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The drama stakes are high in this episode. A logical doctor realizes his feelings cannot be controlled, and slowly loses his cool. But our headstrong heroine refuses to give an inch – not even when it damages her reputation. What happens when different principles are challenged and the elephant in the room is being ignored? For the sake of the marriage that is not even a marriage, someone bring me a pint size glass of wine!


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Anusaniya uses the taser on Satawat thinking he is seducing her, but Satawat manages to stop her by pinning her on the bed. He warns her not to insult him, otherwise he would seduce her for real, but he doesn’t actually do it. His face gets close enough to kiss, and as Anusaniya turns her head, their noses touch. They are suspended in a moment of awareness, but suddenly, Anusania cries that she’s itchy and gets up to do the itchy dance.

Satawat searches for the culprit and notices the scent on the pillow. He finds out that his maid had used a flower and blessing potion to graze the bed. Satawat brings some medicine immediately to his wife. She opts to apply the medicine herself, but Satawat tells her he can do it, the mood is ruined anyway (haha). He takes painstaking care in applying it to her arms, chest and back. Anusaniya feels every spot he touches. Afterward Satawat suggests that she sleep on the ground with him (which she balks) but he reminds her that he took off all of her clothes on the island and didn’t do anything to her. Heh. Besides, he’ll keep the lights on. As if that offers any consolation to Anusaniya.

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They sleep on the floor cot separated by a pillow but Anusaniya could not resist scratching herself. Satawat warns her that she’ll flare up the pain even more, he grasps her by the hands and tells her he would sleep holding her if it would stop her from scratching. By all means Anusaniya, do continue scratching please. And so they sleep with his arms linking through hers the entire night.

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Satawat orders his mother to stop meddling with his affairs and that the maid can no longer accompany him at his wife’s home, it’s already uncomfortable for the family enough to have him around. Mom blames the maid for getting caught.

Anusaniya regales the story to Mirantee who smiles at Satawat’s mom’s investments just to have a grandchild. Mirantee reasons that this should show Anusaniya that Satawat isn’t trying to take advantage of her by having a child. He’s innocent and doesn’t want her money. Ah, the voice of reason.

Mirantee rushes to her next appointment and runs right into Chayakorn, who doesn’t let the awkwardness go.  Why is this jerk so handsome? Ugh. Someone is starting to notice that his crush doesn’t actually want to be around him.

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Mom cooks up a new scheme and is a thousand percent sure this will work. Riiiiight. She feigns an illness which is due in part by her son’s chastising earlier and Satawat comes running. Mom says she is afraid of other doctors and refuses to be admitted to the hospital. Satawat must have known a history for this and succumbs to staying with his mom until she feels better.

He tells his wife that he’ll need to spend a couple of nights at his house, and lightly invites her to come along, but Anusaniya claims she doesn’t want to step foot in that house. She regrets immediately though as she peers at her husband’s back. They say their farewell like a real couple, both reluctant to let the other leave. Satawat even tells her to be careful when he’s not around, and that he’s worried about her. Aw. Anusaniya could feel her face heating up but doesn’t understand why.

Chayakorn sees this whole exchange and texts Soamika with the information.

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Apparently mom’s full proof scheme is not so full proof after all since wife did not follow her husband home as she had hoped. She harps about it looking bad since the two aren’t together at such an early stage of their marriage. Satawat notices how mom is favoring Anusaniya when before she couldn’t care less, and wonders out loud if mom was faking her illness. I suppose as a doctor, you take every illness seriously, but one should also consider one’s mom’s track record. Just saying.

Soamika bullies Satawat’s servants – as if that will win her any brownie points – and continues to bulldoze her way into his house. Meanwhile Chayakorn tries to take the opportunity to drive into work with Anusaniya. But his niece makes it clear that she doesn’t trust him nor want to be alone with him.

