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Whoa. What a doozy. Another intense episode to lead us to the end of the week, which is something we can come to expect from this show. Because what the show does well is taking us through the ringer, but letting us fall on a crescendo, so the pain doesn’t feel nearly as bad. It’s like, you have to feel the pain in order to get the payoff.

Anusaniya realizes that misunderstandings can build up to the point of no return and one can crash and burn from the lies. And what if the one thing that was holding her back wasn’t even true in the first place, and now what truly remains is the simple truth, what will she do? Especially when the truth requires her to let go of that misplaced righteous pride she values so much? I don’t know about her, but I would throw that pride out the window and go after the kitten. Say what?


Husband and wife think about their harsh words and handle their anger in respective ways: Satawat swims it off while Anusaniya pops a painkiller. To each their own, but both go to sleep angry. Grandma advises Anusaniya to reconcile with her husband but the younger woman deems that it is all Satawat’s fault this time around.

Mirantee seeks Anusaniya’s input on her latest conundrum: Uncle Chayakorn asked her out. Anusaniya pries the truth out of Mirantee, that Mirantee does like Uncle Chaya, but his reciprocated love came out of left field and she doesn’t want to be hurt in case Uncle Chaya is just joking. Listen to your gut! Anusaniya advises that love and risk come hand in hand, if Mirantee doesn’t take a risk she won’t be able to find love. Mirantee fears the heartbreak would kill her but Anusaniya tells her it won’t – she’ll survive it but it will hurt for a period of time. She adds that it’s rare to have your love reciprocated. Mirantee starts to wonder if Anusaniya is speaking of her own experience with Dr. Satawat since Mirantee has noticed changes in Anusaniya since the wedding. Anusaniya immediately gets irritated and tells her not to change the subject. Ha.

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Chayakorn alerts Anusaniya that Lek had asked Gina to meet him at a clinic and he has a bad feeling about this. The two jump in Anusaniya’s car and head out together, while Satawat watches from the window. He follows. Chayakorn asks Anusaniya on why she’s willing to get in the same car with him, does she trust him again? Anusaniya looks at him pointedly and tells him that she got a call from Mirantee and she wonders if Uncle Chaya is asking Mirantee to be his girlfriend merely to gain trust from Anusaniya back or not. But Anusaniya decides that the uncle she knows isn’t selfish and doesn’t play with other people’s feelings. She warns her uncle not to hurt Mirantee otherwise she will NEVER speak to him again. Uncle Chaya assures her that he won’t ever hurt her best friend’s feelings, he doesn’t toy with people. Liar.

They see Lek taking Gina to a sketchy clinic and follow suit. Satawat is on their tail but only sees them walking in together. GO IN! FOLLOW THEM! Alas, he does not.

In the clinic, Anusaniya and Chayakorn sees Gina rushing out screaming, she shouts at Lek for tricking her to get an abortion. And Lek decides not to stick around and takes off in a cab. Anusaniya and Chayakorn searches for him while Mirantee makes her decision and calls Chayakorn. Unfortunately the man tells her he’s not free right now, and she’s bummed to hear that he doesn’t even sound excited. Anusaniya says she could handle Lek’s issues alone but Chayakorn claims family come first. Pfft.

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Satawat smiles at a woman and her newborn child. The nurse tells him that the husband wants his wife to get an abortion but the wife refused. She mentions the child is lucky to have such a strong mom. Satawat flashes back to Anusaniya walking into the clinic earlier that morning.

Anusaniya urges Chayakorn to go see Mirantee and work it out. Satawat waits for her to get home and confronts her regarding what he saw this morning. Anusaniya assumes he knows everything and tells him to keep it a secret, but of course these two are talking about two very different things. Satawat tells her that he’d like to have her see his OB friend at the hospital for the duration of the gestation. Anusaniya finally catches on and tells him that he’s crazy. He assures her that this is a serious issue, he’s willing to take responsibility as the father of her child. OMG.

