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This one sounds promising. Channel One has been looking for their next big star, so they decided to have an open audition advising all talents to apply. They want a fresh face to represent their channel, but they also are thinking outside of the box, they would need a compelling and appropriate show that will suit their new star. Thus, along came “Rak Fun Thalop” (Chaotic Love) which is a romantic comedy lakorn starring Vill Wannarot. They feel that it is a suitable lakorn for said star to jump right into it. Originally New Chaipon was slated for this lakorn, but he did not extend his contract with the channel, despite the channel’s reasoning that timing didn’t work out. Director Nok Jirasak is spearheading this endeavor, and they found their frontrunner in Kangsom Tanatat.

Backstory aside, this lakorn sounds like it is just my cup of tea. I was looking for a light hearted, mindless, but totally romantic and funny lakorn to watch. My heart took a beating recently with all of this drama, slap and kiss-ness (yes I’m talking about you Piang Chai Kon Nee) that I need a BREAK. This one sounds like the perfect remedy.

Rak Fun Thalop centers around two girlfriends, one is perpetually single while the other was about to get married but her groom cheated on her, so the wedding got called off. This causes the two girlfriends to wonder why they can’t find true love. One day they meet a fortune teller who says it is because they have bad luck. And in order to get rid of this bad luck the two girls (who have the same birthday) must journey to nine temples in different provinces and pray to Buddha before their birthday this year. Along the way, they meet a man who is heartsick. His girlfriend passed away a few years ago and he’s fulfilling his end of the promise. When she was alive, they made a promise to go backpacking together in three years, and that day finally came. Both girls realize they want this man for themselves and the comedy part would be how this love triangle will work out. I like the idea of going on a physical journey to divest of the pain and to start a fresh chapter in one’s life.

The plot sounds flirty and fresh, Vill looks adorable and I’m already rooting for her snarky but hilarious side to win over Gypsy. Rak Fun Thalop will premiere on June 25th.

Here’s the teaser. I’m already laughing.

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