It’s so funny to watch Tum try to find fault with Cha-aim. He’s clearly visiting his uncle so he could see her and he goes out of his way to find her, but when he is actually talking to her, he takes on his suspicious, accusatory tones instead. Such is the case in the onset of this episode, he sees her walking suspiciously in the garden, a pink something hiding behind her back.

Earlier Aim discovers that her tablet would not turn on and panics because her entire research notes are stored there. After bringing it to Pong’s attention and he is able to fix it, she made her way back to the house to find that Khun Tum again, questioning her. She tries to hide the tablet and walk away quickly, but he wraps his arms around her and peels the tablet from her fingers.

Tum questions why she owns a tablet. To make sure their stories match, he confronts both Pong and Aim and asks Pong the same questions he asked Aim. Pong peers at Aim for instructions and they decided that Khun Pae had given the tablet to Pong as a gift and Aim was just borrowing it to play games.

To ensure they cover their tracks, Pong needs to find a way to make Khun Pae decide to offer him a tablet on his own- because they know that Tum will investigate their statements. So he plays to Khun Pae’s sentiments by telling him that he wanted to repay Khun Pae’s generosity by cooking food for him. However, he doesn’t have any computers to find recipes online. Khun Pae starts to offer buying him a computer (Pong says too expensive), then a notebook (not travel friendly) then he hints for a tablet and Khun Pae offers Pong his old tablet. Score! Khun Pae is truly a generous boss! Khun Pae explains to Tum that when he sees someone who is diligent, he would like to support the cause.

That night Pong asks Aim when she would stop being a maid- and Aim replies that she will stop only until she has acquired enough research to write her script.

Khun Cheun hires the professor to teach her about acting and singing for the upcoming charity event. The professor happens to be Amika’s professor (small lakorn world!) and he tells her that he would be happy to do it, he is just requesting that one of his students help him. So he calls that particular student, who happens to currently be employed at Khun Cheun’s house, lol.

Amika is mopping the patio floors and learning the intricacies of it. She decides to pour the entire bucket on the ground hoping that it cleans the entire surface. Tum happens to walk by and notices her slipping around the floor. He walks over with concern and apprehension. He asks her if she can manage her task? Then Amika receives a phone call from her professor. She excuses herself from Tum’s presence and hides behind a bush to chat with her professor. The older man wants to know if she could help him teach a session. Amika tells him that she is currently working on the assignment for the contest but she won’t divulge the information because she wants him to be surprised. As she says this, she notices someone’s foot behind a potting plant. Realizing that Khun Tum might be eavesdropping she decides to put on a show for him. Amika starts sobbing on the phone, screaming, “it’s not true, right Dr?” She proceeds to cry and cry. Her professor is asking her what’s wrong on the phone and she hangs up. Tum walks over to her, concern etches his face. She tells Tum that her father has been admitted to the hospital and she is very concerned about him. Tum asks her which hospital and Amika quickly thinks of the province she is supposedly from (Surin). Then Tum kindly tells her that he will take her to the hospital himself (aww.) Amika panics, her plans are always backfiring. He tells her that he will get Khun Cheun’s permission for her. Amika prays silently that Khun Cheun will not approve. Much to her dismay, Khun Cheun and Khun Phi wholeheartedly agree and even gave her money for any hospital expense.

Amika tries once again to deter Tum but he tells her that if she refuses his help one more time, then he would consider that she is lying to him. So Amika is forced to fake another stomachache and runs to her bedroom to call for backup help. Nong has a plan for her.

I love how this lakorn is all about our main characters, which in effect gives us lots of screen time!

Tum notices the day bag in her hands and asks her how long she plans on staying there. Amika replies that it all depends on her father’s condition. They jump in the car and Tum watches Cha-aim gnaw on her fingernails the way there.

Pong on the other hand has to put on a “show” for Khun Pae (to repay him for the tablet), but doesn’t realize that Khun Pae has invited a bunch of his hungry, gay friends. Khun Pae says that if he doesn’t dance for them, he would kiss him instead lol, so poor Pong has to strut and dance for everyone. Khun Aon hears the commotion and watches from afar, laughing her butt off. At the end of the dance, Pong is angry at himself as Khun Aon thinks that he is gay.

