In the prep room Khun Cheun tells Cha-aim that she has done a nice job with Tum’s make up, he looks handsome and natural. She asks Cha-aim to fix her makeup as well, which irritates Khun Aon, so she goes and gets herself a glass of water. Unfortunately the water went down the wrong tube and she starts choking vehemently. When she is able to speak, only a croak escapes her mouth. Her mother panics and starts to shake her, hoping it will bring back her voice. Their performance is only minutes away. Tum surmises that they might have to forego their duet. But Cha-aim has a bright idea as she tells Khun Aon to proceed as normal.

Walking towards the stage, Khun Aon is a nervous wreck, but when she opens her mouth a voice sounds- but it is not hers- it is Cha-aim’s who is singing from the backstage as she encourages her on with a smile. Khun Aon and Tum dance to the song as he has his eyes only on Cha-aim. While singing, Cha-aim envisions herself in Khun Aon’s place, flirting and dancing with Tum.

It is such a cute dancing and singing performance about a couple who is begging the other to not get too close because they would blush and might reveal how they feel.

At the end of the song, Khun Aon returns backstage and shyly thanks Cha-aim. Tum could only step closer and tell her that he just found out that she could sing too. Cha-aim watches him walk away and mutters that if he wanted to compliment her, he should just say that she sings well.

In the men’s restroom Tum recognizes Waen but couldn’t quite put a finger on where he met him, so he looks at him while they are taking care of their business. Waen peers back uncomfortably and assumes Tum is into him because he’s gazing at him so intently. Waen quickly finishes his business and runs out of the restroom.

Tum approaches Cha-aim that he met her friend, he describe him as someone who is fat, short, dark and wears glasses. Cha-aim repeats this description and drops her makeup basket. She tells him that she is shocked that Tum would remember someone he met only once. Tum explains that due to the nature of his Secretariat role, he has developed a knack of remembering everything. Cha-aim is going to be really screwed!

She tries to excuse herself and return some garments to the car, but Tum, being a gentleman (even with a maid lol) decides to help her bring them to the car, which causes Cha-aim to screech in frustration. She fears Waen would see her. As they walk out of the room, she stops Tum from turning around since Waen is standing by the door. Cha-aim grasps Tum’s face between her hands and explains that she forgot to remove his makeup. He is distracted by the closeness of her body. Then Waen sees Tum and exclaims that Tum is into both men and women and he finally leaves the hotel. Hah. Cha-aim is relieved that Waen left, but unbeknownst to her, she still has her arms around Tum’s neck. Tum smiles and asks her where she would like him to remove the makeup. They both glance up and for a moment are caught in each other’s gaze. Cha-aim is flustered and walks right into the glass door.

Cha-aim makes it back to her bedroom and screams in frustration at her actions earlier today. She recalls getting close to him (nose to nose) and falls back against her bed. Even Tum couldn’t help thinking about her while brushing his teeth. They are too cute.

The next morning Cha-aim brings honey and fresh squeeze lemon for Khun Aon and tells her that it will help her throat and her voice will return once she drinks it. Khun Aon ignores her stubbornly but peers at her maid’s back when she leaves. She smiles at the cup and is about to reach it when Banjong enters and tells her not to drink it because it might be drugged. She offers her own orange juice but Khun Aon tells her that Cha-aim is not that evil. If she were, she wouldn’t have helped her earlier. (It’s good to see that Khun Aon knows right from wrong.) She ignores Banjong and drinks the concoction Cha-aim prepared for her instead.

Furious, Banjong decides she must take matters into her own hands in order to get rid of Cha-aim. She steals the diamond necklace from Khun Aon’s room and plants it under Cha-aim’s pillow.

