Alas, our finale.

We have journeyed with Plerng Toranong since July 9th, from Plerng’s humble beginnings in the fishing village of Ranong to his fierce transformation as a multimillionaire and extraordinaire in Bangkok. Plerng has proven himself to his grandmother and his entire family, as well as achieved his goals. Most importantly though, he was able to maintain his pride, his arrogance and the true essence of himself throughout the challenges and obstacles that were pitted against him.

But this drama isn’t all about Plerngrit Chatiyotin. The story surrounds the Thai Diamond family as well, as we watch how each member of the household undergo their own transformations and life long lessons. There are consequences for one’s actions and that greed and envy can cause irrevocable damages- these are values and repercussions that are woven throughout the drama. Butsakorn, AhNut and Nari all learned a firm lesson and are changed forever because of it. And for Plerng, the final question is, will he allow himself to go after the one woman he deemed himself unworthy of, and finally tell her what’s buried deep within his heart?

Episode 15 closes our last chapter of Plerng Toranong: let’s find out what went on in our finale.

It is daytime in Bangkok, in the hospital where grandma currently resides. Her daughter Boot asks to see her, as Nari trails behind. Boot is remorse and her face is downcast, tears flowing from her eyes. She apologizes to her mom and admits that she had caused everything. She also says that she knows that her mom will never forgive her this time around, but she is willing to accept that. All that she ask is that grandma not be angry at Phong and Plerng. She was the one who was bad and caused many people to misunderstand them.
Grandma looks away this entire time.
Boot continues, she is not doing this for herself. She is doing it to gain some goodness for her son Nut, and she asks grandma to allow her to fulfill this.
The violin version of Piang Nai Jai plays in the background.
As Boot and Nari exit grandma’s hospital room, Nari tells her mom that one day grandma would forgive and forget.

A moment later grandma invites everyone (Root, Non, Phong and Plerng) to her room. Everyone looks guiltily at her. Grandma says that ever since she received the heart transplant, she has tried asking all of them about who donated it, but they all helped in the lie, especially Plerng and Phong.
Plerng looks at his grandma and bows to her, he apologizes but he said that he had his reasons.
Grandma: What?
Plerng: I thought you hated my parents. If you knew that I donated my dad’s heart to you, your condition may worsen.
Grandma: So you were thinking for me?
Root: It was a hard decision to make when he decided to donate the heart.
Everyone continues to come to Plerng’s defense.
Plerng: This was my worst fear, that if the truth were revealed, you would be angry at my parents.
Plerng fights the tears.
Plerng: But if you were to be angry, be angry at me.
Grandma: I am angry at everyone.. except for Pipat.
She looks at them and says: Boot came to see me and has admitted to everything.
Everyone is surprised.
Grandma looks at Plerng and Phong: If you still think that I’m your grandma, and your husbands mom, don’t do this again.
Everyone were in tears of joy.

At Nut’s funeral, Boot is shocked that everyone came. She bows on the ground to grandma and apologizes. Grandma tells her that there is no mom in the world who would hate or be angry at their child. She forgives her as Boot shakes with tears.
Plerng apologizes to his aunt, that he is sorry that he was the cause of all of their problems. Boot doesn’t want him and Phong to ask for forgiveness. Boot continues that everything happened because of her greed and envy. She says that she is the one who needs to apologize to everyone. She tells Plerng and Phong that she is sorry. Grandma tells Boot to let the past be the past and that she still has her mom and her family that will be by her side. Boot embraces her mom and everyone watches on with bittersweet happiness. And the picture of Nut also watches on.

They proceed with the cremation, the sound of prayers in the background mixed with their poignant tears and smoke, billowing from the burning. Grandma says her last words to Nut, that she hopes his spirit will go peacefully. Boot tells her late son that she will love him, always.

Afterward, Boot is on the floor, talking to her mom. She is telling her that she has decided to practice Dharma so she can send goodness for Nut- there were a lot of children that will need her help. Grandma tells her to visit her often. As she leaves, she says goodbye to Plerng and Phong as well and thanks Plerng for always doing things for her and Nut even when they have never been nice to him. Finally, she says goodbye to her daughter and tells her to be a good kid and to take care of grandma. That is the last we see of Boot, as she gets into the van and waves goodbye.

