It’s finale week and our good doctor is back! Which is not a moment too soon. Satawat shows people (and us) what he’s made of, but Anusaniya always manages to knock the wind out of his sail. Chayakorn makes it right by the people he loves and even Khun Lek follows suit. But when we start to feel assured that things may go well, shit always hits the fan. It ain’t over til it’s over. And Show still got one more episode to knock our socks off.


Divorce meeting with the Lawyer. Anusaniya sits frozen as her lawyer explains the details of their settlement to Satawat: he has to pay off his debt in four years, she refuses to take his home and they must divorce as soon as possible. They will finalize their divorce at the court at separate times so that things don’t get awkward. So considerate of you, Mr. Lawyer.

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Chaya’s mom takes his hand and tells him that while he was still unconscious, she asked the doctor to process the DNA test and he IS Khun Phon’s blood brother. Oh snap. And you couldn’t do this like in episode 1? Dude, you’ve been in love with your niece all this time. Ack. Chayakorn cries and apologizes to his mother that he didn’t believe her from the get go. Chayakorn feels remorse and for putting his family through a tough time. Mom was never mad at him and encourages him to live the straight and narrow life from now on.

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Aunties’reaction: well he should have taken the DNA test eons ago. Ha, that’s what I’m saying. Chayakorn sincerely apologizes to his brother but Khun Phon says that no matter how much more trouble Chayakorn stirs up, he is still Khun Phon’s brother. Aw. Chayakorn also apologizes to his sisters and ask if they can accept him as one of their brothers. Khun Nan says they’re at fault too and apologizes to Mom for running their mouths.

Satawat reports to the police station to give his statement regarding the hit and run case, and hands over his divorce settlement to Soam’s dad. He agrees to release mom but warns that should Satawat pull a fast one on him, Satawat would be the next dead body.

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Mom realizes the errors of her actions and says she’s sorry to put such a good person like him through this. But Satawat tells her that she’s his only family and he’s not going to abandon her. He adds that he has already given his statement to the police that Soam intended on killing Anusaniya, so once Soam’s dad catches wind of this, he’s coming after him. We see in a flashback that Satawat hands over his phone which recorded the call with Soamika right before the time of the hit and run. He says that if they track the location of the call, they’ll know that Soamika was indeed there. He didn’t initially submit the evidence because his mom’s life was on the line, but now that he has nothing to lose, he wants to bring justice for Anusaniya, otherwise he would never be able to face her in this lifetime. Satawat tells mom to hide. YES!

Mom realizes that she destroyed her son’s life and feels that she ought to be the one who dies. Satawat says he won’t let anyone hurt the people he love anymore. He thinks it’s worth it to risk his own life to prove his innocence to Anusaniya, because that will be the only way to gain her forgiveness.

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Anusaniya keeps her uncle company at the hospital, reporting that the doctor will discharge him after his final physical therapy. Chayakorn says wistfully that he’s filled with regrets now and admits to conspiring with Soamika in agreeing to fund for the house to break up her marriage. However, he ended up arguing with Soam and got himself in an accident. Anusaniya wonders why he would do such a thing and Chaya concedes that he had thought her life would be better off without Satawat, but he didn’t know that she was pregnant with Satawat either. Anusaniya takes it in but relents that the bottom line is that Satawat is money hungry and she can’t be with someone like that. Chayakorn says he would feel better if she lashes out at him, but Anusaniya says he can make it up to her by getting better and taking over her position at Casa. She’s exhausted. I think it is easy to forgive someone who don’t really mean all that much to you, and hold on to a grudge for the one you love the most.

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Chayakorn takes matters into his own hands. We see him going to Soam’s house and he spots Gina leaving. He confronts Soam that he knows she was responsible for the hit and run, and her actions are nothing close to being a human being. Soam starts blaming everyone else for ruining her life but Chayakorn tells her to stop making excuses. She’s jealous of Anusaniya and that’s the reason why her life is ruined. Ha, I love it when Chayakorn points his wrath at the right target. Soamika reminds him that he’s the root of all of the problem, if he hadn’t wanted his own niece, she wouldn’t have needed to get married and well, they wouldn’t be where they’re at right now. She does have a point. Soamika wants to know what she did wrong, I guess sociopaths never know that they are a sociopath. Chayakorn finally learns that Satawat isn’t what he thinks he is – meaning that all this time he really thinks Satawat had something to do with Soamika. Now he knows that Soamika plotted all of this to prevent Anusaniya from ending up with Satawat, because if she can’t have him, no one can.