Anusaniya is furious and accuses him of wanting the money from her dad instead. Satawat doesn’t care about the money but Anusaniya is disinclined to believe that he would sacrifice himself this much. He questions whether he has once tricked her and Anusaniya brings up the time on the island – she thought he was a good guy. Satawat wonders if that was the only time she believed he was a good person and Anusaniya claims she will never be stupid enough to see him that way again. Oh those words, they do hurt. Someone needs to clear up that blackmail-picture-misunderstanding thing!

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Mirantee waits up for Chayakorn all day and he finally shows up at night claiming he’s been really busy. She wonders if she’s the one who is asking him out since she is made to feel this way. Chayakorn tells her she can punish him but instead she gives him the answer he was hoping for: she’ll give him a chance to prove his love for her. Chayakorn leans in and Mirantee keeps him at arms’ length, she didn’t say they were an item yet. But her expression shows she’s already in too deep.

Their first date is waiting in line at the restaurant, to which Chayakorn balks but eventually caves. Mirantee makes him wait in line as she rushes for an emergency meeting with Anusaniya who tells her about the recent misunderstanding between her and Satawat. She says that she tried to explain the truth but he doesn’t believe it, so she decided to let the misunderstanding go on. However she didn’t expect Satawat to take this matter seriously until he offered to be the father of her child. Now she regrets not outing with the truth because she thinks she sees him for what he is: he wants the money. Mirantee wonders maybe he’s trying to protect her instead, but Anusaniya disagrees because he’s the type who only does things that will benefit him. Mirantee gives her food for thought: “when a man is willing to do something like that for a woman, even when the woman never asked him to do that, doesn’t that make him an exceptional man?”

Mirantee rushes back to her date but thinks Chayakorn had already bailed. Surprisingly, he manages to order the food to go.

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Dr. Satawat falls ill the next day. Anusaniya walks begrudging into the guest room but realizes that the good doctor has a fever. He tells her to keep away from him in case she catches his cold, because she wouldn’t be able to take any medicine in her pregnant condition. TELL HIM. But instead Anusaniya prepares a wet cloth to wipe down Satawat and help his fever. He tries to stop her but she doesn’t take no for an answer and unbuttons his shirt. He’s staring at her the entire time, and lays his head on her shoulders as she tends to him. Which it’s just, aw.

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Anusaniya finds a pregnancy book that he had been reading tucked under his pillow. She remembers Mirantee telling her to give him a break, just because he’s a debtor doesn’t mean he’s a bad person. Because if she can’t differentiate the two, no matter what he does he’s never going to be good enough in her eyes. Mirantee urges Anusaniya to tell him the truth, it’s not kind to prolong the misunderstanding for a person who’s taking it seriously. Listen to your friend!

Satawat curls himself onto her lap like a kitten (why is he so dang cute?) and Anusaniya could not help but embrace him. Don’t hurt the kitten!

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The following morning Satawat wakes to find himself sleeping on Anusaniya’s lap. He tenderly looks at her and gets close enough to kiss her temple but pulls back. He leaves a glass of milk on the table for her with instructions to drink it since she’s pregnant. Anusaniya looks at the note with guilt.

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Mirantee goes on a lunch date with Chayakorn but has to hide it from her coworkers because Chayakorn doesn’t want news to get out about his personal life. Mirantee thinks he’s just ashamed of her, which is probably true too. Instead of going to the typical places that Chayakorn usually takes his dates, Mirantee opts to go play paintball. They make a bet that loser pays for a fancy meal. Both are competitive but in the end, Chayakorn wins because he catches her off guard. Next they have a cute time eating lunch, where Chayakorn ends up paying anyway.

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Anusaniya finds Satawat planting a tree in the backyard and wonders if he’s all well now. He thanks her for taking care of him last night and she wonders what he’s doing. He tells her that when he was born his father had planted a tree to signify his birth, and as he grew up the trees would grow along with him, it was a gift that keeps on giving even after his father’s death. Then he turns to her and says that he’s planting the tree for THEIR child. Because money isn’t important after they die, it’s leaving behind something reliable for their child.

Anusaniya tries to broach the subject, she starts with “the pregnant thing..” but Satawat cuts her off and assures her that they’ll handle it together. She tries to tell him again but gets interrupted by the maid. Show’s trying to kill me.

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Dad summons Anusaniya to the living room where she sees Lek, apparently dad knows the truth. Dad wonders why Lek had been missing and hires an investigator to find out. He’s shocked to find that his son could commit something like that – but Lek claims he doesn’t even know if it’s his child. Dad slaps him and spats that a man shouldn’t run from his issues. He orders him to stay put until the baby arrives and upon a positive paternity test, he will take responsibility and marry her. Lek would rather die. The annoying aunties dig the knife a little deeper and comments that Dad should offer a little bit of money for Lek’s child since there’s such high stakes for Anusaniya’s child. And you wonder why there’s jealousy for his sister.

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Next thing we know, Satawat is standing there, apparently having overheard everything. The hurt in his eyes kills me. Anusaniya rushes after him and tries to explain.

“Why did you lie to me?” he questions.

“I didn’t lie! But Lek’s issue involves my family and I didn’t think you needed to know.” Eeps.

“I’m not considered a family member not because I don’t want to – but it’s because YOU never gave me the opportunity! It must be amusing to see me getting tricked-“

She interrupts him, “Why are you mad at ME? All this time you misunderstood this on your own! I told you I wasn’t pregnant but you didn’t believe me!”

Oh the finger pointing is grand in this one.

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“Right?! It’s never your fault. I’m the one to blame! I was the one who offered to be the daddy,” he spats angrily and starts packing his bag.

Anusaniya wonders where he’s going but he retorts that it wouldn’t matter to her anyway. She asks him not to cause additional problems for her because her dad is under a lot of stress, she doesn’t want to make matters worse. Everyone is going to think she deserves this. Satawat says that she only cares about saving her own face. What she says next is truly the worse, she offers to pay him to stay. He surmises that she thinks he’s all about money, which she verbally agrees. Yikes. But we know deep down she’s softening towards him, she just won’t say it! Gah! Instead she offers him MORE money, she tells him to name his price so that he can stay with her.

Satawat’s pride is shattered. He takes her checkbook and throws it across the room. He says, “Do you think your money can buy everything? What do you think it means when a man protects a woman and it doesn’t have anything to do with money?!”

She thinks he’s just trying to gain her sympathy and he claims he can never get it because she sees him as a poor person who’s her debtor and doesn’t deserve the same respect. When he says it, it sounds a lot harsher than when Mirantee lectured her, and to be faced with her own prejudice is daunting. She’s flustered and scared he might leave, but is unable to stop him. Anusaniya cries as she recalls his words and how horrible it all went wrong.

Anusaniya finds out that people are gossiping that an old flame might be relit since Soamika has been hinting on Instagram. Anusaniya thinks that Satawat packed up his bag and probably rushed to Soamika. She calls Mirantee to complain and her friend suggests she go find out where Satawat has been staying. Anusaniya says she won’t waste her time chasing after a man. Suuure.

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Next thing we know she’s spying her inlaw’s house. Heh. She decides against going in thinking Satawat would guess that she’s jealous.

Gina moves into the mansion but all the aunties turn their noses up at her. Dad scolds his sisters and Lek sarcastically welcomes Gina to his warm home.

Anusaniya is reminded of Satawat in every part of her room. You can tell she misses not only his presence, but him. She wonders if she has treated him badly and even cries as she touches the tree he planted for their baby. She thanks him for going above and beyond.

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Mirantee does some recon work for her friend, she reports that she can rest assured that Satawat has not returned to Soamika, the girl just made up the whole thing when she had an event at the hotel. Mirantee knows Anusaniya wouldn’t try to find out because she doesn’t want Satawat to think she’s jealous, but Anusaniya denies that she was jealous – she merely didn’t want to lose to Soam. Uh huh. Mirantee, always the voice of reason, gives her a reality check. She tells her friend to stop being so tightlipped – she shouldn’t be ashamed to admit that she likes Satawat. Anusaniya says that she would be stupid to like him. Besides, he married her for money and if she ends up liking him, then she would seem too easy. Mirantee says that loving someone doesn’t mean you’re being easy.

Anusaniya explains that when she first met him, she did think that he was a good person, but then he went ahead and blackmailed her with pictures. Mirantee asks her to clarify what she means and learns that she thinks Satawat had sent her the pictures from the island when she was drugged. Gah, is she going to find out the truth?!

Mirantee fetches her phone and tells Anusaniya that SHE had been the one to send it to her. She paid for the picture and sent it to Ansuaniya to alert her of it, back then they weren’t close. To this day Satawat does not know that someone had taken these pictures. Anusaniya has a sinking feeling, she recalls him saying that he had nothing to do with the pictures and he only just found out about the debt. Mirantee assures her that Satawat had nothing to do with it. Anusaniya tears up, what is she going to do now? Mirantee suggests that she go after him and get him back. An apology won’t hurt.

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Anusaniya looks for Satawat at his mother’s home and discovers that Satawat usually goes away during the end of the school term (no more lectures) and left the month’s debt payment check for her. Mom isn’t letting her get away with how she treated her son. She tells Anusaniya that the doctor cannot be reached via phone, one would need to go get him. Is he where I think he is? Wee! Anusaniya remarks that he told her he would protect her, why did he go so far away?

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Mirantee goes to an art exhibit with Chayakorn and is upset to be introduced as his secretary, but he argues that he didn’t know how to introduce her since they’re not exactly boyfriend/girlfriend. He says she can pick out a painting and he’ll promote it for her (place a bid) to make up for his short sightedness. With a smile, Mirantee places a bid on his behalf on the most expensive painting. Soamika is also at the art show and spats that there’s no way Chayakorn would place a bid for Mirantee unless his taste in woman has certainly taken a nose dive. Chayakorn comes to his girlfriend’s defense and said that Mirantee is the only woman who made him forsake other women. He made an official statement and they sealed it with a picture. Soamika storms away angrily but she gets a text message to meet him in five minutes.

Chayakorn tells Soamika that they still have the same goals in mind but they differ in their methods. Shady. It would be poetic justice if he falls for Mirantee for real. Meanwhile Mirantee is in cloud 9 because Chayakorn announced their relationship and she gets to best Soamika. As they dance at the art show, she admits that Anusaniya and Satawat are on the island where they first met and are having a honeymoon. She bets that if they come to an understanding, then Chayakorn will be holding a grandchild soon. Ah, don’t tell him that.

Cut to the island!

Anusaniya got her wallet stolen and is trying to tell the island folk that her husband will come and get her soon. No one believes that she’s actually Dr. Wat’s wife until the aforementioned man shows up. One of the island guy (who took the blackmail picture) remembers that she’s the same woman who was staying at the doctor’s house awhile ago.

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When asked what Anusaniya’s doing on the island, Anusaniya merely says that she’s coming to get him, they still have the marriage thing to deal with back at home. Satawat wonders if she misses him or came to make it up to him. Lol. But she denies denies denies. He tells her to go home first then, he’s sticking around the island for a bit longer. She reasons that her dad has been asking about him and reminds him that they got married to make her dad feel better. Satawat is surprised she didn’t offer to pay him again but Anusaniya has already realized that he cannot be bought. Knowing that she lost her wallet, he says that if she could acquire cash for him right now, he just might go back home with her. Anusaniya spats that she only owes him the cost of the boat ride, but he owes her millions! Ha, I love the reversal, she’s now in need of his money. Satawat tells her he doesn’t want to go back because of her sharp tongue. IF she asks him nicely and talk to him nicely, he just might consider it. LOL.

