The second episode into Kaen Sanaeha (Furious Love), and I’m decidedly rooting for Khun Ying Kaekai. Bulahn is too weak of a woman to me, and even though she and Than Chai loved each other prior to marrying Khun Ying, Bulahn is still encroaching on someone’s marriage. Granted, we’re in a period drama where it’s ok to have multiple wives (who could seemingly get along ala Juthathep’s parents) but I don’t have a great respect for Bulahn. Her character is just a sappy romantic who misses her man so, and is willing to be an inferior. Whereas Khun Ying, who despite walking into an arranged, loveless marriage, she still hoped for some affection, although accepting that Bulahn is Than Chai’s true love. But Than Chai is so cruel, he has no considerations of her feelings, so it’s completely justifiable that her maid Feurng, who is more than a maid- she’s a friend, a sister, a mother- comes to her Khun Ying’s defense.

A cardboard box villain she is not. I adore the interrelationship between maid-boss. This is not your typical period drama where the maid is simply a loyal maid then causing us to scratch our heads as to why she’s so loyal. But this lakorn takes it’s time in showing us, convincing us that the love between maid and boss is mutual. Khun Ying is so poised and reasonable, and even though she appears to be the cold, stoic woman, there’s a lot of backbone and steel inside. She’s definitely not stupid. Upon learning of her maid’s guilt and bad deed, she accepts it (and doesn’t condone it) but is willing to find her the best lawyer to defend her. She loves her maid like family, Feurng is the only one left in this world who truly loves her. That is why my heart goes out to Khun Ying. I’m a sucker for lonely souls.

But all might be too late for Feurng, she’s in too deep. Than Chai hates her, like gut wrenching, I will kill you, kind of hate. I love to watch this battle between Than Chai and Feurng, wondering who would come out on top. Both have their reasons to hate each other: Than Chai thinks Feurng killed his beloved Bulahn, while Feurng despises Than Chai’s neglect towards Than Ying. You wonder how they haven’t killed each other already just by the way they glare at each other. Dayam, that’s some good acting.

Than Ying confronts Than Chai, wondering what he would do if Bulahn comes back alive. But Than Chai doesn’t regret his actions, he even wants to deal with Feurng himself, screw the law. But Than Ying stands up to him, as well as the rest of the servants in the palace: that they have their own reasons as to why they think something is right or wrong, it is in the eyes of the beholder. Feurng loves her because she’s protective of her. The maids hate Feurng because they are protective of Than Chai. We all have our reasons. I love that despite the chaos, Than Ying is so poise and strong. She looks at her baby boy and tells him that she doesn’t care who his biological parents are, but that he’s innocent in all of this, and that she will keep him as innocent and as removed from this debacle as possible.

One thing is clear though, the events that transpired are all so genuine, it derives not so much from the plot but from the character’s deepest desires. Which makes for a very compelling watch. That’s some good writing. Ahem, weak lakorn writers, are you paying attention?!


So Feurng inevitably slits her own throat in front of Than Chai and the cops who are coming to apprehend her. Than Ying is in disbelief until she sees her maid’s corpse. Covering Feurng with her expensive, hand knitted shawl, she says goodbye to her mate. Sometimes love doesn’t necessarily have to arise from a man-woman relationship. The other kind of unconditional love is motherly, bffs, etc. It’s such a poignant scene to watch Than Ying remember her dear and only companion who has raised her, protected her, and loved her. Now she’s truly alone in this world. But she has Khun Chai Diew (which means only boy) to dote and I want to see Than Ying versus Than Chai now, because Than Ying will go to bat for Chai Diew who is being neglected by his father. We have a whole new slew of character and relationship complexities.

Our leads haven’t grown up yet, but Little Chat still hates the newcomers. Bulahn, the mute and her daughter have decided to stay at their savior’s mansion, hiding their identity until the right time presents itself. Little Rung (rainbow) will grow up with little means, we shall see to what extent she will be bullied by Little Chat.

I am so looking forward to Chai Diew and Than Ying’s mother-son relationship, as well as Little Chat versus Little Rung. What great storytelling so far!