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Anusaniya tells dad that Chayakorn wants to do the kidney transplant ASAP. Once he’s healed and can work fulltime, Anusaniya says she will live abroad. Dad doesn’t want her to go but Anusaniya tells him she’s been referred to a good OB and can be a single mom. WAIT. She’s still pregnant! Show I LOVE you again! Anusaniya thanks her dad for allowing her to choose this tough road. Chayakorn eavesdrop from the hallway, and I am never happier that he’s eavesdropping! He immediately calls Satawat, who is on his way to the courthouse to sign the divorce papers, Chayakorn tells him to stay where he’s at, he’s coming to him.

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Soam’s dad finds out Satawat double crossed him and orders his henchmen to take Soam away.

Chayakorn meets with Satawat right before he signed the papers. He finds out that Satawat had been the one to turn in evidence convicting Soamika but he wonders why Satawat would let Anusaniya think that he’s on Soam’s side. Satawat relents that the problem is not for the lack of trying to tell her, but she just doesn’t trust him. Chayakorn tells him that he forgot a set of keys for his new home with Soamika, but Satawat denies knowing anything about that house, and even if he did, he wouldn’t ever live there. I think Chayakorn is confirming what he already knows. He tells him that Anusaniya misunderstood since all of his precious belongings were also in that house. Chayakorn asks whether Satawat still wants to divorce with Anusaniya, but Satawat doesn’t answer and walks away.

Chayakorn, “Why don’t you take responsibility for your child.” Eeeeeee.

That did the trick, Satawat stops in his tracks. Chayakorn confirms that Satawat’s baby is still cooking and Chayakorn doesn’t want the baby to live without its father. He says this is the extent of his help and Satawat will need to work out the rest on his own. Aw, Uncle Chaya! Hugs!

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At the Furniture Design Awards, Casa wins the award for the pink love chair and the host questions Anusaniya where they got the inspiration and how this design can compete with foreigners’. Chakree says that foreigners are concerned that product that are made in Thailand are well made, but not well designed. He thinks this can contend with the modern tastes and allow families to enjoy it together. As the host asks the audience if they had any more questions, Satawat (who had rushed to the event) raises his hand. The crowd part to reveal Satawat in the center.

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He wonders what her thought is on someone stealing another person’s idea without giving credit to the owner. Furthermore, she built the chair on his idea and he doesn’t think it’s fair that he doesn’t get the credit. Shouldn’t he take ownership on what he created? OMG. I don’t think we’re talking about chairs anymore. Satawat tells her that she stole more than his idea, and should he spell out what else she has taken from him? Ooooh. Anusaniya storms out, he follows.

She blames him for embarrassing her again but Satawat argues that she doesn’t respect him. She wanted the divorce so she could take his kid away. He knows that she lied about the miscarriage so she could keep the kid to herself. That’s just not right. She argues it’s because he’s a horrible person and Satawat wonders if that makes him a bad dad. Anusaniya says he just wants to make money from his child, he’s not fit to take care of anyone. Satawat says even if she hates his guts, she has no right to take his kid way. Agreed, that was a bitch move. Reporters storm the scene and Satawat follows Anusaniya down the stairs. She stumbles as she tries to run away but Satawat catches her around the middle. Whew.

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Chakree rushes to Anusaniya’s side and puts his arms around her, dude get out of the way. Satawat gets jealous and snaps that since she hates his guts, she’s probably happy IF they didn’t have a kid. He adds that he doesn’t trust her with the kid since he doesn’t know when she decides to kill it. Oh you. Satawat refuses to get a divorce until he feels that his kid is safe, and until then, they can determine a custody battle. I don’t care, I’m on Satawat’s side this time.

He infers that Anusaniya thinks he’s weak so she takes advantage of it. But he can be fierce too, he stares Chakree down and says, “I’m the DAD, and YOU are not.” HAHAHA. Yay to the fierce doctor!

But Anusaniya pulls a fast one on him and says that Chakree might be the daddy soon and takes his hand. Ugh.

