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This show is SO good. Episode three delves into the personalities of the children and we get a development regarding the parents, which is getting interesting. I don’t mind seeing the adorable kids put on a good performance, cause they are so darn cute. I can see all sorts of interesting potential as they grow older. I think we have an underrated lakorn on our hands here, my friends, what a surprising hit thus far.

After Feurng takes her own life, Rangsiya Palace is not the same anymore. The relationship between Than Chai and Than Ying is strained at best, Than Ying doesn’t look at him the same way anymore.

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One day, a big storm carries Feurng back to her boss, and I’m so used to typical horror lakorn that I almost braced myself, thinking, maybe she’ll become Than Ying’s pet? But much to my surprise, she comes back looking dark and a tad scary (you know, because she’s a ghost) but she’s still her usual self towards Than Ying: watching over her, just being with her. Essentially, keeping her tail end of the bargain that she will protect her. It’s really quite like she hasn’t died at all. I like.

But she can’t help but wreak her own vengeance towards Than Chai, who still refuses to see his son. Feurng possesses Than Ying’s body for an instance, enough to get a reaction out of Than Chai’s face as he shockingly trips and tumbles down the stairs.

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Six years passes by.

Little Chai Diew is acquainted with little Chat since they go to the same school. Every time Little Chat talks with Little Chai Diew, he makes his sister, Lima, wait for him in the car. I love Lima, she’s quite a ruckus. On their way home, Lima spots Little Rung walking home with her mom and calls her over to ride with them. But Little Chat forbids it as he glares at Little Rung. The grudge is lodged in his heart.

Meanwhile, Little Chai Diew arrives home and greets his mom, Than Ying, who is so pleased to see him. You can tell the genuine love she has for him. As per his daily ritual, he goes to his dad’s room to read him a book. Than Chai is incapacitated from his fall six years prior. The book Little Chai Diew chooses to read reminds Daddy too much of his beloved Bulahn that he yells at the child to get the hell out. And so the kid does, bursting into tears as he runs out of his daddy’s room. So sad.

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He runs all the way outside where he cries from the lack of warmth from his father. Little Rung is a mere lake away, crying too from Little Chat’s treatment of her. The twins, despite being far from each other, are still so connected that they can feel each other’s emotions unknowingly. They even run and fall at seemingly the same time. As Little Chai Diew gets up, we see a man on a rowboat, covering his face with a hat.

The man who’s been watching Chai Diew is Yord, the mute. He reports back to Bulahn that her boy is being treated well over there. She’s excited to hear this, not knowing that his own father doesn’t accept him. Little Chat has been catching them talking and he suspects they are deceiving him, but his father and grandmother wouldn’t believe him. Angry, he goes to bully Little Rung instead.

Little Rung, whom Lima calls “tua lek” (little one) because they are the same age, but Rung is still so much smaller. Besides, Lima likes to play big sister, a mediator between Little Rung and her P’Chat. When he spots her hiding behind Lima, he yanks on her ponytail. This is not the act of a little boy who crushes over a little girl. He truly dislikes her. Little Chat even grabs her by the chin. Without realizing that he’s being a little too rough, he pushes her to the ground, where her head hits the side of the door and cuts open. Ah, so mean.

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After making her bleed, the little rascal runs to hide in his room. Little Rung tells grannie through her tears that she’s not hurt. Ha, but Lima doesn’t let her brother slide and tattles on him. Despite being a little rascal, we see a very sad side to him too. He runs to his mom’s room and cries to her, he wonders how she’s doing, if she’s eaten yet. Aw. He tells her that he misses her and that he feels sorry for her because these people are taking over her place.

Daddy Phote has a man-to-man talk with Little Chat. I like how he treats him like an adult. He asks him whether he knows why his mother named him “Chat,” and the boy replies with pride, it means a high place. Daddy asks if he knows why his mother gave him that name? Little Chat explains that he is like the air, something high up “lom yin” (cool air). His daddy wonders if he has acted like his name at all? Shouldn’t they offer hospitality to people who are coming from the hot (troubled times) to the cool (peaceful times.)? Little Chat still says that he doesn’t like it though, which forces daddy to say that he would have to make them leave then, because Chat is his son and he should want him to be happy. But our little rascal has a heart, and says that if he forces them to go, then they won’t have a place to be. Finally, he admits that it was his fault that Little Rung was hurt. He leaves it up to his daddy, the Magistrate, to determine the punishments. I love them.

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It gets better. Daddy decides that since he’s the justice, he could only decide whether that culprit’s actions are condemnable, someone else must do the punishing. It is decided that Little Rung would spank him. Hah! Oh this is epic.

Little Rung is tough and sweet. She tells her mom that she is capable of spanking Little Chat because if someone else does it, it would hurt even more. Aw. Her mom creates the smallest possible stick to punish Little Chat. But even before she could give him a soft spanking on the butt, Little Rung passes out because she had been sick. Which makes Little Chat feel even smaller since he bullied her while she’s sick. He softens a bit towards her, and wakes his sister up early the next morning to make her check on Little Rung. Hah.

Meanwhile, Little Chai Diew falls ill as well, apparently if his sister is sick, so is he. Cute. He gets a nightmare about his own daddy and cries, Khun Ying goes to him from Feurng’s beckoning. She learns that Than Chai is still mean to her son so she confronts the man. She wants to assure him that Chai Diew is his biological son, but Than Chai still believes the latter. Which is sad, and will be his biggest regret once he finds out the truth.

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The servants at the palace are starting to see apparition of Feurng. They are petrified. But one day, Feurng alerts Than Ying not to let Chai Diew play in the water. But as Than Ying runs towards the pond to find her son, Chai Diew is already starting to drown. The servants stood by, not able to help (they can’t swim??) until the man who had a cramp in his leg is able to save Chai Diew in time. This pisses Than Ying off to no end, and she says to them that Feurng was the one to alert her. Even though the maid is dead, she means well, while those who are alive, could only sit by the sideline. She yells at them not to talk meanly of Feurng’s ghost again.

Meanwhile Lima and Little Rung are by the water too. But this time, Lima is experiencing the same instances as Chai Diew, she almost drowned in the water. Perhaps these two are meant to be. Heh. Yord saves her in time, but Little Chat blames his sister’s state on Little Rung, which his daddy tells him is nonsense. It’s easy to see that Lima is devious all on her own. Hah. Daddy advises Little Chat that he can think like this as a child, but if his mind doesn’t change when he gets older, he will be very unhappy. Truer words.

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Daddy Phote starts to develop some attraction towards Jan after he realizes that his kids need a mom too. He makes his move that night, under the bright moon. He tells her that maybe it’s time her and Little Rung have an easier life. Oh boy. Jan just looks at him questionably. Yeah, he’s hitting on you lady!

That’s not going to go over well with the little devil, Chat.

The kids are so cute, but I’m so ready for them to be older. By episode four, we shall see whether Chat will change his mind towards Rung or whether he will continue to be a total jerk. As for Chai Diew, dang, my heart goes out to him. I think I’m going to be shipping Chai Diew and Lima!

Minus the rough background music (we are watching a horror lakorn after all), I do like the drama aspect of it, they do it so well, so classy. The tables are turned on me, I didn’t expect Than Chai to be handicapped. But I’m still loving the relationship between Than Ying-Feurng and Than-Ying-Chai Diew. There’s so much more in store for us, and I’m excited to see how it will play out. Besides, Pop Tagore looks mighty fine in the previews! It’s good to see his face again after Khun Chai Ronnapee.