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One great thing about marriage of convenience or fake marriage plot is that the couple tries to make it believable to everyone else’s eyes, which in turn makes for light hearted laughter and cute moments. We have those in spades in today’s episode. More importantly, feelings are starting to develop even though they find a million reasons why they shouldn’t. But a million reasons don’t matter, when you have one that do.


The newlyweds navigate awkwardly around each other on their wedding night. Anusaniya lands on Satawat’s chest as he tries to brace her fall and she accuses him of taking advantage of her. Satawat surmises that she won’t ever see him in a good light, and Anusaniya says he will always be a calculating person to her. Satawat peels off his tux jacket and spats that he’s not that type, he’s spontaneous and always does whatever he’s thinking. And that looks like it means taking off his clothes in front of her because he’s hot. Ha.

Taunting her, Satawat unbuttons his shirt. Anusaniya warns him just because her father had given him permission (to make babies!) it doesn’t mean he could do whatever he wants. She reminds him nothing is going to happen in their fake marriage but Satawat begs to differ, in lakorns with fake marriages, the couple always end up sleeping with each other. Heh. She tells him it’s not that easy with her and Satawat suggests she don’t look down on him then – at this point his shirt is completely unbuttoned. He says there’s an old saying that if a woman continues to insult a man, it means she wants him to prove it. Anusaniya pushes him away.

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Mirantee spots Chayakorn moping alone in the hallway. His mom thanks her for her hard work today and suggests that Chayakorn take her back to her car at the hotel, but Mirantee mentions she doesn’t want to interrupt Chayakorn who is in the process of making a music video. Haha. Mirantee tells him he doesn’t need to act that way because even though she likes him, she’s not asking him to like her back. They go to a noodle vendor for food since Mirantee had no time to eat at the party, and she reassures him that she’s not the type to get her hopes up because she knows it’s impossible between them. But he on the other hand, should stop thinking about what Nuth and Wat are doing on their wedding night. Irritated, Chayakorn stuffs her mouth with food.

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Anusaniya struggles to remove her dress, it’s the kind that requires another person’s help. *Smiles.* Meanwhile Satawat is outside asking what the heck is taking her so long. She decides she’ll need his help to unzip the dress but doesn’t want him to see her body, so she opts to blindfold him instead – heh, which enables his hand to feel its way down her back instead. Anusaniya is getting a little nervous and tells him to hurry it up. He pulls his blind fold down so he can see the zipper and tugs it down. Haha. Our doctor is not so chivalrous!

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Satawat falls asleep on the bed as Anusaniya changes into her pajamas. She tries to wake him to no avail. At the same time, she notices a text message coming in for him and takes a peek. It’s Soamika! Intending to ruin their wedding night by sending him emojis. Anusaniya, bless her petty heart, snuggles into the good doctor’s arms and starts taking sweet pictures of them. She sends those pictures to Soamika who nearly bursts a blood vessel. Hahaha.

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Anusaniya even does the kissy faces and gets extra close to the sleeping doctor, who turns just at the right time and touches his lips to hers. Hee.

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The next morning Satawat realizes he must have slept like the dead last night. He notices Anusaniya asleep on the couch and goes to tuck her in – and wondered why he’s smiling. As he’s getting ready for the day, he even puts toothpaste on her toothbrush. Why is that so cute? But Anusaniya sets boundaries for them, they can’t mix clothes, can’t sleep on the same bed, etc etc. When she saw the toothbrush, she rinses the toothpaste out claiming that she’s not going to fall for that. Such a buzz kill, this one.

Our perfect doctor even cooks breakfast for everyone – says he’s used to making breakfast for his mom every morning. The aunties gush over how great he is, and they even tease the newlyweds for matching their clothing (much to Anusaniya’s chagrin) and note that they must have had a long night since the bride is still yawning and the groom’s back seems to be hurting. Anusaniya is embarrassed but Satawat tells her there’s nothing to be ashamed about – it’s only natural. Ha. Chayakorn leaves the breakfast table, unable to swallow another bite. Later Anusaniya tells Satawat to mind his words, she doesn’t like for people to misunderstand, but Satawat argues that is what he’s doing, if people find out they’re not sharing the same bed, she would look bad. The teasing carry over all the way to work where the employees notice that Dr. Satawat has a hard time picking up his folders.

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Soamika shows up at the hospital and demands to know why he’s so heartless and sending her pictures of their wedding night. Satawat doesn’t deny it and tells her to resolve her feelings. Soamika vows she will not lose another person to Anusaniya – she will make the doctor come back to her. Er, ok.

Anusaniya tells Mirantee the terms of their marriage agreement – that it will only last for 3 years and she thinks Satawat will try to make a baby with her in order to shave off the debt. She’s trying to find a way to protect herself and get the doctor out of the house. Mirantee is instructed not to tell Chayakorn. If it weren’t for her uncle, she wouldn’t have gotten into this mess in the first place.

