame to you. I’ll contact the lawyer and process the divorce. I will pay every penny of the debt and stop tormenting you. I’d like to give you back your future, the only thing I can actually offer. We won’t see each other again, I wish you the best future.”

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We see Satawat returning to his home on the island, but everything reminds him of her. What a great way to remind us of their cute moments on the island – and include scenes we haven’t seen before! Such as the teasing moments in bed, or the back hug that Anusaniya gave him. She had asked if he forgot something before leaving, and she kissed the mirror to leave her lip marks. That mark is still here today as Satawat thinks to how he sealed that with a kiss.

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Anusaniya is in her maternity wear now (cute!) and she peers at her plane ticket. GO AFTER HIM!

Henchmen reports to Soam’s dad that Soam is at Krabi now, but they haven’t found her.

Satawat gets right to work saving an illegal islander’s life. His friend pleads for the doctor’s help since the man who’s hurt is about to be a dad. He rushes the man to his hospital on the island. Oh, the construction is done! He’s determined to make sure this man can be with his family.

Soamika shows up at the hospital, looking worse for wear. But Satawat spots her reflection on the window and feigns ignorance. She finally shows her face and spites that he ends up being nothing but a temple dog now. He retorts that it’s better than being a fugitive. Ha. She wonders how he would know that she’ll show up, but he says that she’s bound to come back and rub it in. He tells her to worry about herself, since she’s still harping on about how Anusaniya still left him. He advises that she turn herself in, but Soam says even if she’s in jail, Anusaniya won’t come back to him. But she’s missing the point. Satawat says even if he doesn’t end up with Anusaniya, that doesn’t mean Soam gets away with her crimes. Then we see that the prescription he gave his friend is actually instructions to call the cops. YES.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 11.34.43 Screenshot 2016-06-09 11.35.30

Soam spites that he should kill her then, the way she tried to kill Anusaniya. She holds a scissor and says that if she goes to jail, she’d rather die. He says there’s no point in killing her and he gives her the best indifferent face ever. She cries that he hates her this much? Have you seen what you’ve done, girl?! Soam keeps telling him to kill her. Satawat tells her to accept the truth, that she’s done this to herself and to stop blaming others. But Soam blames him for making her fall in love with him. She pleads for him to be nice to her, since he’s nice to everyone else. His friend shows up with a gun aiming at Soam and alerting them that the cops are on their way, she can’t get away this time. Satawat tells her that her father can’t protect her this time.

Soam takes off running, refusing to do any jail time. They’re in the forest now, Satawat has a gun in his hand, and he chases her. Her dad’s men also made it to the island and they give chase. Soam hikes the mountain until they reach the top and threatens to jump. Satawat drops his gun and tries to talk her off the cliff. Just let her jump… J/K. Her dad’s men reaches them and tells them to shoot at her, but his friend distracts them and a gunfire goes off..

Screenshot 2016-06-09 15.50.38 Screenshot 2016-06-09 15.50.47

Satawat is propelled off the cliff and his body drops deep into the sea. Soam cries as her men take her away.

As Satawat’s body sinks even lower, he envisions Anusaniya swimming to him and giving him a kiss. Anusaniya gets a call that Satawat fell into the sea and is now missing. I mean, she did plan on following him before he went missing, right? Tell me it’s true.

Cops are nearing the baddies and dad tells her to run first, he’ll distract them. He tells her that if he dies, she is not to return to Thailand. The minions peel her away from dad, taking her kicking and screaming. Gunfires are exchanged and finally, the cops apprehend Soam’s dad.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 11.54.28 Screenshot 2016-06-09 11.56.02

Search rescue team is in full force looking for Satawat. By nightfall Anusaniya finally makes it to the island and she calls out into the dark sea that she’s come to find him now. She says she’s sorry and that she could not go on without him. Chakree and the others look on as she tells the sea that they love each other, and he can’t just leave her like that. And then she shouts a million more sorry’s.

