Happy summer, dearest readers.

Perhaps it’s always sunny where you’re at, and wishing you a sunny day is a moot point. But where I’m at, where it rains 9 months out of the year, it’s important for me to soak up the sun.

Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic or emotional these days because my favorite series – really, of all time, trying not to be dramatic here- has come to an end and I’ve not much to look forward to as far as lakorn goes.

So I’ve decided, with only a few months left of summer, that I’m going to go smell the roses, or maybe travel or something or other.

What can you expect for the upcoming days, weeks, months?

I’m counting on Jia (my wonderful guest writer) to continue on with her recaps of Khun Samee Kamalor Tee Rak, which is published once a week. I will do a review of Fah Krajang Dao when it ends (so dropping recaps because let’s be real guys, I’m just not feeling this one.) Heck, some of you prefer to read my reviews anyway over recaps (no?) Also, I will do a series review for Sarm Taharn Suea Sao once Fah Krajang Dao ends, much like the one I did for Suparburoot Juthathep series, minus the awards because we already know who’s walking way with a trophy here, right? Alas, I will continue to watch Kaen Sanaeha and maybe write a combined weekly review. Am I missing anything else?

Perhaps you haven’t caught the summer bug, or it’s always so sunny where you’re at that you’re just over it, then please drop me a line because there are lakorns that needs recapping, they certainly won’t recap on their own.

Feel free to share your summer plans, your lakorn plans or plans just to veg out. Venting is therapy, yunno? And we have this platform to do so. So vent away.