Anusaniya tries to broach the subject of him going back home, that maybe he misses his mother, and who would take care of his mother, and that she wouldn’t mind it at all if he did want to move back – but Satawat shoots them all down and thanks her for worrying. They get ready for bed and Anusaniya gets indignant about him walking around shirtless, but he tells her she’s lucky he’s wearing pants. Haha. The maid found Anusaniya’s phone and brings it to her boss, but Anusaniya did not lock the door – so the maid gets to see them almost compromised. Heh.

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A new problem arise at Anusaniya’s work – someone has a copy of their newest product even before it was released. Chayakorn surmises that there’s a leak internally and he’s investigating who’s responsible.

Chayakorn overhears his mom and brother discussing about Nuth and the doctor – in that they wonder if the doctor can make Nuth fall in love with him within the three years. Dad thinks something good is bound to happen within that timeframe, but mom says that once the time is up, she’s afraid the good doctor would walk out of Nuth’s life. Dang it, Chayakorn knows and is hopeful again.

He goes searching for her – while she’s taking a freaking bath. He overhears her yelp from the door (she slipped) and unlocks her door with a chain of keys apparently kept for emergencies. Chaya tells her that she need not worry about the doctor, he already knows they’re only marrying for three years. At the same time Satawat arrives home and as he enters his bedroom, he sees Chaya in the room with Nuth in her robe. Ah, this doesn’t look good. Anusaniya explains nothing happened and kicks her uncle out of the room with a final word that this is between her and her family, outsiders should not meddle.

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Satawat says that they’ll be together for three years, she should come clean about her relationship with her uncle. Anusaniya explains that nothing happened and nothing ever happened between her and her uncle, but Satawat doesn’t believe it, why else would her father try to redeem her reputation (in Thai they use the term ‘washing in the basket’ which literally means washing away the dirty, like you would do to fruits/veggies). Anusaniya takes offense in that and says she won’t explain anymore, he can go ahead and think whatever he wants. Satawat rages that she can go ahead and be with her uncle, but she best lock the door next time in the event her dad or grandma walks in. Oof. That mouth of yours, doctor.

Satawat showers in what seems a mixture of disbelief and anger. He keeps recalling the events he has seen them together and what other people has said about them.

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That night Satawat works outside of the bedroom since Anusaniya could not sleep with the lights on. Grandma learns that he works extra hard every day so he can repay the debt as fast as he can, that means he sometimes forego meals. He says that he has lost all of his pride and honor by marrying for money (which is how he truly feels) and the best he could do to make himself feel better about the situation is to work hard to pay off the debt. Tough for a man with so much pride.

Anusaniya wonders why he’s up so late – is he pouting? I love that she cares so much about what he thinks despite saying that she doesn’t care. As she gets up, she spots his phone and curiously peruse the texts from Soamika again. He catches her snooping – much to her embarrassment – and they tussle to get the phone back. She tells him that the phone was loud so she HAD to turn it off.

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In the morning Chayakorn displays a show of disdain with the breakfast, knowing that Satawat made it. He overtly asks Anusaniya if he could pour her another cup of coffee, but Satawat steps in and says that that’s a husband’s job. He adds that too much caffeine isn’t healthy for her anyways and Anusaniya plays along, she will drink whatever her husband feels is best. Dad can feel the tension between Chaya and Wat, who has a face off by the front door. Chayakorn says that it’s going to take more than three years to soften Anusaniya up because she’s not Soam. He thinks his love with Anusaniya is deeper than that (still delusional) and it’s not wrong if they aren’t related. Satawat says never mind the truth, but he’s married to Anusaniya so Chayakorn better stay away from her. He threatens that the next time something like last night happens again, he’s going to move out of the house with Nuth. He will do anything to protect her reputation.

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Grandma instructs Anusaniya to take care of Satawat regardless of the reason why they got married – whether out of love or convenience. After talking to him last night, Grandma feels that he’s a good and sensitive man, he’s working himself to the bone trying to pay off the debt and getting his freedom. Grandma wants Nuth to consider him and not let the debt become an obstacle from getting to know him and giving herself a chance.

Wedding pictures are in and Anusaniya wants nothing to do with them.

Soamika proposes to Chayakorn that they should combine their powers and break up Satawat and Anusaniya. They can easily do this before the three years is up, she is certain of this.

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Satawat has dinner with his mother and shovels food into his mouth. Mom wonders whether he has been starving living at his in laws. She thinks maybe he needs assistance in having a baby and gives him “baby sure” box so that it can stick better. Lol. Mom just wants him to have a baby so they can pay off the debt faster.

