We are closing out the 3 Musketeers Series with Fah Krajang Dao, starring Matt Peeranee and Boy Pakorn as Meekana and Sarawat Heran respectively. The series started out sweet and romantic with Maya Tawan, then action packed with Mon Jantra, and now, we have a serious drama on our hands. This final story tackles the grave and challenging issues affronting society, especially prostitution and human trafficking, which mirrors our heroine’s childhood struggles. Her painful upbringing propels Meekana to pursue crime reporting within Siam Sarn, and she meets chief police inspector (Sarawat) Heran who is not only someone she runs into and works closely with, but this Sarawat rekindles those human emotions that Mee worked so hard to keep locked up.

“A man like you has the opportunity to meet many women, not one who is suppressive or have family issues like me.”

“I know you’re scared. You’re afraid to open the feelings that you’ve carefully hid for so long. But I will wait for you, I won’t go anywhere.”

In “Perd Gong Wic 3” which is a special that channel 3 releases prior to the debut of a prime-time drama, Matt Peeranee admits that Meekana is a role that is very different from her own personality. Mee is well mannered, quiet and ladylike. It took a while for Matt to find that right voice for Mee, but when she does, her coworkers are impressed. Margie (who plays Waree) tells the camera that Matt does such a good job portraying Mee that we shouldn’t really believe her because she’s not like that in real life. Ha. But Matt wants to convince us she’s capable of playing this role. Based on what I’ve seen so far in both Maya Tawan and Mon Jantra, I think she doesn’t need to worry about the critics. The jury is already out. And I think she’s splendid.

Boy Pakorn mentions that he had wanted to collaborate with Matt for some time now but that the timing was never right. He has seen her in other lakorns and admired her work, and now that he had the opportunity to work with her, he feels that she’s a great actress. The director agrees that Matt emote the drama and angsty scenes very well.

And she’s a perfectionist. Despite being funny and teasing behind the scene, she wants to get every emotional aspect of the drama right. There is a particular scene where Sarawat Heran rescues her, and she doesn’t think that she would ever see him again, Mee is supposed to cry and run into his arms. This is an important scene because prior to this, Mee dare not express physically how much she cares and likes this Sarawat. But after the life threatening case, she embraces him. (I cannot wait for this scene!) And after evaluating her own performance, Matt would request many takes so she can get it just right. She is also a source of coaching to the newbie Wanwan who plays Pu-muat Dao. Wanwan has only played in another lakorn prior to this, in Khun Suek where she’s a boran (traditional era) female, which is a 180 degree character difference to Pu-muat Dao, so Matt is a tremendous help.

Off screen, Boy Pakorn and Matt work well together. They have a similar personality, which is playful, teasing and joking, so the set is always fun. But this also presents somewhat of a challenge because the lakorn is a dramatic one, and Matt must stay focused to pull off the many emotional, crying scenes.

There are many reasons to watch this series: 1. Matt Peeranee 2. The ending to both Maya Tawan and Mon Jantra will be incorporated in Fah Krajang Dao’s ending *hint, wedding scene.* 3. In said wedding scene, Chakrit is really hot in a light blue suit. 4. Matt and Boy’s chemistry = spasm worthy moments. 5. Matt Peeranee again- but this time- watching her portray a character she has never played before.

And for those reasons, I’ll just go ahead and recap this series. Since FKD will air the same time as Wun Nee Tee Ror Koy (The Day I’ve Been Waiting For), I will recap FKD and cover WNTRK on the weekends.

You win.