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It’s an action packed episode! Our hero finds his condition much improved, but only to be kicked back to square one. This time around though, he’s well prepared for the mental and physical strength required in order to heal. The clan is encountering some dark days and some valuable members lives are lost, leaving a few others just hanging by a thread. When the leader and warriors are all currently afflicted, what’s a heroine to do in order to remain her future hubby’s Okamesang? Two words: take charge. And that she does.


Ryu has made vast improvements from walking to now, practicing kendo with his cousin. But the use of weapons and the fighting only serves to remind Seiko (as she’s viewing her husband sparring) that their good fortune can be fleeting. She walks away, unable to watch further. Takeshi follows her to their marigold farm and learns that weapons, to Seiko, represent the fight. She thought they were done with all of that. In fact, it scares her. Takeshi comforts her with the fact that he’s no longer Takeshi, he’s Tawan, and he will live a peaceful life with her forever. See, the story simply does not end at happily ever after. Couples always got shit to work out.

Yuji tries to get Ryu’s whereabouts out of Aikiko, but she doesn’t know and he attempts rape instead. Gross. I don’t know how many times we have to see that he’s a deranged lunatic. She should report his ass and to hell with her reputation, but I digress. His father decides another avenue to find Ryu, he visits Koji at home and learns that Koji doesn’t share Onitsuka’s personal details with cops, even if the cop is trying to close out the case behind Ryu’s attack. Next they attack the other warrior: Hasuma. Misawa men attack the bodyguards and Yuji manages to take Hasuma. Even though Haru shows up in time to save the two bodyguards, he surmises that the other two warriors are in danger.

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Ryu feels badly for upsetting Seiko, but Takeshi mentions that she has suffered a lot of trauma and is resentful of revenge and fighting. Ryu peers at his cousin and questions whether he’s really planning on staying here and not helping Onitsuka. Takeshi’s answer remains the same, he will stay in Thailand to take care of his family. Well, it’s your fight now, Ryu.

Ah shit, Takaoh is now after the other warrior, Masato, and there’s only Taishi left to protect him. They do a good job fighting off Misawa, but there’s still a slew of men left, and Masato goes down. Haru and company chases Misawa clan away, but Masato is deeply hurt.

At the hospital Koji asks Haru how he knows that Misawa is behind this. Haru explains his attack earlier and shows his gun wound, he’s been tailing Misawa ever since and learns that there are other players. It could be they are in cahoots or it could not. As Koji leaves to see if he could find Hasuma, Masaru appears. The chief claims that they have no evidence to invoke that Misawa attempted the murder. They also can’t report Hasuma missing since it hasn’t been twenty-four hours. Well, no surprise there, he is a dirty cop.

Back in Thailand (ignorant of the turmoil of their clan), Ryu and Mayumi stargaze together. She notices that even though he’s practically healed, there’s something that’s bothering him. Ryu relents that a warrior’s life is unknown but Mayumi says that as long as they are together, the future doesn’t scare her. He asks her if she’s ready to be his Okamesang (wife) then, and Mayumi replies that she’s prepared to go through the thick and thin with him. He kisses her tenderly on the forehead and says that her love means a lot to him. He finally understands why Takeshi abandoned everything for Seiko.

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Ah, poor Hasuma. He’s tied up and being tortured to reveal Ryu’s whereabouts. Hasuma realizes that the man who has him tied up isn’t actually Takaoh, but the cop himself, Yuji, who ruthlessly beat into him. Hasuma curse Yuji that he’s worse than an animal. He’s not afraid of death, and that his death is a respect for his clan. Yuji later reports to his cohorts that Hasuma refuses to speak even though he’s tortured near death. Masaru figures out another way to find Ryu.

But Hasuma is still clever, he feigns death so that the minions would let him down. Once down, he topples them with his skills and tries to make his escape. When we think that perhaps he can make it, he runs into Masaru who empties two bullets in Hasamu’s chest. Damn it!

The sound of gunshot at the farm gives Ryu some foreboding. His gut is telling him something is wrong.

Miurak minion questions whether they have chosen the right side, but Haru chides that the big bad is after Onitsuka (they’re backing Misawa), and Miurak would be next in line. It’s inevitable. Question is, who’s the big bad?

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Ryu receives a letter from Uncle Koji outlining the death of Hasuma. RIP Uncle Hasuma! Ryu blames himself for Hasuma’s death, but Mayumi consoles him that a warrior’s path isn’t guaranteed. Ryu relents that Hasuma’s death is an honor, but not at a time like this.

Suddenly, and literally, Takaoh appears out of nowhere. Apparently his minion followed the whereabouts of the letter that Koji sent to Ryu. Takaoh says that this is the perfect time, and his clan attacks our duo. They fight the baddies back to back, which is pretty cool.

They are cornered though and one too many to fight off, Ryu isn’t looking too good as Takaoh nails him to the car and his vision blurs. Takeshi appears with a mask and help Mayumi. But someone needs to help Ryu! Mayumi distracts Takaoh, and damnit, he gets away again! But Ryu is looking worse for wear, and possibly the fight has injured him further.

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News made it to Japan and Koji can’t simply do nothing about Misawa now. He meets up with the good cop (Hiro) secretly to discuss about the connection between Yamamoto and Misawa. Their goal is to find the big bad. Well, think faster!

Turns out, that meeting was not so secret after all. Misawa men approach Koji as he leaves the pagoda, backed by Yuji. Koji fights them off singlehandedly but is shocked that Yuji is behind this. Yuji shoots Koji in the stomach and proceeds to empty more bullets into his chest. Nooo!!!! Not Uncle Koji!!

