I have some mixed feelings about the ending. Have you seen it yet? Let’s just say that I’m not jumping up and down. Perhaps my expectations are too high. What did I expect from an ending when we have so much loose strings to tie? There’s just not enough time to cover everything and satisfy me. I just wish directors/producers realize that the ending is just as important as the beginning and middle. No excuses! It is their duty to tie everything together and package a nice, wonderful story.

If you want to know what happened, Asianfuse has a script from the book that is eerily accurate to the lakorn, you can check it out here to understand what they’re saying: http://asianfuse.net/discuzz/index.php/topic/31547-roy-mai-act-art/page__st__1800

A few things that irked me:

  • The beginning of the ending focused too much on Bua Ngern and Siriwattana, seriously, we are done with them. I don’t pity Bua Ngern at the least and her shenanigans are so silly. Her revenge and attitude 70 years later is unrealistic and I don’t feel for her.
  • So after Rerin finishes the loom, Siriwattana’s spirit is released/freed and he just goes back into the painting, and that’s it? I thought the whole idea was to stop her from finishing the loom?
  • I thought Thanin and Wongprajan would be bad guys with better back bones, but no. Bua Ngern and Mei schemes to possess Thanin so he can kill Rerin. I can’t take him seriously when he’s possessed because he appears more like a gay person then an angry ghost. It was actually pretty funny to watch Jason portray it. But it does take the drama out of the scene.
  • Rerin gets almost drowned and apparently the water leaked enough to her brains to cause major damage- she lost her memory!
  • I want to slap her mom. She is the most useless, stupid character in this lakorn.
  • What is the point in Wongprajan/Thanin’s lover in this lakorn again? They don’t create any conflict aside from annoying the hell out of me. In the end, they just go their separate ways and receive no consequences?
  • Poor Suriya gets put in the ringer over and over.
  • So since her brain is affected so severely- as she acts like a loony child in which everyone has to care for her- brings back the ending of Jai Rao- then why did she all of a sudden become normal when she saw the loom in the basement and heard him play the instrument? I guess we can credit this to the “patiharn” they keep talking about (miracle.) Even that type of miracle is hard to believe.

Things that pleased me:

  • Suriya finally gets clued in on his past life! By Rerin’s journal (in which I don’t recall it making an appearance prior to this.)
  • The way Maneerin died was so sad.. it brought me back to the time Siriwong died.
  • I guess I’m glad her mom finally learned the truth- also via her journal- that conveniently appeared.. but I still want to slap her.
  • Bua Ngern dies (not sure why.. she just started spurting out blood. Probably so frustrated that nothing ever went her way and spasm to death.)
  • Thanin dies (even though he was a jerk, I thought it was a tough way to die.)
  • Suriya is so devoted to Rerin, he visits her, takes care of her. Their moments together were so sweet, even though she didn’t remember him. She still appears comfortable and glad for his company.
  • I liked how in the very end, they see themselves in Maneerin/Siriwong garment and then they reflect forward and see themselves in Rerin/Suriya’s garment. It was poetic and beautiful. The last line he tells her that he has allowed Siriwong to lose Maneerin in one lifetime, but he will not allow that to happen again. From this life forward, he will not let her go. That was sweet!

The ending could have a nicer polish, but I guess we can’t always get what we want. Ateam did a fantastic job, their comfortability and chemistry has intensified even more than their previous lakorns. This is a drama to be remembered. I am happy for the ever after, but sad that it is over.. all too soon. The love story between Maneerin and Siriwong is utterly breathless.

What are your thoughts? How did the ending make you feel?

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