A lot of things, certainly, Nok surmise. He is Khun Rarb’s bitch, so indebted and grateful for all that Khun Rarb has done for him that he willingly, voluntarily offers to do all of the dirty work for his best friend, master and angel from above. If Khun Rarb hadn’t been the charming bastard that he is, Nok’s assumed job wouldn’t have been so pleasant.

But heaven above, it’s a fucked up world these rich people live in. Being the loyal and obedient miser that he is, Nok merely observe quietly to himself. He dare not utter his opinions nor offer recriminations. He only ponders and carries out any orders. But you can’t blame him for his thoughts. In fact, you don’t.

One of Nok’s daily responsibilities is to watch over Khun Rarb’s muse, her name is See. They (Khun Rarb and See) have been getting it on for a while now, under strict agreement that matrimony is not at the end of the road. Nok ensures that See is provided for, she receives an allowance, a townhome, and usually other trinkets she require. But when things started getting serious on one side (you could figure out which), Nok doesn’t even blink an eye when he has to take on another role: as her fake brother. Well, in front of the public’s eye, that is. Namely in front of a Khun Ying Rasika, Khun Rarb’s current obsession.

The goal obviously is to force Khun Ying to marry Khun Rarb. Forget the fact that Nok would appear to be the fucked up brother who condones his best friend to sleep with his sister, then once his best friend impregnates his sister, he’ll be all nonchalant about it. Since Khun Ying is none the wiser about the relationship that is not, he would fool her to think that he’s See’s brother and demand payment for his sister’s pain and suffering for the accident that she caused. They are utilizing another woman’s tragedy (because she did end up losing her baby) as a means for their own end. This, along with Khun Ying’s uncle’s threat to take the palace, propels Khun Ying with no other choice than to marry Khun Rarb.

Granted, Khun Ying is unable to fathom losing the palace, nor fail so horribly that even her palace maids are potentially kicked to the streets. Nok has to give it to Khun Ying though, despite the circumstances that seemingly happen beyond her control, she doesn’t go down without a fight. It is almost a battle of ‘how much more can we screw Khun Ying over?’ Just thinking about the dysfunctional family that his buddy belongs to, makes Nok sweat. He does not like to sweat.

Take Rung for example. On her own accord- probably because she shares the same sneaky blood type with her brother – Rung puts her own scheme together to steal Khun Ying’s boyfriend. If money could buy a palace, pay off fake debts and force someone to marry another, than paying a grown man to be her boy toy is probably not stretching it much.

So if you’re keeping tabs, Khun Ying is screwed over by Khun Rarb, his sister, and his father- who happens to be the man she despised and even married her mother! Oh her mother! If there isn’t a more useless person in this already messed up world. Did she really ask Khun Ying whether she agreed to marry Khun Rarb out of love? Someone give her a face palm. Did she really think that Khun Ying, who not only has a boyfriend, but hardly knows Khun Rarb, would willingly marry Khun Rarb without being blackmailed? Nice one, mom. It’s no wonder your daughter has so little faith in you.

Nok understands that Khun Rarb wants to protect Khun Ying, because she’s a single, helpless girl all alone in this world. But if you ask Nok, a safe house from her greedy, bloodthirsty relatives will do.

Perhaps the apple does not fall far from the tree. Khun Rarb is quite the virile man like his father. Apparently Jao Sua has sired many children, two sons and three daughters to be exact, and has his own psycho ex-lover/wife who got kicked out of the big house for being accused of killing the first wife. She has been brainwashing her already mentally unstable son that he ought to protect his inheritance! Oh the drama! Rarm (her son) had been exiled abroad to treat his mental condition (to which we’re not sure what he has, is it bipolar? One can only assume) thus upon his return to Thailand, he is treated like an uninvited guest. Nobody invited the crazy.

And that my friends, aren’t the only fucked up things that Nok help facilitate. There will be more. So when Nok occasionally think bad thoughts about his employer, his friend, his angel from above, we don’t blame him. In fact, we encourage them. After all, money cannot buy his thoughts. But it certainly buys a whole shitload of things..

Creative writing inspired by episode 3 of Samee – Fia