Lakorn Synopsis:

Rak Patiharn (Miracle of Love) wants you to know that a miracle of love is waiting for you to discover it. You can believe it. There truly is one.. The story is about a young lady named Nichamon Chutiman (Kimberly), who has lost her parents and is returning to Thailand (after living in Sydney all her life) to search for her remaining relatives. Along the way, she faces several events which makes this very difficult as she has lost her wallet. Under extenuating circumstances she finds herself pretending to be a maid/housekeeper of Baan Sorn (a widow, her two children and younger sister) and discovers a vicious feud between the two neighbors and farms, especially with Chaithut (Mart). Pimnareumon (Mint Chalida), the oldest daughter of the widow farm owner connects with Rawipaat (Alex) who probes into the secret from the inside. As Nichamon gets thrown into the mix, she soon realizes that everything hits too close to home.

Episode one:

..introduces us to Nichamon (Kimberly Voltemas), running away from thugs in Sydney. Luckily, she is helped by a handsome stranger who left her with only his scarf. She is jerked awake and realizes that she is on a flight to Thailand. She is safe, for now.

Her mind flashes back to a time she was strolling through the park with her sick mom- who tells her- when she dies, that she must return to Thailand to seek out her grandparents. First she must find her paternal grandfather because if he accepts her, then her maternal grandmother will follow suit. Her mom said that she has wronged her grandmother and wanted Nichamon to tell her how sorry she was.

In the airplane, a Thai man flirts with her but she nips it in the bud by telling him that she has a fiancé- he’s a cop and he’s pretty scary. The stranger leaves her alone.

Little did she know that the handsome stranger that helped her in Sydney is on the same flight as well, only in first class, with a younger brother that he can’t seem to get along with. Chaithut (Mart Krissada) hounds his brother Rawipaat (Alex Rendell) about going back to school. Irritated with his authoritative and meddlesome older brother Rawipaat finds a different seat.

When Nichamon arrives in Bangkok, luck was not on her side. After everything that has transpired in Sydney, our girl is down on her luck. She also gets the new comer welcome. First, she loses her wallet when running into a group of men who keeps hounding her. She needed to buy a bus pass to get to Chiang Rai, where she will search for her paternal grandfather, but that isn’t going to happen without money. So she dances her way for donation. After receiving enough, she gets on the bus. Only secondly, her mind wanders to her time in Sydney and she falls asleep. As she wakes up, the bus has passed her destination. Since it was a quiet town, there won’t be any easy transportation there, she must hire a car, which will require money that she doesn’t have. So she walks.. and it looks like 16 more kms to get there.

A little background on Nichamon, her parents had ran away from their family and life in Thailand. They had plans on starting a new, prosperous life in Sydney. However, her mom gets cancer and her father can’t seem to make ends meet. His business failed and they don’t have any money- her mom stopped treatment so she can save the money for Nichamon to continue her education- she is 20 years old. Her mom seeks for her mothers forgiveness so asks Nichamon to return to Thailand (should anything happen to her) and tell her grandma that her mom was sorry (along with a necklace as a proof of her identity.) After her mom passed away, Nichamon tells her father that they should go to Thailand, but her father was adamant that he only wants to return when he makes something of himself. Unfortunately the mafias got to him first, he layed sprawled, dead in the streets of Sydney. The mafias realized that she was the daughter and chased her through the alleys- that is where the strange, handsome hero comes in. Which also brings us to present time, where she runs away from Sydney (and everything she knows) to her motherland.

As if life hasn’t handed her enough lemons, all of the money she has left goes sailing out of her fingers. It was all she got, so she scrambles across the road, chasing her baht. A black lexus comes speeding down the curve of the road and luckily it comes to a screeching halt just before her. A handsome man with mean, angry eyes steps out of the car. No brief recognition. Nichamon apologizes profusely but he was having none of it. After offending her, he accuses her of standing in the road intentionally so he can be responsible for any damages. He grabs her wrist and threatens to take her to the cops. Desperate, Nichamon reaches into her bag- extracts a pepper spray and sprays it into his eyes- then escapes down the road.

And a little background on Chaithut (Thut). He’s a hardass, rude, mean and tough as nails. At 30 years old, he lost his father and his dreams. He had made a promise when his father was alive that should anything happen to him, Chaithut will take care of the farm and his younger brother. Bitter and resentful of giving up his own dreams, Chaithut takes on the duty of being a parent to Rawipaat. His parenting skills aren’t looking too good as his brother is sarcastic, rebellious and likes to push his buttons. He is determined however, to make his brother a responsible, educated adult.