Tum and Cha-aim arrive at the hospital and on their way there, she had told him to leave the moment he drops her off. But of course Tum is curious so he follows her inside. As Cha-aim sits in the waiting area, she over hears an elder woman telling the doctor that she doesn’t have money to pay for her husband’s hospital expenses. She spots Tum walking in and ducks from view. He asks the receptionist for Cha-aim’s last name and learns that no one is there by that name. He reiterates that her father is disabled. Cha-aim tells him that she utilizes her mother’s last name, lol, not her father’s. Desperate, she uses the elder woman as her mother, and for now escapes another close call from Tum.

If we learn anything after this scene, we learned that even though Cha-aim can lie through her teeth, she still end up helping a family in need. Tum sees that she truly cares about her “family” but certain things just doesn’t add up about her. For instance, after the hospital visit, he asks her to take him to a good restaurant in her province. She takes him to a local facility but is not familiar with the food that he orders; it is as if she has never eaten them before. Cha-aim learns that he is easy going and can adapt to different environments due to the nature of his profession.

It is getting darker and they return to the car only to discover that Tum lost his keys (which fell into the pond while they were having lunch.) Cha-aim decides this is a good opportunity as any to leave him waiting for the tow truck to save him, but Tum tags along with her as they take the next bus back to BKK.

Meanwhile Khun Aon and Pong discover that Tum and Cha-aim are in Surin together, both are shocked for the same reasons. Khun Aon worries that Aim is after her P’Tum but Pong reassures her that it won’t happen because Aim already has a boyfriend. Khun Aon still doesn’t trust Cha-aim so she tells Pong to keep a close eye on the two and report to her should anything suspicious occur between them.

Night falls and Cha-aim and Tum board the bus. As Tum helps Cha-aim with her bag, they have an accidental kiss and both pull back from the shock. He immediately sits in his seat but another customer pushes Cha-aim out of her way, causing Cha-aim to land on Tum’s lap. They look awkwardly and shyly at each other. This is probably one of the cutest scenes between them so far! Tum helps her adjust her seat, but it’s stuck so they bump into each other again hah.

Soon they both fall asleep, with the consistent lull of the bus. Later they arrive at a pit stop for food or restroom. Cha-aim is in a deep sleep and has no desire to leave her seat, however Tum does not want to eat alone so he drags her by her purse to one of the food booths. Tum places a plate in front of her and complains how she is responsible for his discomfort. But Cha-aim doesn’t pay attention to any of this as her head nods slowly until it face plants on the rice. She is so sleepy, she couldn’t hold on to her heavy head lol. Tum laughs at the pieces of rice stuck to her face and hair. He wipes her face with the napkin. You can’t win with him; he says that since she almost fell asleep twice, people are going to think that he drugged her.

Back on the bus, Cha-aim passes out again and her head lulls towards his shoulder. Tum holds her head against his shoulder with a smile- he’s liking this too much! Morning came and they arrive in BKK, the two are asleep on each other’s shoulders. They wake up with their noses touching.

Don’t mess with a girl who is tired! Tum tries to give her cellphone back because she left it on the seat, but Cha-aim’s only goal is to get home and go to sleep.

When she returns to the house, Pong wants to know why she didn’t fill him in on her plans. Cha-aim is worried now that she has told Khun Tum so many lies, how will she remember all of them? Pong advises her to start keeping track of what she tells him. He tells her that Khun Aon has him keep track of her and Tum because she fears Aim is after Khun Tum. Pong laughs at this, he thinks it is absurd that it could even be possible. Aim laughs along with him awkwardly. Pong believes that he doesn’t have any competition. Little did he know that it is further from the truth!

As he walks back to Khun Pae’s house, Pong hears Khun Aon calling for him (sounds almost like a mating call lol.) She wants to know what he has uncovered so far between Aim and Tum. He explains the situation with the lost key and Khun Aon is satisfied with that for now. She tells him to report to her if he hears of anything else in the future.

That night before going to bed, Amika writes in her tablet about the recent events. She types: Khun Tum, a man who has a bad mouth, a person who must know everything (should he choose to know).. but on the other side, he is a gentlemen who isn’t a snob, handsome, good looking, smiles beautifully, cute, sweet eyes (lol does she realize she’s going on and on about him?!) Amika stops herself short and gets up to look at her face in the mirror- she is blushing! She reminds herself that she is a maid, she shouldn’t trouble herself with Khun Tum! Then she has a second thought, maybe she should use him as her leading man in her script? Lol.

In his condo, Tum thinks about their close proximity. He smiles widely before turning off his night lamp.