Soamika tells mom that she will do everything to break up Satawat and Anusaniya and make Satawat hers again. She even brought her suitcase and wants to move in! Whoa, shameless to another level. Mom spats that she will tell Satawat not to come home and will do everything in HER power to ensure Satawat doesn’t get back with Soamika. Mom tries to call Satawat to no avail, and attempts to ask Anusaniya for assistance, but Nuth claims that Satawat is free to see anyone he wants since they don’t have that type of relationship (despite being legally married.)

But instead she shows up at the hospital – her husband’s place of work – and next thing we know, they arrive home together with Anusaniya’s luggage in tow, much to Soamika’s horror. Hahaha. I guess they DO have that type of relationship. Mom embraces Anusaniya and shows a united front against Soamika.

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We find out what happened earlier after mom called Anusaniya. Mirantee had talked Anusaniya into claiming what is hers, is she willing to lose to Soamika? If Soamika gets Dr. Satawat, she will proclaim to the whole world that she managed to snag a married man right from under his wife’s nose, and Anusaniya will lose everything, is that what she wants? Suddenly, that flashback prompts Mirantee to exclaim that she knows exactly how to relate the gossip column to one of politic. It was a challenge given to her by her boss, and one she needed to rise to in order to get out of the gossip column.

We hear Mirantee narrating that a love triangle is all about power play between two women who love one man. They will struggle to claim power until one inevitably wins. Soamika claims that just because she didn’t win today, it doesn’t mean she’ll always lose. But Anusaniya argues that Soamika always loses to her: doesn’t she remember that no matter how much Soamika tries to lure Satawat with her body, she will fail because Satawat loves only his wife and she trusts him completely. Soamika doesn’t care, she takes the doctor’s other arm and claims she’s staying put too.  Mirantee continues to narrate (as she’s typing her story) that this is not only a love triangle, but a look at gender equality and how modern women today stake their claims on their “man.”

Satawat relinquishes Soamika’s hold and tells her to go because he’s starting to get even more disgusted of her. Anusaniya tells him to let Soamika hang out if she wishes, she can then see how her efforts are futile and nothing could break up the married couple. Anusaniya walks with her husband as she stakes her claim and Soamika is left to kick at her luggage. Ha.

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Satawat couldn’t stop smiling as he preps his sleeping spot on the floor. Someone is too pleased that his wife is making her mark on him. He tells her that he’s happy because she’s jealous. Anusaniya denies being jealous, she’s just carrying out her duty. Satawat comments that she’s never taken her duty this seriously and Anusaniya spats that she doesn’t want to lose to Soam. Uh huh. Satawat offers to go back home with her but Anusaniya wants to show Soamika that she’s fearless. The poor doctor mutters under his breath that women are indeed scary. LOL. Don’t want to get caught in the crossfire. He does peer at his wife and smiles though, probably glad he’s not the target.

Soamika mutters she won’t give up and dresses in her silk nighties. As she tries to leave her room, she finds that her door is locked or blocked from the outside. Ha, it’s mom scheming to keep her in the room.

Mom takes matters into her own hands and put something in the drinks. She then spots the sleeping mat on the floor and takes that away too. Thus our newlyweds are stuck on the same bed, separated by pillows and they emptied their glasses.

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That night Satawat stirs restlessly and is uncomfortably hot. He jumps in a cold shower to calm himself (he was getting excited looking over at Anusaniya). The effects finally hit Anusaniya and she grabs a fan and even lowered the air conditioning. The two try to distract themselves from their condition, until Anusaniya falls asleep and ends up in his arms. They snuggle the night away.

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And this is how Shameless Soamika finds them the next morning, she screams at the top of her lungs. The hilarious part is when they startled awake from her screaming, pulled away from each other, then noticed that it was Soamika staring at them, and embraced each other again. LOL. For all I care, Soamika can just move in if we can see more skinship. I love how Satawat even squeezes her closer, loving the act. He even kisses her just to make it more believable.