At Numfon’s condo, grandma has come to see MaeMarn. She tells her that she would like to talk to her about Plerng and Numfon’s wedding. MaeMarn tells grandma that she is concerned about it too. Grandma asks Maemarn if she objects if Grandma takes care of their wedding again asap.

Plerng’s white Toyota pulls to a stop before the steps to the pergola. This time, they are standing adjacent to the pergola, overlooking the crisp water and towering buildings. Plerng walks to her with a smile. Numfon stands with her arms crossing.
Plerng: Numfon, do you need something?
She turns to him: Grandma came to see my mom. Did you know about this?
Plerng: No I didn’t. What happened?
Numfon: It’s probably because of the wedding. Everyone is afraid that I would lose face. Mom and grandma agreed to have us get married again.
She turns her back to him.
Plerng follows her with a smile: So what did you say?
Numfon: I.. I don’t know. That’s why I came to ask you. What do you say?
Plerng: I.. I..
She turns around: What do you say?
Plerng: If grandma and MaeMarn thinks this is the best solution, I don’t have a problem.
Numfon: So you still think that we should get married to fix our problem?
Plerng: Do you think there’s another way?
Numfon: There is..
Plerng: Do you mean-
Numfon: Plerng, I’ve thought about it well, if I were to marry, I’m not going to marry because of a crazy, stupid problem. I’m only going to marry someone I love. My life from now on, I want to be with someone I love and someone who loves me. You too.
She looks at him.
Numfon: You should marry someone you love.
Plerng looks sadly back at her as she turns around and walks away.
And as she escapes even further away, Plerng says out loud: Numfon, did you not know that the person I love doesn’t love me?
Numfon keeps walking as she pauses and turns around to look at him, he is walking away. Then he stops and turns around but she’s already walking. The painful scene gnaws at the heart as they go their separate ways.

At Numfon’s condo, Numfon tells her mom and Sita that she will not marry. She said that she has thought carefully and thanks them for being concerned for her. But she wants to decide her own life. She wants to study abroad in New York. Both Sita and mom shouted “New York” at the same time. Numfon tells them that it is better than marrying someone who doesn’t love you, and she excuses herself.

When she got to her room, Numfon looks herself in the mirror then makes her way to her bed. She recalls her previous conversation with Plerng, when he tells her that he didn’t have a problem if grandma and MaeMarn decided that another wedding would be a way out. Sita interrupts her thought, “Are you really not going to marry Plerng?” Numfon nods her head and says that she has already made up her mind. “But I think Plerng loves you..” Sita says. Numfon interjects, “No, we don’t love each other. We were marrying because we needed to and if we were to be married, we won’t be happy.”

The following day, the ring is returned to grandma with an apology. Grandma asks Numfon if she was unhappy with her.
Numfon: I want to study abroad.
Grandma: Are you sure?
Numfon looks at Plerng then nods her head to grandma.
Grandma glances at Plerng: What do you say?
Plerng looks at Numfon: After talking about it with Numfon, we both don’t have a problem.
Grandma: If you both have already worked it out I won’t say anything.
But grandma looks regretfully at them. Phong doesn’t have a problem either, she says that the two are older now. they should know what is best for them.

In the back yard, by the pond, Plerng and Numfon meets.
Plerng looks at her: This is your way out?
Numfon: That’s right..
Plerng: Then I hope that you find success in what you intend to do.
He glances into the pond.
Numfon: You too, I wish you luck all the same.
She looks away and secretly wipes away her tears.

At Chanon’s office, Sita is waiting for him. (Notice how the situation is reversed.. normally Chanon comes to see her.)
Sita: Did you know that Perng and Numfon aren’t going to marry?
Non: Really?
Sita: Yes and they are talking to grandma right now.
Non: Do you know the reason?
Sita: Numfon thinks that Perng doesn’t love her.
Non: Plerng doesn’t love Numfon? What is she thinking?
He was in disbelief.
Sita: So you think like me too..
Non: Yes, I think Plerng loves Numfon.
Sita: Yes, I think they both are in love with each other.
Non: Plerng doesn’t act the way that he speaks, what girl would know?..
Sita: It’s too bad, that she has to lose a good person.
Sita gets up: I know that she doesn’t want to study abroad, she’s just leaving so she can forget.
Non stands up: Then we must get Perng to tell Numfon that he loves her.
Sita: How are we going to do that?
Non: We have to work together.