Grandma encourages Anusaniya to prepare some apples for Satawat, and that he will be pleased if she did it herself. Anusaniya attempts to peel the apple but nicks herself – Chayakorn walks in to see this and tells her that that’s unlike her. Why is she trying to cater to the doctor? Anusaniya tells him she’s just taking care of her husband.

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So she waits up for Satawat to get home, with her tubberware of sliced apples. Why is that so cute? Ha. When Satawat walks in, she feigns to drink a glass of water and pushes at the Tupperware. Hint hint. She cracks me up. She hands over the apples in case he gets hungry late at night, but he declines, saying that he has already eaten and she should keep them for herself. Aw, the disappointment on her face. But that changes quickly as she angrily throws the apple in the garbage.

Satawat finally understands why she’s so angry when Grandma asks whether he has eaten the apples that Nuth had peeled for him, and he runs after Anusaniya. He sits right in front of her and proceeds to eat the apples. Hahaha. Omg these two are so funny. She chastises him for eating things that were thrown away. He tells her they’re clean – in fact the apples are sweet, smells great and delicious. She bets it doesn’t make him as full as the dinner he just had, but Satawat explains that he had to eat his fill since his mother cooked for him, otherwise she would be upset. He wonders if she thought he had dinner with Soam instead and that’s why she’s upset, haha. She tells him she’s not jealous and he better not bring up that name in her room again.

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When Anusaniya isn’t looking, Satawat deposits the little gift from his mom in the garbage. As he tends to the cut on her finger, he tells her there is a benefit in marrying a doctor. He turns on his charm and gets close, but Anusaniya promises it’s not effective with her because she knows what he’s like. She tells him to get out of the room, only to smile shyly, totally affected by his treatment. Haha. As she throws the cotton away, she sees the baby sure box in the garbage. She recalls her father’s proposal about them having a baby and realizes that Satawat might be serious about seducing her.

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She shows the box to Mirantee to confirm her suspicions. Mirantee tries to assure her friend that the doctor doesn’t seem like that type but Anusaniya thinks people are capable of anything when they’re desperate. Besides, he asked her last night if she got her period yet. What? So random. She doesn’t tell Mirantee how effective his charms are, haha. She might be more concerned that SHE can’t resist HIM. Anusaniya is determined to find a way to live separately from him, she’s not going to risk it.

So she goes to his lecture and introduces herself to the class. She says she wants to listen in on the lecture because she wants to see her husband at work. But instead she laughs loudly and disrupts the class by talking on the phone. Perhaps she’s trying to shame him into ending things with her? Satawat wakes her up after his class ended and questions what she’s up to. He thinks she’s trying to annoy him and tells her to go home, but she pops in as a cheerleader and tells his patients to get better soon. Haha.

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Satawat drags her out of the patient’s room, Anusaniya says innocently that she’s just trying to be a good wife. He tells her that if she’s worried he would see Soam, she can rest assured because he doesn’t have time for anything but work, as she can see. Anusaniya merely smiles coyly and follows him to his next task- patient education on how to detox the liver at home. His voluntary demonstrator today is Nuth of course, and he guides her step by step, as the patients watch, on how to do this at home. I love the first step of simply washing of the hands – he cleans between her fingers and massages them too. Ha. Everyone gushes on how cute they are. The last step of finding the spot where you insert the tube is another squeal worthy scene as the good doctor wraps his arms around her waist.

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One of the patients is very thankful for Dr. Satawat and gives him a basket of fruits and an envelope of money. The patient tells Anusaniya that she’s lucky to have a husband like Dr. Satawat, but Anusaniya refuses the fruit basket and pockets the money, saying that the good doctor has a lot of debt. Satawat kindly refuses both and pulls her aside. He questions what she is up to and she tells him that he can stop trying to make himself look good in front of others – to which he denies that he wasn’t trying – so Anusaniya says to prove it to her that she’s lucky to have him. One way to do that is to take her shopping. Whereby she purchases expensive shoes and claims to have forgotten to bring her wallet. She’s determined to spend all of his money and see if he can still stand it.

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Soamika spots them at the mall and Anusaniya tells her that Satawat is trying to cater to her that’s why he’s spending so much money on her. Trying to escape from Soam, Anusaniya pulls Satawat into a lingerie shop. Soam instigates that Satawat actually prefers it if she doesn’t wear anything at all. Pfft. Satawat tells Anusaniya not to believe Soam since nothing happened between them. Soam follows Anusnaiya to the dressing room and says that she knows they’re only pretending. But Anusaniya tells her that in fact they are trying to have a baby. Ha.

