It felt like it was an accident. It happened so fast, freely, out of his control. How did it happen? When did it happen?

All Nadol knew was that it did. He had fallen in love with his sister in law, Ana.

Past tense. The feelings- he was not aware of at the time- occurred in London when he first laid eyes on her, in her previous night’s cocktail dress and disheveled hair. When she shut the door in front of his face. When she toured him around London despite knowing that he was her husband’s irritable older brother. When he became worried of her pregnant conditions. When he became lost with her and grew closer to her- not because they were forced to- but because he got to know her. Until they returned to Thailand where his feelings for her grew even more deeply with time and proximity.

How could he ever look at her as if she was his sister in law? He could only look at her and imagine what they can be together, how they can be together. They fit. They were meant to be. Why else could he feel so comfortable yet hot at the same time with her? How else could he be so much in love with her?

But all could not be. Nadol realized. He loved his brother, his only sibling. He would do anything for him- could do anything for him. It was wrong to love his brother’s wife. And he needed to stop it now, before he went out of control.

He couldn’t help but recall her teasing smile, as if she’s hiding a joke all the time. He pictured their brief time together on the island where the staff mistook them for being an item and took it upon themselves to make everything romantic. Even going to the extent of spiking the tropical “juice.” Until they ended up on the same bed where he held her all night. Just being with her made him happy. Made him a better person.

So he can’t take that away from his brother.

Nadol contemplated this while sinking his feet into the pool that overlooked the ocean. He saw Ana wading into the ankle length pool behind him.

Nadol looked over at her.

“Do you know that your family is concerned about you?” Ana asked, as she looked sideways at him. She had been assigned to investigate his brooding.

“Worried about me?”


“Why would they be worried about me?”

“Well lately you’ve been strange… sad,” she replied.

“There were things that unsettled me. But I’ve found a solution.”

“I guess I’m confused. What unsettled you and what solution did you find?”

He glanced at her with an awkward smile, and shook his head, “Let’s just leave whatever made me unhappy to myself. As for the solution, I’m just going to have Pat manage the business in Bangkok so I can have more time to develop my business here.” He had brought his family to view the new island he recently purchased.

“So are you positive that by closing yourself on this island, you will solve whatever problems you have?” Ana asked.

And as if to convince himself, he answered, “Of course. At least it will take me away from.. the person who has made me unhappy.” Nadol looks away. “If I stay (closer to you) I may lose control of myself and do something that is even more sinful.”

They look at each other and he continued, “then I will never be able to forgive myself.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked, solemnly, as if she knew.

“You wouldn’t want to know. You will think I am a bad person. And you may hate me.”

Nadol knew he should go. She was looking at him as if she felt his pain, which caused him even more pain.

And then he walked away.

It was the right thing to do but it doesn’t mean that it hurt no less.

Can he keep this up? If only he hasn’t fallen in love with his brother’s wife..


What a great episode. Who wants to give Nadol a hug? You may want to get in line, behind me!

Briefly in this episode: Nadol discovered that he is in love with Ana (ever since London) and has decided to remove himself from the picture. Pat (Nadol’s brother) also learned that Nadol loves Ana and he approves! Better yet, he and May have decided to scheme something to get the two closer together. Ana on the other hand, finds herself spending a lot of time with Nadol and she doesn’t mind… moreover, she likes it. Finds herself thinking about him a lot. And not exactly along the lines of her brother in law. Nina and Kate also are scheming to take Ana into the woods and make it seem like an accident when she “loses” her pregnancy. Another development to Nina’s and family motive is that they will be destitute if her younger sister (Pae) does not marry Pat.

We’ll find out if the two schemes (May-Pat and Nina-Kate will come to fruition.) Next episode shows Nadol apologizing.. then him admitting that his feelings are literally killing him as we see him kissing Ana. Then Nina screaming that she wants to kill Ana!