To the beautiful Khao Yai we go… and Numfon begging Plerng to be on her show. Check out P-N series Part 10 to see how that played out..

Also, I have some news to share.. so I am able to find video files (in mp4) up to episode 11, however, from episode 12-15End, all of the videos on  youtube are in the flv format, in which I cannot convert to mp4. So what does that mean? I will have to find a source or some sort of converter to do that and with our time-frame, I may have to postpone until after my trip. So sorry everyone! Perhaps by the time I get back, the Viki channel for PT will have already been underway and y’all are continuing on this PT party without me.. but I shall try to work something out when I get back. Unless you have any thoughts/ideas of how I can go about converting it, preferably for free?