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Soam’s dad orders her to escape abroad but if she gets caught by the police she’s no longer his daughter.

And the battle of divorce/custody/stubbornness commences. The two go back and forth – their lawyer as the middle man – if Satawat refuses a divorce Anusaniya threatens to sue him for cheating on her, but Satawat will sue back that she lied about her miscarriage so she could be with another man. Then Anusaniya takes a different route, she doesn’t think he’s capable of raising a child, but Satawat argues that if he could come up with the debt payment, would she give up the child. Anusaniya complains to her dad that Satawat has no sense in being a gentleman but Dad argues that he’s trying to take responsibility for his child. Dad is curious if Anusaniya thinks that money is the main issue and that he would choose money over his own child, then she can forgive the debt and see if Satawat will take the bait.

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Instead, Satawat takes a different route. He bargains for 10 days with Anusaniya, if she feels that she could live without him between those 10 days, then he will sign the divorce papers and leave the country. Eeps. Anusaniya spats that he doesn’t have any right to bargain but Satawat relents that in the past she thought she couldn’t fall in love with him, but he was able to change her heart. Now he’s going to make her fall in love with him again. The look on Anusaniya’s face is so telling, she’s afraid that she’s going to fall for it. Chakree appears and wonders if he should call security, but Anusaniya puts the ring on her finger and I die of happiness. Maybe just a little. What a nice twist.

Soam’s dad orders his henchmen to teach Satawat you don’t mess with him.

Meanwhile the auntie who started her own business is begging for Anusaniya to help her out. They need to pass QC because they would get sued and lose everything if they fail. Anusaniya wonders about her brother, but auntie states the boy has disappeared at the first sign of trouble. Aunt Nan think they shouldn’t help because it’ll come back to bite them in the ass. Besides, they stole Casa’s customer. However Anusaniya feels that they should help because she’s worried about Khun Lek. He’ll not have any place to go and maybe their help could turn things around. The aunties wonder if the pregnancy is making her soft. Then they heard that her husband is here to pick her up and reminds her to remember how much pain she went through.

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This wakes her up and next thing we know Satawat learns that Anusaniya had already left to check on the factory. He decides his next course of action – and that means we’re moving back into the mansion! He tells dad and grandma that he and Anusaniya are going to try things out for ten days. Dad relents that even one day is meaningful and he’s going to help. Aw, dad, he always has faith in the good doctor even when everyone else doubts him.

Grandma plays matchmaker when she phones Mirantee that she’ll send over a reliable plumber to fix her shower. Her son shows up at Mirantee’s doorstep with said plumber, haha. Of course pretty boy doesn’t know how to fix it. Mirantee notices the mess in her room and tries to tidy but belatedly realizes that she doesn’t have to care what he thinks anymore. Chayakorn tells her that he downgraded his type now and realizes that someone who is kind and a little clumsy will do. Haha. She wonders if the head surgery finally made him realize that.

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They tussle on the couch and in all seriousness, Chayakorn says he’s donating one of his kidneys to his brother so he’ll only be left with one. He asks if she knows anyone who could exchange her kidney for his heart. He’s touching her hand while saying this, ah, so cute. She resists at first, but he turns up his charm and she’s just a sucker. But could you blame her? We’re too easy.

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Khun Lek sits outside of his father’s room. When Anusaniya spots him, she encourages him to see their dad, there’s not a day that goes by without dad thinking about him. She adds that he should take the opportunity to ask dad to come back to Casa. Dad asks why Khun Lek is here – always speaking so gruffly with him – and tells him that he doesn’t want his kidney (if that’s what he’s trying to offer). But Anusaniya teases that Khun Lek is not that nice, it would be more likely that he sells his kidney.  Dad agrees with a smile and says that even if Khun Lek wanted to offer his kidney, it wouldn’t be a match since they never got along. Khun Lek wonders if that is why dad is bias. Dad barks back that he’s about to be a father, how could he say that. Khun Lek doesn’t even know whether he has a boy or girl, he merely says they’ll find out when the baby is here. Aw, he doesn’t know he no longer has a baby. Dad says he might not last that long but he wants to curse the child to be just like his father so that he will know that no matter how the kid turns out, he’ll love him regardless. Unconditionally. What a way to tell your kid you love them, Dad.