She spots a blip of a white figure on the shore and dives into the water. It’s Satawat, lying on the sand.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.01.56 Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.04.29

Soamika aims to escape on train but she sees an article that her father was captured. A kid selling newspapers recognizes her as the perpetrator on the front page.

Back on the island, Satawat wakes and finds himself at home. Through the window he sees Anusaniya hanging clothes to dry. Her baby bump has gotten bigger. She rushes worriedly to his side and feels his face, questioning if he is hurt anywhere.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.09.30 Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.09.37

Satawat wonders if he’s dreaming, but she feels his face to make sure he doesn’t have a fever. Apparently he has been unconscious for a few nights now. He asks her why she’s here but she questions why he ran away from her. He tells her that he can’t provide her a safe haven or happiness, so he doesn’t want to bring her down. Anusaniya says that he never asked her what she wants, and perhaps she doesn’t want happiness.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.11.16  Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.18.04

“I don’t care how much time we have left with each other,” she prompts, “I just want to be with you every day. Doesn’t matter in sadness or in happiness, I just want to be with you. Can you give me that?”

“Are you no longer embarrassed to have a husband who exchanged himself to pay off debt?”

“Only the both of us know the truth. Let’s not spend our time worrying about what others think – let’s spend our time together.”

“And when you get bored of me, are you going to toss me aside like you said in the clip?” Ha.

She scoots even closer and tells him that she won’t let him be with another woman that easily, except for their daughter. She touches her belly. There is no way she’ll let other woman take him away from her. She leans into his arms and Satawat holds her close. He thanks her for coming to him and kisses her forehead.

She proposes that they leave everything behind in the city and live on the island. She’s tired and wants to simply live with the person she loves. Then Satawat yelps in pain as he tries to get closer, ha. She jumps up and says “I guess we can’t hug until you heal.” And the look on Satawat’s face, he’d rather be in pain than to not hold her. Ha.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.22.55

1 Year Later..

The island hospital is flourishing, we see several doctors and patients milling about and hear Khun Phon’s voiceover for an interview that after the surgery he notices that his used dialysis machine once extended his life. He decides to build a cause around it by accumulating used peritoneal dialysis bag and creating recycled bags from them. They would sell these bags at Casa and on the island, all profits will go towards building up the hospital on the island. The person spearheading this project is Anusaniya herself. We see Satawat tending to patients with a smile, as his dream and his father’s dream, has come to fruition.

Chayakorn watches the interview on TV and looking dapper. Mirantee adorns her wedding dress and as she turns, Chayakorn is speechless. He takes her hand and says she’s so beautiful, they should just get married today. Lol. He says he waited for almost two years now, and they have become grandparents, he doesn’t even have a kid yet. They pose for a picture and she tells him that her boss will make her the editor after the wedding. Chayakorn teases that she only wants to get married for her promotion. Then they get all cute and lovey dovey for the camera.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.40.03 Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.41.32 Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.44.55 Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.45.08

AND Baby Nuth-Wat makes her appearance! She’s cute and chunky! Mom carries her to the hospital where a gaggle of female fangirl over Dad. Haha. But the island girl scares everyone off, making it seem like she has a baby with the doctor and is expecting another one. She reports that Anusaniya took off somewhere and left the baby with her (who is the nanny). Apparently she’s expecting a baby with the doctor’s friend.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.50.42 Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.51.11

Back at home, Satawat puts their baby to sleep and goes in search of his wife. One year hasn’t changed much, because Anusaniya still gets livid and jealous about Satawat. He chases her and grabs her around the middle. They roll around on the sand and she yells at him to let her go – but he silences her with a kiss. *Rewind.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.52.22 Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.52.33Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.53.37 Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.53.21

She gets all huffy and says that it’s not fair, she raised their daughter every day and he just has a swarm of women around him all the time. Heh. Satawat says it’s working out great, he’s possessive and doesn’t want her to meet anyone. Oh you. He gives her a back hug and consoles her, she’s his wonderful and most beautiful wife. Anusaniya gets insecure and says that she’s afraid that people will fall for his kindness. He pulls her into his arms and says he’ll wear a nametag that says he belongs to her, lol, but she disregards it.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.57.14 Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.58.31

They sit on the sand and he kisses her. He wonders why she’s so sensitive today, but she doesn’t know either. He says no woman is crazy enough to give up their life to live with him on the island. She’s glad he knows (lol) and tells her that he finally understood what it is to be meaningful to someone.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 13.01.48 Screenshot 2016-06-09 13.06.51

He takes her hand, “This temple-dog loves his owner very much, whether you pet me or hit me, I am happy to accept them from only this owner… forever.”