Ryu finally comes to his senses but realizes that he lost the feeling to his legs. Ah man, just when he’s making such progress. But this time, his psychological and emotional health is much better. He tells his cousin that he doesn’t need to find him the best doctor because the doctor he’s speaking about is already here.

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They finally learn of Koji’s near death experience (probably more dead) which prompts Ryu’s return to Japan. The clan cannot survive without a leader, and now they don’t have the three warriors either. Takeshi feels helpless in the onslaught of danger, he doesn’t want his cousin to fight this fight alone. Moreover, his family will never be safe if they don’t catch the big bad. Praewdao reminds him of his promise to be with her but realizes that her nightmare has finally come true. Ah come on, you have 7 good years together and 3 kids, let’s not be too greedy. She takes off, leaving Takeshi feeling torn about helping his clan or staying with his family. Will Taro’s life be for naught?

Ryu sees this from afar and isn’t pleased to see the husband and wife argue.

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That night Takeshi apologizes to his wife. He says that even though there’s this new Tawan, he’s still unable to erase his heritage. Praewdao admits that she’s being selfish but she’s afraid of losing him. He promises that he won’t do anything that will make her unhappy.

Ryu asks Mayumi how she feels if he were to decide on something. She confirms her trust in him and will accept whatever he decides to do. We learn what he decides the following morning. The duo left for Japan without a word, but left a letter for Takeshi. Ryu stares at the two warriors who are in critical condition in the hospital and his voiceover indicates that he cannot allow the villains to take over the country but that Takeshi should uphold his promise to his family. You have made your bed.

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During the funeral gathering for Uncle Hasuma, Takaoh appears feigning respect for the dead, but he’s just a disrespectful lout rubbing in the fact that Misawa is ‘grand’ again. Mayumi steps in and tells him to get lost. Takaoh reminds her that she’s just a girl, and her duty is to arrange flowers and tend to her handicapped husband. Mayumi practically puffs her chest and says that a girl like her can do so much more, he best watch out and not insult the rose or be pricked to death by her thorns. Ha. I love her. She tells him that Onitsuka will never be diminished; Taishi and the bodyguards take out their swords and warn Misawa that if they continue to insult their lady leader, they won’t be able to crawl out of here alive. That’s what I’m talking about! Misawa leaves with his tail between his legs.

At Misawa holding, Masaru laughs at Takaoh’s distress. Masaru orders him (per Yamamoto) to attack from the business side, take all of Onitsuka’s business holding, while he will deal with eliminating both Miurak and Onitsuka.

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Ryu compliments Mayumi on her display of strength today. He’s quite proud of her. But it still worries him that something might happen to her. Mayumi places his hand on her cheek and says that nothing scares her more than not being with him. She wants him to remember that no matter what happens, she will stand by his side and they will overcome obstacles together. But first, he must listen to his doctor and rest.

Ryu pulls her down and get this close, before telling her that she’s his only heart. I think my heart just melted.

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The next morning he steals a kiss and says that every day he grows more in love with her. He accepts her tending to him, her orders, and his place by her side. Gahh, why is he so cute? This grown up Ryu is too adorable. The second time around with his injuries, boy knows how to take things in stride.

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Aikiko pays him a visit and still playing her fake self. She even asks to tend to Ryu since he has helped her so much in the past and she wants to repay him. The maids wonder why Mayumi is letting Aikiko have some one on one time with Ryu, when everyone knows how Aikiko feels about Ryu. Mayumi relents that although she doesn’t know Aikiko, she knows Ryu and she trust him. Aw, I’m so happy with these two I can cry.

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Akiko tries to bring up their past and chummy up with him, but Ryu isn’t having it. He makes it clear that they can only be friends. Aikiko stomps away and wonders why she can’t compare to Mayumi. Taishi explains that it’s because of love, Ryu loves Mayumi and doesn’t love her. It’s as simple as that.

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Yuji is another delusional third hand who believes that without Ryu, Mayumi would surely pick him. His dad tells him to wake up and smell the sea.

While Onitsuka struggle without a healthy leader or his three warriors, the baddies climb higher and higher in the royal police station. Masaru is promoted by Yamamoto and Misawa gains more market share with their brutality. Miurak is presented with an opportunity to do business with Misawa and go against Onitsuka. But the question remains, will Haru accept the offer?

Golly, the horizon seems bleak for Onitsuka. How will they ever overcome this?

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Mayumi prays for them that night and recalls what Uncle Koji told her, that she must be strong on behalf of Soriyo. Mayumi knows what she needed to do. She calls a clan meeting the next morning, and Ryu is greeted with Mayumi sitting before the clan, garbed in Onitsuka kimono. Ryu asks for the meaning of the meeting but we shall find out what Mayumi says in the next episode!

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Ah.. when all is lost and the stakes are high, it makes it even more exciting, doesn’t it? And we have our heroine fighting battles for her future hubby, which is interesting because she can call a clan meeting when she’s technically not even an Onitsuka member yet? Did I miss the wedding and honeymoon while traveling so much this month? Just saying, but I’ll cut show some slack.

Methinks Ryu isn’t going to like watching his lady taking over the reins, for one, even though he can accept his condition and her help, it’s infuriating on his end not to be able to do anything. Just sit there and watch? A doer like Ryu will eat dirt before he succumbs to his weakness. Or let his hot future wife take on the scums of society. Get well soon Ryu so you can kick some ass!

This show is so bloodthirsty, there’s so much fighting, brutality and killing that I’m going to need a siesta of romcoms for the next few months to get over the trauma. But of course, the finale is right around the corner, let’s see how many people Show can kill before it is all said and done. So long as the baddies die, I’m good. See? They’re turning me into a bloodthirsty wench.