Is the end of the year really upon us? Perhaps if I keep saying this, time will slow down?

This year is not the most productive lakorn watching year for me, in spite of the collage of lakorns you see in the picture above. I find myself seemingly stuck in the former half of the year, praising primarily the Gentlemen Series. This has more to do with my out of control work schedule and busy social life for the latter half of the year, then the desire not to watch lakorns. Because I wish I have time to watch everything.

Who doesn’t love a story world that takes you away from your normal world? A la the Gentlemen Series, we’ve been given an outstanding world, loveable characters and so many new pairings to fangirl over. If we can get four exceptional lakorns out of the year, that is more than I can say for prior years. Other standout lakorns this year are Dao Kiaw Duen, for meeting its lighthearted romcom expectations, and ironically, as much as I harp about 3 Taharn Suea Sao Series, I found some entertainment value from it, namely Mon Jantra.

I’ve only barely scratched the surface on the three currently airing lakorns, Samee, Madam Dun and Rak Sudrit, thus without enough substance to form an opinion of the show aside from my first impressions. Although I would say all three have potential.

So I’m going to turn the final month and the year-end review to you, my readers. Because at this rate, you have likely seen more Channel 7 lakorns (since I have seen zero) and have a more well-rounded view on the happenings in the lakorn world (Ch.5 and Ch.3 combined) than I can admit to possessing in 2013. So the podium is yours!

WAIT.. before you rush to the podium, make sure you vote first! You can vote as many times as you desire, lakorns are randomized! Voting ends 12/31/2013 @ midnight.

List taken from Asianfuse.