Meanwhile Pong brings his own concoction for Khun Aon to help her recover her voice. She smells the small bottle and it reeks. He tells her that she should try it because it works. As she brings it back to her room, she discovers that her diamond necklace is missing. Banjong says that someone must have stolen it, and it must be Cha-aim because she was cleaning Khun Aon’s room earlier. Khun Cheun calls Cha-aim for questioning and they decide to investigate her room for the necklace. Cha-aim is nervous only because she fears they would find her tablet- and she would really be screwed. Banjong can’t seem to find the necklace. Khun Cheun says that she knew Cha-aim didn’t take it; it might have been lost somewhere in the room. Nark, Cha-aim’s heroine, drops the necklace into Khun Aon’s hamper. Apparently she saw Banjong trying to frame Cha-aim and came to her rescue. Good people really do have angels watching over them.

Nark reveals Banjong’s intentions and she receives everyone’s wrath (except for Cha-aim who forgives her) which causes her to shout in agony and stomp away.

Even Khun Aon feels bad for falsely accusing Cha-aim. She hands Pong a tube of lipstick for Cha-aim- she could only show her regret in the only way that she knows lol, which is to give things away. Pong couldn’t believe his ears that she is feeling sorry for what she has done. He tells her that she should give it to Cha-aim herself. But Khun Aon is afraid she would look bad. Pong lectures her on humanity and that even though they have different status; they are all still human beings. Either way, he is happy to hear that she feels bad, it is a step in the right direction.

When it’s dinnertime, the crew is shocked to see Khun Aon in the kitchen. She apologizes to Cha-aim that she misunderstood her earlier. She hands her a tube of lipstick as a truce and tells all of them that they need not panic the next time she enters the kitchen. Aunt Sompit exclaims merrily about the lipstick and that Khun Aon never gave anything to anyone before. Cha-aim could only look at the lipstick with a smile. That night she erases what she has written about Khun Aon in the past- she will have to look at her with a different perspective now.

Next we see a scene where Cha-aim is cooking a meal. Tum walks behind her and wraps his arms around her (calling her “dear.”) She turns to look at him and is shocked to see Khun Tum’s face. He tells her that she can’t escape from him and he leans down to give her a kiss- that is when Cha-aim rolls off the bed and lands on the floor. Frustrated that even in her dreams, she thinks about him. She promises that in reality, she will try her best to avoid him.

Unfortunately fate or Khun Cheun assigns her to clean Khun Tum’s condo since his maid left for the countryside. Cha-aim calls her best friend asking for her advice, venting that earlier she dreamt of being in Khun Tum’s condo. Her friend teases her for cheating in her dreams lol. Cha-aim tells her that she doesn’t want to be alone with him but she doesn’t know how to deny Khun Cheun. Nong tells her that she doesn’t need to chat with him all that much, just get the cleaning done and leave. Nong would pick her up afterward.

It shocks her to see him waiting for her, the image of him in her dreams still fresh in her mind. They board the elevator but as it raises a few floors, the elevator is stuck. He tells her that he has been on this elevator so many times but the moment she’s in it, it’s stuck. Indignant, Cha-aim says that maybe it is his unlucky day. She starts feeling anxious and suffocated. She is lightheaded and nearly faints against the elevator wall. He thinks she is slamming into the elevator to force it to work so they bicker. When it works again and the lights come on, the two exclaim merrily with their hands holding each other.

When they reach his condo, Cha-aim says that she doesn’t really need to clean the place it is already clean! Tum touches the surface of the table and shows her the dust. He says that she considers things only from their appearance lol. Grumbling she gets to work and tries to stay out of his way.

First task is vacuuming: Cha-aim puts on her headphones and starts dancing and vacuuming at the same time. The doorbell rings, disturbing her work, as Cha-aim answers the door. It is Tum’s neighbor asking for directions and she responds in perfect English, not knowing that Tum is watching her from the corner. When she shuts the door, Tum asks her why she speaks great English. She lies that her old boss’ daughter taught her English. He wonders since she is so good to Cha-aim, why did she quit? Cha-aim replies that her old boss moved abroad so she had to find a new job. She then deters him from any additional questions by turning on the vacuum and going back to work.