Satawat joins Anusnaiya in her dressing room and exclaims that the bra looks great on her, knowing that Soam is in the room next door. But as he covers Anusaniya’s mouth, the two end up staring intently at each other. Soam barges in the room and tells them they can continue lying to people but she won’t believe it for a minute because Nuth will never get to be intimate with the doctor.

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Angrily Nuth storms out of the room and leaves her bag in there. Satawat notices that she did bring her wallet with her and demands to know why she lied. Anusaniya says husband and wife should share a wallet and he should be giving more instead of always taking from her. She storms out, but another item that fell out of the purse is her ring. He fumes in anger. He calculates the amount of money he spent today and writes her a check for the remainder that he owes this month – saying that he’s deducting that money from the repayment plan because she intended to mess with him. She says it’s missing ten thousand but he says he deducted the cost of the ring too, because it doesn’t belong on the floor. He tries to put it back on her finger, but she argues that he wants something from her too- a baby! She takes out the box of baby sure. He explains his mom gave it to him and he wasn’t planning on using it, but Anusaniya isn’t appeased. She says he’s playing dirty. When he tries to offer her fresh squeeze orange juice the next morning, she thinks he drugged it.

Mom joins them at the family breakfast table, surprising both Satawat and Anusaniya. Mom says she has prepared fertility friendly food for him, (hahaha) and will be sending it over every morning. Aunt Nan pierces a hotdog right when mom is talking about sperm counts. Omg. So embarrassing. Satawat whisks his mom away and tells her not to come by again if that’s why she came. He says there’s no way they’ll have a baby which makes mom question why. The maid surmises that maybe the two hasn’t done the dirty, and mom assigns her to make this happen.

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Meanwhile back to Mirantee’s story. She had always wanted to be a political reporter. She thought her boss had agreed she can start writing about it now that she accomplished her task, however, he said he’d think about it if she could write an article relating the love story/triangle between Nuth, Wat, Soam and Chaya with a political twist. If she can do that and it makes it in the papers, he would consider letting her write about politics indefinitely. As she wonders how she could relate the two, Mirantee plays a game of basketball with some kids to relieve her stress. Chayakorn shows up and offers to play with her, but she’s too distracted by his closeness.

Chayakorn asks her why she’s feeling down and Mirantee admits that her dream of being a political reporter has come to an end. He notices the article about Nuth’s wedding and immediately gets angry, he chastises her that she will never become one because she’s too busy writing about nonsensical gossip columns and spreading stories.

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The hospital employees try to prevent Soamika from entering Dr. Satawat’s office to no avail, luckily Satawat is able to hide in time. But Soamika states he won’t be able to hide from her forever. She goes to see Chayakorn next, and gets her answer: he will help her breakup Nuth and Dr. Wat, but it has to remain a secret. Soamika promises that people will only know that Soamika is behind this.

That night Anusaniya is all jumpy, she keeps thinking Satawat will seduce her. Lol. She even has a Taser at the ready. When Satawat accidentally trips over the cot and lands on her, she immediately uses it on him. The maid eavesdrop from the door and laughs, thinking that the two are going at it hard. Earlier she had sprayed their bed with blessing water. She phones mom to let her know it’s working.

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Back in bed, the two tussle. Satawat wonders if she’s trying to kill him, and out of anger she spats that she hates him, and that she especially hates gold diggers like him. Satawat warns her not to insult him otherwise he’ll play rough with her. He keeps her prisoner under his body and it looks like he would punish her with a kiss, but he stops himself. They are suspended in mid kiss, staring intently at each other. 

* These scenes always make me a little nervous, why is it that rough words can’t be reciprocated with rough words- but instead the man always uses his strength? Then again she might also want to put the taser away..

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Whew, our good doctor is not a brute right? Kinda sorta. Show- please don’t continue to resort to violence, even if it ends up with the couple’s starry eyes.

I like how Grandma tells Anusaniya that she has to look beyond why they got married and give it a real chance. The supporters of Satawat-Anusaniya’s relationship far outweighs the Debbie downers, but I’m really looking forward to seeing how Satawat and Anusaniya develop that bond genuinely and without manipulations. Right now their attraction is growing by the simple things they do for each other, he’s putting toothpaste for her every morning, making her juice and bringing milk to her at night – and in turn she prepares late night snacks for him because he works so much. They both care that the other misunderstands and quickly try to correct them. All steps in the right direction.

By the same token, we are at the crux of the same argument from Anusaniya, she hates him because he’s a gold digger, thus she can’t come to love him because she thinks he has ulterior motives. The argument will remain the same if Satawat does not show her that he’s trustworthy. And when they can’t move past the stigma, it’s going to be easy for Soamika and Chayakorn to break them up. I hope Show takes us down an unfamiliar road, instead of the well-used fake marriage plot devices. We’ve still got time, besides, the process of falling in love is my favorite part anyway.