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BUT because Soamika is crazy town, she gets in bed with them and says she doesn’t mind and even offers a threesome. Satawat drags Soamika to the restroom and turns the cold water on Soamika. He warns her to stop her shenanigans or she’ll get soaked again. Anusaniya watches with slight concern at the doctor’s last straw, and mentions that he’s tough despite his calm façade. She tells him that she doesn’t think this method will get Soamika out of the house though, they need to take drastic measure. Next thing we see is Soam’s Dad retrieving his daughter. Ha. Dad assures the group that he won’t let his daughter bother the doctor again.

The two pack their bags to go back home, since Satawat notes his mother is looking even better than before (as mom looks guiltily away). Satawat peers at Anusaniya with a smile thinking about last night, but Anusaniya awkwardly tells him that she won’t bring up the fact that he held her all night, but Satawat begs to differ, who held who last night? Ha. Anusaniya flashes back to the moment SHE held on to him. He wonders if she did it unknowingly as she sleeps or if she wanted to hold him. She reminds him he was all too eager to hold her this morning in front of Soam, but the good doctor merely says that he’s displaying a husband’s affection, otherwise Soam wouldn’t believe it. Oh you two. Just say that you wanted to hold each other!

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Mom gets caught again for her scheming. Satawat tries to make his mom understand, despite her wanting a grandchild. As he explains, Anusaniya walks in time to hear their conversation.

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Mom tells him that as they live out their married life, eventually they’ll fall in love. But Satawat begs to differ, that they will never come to love each other because of their sticking point: she’s the lender and he’s the debtor. They can never surpass this obstacle. And let’s say mom’s attempt to drug them is successful and Nuth becomes pregnant, how sad is it for the baby because it wasn’t conceived out of love? Then mom asks the all-important question, “Then do you think you can come to love Nuth?”

Anusaniya listens on but the answer isn’t what she’s hoping. He says that he doesn’t plan on loving her. As if love is something you can contrive. Anusaniya’s face really breaks the heart:

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And to his horror, Satawat discovers Anusaniya standing there.

Once alone in his room, he wonders if she heard what he said. And he has no way of knowing that those words truly hurt her more than she will ever let on.

Soamika’s dad orders his men to keep her in her room and chastises his daughter for her actions: she’s cheapening herself and nobody’s going to want her. Soam steams in anger.

Anusaniya’s assistant gossip with her coworker that she thinks the boss had a fight with her husband. They surmise that the two won’t last since it’s only the first month of their marriage and they already have a big argument. Of course Chayakorn overhears them talking and wonders if Soam was successful in her attempt to break them up. He feels out the situation by approaching Anusaniya, and although she didn’t say anything, he guesses that something definitely happened.

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Khun Lek gets his girl pregnant and she tells him to take responsibility for it. She threatens to go to his sister but Khun Lek warns her that Anusaniya won’t be understanding at all, in fact, she might get her ass fired instead. Gina decides to tell Chayakorn about this, who later seeks out Anusaniya at home to share the news. Unfortunately Satawat comes home and sees them conversing in the yard. All he hears is Anusaniya instructing Chayakorn not to tell anyone, especially her father because she doesn’t want him to get stressed out. Chayakorn agrees, and warns her not to tell her husband either. Chayakorn says if it is true, the child will be born into a set of issues. He promises not to leave her to figure out this issue alone. This doesn’t look good.

Satawat confronts the two and demands to know what’s going on – and that she shouldn’t keep secrets from her husband. He tells Chayakorn that he hopes it’s the last time the two will go behind his back and have their own “happily family” time.

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Satawat gives her a piece of his mind once alone. He asks whether uncle and niece are truly related since they must be carrying it on like they aren’t. Yikes. Anusaniya could barely contain her anger and doesn’t make any excuses, she merely says she’s tired of having to explain. Satawat argues that she’s not making excuses because it’s true. She tells him to think whatever he likes and storms out, but not before she gets light headed. Anusaniya pushes him away when he catches her.