Khun Cheun is thoroughly disappointed and frustrated with her daughter, who failed her English class once again. Her mom reminds her that she is 21 years old now, she must start school (where everyone else has already finished.) Khun Aon is distraught and feels like a failure to her mother. Her mother doesn’t understand that it is very difficult for her to learn. Khun Aon sobs loudly by the pool. Pong hears someone crying and came to investigate. Her mascara cry scares Pong and he yelps in surprise. He tries to console her by asking her what is wrong. She asks him if he thinks she is stupid. He hesitates.. then she replies for him that he must think she’s a dummy. Pong says that she is not stupid; she just doesn’t have the drive and diligence. She stands up in anger and accuses him for scolding her. He apologizes but she keeps on crying. Then he says a good distraction is to go out.

Cha-aim’s next task is to do laundry, but she never had to do laundry at Khun Cheun’s house before so she doesn’t know how to operate the washing machine. She fills up the detergent filter hoping that it will clean the clothes nicely.

Meanwhile Tum spills coffee on his shirt and makes his way to his room to change into a new shirt. It is the same time Cha-aim enters the room to put a new sheet on his bed- and she sees him shirtless and proceeds to scream. No need to be so shock, it’s just a naked chest lol. Somewhat annoying they make leading ladies act like it would ruin their sensibilities. Cha-aim tries to get away from the scene and bumps her head against the banister.

As she applies ointment to her forehead, Tum notices a stream of foaming bubbles leaking from the hallway. Cha-aim remembers her laundry task and jumps out of the chair. They make their way to the hallway and slips around the floor. She gives one sneeze and Tum falls on his back while she lands squarely on him. This knocks his breath out and he tells her that she is heavy. She screams at his comment and gets up. Lol Tum, that is not a nice thing to say. He ends up having to bring his laundry to the laundromat downstairs.

Pong takes Khun Aon to the mall and Khun Aon feels that a makeover would make her happy- not her makeover but his. She dresses him up as a woman. She still thinks that he is gay. Pong is finally fed up when Khun Aon said that she would lend him money so he could get a breast implant. He tries to explain to her that he is 100% man.

Cha-aim’s final task is to make Tum’s bed. He is expecting sleek pleats and tucked in sheets, but sloppy sheets greeted him instead. He teaches her how to properly make the bed (as she stares at him in awe). He messes it up again so she could make it instead- otherwise it would be known that he made his own bed (and god forbid that should ever happen..) He tells her that she doesn’t know how to do the things that she should know but instead is proficient with things that she should not..

Back with Pong and Khun Aon, Pong takes her to a class where some students are taking additional lessons on the weekend. It is focused on students who are slower than others. He wants to show her that even though their learning aptitude is not as fast as the others, they have perseverance and diligence. He thinks that if you have those qualities, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. This motivating speech makes Aon look at Pong in a different light. He has always been the person who is by her side at her saddest moments, and he believes in her. She smiles poignantly as she looks at his profile.

Cha-aim is a quick learner and masters the bed making skills in no time. She smells food and meanders over to the kitchen (the same kitchen in her dream) and notices Tum cooking. He is adept at everything! She admires him from the corner but he takes it up a notch and has prepared her some food too. They eat at his dining table together, maid/boss relationship not withstanding.

Cha-aim takes a bite of the meal and tells him how delicious it is. It is so good, he can open a restaurant. Tum says that he would love to, but his parents want him to pursue politics. Aim tells him that this is his life, not his parents. He looks at her. Cha-aim realizes that she must have over stepped her bounds and apologizes. But he says that she is right, but one can’t always do what one wants to do.

As she prepares to leave, he gives her an envelope with her wage for the day. Cha-aim says that Khun Cheun is already paying her for it so he doesn’t need to. But Tum insists. She thanks him and leaves his condo but she forgets the food he has packed for Khun Cheun. Tum follows her outside and notices her getting into a car. He calls her to come back to get the food and asks who was driving her. Cha-aim panics and lies that she is Nongni her old boss’ daughter who is visiting BKK for the day. He looks bewildered at both of them but lets them go. (Earlier Nong brought Cha-aim face cream and scolds her that if she wants to know what it’s really like to be a maid, then she shouldn’t use products that maids can’t afford! True!)