It is dark at the Chatiyotin’s house. Plerng sits outside and looks outward. Non approaches him.
Non: I heard that you and Numfon aren’t going to marry.
Plerng: Yes.
Non: Are you sure?
Plerng: Marriage is a willingness on both sides.
Non: Whether that is the case, I think you can still talk it out. Let me ask you honestly, do you not love Numfon?
Plerng: Love or not.. is not the problem, because Numfon doesn’t love me.
Non: How do you know?
Plerng: She told me, that if she were to marry again she would only marry someone she loves.
Non: Plerng..
Plerng: There’s no point in talking about this. Excuse me.
Plerng walks away, leaving Chanon frustrated but not sure on what he should do.

In the Board of Director’s meeting, Plerng has announced that since the last three months, Thai Diamond’s profit has increased more than the other years. And that the best news is that Thai Diamond has come back to being the #1 Jewelry company in the business. Grandma also took the opportunity to announce that Plerng will be officially taking over for Pipat who has 20% of the share. He will also gain Boot’s shares as well as grandma’s which will total to 60% and makes him the one with the biggest shares in the company. Plerng is stunned, speechless. Everyone gives him applauses and congratulations. However, as they all leave the conference room, Plerng bows to his grandma and tells her that he cannot accept the shares. It is not what he needs. Then grandma asks him what did he need?

Later on in grandma’s room, Plerng and mom sit around the table.
Plerng: I think that my duty here is done. I’d like to go back to Ranong.
Grandma: Go back to Ranong?
Plerng turns to his mom: Do you want to go back with me or would you like to stay here and take care of grandma?
Phong: I’m worried about grandma.
Grandma: Then you will stay with me, accompany me, you are like a daughter to me.
Phong: Yes
Grandma: If you think your life is over there, and you want to go back, then I won’t force you or say anything.

Sita meets with Chanon again, this time she is in shock.
Sita: What? Plerng is returning to Ranong next week?
Non: Yes, he told grandma today.
Sita: We can’t let it end here. I thought you said you will get Plerng to tell Numfon that he loves her?
Non: I tried..sometimes if two people choose their life already we shouldn’t change it.
Sita: But those two love each other.
Non: But they won’t say it.
Sita: So this means that Perng and Numfon will have to break up to live in opposite ends of the world?
They look at each other, concerned.

That night, Perng sits alone outside, gazing. Lost in his thoughts and sadness.
Non sees Phong looking at her son from the inside.
Non: It doesn’t look like he’s kidding about going back to Ranong.
Phong: Something is on his mind..
Non: About Numfon right?
Phong: You know?
Non: Yes, I told Perng to tell Numfon that he loves her. But he refuses to talk so I don’t know what to do. If he wasn’t so tight-lipped, she wouldn’t stop the wedding.
Phong looks on shocked.

The next day Non hands Sita a journal.
Sita: What is this?
Non: Plerng’s journal.
Sita: Why are you giving me this?
Non: Phong thinks that Plerng likes Numfon so she stole the journal. She tells me that when Plerng has something on his mind, he would write in his journal. This may be useful. Why don’t you let Numfon read it?

Sita rushes home and goes into Numfon’s room.
Numfon is packing.
Sita: Why are you in such a rush to leave?
Numfon: I thought I would visit for a month before I start school.
Sita: So when are you thinking about leaving?
Numfon: 2am tomorrow.
Sita: That means it’s tonight then. Did you tell mom yet?
Numfon: Not yet, but today or any other day, it’s the same thing.
Sita: Can you pause on going? I want you to think carefully first.
NumfOn: I’ve gone this far, there is no way I will change my mind.
Sita: Even when you know that Plerng loves you?
Numfon looks at her in shock: What are you saying? Just help me pack.
Sita: Ok, but after you read this journal first. It’s Plerng’s journal.
Numfon: Plerng’s journal? Why are you giving it to me?
Sita: Sometimes, it might help you get to know him better.

Numfon sits on the floor as she goes through the journal, she turns a page and begins reading:

Today I was surprised that at the restaurant Numfon came to apologize to me. Normally she likes to sulk and cause problems. But today she was even more beautiful.