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Khun Lek admits that he didn’t mean to betray them by going with auntie, but he just doesn’t know what to do. No one gave him a chance and he doesn’t know how to make it right or show them that he can be responsible. Dad says at least he ought to stick by his side when he’s about to die, but Khun Lek tells him not to die yet, because one day he will take care of his dad somehow. Aw, look who’s growing up. He promises to repent and be a new person if Dad allows him to come back to work at Casa. Dad allows that he better live up to his words. Anusaniya is tearing up with pride and dad cracks a smile.

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Anusaniya is shocked to find her husband in her room. Satawat says she avoided him all day and they lost out on a whole day so he’s going to take it back by moving in. He agrees not to share the same bed, since she got all huffy, but he reminds her that they have nine days left. Do they want to give this a real go or regret for the rest of their lives? Food for thought. And we’re back to square one where Satawat sleeps on the floor. Haha. He informs her that if she avoids a full day again, he’s going to take it as Anusaniya wanting to extend their agreement to 15 or even 20 days. He tells her not to stall time because she’s not going to be able to contain herself. Now this is the doctor we love.

The next morning she reminds him that her time means money. She’s not going to waste her day with him. OMG and what happens next is hilarious. He wires her money for her time, since she loves money so much. 100,000 baht per hour. Now he’s talking. He asks if they can get her pregnancy checkup now that he’s paying for her time. Lol. Dude, you’re going to go broke.

At the hospital she gets an ultrasound, it’s so cute how happy they are! She’s pretty far along, probably 20 weeks since they can see the gender of the baby- it’s a girl and as pretty as her mom (the OB’s words). Really, you can’t fight when you’re looking at ultrasounds. There are only tears. Happy tears.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.40.12 Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.40.52

Satawat shows off his baby’s ultrasound like a proud father. But scary baddie is keeping his eye on the doctor. Ah, I’m getting nervous! Anusaniya asks her OB if he knows whether her sister in law (Gina) is having a boy or girl, but the OB thinks she must have changed hospitals since he hasn’t seen her since the first appointment. So when Anusaniya sees Gina at work, she follows the girl and discovers that she’s giving some dude money (an ex lover) and says that Khun Lek doesn’t know she had a miscarriage. The guy says it’s better that the baby isn’t born since it’s not Khun Lek’s child anyway. Anusaniya hears all of this and confronts Gina, she tells her to confess to Khun Lek and get out of his life for good otherwise she’ll send them to jail.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.44.47 Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.46.11

Gina rushes to pack her bags but Khun Lek overhears her conversation that she tricked him. Gina begs to be forsaken and that he no longer has to take responsibility. Khun Lek holds himself back from slapping her and spats that she’s the horrible one and kicks her out.

Gina sees Anusaniya by the doorway and vows that if her life is a wreck, she’s going to wreck Nuth’s life too. She launches herself at the pregnant lady but Khun Lek stops her. Poor guy. Dad tries to console his son.

Gina calls off her schemes with Soamika, telling her that she wants nothing to do with this household. As an after though, she reports to Soamika that the couple is still together and even more in love. Everything is apparently a show. Wait, don’t tell her that. She’s already crazy.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.54.07 Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.55.38

Satawat brings over a rocking chair since his mom read that it’s good for pregnant ladies. She asks how much it costs and he tells her to stop thinking about money for ten minutes. Lol. He watches her test out the chair and encourages her to rock it, but she refuses and the chair launches her right against kissing distance to Satawat. Hee. She pulls back slowly and how cute is it that Satawat begins to rock her chair?


The next morning Satawat looks at his calendar as he’s sad to see how fast the time is going. Her passport only serves to remind him of that. He sends over another 100,000 baht for her time. They’re taking a pregnancy yoga class! How cute. BUT at the parking lot, Satawat gets accosted by the baddies. Ack, who knows if he’s going to make it to the class!

Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.10.10 Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.11.07

Soam’s dad gets out of the car and kicks the living heck out of Satawat, who spats that even if he died, Soam could never get away with this. Satawat manages to get away in time as Soam’s dad shoots after him. Then Chakree shows up at the class to help Anusaniya. WTF dude.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.15.00  Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.18.20

Bloodied and hurt, Satawat rushes to the class only to find his pregnant wife with another man. Shoot ME now.