The following morning, the pervert (Khun Aded) finds Cha-aim cleaning the bench outside. He sneaks behind her and grabs her from behind. This shocks Cha-aim and she pulls herself away. He tells her that since she didn’t show up the other night- and even sent Banjong in her wake- he wants to seek her out himself. He pulls her in his arms again until Cha-aim stomps on his toes and pushes him away. Khun Orathai comes in time to see them and he lies that Cha-aim was throwing herself on him. Khun Orathai believes him and is about to beat her down when Tum saves her in time. This gets brought to Khun Cheun’s attention. The case gets solved though when Cha-aim says that she never intended to see Khun Aded in the past, she was only sending oranges to the granny maids. They brought the granny maids to interview and the air gets cleared.

Cha-aim thanks Khun Tum again. Tum tells her to be careful because he isn’t always around to help her. He returns her cellphone and they smile at each other cutely before he leaves.

The charity event draws near and Khun Cheun wants to ask Tum to sing a duet with Aon. Before he could agree, Khun Cheun strong-armed him into it.

Meanwhile Amika shows her professor a sneak peek of what she has written so far for the contest. Pong has tagged along with her, which begs the question, why isn’t he researching material for his own project? Does he have no interest in pursuing the chance to study in New York? Anyway, the professor wants to know where she is finding her resources. Amika explains to him that she’s just interviewing people. Her professor warns her that she needs to write with emotion and compassion. Amika guarantees that she won’t disappoint him.

It turns out they are acquainted with the same household. The professor is teaching Khun Cheun about acting and singing while Amika actually works there. She is assigned to bring water to the guest but little did she know that she would be facing her own professor. Both yelp in shock and Amika makes a run for it. Professor Pian follows her but is snooping around so much that Jun suspects he is a thief and beats him. Eventually the professor finds Amika and scolds her for impersonating a maid. Aim explains that she merely wants to know what it is really like to be a maid- she was only doing what he told her to- and to be able to write poignantly. Professor Tian finally gives in and promises not to let anyone know.

The household wants to know why Aim was so clumsy earlier that she spilled the glass of water. Nark explains that Aim wasn’t feeling well. They decide to check in on her condition in her room but she was nowhere to be found. Luckily she appears and tells them that she had to buy medicine. Tum appears overly concerned until he sees her face and that she is well.

That evening Khun Cheun tells Cha-aim that she would like her to accompany them to the charity event. Khun Cheun notices that Cha-aim is a quick learner and smart so she wants her to gain more experience. She gives Cha-aim money to buy some new clothes for the event. Her generosity brings Cha-aim to write in her tablet that Khun Cheun appears to be someone who would have difficulty getting along with others. But in actuality, she is a person who is so nice, and has a big heart. Then Cha-aim says out loud, what if she finds out that I’m lying to her? Would she be angry at me? Suddenly, getting to know everyone in the household would make it even more difficult to tell them the truth in the end.

At the pool area, Khun Aon is practicing her singing. She hears someone howling and thinks it’s a ghost. It is only Pong and he thought she might need his help that’s why he came. She tells him that she wasn’t calling for his help (lol) and that she was only practicing her singing skills. Pong agrees to help her practice- she tells him that she is a slow learner and can’t catch up with everyone else. They grow closer together and practice every night. But Khun Aon seems to be over practicing, and loses her voice.

During the morning of the event, the crew made their way to the hotel for preparation. Cha-aim and Tum are left in the room alone as they look shyly at each other. She takes out her makeup case and asks him if he is interested in wearing makeup. She advises that when he’s under the spotlight, he would look pale if he doesn’t wear anything. He tells her that he’s a man! (And that should explain everything? Lol.) But Cha-aim assures him that she has experience before- in which he interjects on where she gained such an experience- from being a coyote of course, she tells him, and promises not to make him look like a monkey show. We get another cute scene where she puts makeup on Tum and he couldn’t help but smile adorably at her, doting on her every feature.

This show gets better and better!

My only problem is that everyone seems a little jumpy and unnatural every time they screech in shock. I mean, we don’t all go through life as if we are walking on eggshells, right? I suppose when you’re always lying, you are afraid of being caught, thus always paranoid and jumpy? Anyway, if they can tone that down a tad, my eardrums would appreciate it more. The only person who seems to speak in a normal tone is Tum, hah, maybe he is the only sane and less dramatic person around?

*screenshots from YT kisskeepintouch