Back at the mansion, Khun Aon holds Pong’s hand to thank him for the day, she feels immensely better. The handholding makes Pong nervous but he couldn’t help commenting that the boss’ hands smells so good! Lol. Then he slaps his face a few times, scolding himself for buying trouble. He reminds himself that Aim loves him, he can’t do this!

Our story shifts to a problem for Khun Pae, who is a clothing designer about to make his dream come true- he will launch his new product with a catwalk. Unfortunately, he butts head with an event coordinator (who runs the modeling agency) who pulls out of the fashion show last minute. Distraught he cries at home and Pong tries to cheer him up. Later the next morning, Pong recounts this story to Cha-aim, and they both decide to help Khun Pae. They have their friends pretend to be the most famous event organizer to help with the event. She requests Cha-aim to help them since she is like her right hand person. Khun Pae is skeptical but he is willing to give it a try. Cha-aim recommends that Khun Aon, her friends and any celebrity friends that Khun Pae has to make an appearance. Khun Aon is stage shy and doesn’t want to participate but her mother forces her to. This is supposed to be one hi-so fashion event.

Cha-aim finally shows Banjong a piece of her mind after many disrespectful and cruel things that Banjong has fraught on her. Banjong asks if Cha-aim plans on slapping her then? But Cha-aim says that educated people don’t resort to that. (Implying that Banjong is uneducated.) Cha-aim continues that in their profession, they are already being looked down upon, she (Banjong) ought to behave better. Furthermore, Cha-aim doesn’t want people to say to Banjong that because of her behavior, she could only be a maid. Hah. The maid crew cheer for Cha-aim, a scathing well said. But this only serves to piss off Banjong even more.

Khun Cheun calls Tum to ask him to model for Khun Pae’s fashion show, but Tum declines firmly this time around. He also heard that Cha-aim will help coordinate the fashion show and he could not help but approach her (while she’s watering the plants) and finds out what she has up her sleeves. But Cha-aim doesn’t tell him, opting for a surprising element. Tum doesn’t trust that she would be able to pull this off. But Cha-aim tells him that there are a lot of things about her that he doesn’t know. Tum looks at her and agrees with her statement, but whether they are good things about her that he doesn’t know, he shall wait to find out. I love how he wants to know everything about her. Cha-aim peers at him with a mixture of paranoia and annoyance.

The night of the event is here: camera flashing everywhere, socialites gracing the red carpet. But Khun Aon is a bundle of nerves. She doesn’t know who to talk to so she stands by the banister looking for Pong. She gives a catcall to get his attention. She says that she can’t do the catwalk. Pong encourages her that she can do it. Khun Aon freaks out and says she won’t do it. Pong finally uses reverse psychology on her and says that she can’t do it then, she’s not capable, no diligence etc. Offended, Khun Aon says that she will show him she can do it. Pong secretly smiles and encourages her to prove him wrong. Nong (Cha-aims friend) watches this scene unfolding, confused.

Tum seeks out Cha-aim and instead of telling how surprising the event is turning out to be, he says that there are a lot of things about her that he doesn’t know. (Repeating their conversation yesterday.) Cha-aim tells him that she’s merely doing what the coordinators are telling her to.

The committee receives another curveball. Apparently one of their models has been sent to the hospital so they are short one. Khun Pae is freaking out but Cha-aim is great at problem solving and thinking on her feet so she seeks Khun Tum for the solution. But Tum refuses, saying that he doesn’t know how to do the catwalk. Everyone pleads for him to help and Cha-aim says that she will teach him quickly. He finally concedes with irritation, mostly at Cha-aim ha.

How will this fashion show fare? Stay tune for ep 6!

*screenshots from YT kisskeepintouch