Rawipaat or Paat on the other hand, is actually a passionate individual. He’s passionate about his club, music and getting on his brother’s nerves. The old man needed to loosen up a little. At 21 years old, Paat wanted to be his own man, live his own life. Things are getting pretty interesting at school, his rival neighbor wants to join his club, but he was having none of that. She needed to stay on her own turf. She is a feisty one though, he’ll give her that. He is also confused about the feud between his farm and his neighbor’s farm, but he didn’t like her high snooty nose anyway.

As Nichamon comes barreling down the road, another stranger mistakes her for someone he’s expecting and ushers her to the car. Seeing the mean stranger in the rearview mirror, she jumps in. As fate has it, the Nawapat family (Baan Sorn) is expecting a new housekeeper they have hired named Pranom, that was recommended by the highly esteemed Professor Dao Reurng. Going along with the misunderstanding, Nichamon finds herself in another conflict between two sisters. The owner of the farm is a widow, writer, flamboyant and loosy goosy. The younger sister is meticulous, strict and hot tempered. She was angry that her older sister hired a new housekeeper without telling her. As they go at it, the younger sister concedes when she learns that Professor Dao Reurng had recommended Pranom. The widow has an older daughter who is 19 named Pim Nareumon and a 6 yr old son.

PimNareumon or Nam-mon is a sweet, rosy person. She accepted and liked Nichamon on the spot. If everyone was as nice as her, unlike that disagreeable Paat, life would be great. She was a determined individual, if she set her mind on something, she will achieve it- especially getting into the club. He rejects all of her efforts, when she voluntarily donated her time to help him raise money or sell flowers, he cuts her off. She knows he is still holding on to the past about their family feud. This only intensifies her need to get into the club.

So Nichamon pretends to be Pranom for the time being. Nam-mon asks her to go grocery shopping at the market and hands over an envelope of money. Her prayer’s being answered! Nichamon writes a quick note to the widow that she is only borrowing the money, she will return later to pay her back. Sneaking out of the house she makes her way to her goal with the address that her mother gave her- she must find her grandfather! Things were perking up for her, maybe everything will be ok?

Unfortunately, such was not her luck. When she finds the Chutiman home, she soon learns that “Chote Chutiman” her paternal grandfather had already passed away three years ago. Distraught, Nichamon meets another disappointment.

Chaithut was checking on the newly purchased home when he sees the hoodrat that he almost ran over on the street, but this time, he wasn’t about to let her go.

Nichamon turned around and sees the mean stranger. As she tries to run, Chaithut apprehends her and says he will be taking her to the cops. Scared, Nichamon said she was Pranom and was currently the new hire for Baan Sorn. Disbelieving, he manhandles her and drags her to the house. She learns that her grandfather has sold the house to Chaithut. When desperate times call for desperate measures, Nichamon takes the advantage and decides to stay at Baan Sorn as their housekeeper as a means for some security until she figures things out.

And where is the “real” Pranom? Who is this Professor Dao Reurng?

What will she do when that happens?

What is the feud between the two families? Towards the end of the episode, when Chaithut and Paat are arguing again, they hinted that Sornalai (neighbor) had caused them to lose everything. And perhaps the cause of their father’s death too.

Nichamon is now entrenched in the feud, Chaithut clearly dislikes her, he will detest her even more for being part of Baan Sornalai- not like he liked anyone to begin with. Heck, his ex girlfriend said he was selfish, thinks only of himself.

I enjoyed episode one so far, very intriguing and a page turner. Conflicts are everywhere! Mysteries, puzzles. I thought the sister’s relationship was hilarious. I especially love the scenes between Alex and Mint, will they steal the show? I love the dynamic between the brothers, the oldest is so easy to anger- Paat knows this and he uses it to his advantage. Mart and Kim.. we’ll have to see with them. Kim’s character as Nichamon has the opportunity to project a lot of emotions, like the loss of her parents, her life turning upside down, her flee from Sydney, her several bad lucks when she reaches Thailand- and then- her new career! So many range, such a wonderful character, can Kim pull it off? We’ll see! For now, I am looking forward to episode 2.

I recommend you give this lakorn a try, here is the link to the playlist:

And not to mention the awesome OST!