He nearly collapses in the garage but Anusaniya calls to badger him for not showing up. She digs in the knife a little further and tells him she can be on her own and he can just die. Oof.  If only she could see him now! My poor kitten!

Satawat gets his wound treated and due to the result of the xray, he gets admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay. In her room, Anusaniya also has a calendar bedside. She marks off another day but tellingly keeps staring at the phone, willing it to ring.

Don’t lose hope Dr. Satawat! He lays in the hospital bed, hurt.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.18.36 Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.20.51

Day of Dad’s surgery is here. Khun Lek cleans up nicely and sees his dad off. He’s heading to a business trip to Japan. They exchange some gruff words but end up hugging it out.

At the OR prep room Chayakorn asks to see Mirantee since he has something for her to hold onto. It’s a wedding ring! Eeps! Chayakorn tells her to hold on to it, he was meaning to give it to her earlier but the accident happened and he didn’t get a chance to. Now he’s proposing on the hospital bed. Ha, what do you expect a girl to say? Mirantee wonders why he’s asking right now and he (hilariously) says that the nurse told him they would have to be married for three years before a married couple could exchange kidneys. He just wants to know now so that he could tell the nurse to fuse their hearts together. OMG, this uncle is so cheesy. But I like. Chayakorn says he wants to take care of her and will wait for her answer once he wakes up after the surgery.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.22.29 Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.24.58

Satawat ices his wound and puts his scrub on. Hey why is this boy working when he should be laying in bed? Before dad goes under, he tells Satawat to hurry and make up with Anusaniya.

Anusaniya announces to her three aunties that she will allow Aunt Non and husband to come back and work with them. She thinks this is what dad wants, and Anusaniya wants to show her dad that they can be one big happy family. She also announces that she will move abroad and Casa will survive without her. But she doesn’t think Casa could survive without her aunties.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.37.06 Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.37.24

Both surgeries went successfully. They will need to keep Dad under a watchful eye at the hospital until they’re sure his body receives the kidney well. But Chayakorn is cleared to discharge in a few days, and get married too if he so chooses. Ha, recapper’s orders, not the doctor’s.


You got me fooled for a moment there, Dr. Satawat. I was resolved into believing for sure that we have a hero who gets one upped by the baddies all the time. I just wish we were given some nuances of his plans in the last couple of episodes so I don’t have to feel so let down. But perhaps we were meant to feel that way so that this episode is more impactful. Regardless, I’m on team Dr. Satawat because at least he always tries. Anusaniya seriously is waiting for the other shoe to drop. This girl never commits 100%, and that’s why she keeps waiting to be disappointed. And even something as small as Dr. Satawat not showing up at the class can be taken so drastically. She actually wishes him to die alone somewhere. How cruel is that? You never know that what you’re saying could be your last words with them.

Chayakorn is also a hero in this episode, as he should, since he created this mess. I still think it’s hilarious that a DNA test can resolve his feelings like this. What a cheap way out. Still, I appreciate that he finally came to his senses (and even if it took something like a duh-moment for him). I like that he went about and try to make things right again.  Mirantee should make him beg a little, since he put her through the ringer. But I guess because she’s such a realist and the most logical, she’s probably going to do something that actually makes sense. Like not wasting time and embracing the person you love. Anusaniya could learn a thing or two from her.

Khun Lek’s whole subplot is rendered a little irrelevant. He doesn’t really have a lot to do in the storyline. But I’m glad he made up with his family and resolved his situation with Gina. And did anyone get blindsided by Chakree? Who the hell does he think he is? From friend to wannabe lover in a matter of seconds? NO ONE gave you hope you little stinker! I guess his purpose is to keep the distance and misunderstanding between our lovebirds. But he came in so late in the game that it’s more of an annoying bee than something I’d worry about if I were Dr. Satawat. But alas, that damn insecurity, it always creeps up last minute.

And who is excited and happy that Show didn’t kill off baby Nuth-Wat? I was smiling along with them during the ultrasound, I can’t wait for baby to make her appearance, because she will, right? Does it take a baby to save a marriage? Dr. Satawat was ready to walk away from it all, and maybe that’s the crux of their problem. Anusaniya needs to know that she’s worth fighting for. I don’t care, at this point, I’m just happy Dr. Satawat is turning things around. He will survive this fight and survive the baddies right? RIGHT?

Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.34.30