Satawat is still flustered and angry from yesterday. His OB friend guesses that it must be marriage issues. He tells his friend that it’s normal to have disagreement and arguments, they’ll work themselves out. But Satawat claims that no matter how nice or what he does, she will never see his actions for what they are. The OB friend surmises that Satawat must LOVE her very much because he wouldn’t have been so hurt by it. Truth. Satawat is even shocked to hear that. Furthermore, the OB friend offers a piece of sage advice, he tells him to be honest with his feelings. No successful marriage should go on like it’s a competition, husband-wife should not try to win over the other. Otherwise, the marriage will be over.

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Satawat recalls what he heard last night and her light headedness, it all sounds like she could be pregnant, although we don’t know what Satawat thinks. But Anusaniya is over at work telling herself to stop obsessing or caring so much about what the good doctor thinks. She spots Gina and follows the girl to the restroom, where she sees the positive pregnancy test. Gina tells Anusaniya that Khun Lek wants her to get an abortion.

Anusaniya and Chayakorn confronts Lek about getting Gina pregnant but he denies that it’s not his kid. This earns him a slap across the face. She orders him to confess to their father but he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Anusaniya can still feel the sting from slapping him.

But of course Satawat sees the positive pregnancy test in their bathroom trashcan! I mean, what a way to NOT get him to misunderstand. Satawat puts two and two together.

Anusaniya goes to see her father about Khun Lek, but decides against telling the older man. Satawat is at the doorway and sees Anusaniya crying by her father’s bed. Dad pretends to sleep, knowing something is wrong.

Oh the angst.

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The next morning Satawat questions Anusaniya on whether there’s anything she needed to tell him. Anusaniya says that even if there is something, he doesn’t have anything to do with it. Oof. Satawat retorts that it’s true that it may not have anything to do with him and he walks out.

Khun Lek hightails out of the house, before anyone makes him responsible for anything.

Breakfast time is awful and I want to wipe the smug smile off of Chayakorn’s face. Satawat and Anusaniya barely look at each other and made excuses to go to work without breakfast. Dad calls Chayakorn out on his smile and wonders if Chaya hasn’t gotten over Nuth yet. Chayakorn claims that he’s totally over her and knows his place. He’s just an uncle. Pfft. Dad says he’ll only believe it if Chaya has a girlfriend.

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Chayakorn receives a text from Mirantee that she’s showing him that she’s better than just a gossip columnist. She sends him the article she wrote and Chayakorn thinks back to her love confession. He calls her out for a celebration dinner and apologizes for the way he talked to her the other day. I’m still perturbed that she’s still calling him “uncle”. Mirantee is over the moon that she’ll get to hang with him, but Chayakorn has a motive. He says she’s the perfect fit. Oh no, por favor I can only handle one fake relationship in one lakorn.

The OB friend gives Satawat some reading material for Anusaniya since she had called earlier asking about it. Must be pregnancy related as we can see how uncomfortable it makes Satawat. He phones Nuth to meet up because it isn’t something that he could wait until they get home. She tells him to come see her at the gym. Which is also where Mirantee and Chayakorn is meeting her.

Chayakorn asks Mirantee what she wants for dinner but she tells him anything because she’s not picky. Chayakorn wants something special because it’s a special day, which causes Mirantee to raise her brows, she questions why he’s taking such an interest in her. Chayakorn repeats what she said to him earlier, sometimes the closest thing to you that you’ve overlooked might be the best thing for you, which makes Mirantee wonder what he’s referring to. Chayakorn tells her she’ll find out soon enough.

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Anusaniya wonders if Mirantee is dating Chayakorn because her uncle doesn’t take girls out to eat unless they’re his girlfriends. Anusaniya questions whether Mirantee sees Chayakorn more than an “uncle”. Mirantee denies it.

Satawat goes to the gym and spots Chayakorn sitting alone. He thinks to himself that they must have made arrangement to meet. His blood is already boiling and Chayakorn doesn’t help matters by fueling the fire. It’s not a subtle thing to dress Chaya in black and Wat in white, in case you didn’t already know who the hero in this show is. The two exchange punches until Anusaniya breaks them up.