Anusaniya smiles and he gently kisses her forehead as the sun sets, and they pinky swear promise their “forever.” Their ever after is adorably cute as they enjoy the island and play with their daughter.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 13.08.04 Screenshot 2016-06-09 13.09.24


Champagne at the ready, who wants one? It’s over, it’s really over.

Let’s look at how this story evolved from the beginning. I think we have come pretty far, we started where Satawat saves Anusaniya’s life on the island and their attraction sparked from there. But all hell breaks loose when they learn that they aren’t in a position to even think about being together (due to the debt) but are essentially forced together in a marriage contract due to circumstances (gotta stop uncle from wanting his niece). She refuses to trust him and thinks that he only wants her money, while Satawat just wants to be debt free. Staying in love and married is difficult for these two not only because of their status differences, but because of Soamika who is determined to make the man her own. She’s tired of losing her men to Anusaniya, her rival. But she just comes off as the screeching, manipulative, but strangely successful villain. She DOES succeed in breaking them up every time, which makes me as a viewer, disgruntled because she outsmarts the leads with her schemes and she gets away with it.

But at the end of the day, the problem between these two is money and trust. Anusaniya learns to trust that Satawat isn’t after her money, that he truly loved her. He really is just a man who loves his woman, and no more no less. She finally learns that being with the person you love isn’t a guarantee and you should embrace your time with them, and that marriage isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. And by giving up a life in the city, she really shows that she’s embracing every minute she has with Satawat and her child.  And that child, how cute is she?

I am satisfied that they have their happy ending and a healthy daughter to boot, but I am still left despondent at the way they reached it. For one, Soamika is still alive at large. She managed to escape while her dad took the fall. Perhaps she can live the rest of her life in guilt, but I would prefer she do that behind bars. She didn’t even repent, she still blames everyone for her actions, like they forced her hand in doing things, what a psychopath. Secondly, when Anusaniya realizes that she doesn’t want to say sorry anymore and she wants to be with Satawat, she just let him go! He had always been the one to fight for her, it was a good opportunity to show us that she will fight for him. Instead, she only went to him because he was reported missing and possibly dead somewhere. I understand that Satawat left because he doesn’t feel like he has anything to offer her, I mean, the man is broken down time and time again. He’s giving her what she wants, but he’s also determined to bring down Soamika. I like that he is smart enough to get his friend to call the cops, but alas, his attempt gets thwarted. But A for effort.

Out of all of Ann T’s lakorn so far, Punyachon Gon Krua is still #1 to me, because that show has a kickass lead and great storyline that is missing from this show.

However what is great about this ending is that we close this show with a real look at their relationship, and really at any relationship. In that it will never be perfect, they will continue to fight and argue, but at the end of the day, they fight for each other. We get the feeling that Anusaniya will stick around and face their problems together. She has the most to lose but also the most to gain. Even when she gave up her life in the city, she gets to have a new purpose on the island by spearheading the fundraising and raising her child.

Piang Chai Kon Nee.. Mai Chai Poo Wiset does ignite the fan fervor for Kimberly and James Ma, they were wonderful together and I will always remember how many kisses they share. And ultimately, I remember fondly about a lakorn that makes me feel. Show certainly did that. So a round of applause for the production team and especially James Ma and Kimberly, they certainly made our Wednesday-Thursday an engaging one, and have done their best with what they’ve been given.

And I think I want to go to Krabi now.


And here’s James Ma thank you notes to his fans: