Fans of Nadech and Yaya get ready to squeal, there’s a 30 minute fangirl moment in 3 Zaap that only reiterates how cute these two are together. Although they’re really not “together” if you get my meaning.

We open with the crowd going wild as the three cohosts of 3 Zaap strike their poses and introduce the screaming crowd to the beloved on screen pairing: Nadech and Yaya. In this show the lovely duo will discuss their first impressions with each other and how they’ve gotten closer after all of the lakorns they’ve been paired together: Duang Jai Akkanee, Game Rai Game Rak, Torranee Nee Nee Krai Krong, and now, Rising Sun Series: Roy Fun Tawan Deurd.

Not an empty space in the studio, as the fans listen to the couple with rapture. Fans have requested and waited for the show to feature Nadech and Yaya in their segment, now their dream has finally been realized.


Chompoo gets right to the heart of the matter and asks the duo how they feel about their popularity as a couple. Nadech stutters a bit and is thankful for all of the fan’s support over the years. The hosts pick up on his stutter and call him out on it, but Nadech tells them that he’s rusty. The hosts tease him that perhaps he’s rusty because he’s on a show with Yaya. Haa.

If the body language is an indication that two people are in sync, Nadech and Yaya are sitting somewhat further apart but their knees/toes are pointing in each other’s direction. How cute is that? The host tells them to get a little closer, to which Nadech readily obeys. Hee.

The duo are then asked about their first impressions of each other. Nadech explains that he first met Yaya in the casting of ‘4 Hearts of a Mountain’ for Duang Jai Akkanee role. He recalls that she had long hair, she was wearing a black shirt and a skirt. He was in the process of explaining that she was skinny, but the crowd cheers and the hosts interrupt him: he seems to remember all too well his first impression of Yaya, 5 years ago. He goes on saying that she appears to be very foreign and he was afraid to chat with her. The host surmises that Nadech is afraid because Yaya would throw too much English words at him. Lol.

However Yaya tells them that she met her P’Nadech even before he met her. Ooh. Do tell. During the fashion week she was in the process of putting her purse away in the fitting room. But upon her arrival in said fitting room, all of the chairs are taken up by a sleeping man. Nadech took up four chairs while he slumbers away, leaving Yaya dumfounded and unsure where to place her belongings. She remembers ‘the man’ wearing a particular pair of jeans which made her wonder who’d still wear something like that in this day and age. Hahaha. Sounds like Nadech.

The host wonders if her first sighting of Nadech is similar to love at first sight. The fans scream, I scream, well maybe not scream, but totally beaming like an idiot.

Their first interaction during the casting of Duang Jai Akkanee was reserved and quiet. This made Yaya feel that perhaps Nadech is stuck up, too cool for her. She tells everyone that Nadech didn’t make eye contact with her, he was stiff and had a sullen face. Chompoo immediately chimes in that their first impression sounds like something from a lakorn where the p’ek and nang’ek don’t get a long at first but in the end finally fall in love. These hosts are totally making my day.

The hosts then ask whether their connection improved once filming started. Nadech replies that they were still pretty distant, he doesn’t know her on that level yet so they mind their own space. Yaya adds that they didn’t exchange many words, their chatter was brief. He merely asks her whether she has eaten yet. To which spurs the host to tease them that they keep asking about each meal, why haven’t they ‘eaten’ together. The crowd explodes. The way that the host refers ‘eaten’ could also mean ‘tasting’ or ‘sampling’ each other. Hahaha. Nadech clarifies that today he has not ‘eaten’ rice yet.

The two developed their closeness, or became close over the course of the lakorns they were paired together, but it took some time. Chompoo couldn’t believe that they weren’t close from the onset, because in DJA, they had to film a lot of real kiss scenes, hug scenes etc. To show the crowd and audience what she’s talking about, a clip of their love scenes from DJA fill up the screen. Everyone goes wild.


Nadech and Yaya commentate during the clips, with Nadech totally into the clips while Yaya keeps smiling/giggling in embarrassment. Adorable. In one clip, the pool scene where Nadech kisses Yaya right on the mouth, the host teases him that he’s practically swallowing her lips. LOL. Are they embarrassed to film those scenes? The two nod their heads, while Nadech’s ears turn red. Cute. Nadech explains that his ears are red because it’s hot out. Sure. But during those love scenes, they only had two takes because the director (PaaJaew) wanted them to act (kiss/smooch) for real so that they don’t have to keep re-taking those scenes. They asked Nadech how he felt during those love scenes, and Nadech says with a smile that he just does it to get it over with. Haha. Chompoo is totally amused as she kicks her leg out and laughs merrily. Nadech tells them that he was bashful in those scenes. Now Nadech’s face is red, along with his ears.

The host observes that in order to portray those love scenes and be convincing enough, one has to pretend that it’s real. Yaya says while she’s reading the script (before the filming) she would blush . She wants to get it out of her system before she enacts the scene. She goes as far as imagining what the scenes would be like. Preparation is key for her. Nadech says that for him, it’s mental preparation. Nadech says that he would put himself in the p’ek shoes and truly love the nang’ek. The host asks him whether he has fallen in love with Yaya yet then. Hahaha. Everyone screams.

Nadech explains that his feelings aren’t that clear cut. At the time he’s just a guy who’s taking good care of his “sister.” Right. As they go through the course of their lakorns together, namely Game Rai Game Rak, they became closer. Nadech says he worries and cares about her more. The hosts ask for specifics. What does he mean ‘worry’ about her? Chompoo adds that these days they call people being sweet to each other as two people who ‘worry’ about each other. I love Chompoo. She makes the best observations.

Nadech explains that Yaya is a very cute person, well-mannered and someone whom he works really well with. He finds it fun to be in the same lakorn with her because they know each other’s rhythm. The host adds that they have a lot of chemistry. Yaya says that since their first casting (DJA) she had felt that they have good chemistry and good working relationship. This is a man whom she gets and can anticipate his reaction. Aw. Maybe they don’t even know that they are in love.. haa. Crowd cheers and the host questions whether Nadech feels the same way. He smiles and says it’s hard to explain. Nadech says that she’s the type of person whom he could be friends with (outside of work.) The host practically says ‘friends. right…’


Chompoo brings up their second lakorn together, GRGR and says that the love scenes multiplied from DJA. Nadech says that they play a more mature role (more slaps and kisses hee) and Chompoo asks Yaya if she had to prepare herself for those scenes. Nadech chimes in that HE was the one who had to prepare himself. Haha (as if he’s the one who’s being taken advantaged of!) Crowd cheers. The host calls him out that he’s finally embarrassed!

The duo agree that it was really fun filming GRGR. Yaya explains that her character in GRGR doesn’t mind her body. She plays a girl who lost her memory and the one thing she knows is that she loves the p’ek. So she would do everything in order to let him know that she loves him. As Yaya is speaking, we get more clips of GRGR and moments where Yaya’s character makes her move on Nadech’s character. These clips further exonerate how much I love GRGR! When this lakorn aired it was during the flooding. People didn’t get out of their houses and as a volunteer team who hands out offerings to the people, Nadech gets referred to as “Saichon” a lot. The lakorn was received very well.

Yaya says that she’s most bashful in this lakorn (moreso than in DJA.) Because they are virtual strangers and she has to essentially throw herself at him a lot. It’s so cute when she throws in some English words and Nadech helps her translate to Thai. But the two bonded over this lakorn and she started to feel less bashful during the love scenes.

The host asks Yaya if Nadech takes even better care of her now. Yaya says that it’s in Nadech’s nature to take care of people. One of the host agrees because she recalls during one of the fashion shows, Nadech is very considerate and always ensure that everyone is taken care of, whether that’s offering water or pulling out a chair. Furthermore, Yaya never has to wont or need anything because Nadech anticipates her need. Aw, a real life gentleman? How could you not love Nadech even more?


Chompoo brings up their fanclub. She observes that they might be the first couple that has a huge fanclub cheering for them , not just individually. They ask a fan in the audience, one that looks to be the leader of NYclub, or the one that started the club. The fangirl is given a mic and she explains that it’s a group effort, gathered together due to likeminds. At first she was a fan of Yaya first because she’s so cute and has seen her around campus a few times. She wonders how someone could be so classy and cute and a foreigner (not full Thai) too. The fangirl followed Yaya during her fashion shoot at the mall and that’s where she saw Nadech. That’s how she became a fan of the both of them. NY was created because the fangirls see each other at Nadech-Yaya events and decided to come together. They track down the duo’s schedule and make sure that all other NY fans are included in the goings on with Nadech and Yaya. The host is impressed with their dedication, the fans even track the duo down during non filming hours. They would cheer the duo on during their temple visit etc. Cheeky.

Chompoo brings the crowd back to Nadech and Yaya. She mentions that it’s natural that the couple gets close; but that Nadech has his way of ‘courting’ oops she meant he has his ways to get closer to a person. Haha. Nadech explains that he likes to tease people. The hosts want specifics, what does he mean by “teasing?” Apparently Nadech plays a lot of tricks on Yaya. For example, he would cause her to fall many times due to his tricks. The two show them what he likes to do. Everyone wonders whether Yaya pays him back for his tricks. Yaya says it all happens in her head. LOL. Her tricks would cause him to sob and eat off the floor.  But she doesn’t really enact them because she fears he would give it back to her tenfold. The host surmises that when one loves another, one likes to annoy the other person. Heeh. The host offers Yaya to give it to him and she does, but ends up asking if he’s hurt.

There was an occurrence that crossed the line and Yaya was so angry, she didn’t talk to him for two weeks. He was not aware of what he did wrong. Lol. The story goes like this, Nadech likes to chew gum and spit it out. Worse even, he likes to play with his gum. One day, he happens to spit the gum out (unintentionally, Yaya adds) at her. She didn’t realize notice nor pay attention to the gum. So from the beginning of the day to the end of the day, Yaya finally reaches home and brushes her hair. At the root of her hair, gum was stuck, lodged and practically glued to her scalp. Yaya cries in frustration. Her mom even tried to brush it out to no avail. They ended up having to cut her hair because of it. Omg, Nadech! The hosts glare at Nadech, lol. They asked if he’s repentant.

Nadech explains that he didn’t mean for it to land on her hair but that he couldn’t say anything because she had already left for the day. So he just didn’t tell her for the rest of the day?? No text? No phonecalls? Oh Nadech. Maybe I should take back the gentleman comment. He didn’t know why she was ignoring him for two weeks, so he finally asked her what was wrong. He made it up to her by doing a cute begging and by apologizing. They made Nadech reenact his begging scene. Adorable. Yaya said he would apologize over and over until Yaya forgives him. The host mentions that Yaya likes to see him grovel.


Chompoo mentions that even though Nadech tricks Yaya a lot, Yaya does know Nadech’s weaknesses. Oh, do tell. Yaya is more than happy to share her knowledge, she believes she has the dirt on him. She says that her P’Nadech is very self-conscious about his breath. He has to make sure that it smells good all the time. Nadech explains that he’s an actor and he wants to make sure he smells good around the casts. Even the host adds that he has to kiss the nang ek too so he has to make sure he smells good. Hahaha. So Nadech always brushes his teeth! Oral health is important!

Another one of Nadech’s pet peeves is dry elbow. Lol. He’s constantly applying lotion to ensure that his elbows aren’t ashy and dry. He even goes so far as to offer the lotion to fellow cast members (and even Yaya) if she wants to apply lotion to her elbows. Because- in Yaya’s words- P’Nadech won’t love a woman who doesn’t have pretty elbows. ROFL!! The crowd goes wild. Every woman in the room makes sure their elbows aren’t dry. The host asks Nadech that since Yaya’s elbows aren’t dry, he can love her now right? Heeeee. They are killing me, in the best way possible.

But despite all of Nadech’s tricks and teasings, he takes the best care of her. Aw. They asked her what he has done that made her proud. Yaya says everything he does makes her proud. Double aw. He would cover her legs if she’s wearing short skirts, cover her when she’s cold.. severely cute things like that.

The fanclub chimes in and agrees that they’ve observed Nadech taking care of Yaya in every event. That’s what makes him even more adorable. Yaya sits with a shy smile and nods her head. The fangirl says that Nadech takes care of Yaya from head to toe (hehehe) – Nadech even plays the role of her other hair stylist, ensuring that she looks great for the photoshoot or filming.  Who wants a Nadech in their lives? Raise your hands!


The host asks them if they have a deeper feeling/connection to each other moreso than the simple ‘taking care.’ Chompoo gets to the heart of the matter; normal friends/acquaintances won’t take care of each other to this extent. Are they more than friends? Lol, I love Chompoo. Nadech smartly says that Yaya is his closest girl friend in the industry. They also do quite a bit of merit with each other, and involving their fans to do merit with them too. Nadech says that their mothers are involved as well. They’ve all become closer since the first filming of their lakorns. The host surmises that this will make them lovers for many lifetimes to come. Ha. Thais believe that if two people do merit together, they will be together in their next lifetime. Best talk show ever.

I died a little just watching them. A sweet sweet death, that is. Whose face hurt from smiling too much?


*pic credit as tagged, special thanks to NadechYaya’s websites.

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