Once alone, Satawat questions her why she’s always lying to him. He comes out and says that he knows she’s pregnant with her uncle. Anusaniya is floored. He brings up everything he’s learned and heard, Anusaniya denies it all and remembers her uncle telling her not to tell her husband about Lek’s debacle. And why NOT?

She tells him that she’s not pregnant but he continues insisting that she is – until she blows up and says so what if she’s pregnant with her uncle’s kid, what is HE going to do about it? OY.

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The kicker though is his response. He says that he can accept it. He knows his place and the reasons why he’s marrying her (to protect her honor). She tells him that his code of honor is not going to impress her because what he’s saying right now is actually insulting her. Moreover she says he truly thinks that she could get on with her uncle and get pregnant! Anusaniya believes that as her husband, he should trust her, not think that she’s such a vile human being. Word.

Satawat back pedals but she’s not about to take it anymore. She spats that he can go on and think what he wants, she’s going to quit explaining. Then she tosses her towel at him. Groveling is going to be your friend, Dr. Satawat.

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Mirantee tends to Chayakorn’s wounds and he wonders if she’s worried about him beyond uncle-niece status, like maybe lover’s status? He tells her to look at him and he takes her hands in his – then he asks her out. Mirantee thinks he’s messing with her but he says that he might not have wanted to date her back then, but he has a change of heart. She’s kinda falling for it and smiles and thinks she must be dreaming this. Chayakorn says that she doesn’t need to answer now, but she should give him a chance to date her and he’ll show her how genuine he is. Mirantee tells him she’ll think about it, but she walks away with a shocked, smitten smile. But Chayakorn on the other hand, apologizes as she disappears from his view. He says that she’s the only person who could help him.

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This is fifty shades of wrong. I hope the misunderstanding does not get drawn out through the next episode. There are faults all around, but you can kinda see where each characters stand and how they can come to their own conclusions. Dr. Satawat happens to always be at the wrong place and wrong time and hears all of the wrong stuff. Even if he confronts Anusaniya for the truth, and doesn’t get the response he’s hoping for (and thus lashes out and continues to misunderstand), I did hope that he would be the bigger person and give us something that we don’t expect. But, he’s just like the other jealous ridden pr’eks who accuses his wife of some godly sin anyway. I get that trust isn’t easy to come by, and he just might be realizing his true feelings for Anusaniya, but sometimes you have to be willing to give trust so that you can receive it. I hope he heeds his OB friend’s sage advice and cease this overwhelming competitiveness in his marriage.

While Anusaniya on the other hand, realizes that Satawat does not even plan on ever loving her genuinely and thus, why would she invest in trusting him when she’s going to get hurt anyway? I’m glad she told him that she’s not touched by his code of honor – that he’ll accept her child with another man’s – because it’s revolting. She didn’t do anything wrong, and she told him multiple times that she’s not intimate with her uncle, and he never believed her. The problem though, is that I don’t understand why she just didn’t tell Satawat from the get go that her brother got some girl pregnant. It’s not like he’s going to tell anyone.  Ah, we are going in circles and it’s making my head hurt.

Chayakorn is becoming a scum for using Mirantee. At least Satawat and Anusaniya are going into their relationship/marriage knowing that it’s farce, but if Mirantee agrees to date Chayakorn, she thinks he’s really interested in her. Which, ugh. He totally doesn’t deserve her, although if any lakorns is an indication, these two will most likely end up together. At least he’s conflicted about using her? I just feel badly for Mirantee, she’s the only person who is honest with her feelings, while everyone else prefers to ignore it.

I await for the moment (if it’ll ever happen) when our OTP stops ignoring their feelings and react differently than what we have come to expect. But I guess that will take away the angst and drama, and there will be no need to reach for that glass bottle of wine.