And so he sidles next to her and perches on the chair, he says a good start would be that she calls him “Khun Wat.” But she looks frustrated. He tells her to go home then if it’s too hard, he’ll eventually return to the city. Anusaniya refuses to leave until he comes with her, which causes a shriek from the island girl who doesn’t believe that her P’Wat is married to the stranger. Anusaniya shows her that she is indeed his wife, she plants herself on Satawat’s lap and proceeds to wrap her arms around him. Haha.

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That night Satawat tells Anusaniya that he hired the island woman to be his housekeeper, but now that she’s pissed her off, he’s going to have to fend for himself. If she wants him to go back home with her, she’ll have to work off the money that she owes him. That means SHE will have to be HIS housekeeper. Oh, I love this too much. She refuses, but he tells her that everything has a price to it – the food, the place to stay – so she can either stay here for free (live off him) or she can work and be his housekeeper.

Meanwhile Gina is in awe at how the rich live, she goes through Anusaniya’s belongings. Ack. Chayakorn catches her rifling through the closet and drags her to her baby daddy’s room. He warns Lek to keep his girl out of people’s rooms.

Anusaniya struggles with the mosquito net that night and Satawat tells her she ought to take her shower soon because the island shuts off electricity (light) at a certain hour. Frantic, she gets her shower in. When she returns the bed is perfectly made up. She tells him that he should give up his bed since she’s a girl, but Satawat charges her for it. Heh. The bickering is pretty cute, she says he’s gotten quite rude now always bringing up money, and he retorts that he learned it from someone. She tells him she won’t pay up and he invites her to sleep outside then. Good night. Ha and ha.

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Suddenly it’s lights out and Anusaniya jumps quickly into bed with Satawat. She reaches for a phone – any phone to get some light – and grabs HIS phone. Her own sleeping picture greets her as his screensaver, she calls him a pervert and starts looking at his image gallery – there are a ton of pictures taken of her sleeping. OMG. He tells her that she is only cute when she sleeps. Haha.  She wrestles for the phone intending on deleting the pictures, but he says no way, and they tussle for the phone. So that is what the former housekeeper hears when she spies on the house, which sounds a lot like they’re doing the dirty.

He says that if she deletes them, he’ll just have to take new ones. They tussle until things get a little serious and the two are staring into each other’s eyes.. he asks her for the real reason why she came after him.. and then he leans closer and closer towards her lips..

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Such a TEASE. I want MORE. I think we deserve more after all of the misunderstandings and arguments we had to go through to see our Miss Righteous chasing after the kitten after all.

But, I am so glad the misunderstandings – all misunderstandings in fact – have been cleared. The one thing that was holding Anusaniya back from trusting Satawat completely has been removed, so I hope she’s all in now. She can now let her mind actually envision a life with him – because her heart has already made the jump. When he’s not around, she’s constantly thinking about him. He’s showing her what a real man is like, he’ll accept and take everything that is HER, just her. When he questions her what it means when a man does something for a woman just because – even without asking – I’m thinking he means that he’s doing all of these things because he loves her. She doesn’t know it yet, because to her it doesn’t make sense– why would he want to do all of those things without benefiting from it – until she realizes that he’s been doing all of these things already and from the get go.

What I’d like to see more is how Satawat falls/fell in love with our heroine. We have been missing this from his perspective, because he’s just the type of guy who would do all sorts of kind and decent things for anyone. But what makes Anusaniya exceptional and special in his eyes? Aside from she’s his wife, she’s pretty and she will do anything for her father. She has only been mean to him. I know he’s attracted to her – ever since their first encounter – so should I just chalk this up to love at first sight? Or people just love people because they do? First come marriage and then come love? Granted, we know Anusaniya can be sweet, but I’d like to be given more instances where Satawat is thoroughly smitten.

And maybe we’ll get that on the island. I hope they get to stay there for a few days. They certainly need it. Heck, who am I kidding? I certainly need it. Come on Show, I need to see my kitten get cuddles and kisses!

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