The picture below, Numfon says, “This is pretty for you?” but she smiles and turns a page.

I’ve never lied before, but I have to do it because of you. Did you know that I made a lot of appointments with my customers? You would scold me if I were late or early or whatever. You were very difficult, I wanted to go so I went. It’s lucky my customers believed I was really sick.

She looks at the picture he drew and smiles. Turns a page.

Today I had a lot of problems to worry about, but my mind is not on work. Today I gave Numfon crab dumpling, thought to make her happy. I’m sorry Numfon, I didn’t know you were allergic to crab.

Numfon gets teary eyed and turns the page.

A picture of flowers. I couldn’t sleep today. I tried calling but you didn’t pick up, you might still be mad at me. Please heal quickly. Flowers for you.

She turns the page and sees a ripped piece of shirt. She recalls that she used it to wrap Plerng’s wound.

That day I was so worried about her, it was the first time that I felt that I will never allow anything to happen to her. At last, it was lucky we survived.

She grasp the sleeve as she cries.

I will keep this shirt forever because it is something that Numfon gave to me.

As she turns the page and reads, she cries harder.

I’ve never been so happy in my life. Grandma told me to marry Numfon even when she never really liked seeing me. But I was very happy, never been so happy then to marry with Numfon.

She turns a page, an image of a man in the rain presents to her.

Today Numfon called me to talk to me about our wedding- the second time. She told me that she will not marry. When I heard it, I was very sad. But what made me even more sad was when she told me that she will only marry someone she loves.

Numfon covers her mouth, as deep anguish tears at her.

But it’s ok because.. I will love only Numfon, forever.

The next day Plerng hands everything over to Uncle Root and thanks him for everything. Non keeps asking if he was really going back to Ranong. No amount of begging was going to work because even grandma failed. (According to Root) Plerng thanks his uncle for understanding him. He bows to his uncle. As he leaves Chanon’s phone rings- from Sita.

A family meeting is called as everyone awaits Plerng. Non tells him that Numfon will be leaving tonight to study abroad. Plerng is shocked. Nari asks him if he loves Numfon, Plerng merely says it’s I.. Non then says that he feels sorry for Numfon. Plerng was confused. Non continues saying that Sita told him that Numfon won’t marry Plerng because he won’t tell her that he loves her. Non also says that Numfon loves Plerng and she’s only studying abroad because she’s sad. “Will you let her go like that? You will regret it for the rest of your life” adds Uncle Root. Everyone chimes in and tries to encourage him. Plerng looks at them and makes a decision.

Plerng rushes to Numfon’s house with a bouquet of pink and white roses, “I’m here to take my bride back,” he exclaims as Sita opens the door. She tells him that Numfon has already left. Plerng goes inside the condo and tries to call Numfon, but she has turned her phone off. Sita tells him that she mentioned she will have a meal with a friend before she leaves. Plerng immediately questions where, what time and if she had her friend’s number. But Sita can only give him a dumbfounded look. Plerng goes back into his car, crushed as he recalls their moments together.

It’s dark now as Plerng finally makes his way home. His mom and grandma greets him from the entrance.
Plerng: I don’t know where else I would look for her.
Grandma: Do you want to go to America to find her?
Plerng: I better not.. she did this as an answer that she wants to start a new life.
Phong: You have to be strong.
Plerng: Yes..
He walks dejectedly inside.

The next day Plerng asks his mom if she has seen his journal. Nonchalantly, Phong asks Plerng if he brought it with him to Bangkok. Then she ask him to think about the last time he wrote in his journal.
Plerng: The last time was the day..
Phong pretends not to know: That day you must have been very sad so you forgot where you put it.
Plerng: That must be it..

Plerng says goodbye to his family, he bows to grandma on the floor. Grandma asks to hold him. When she learned that he was going back to Ranong on a bus, she told him to take the car that she bought for him. Plerng concedes and everyone watches him as he drives away.

On the drive to Ranong, he stops at 7-11 and pinches the bridge of his nose from the ensuing headache. He thinks about his road trip with Numfon. He finally gets off and heads to the washroom to put cold water on his face. He looks towards the female washroom and thinks about the time he rushes Numfon out of the bathroom. He has it bad, everything reminds him of her. Plerng continues on his drive, passing the sunny, blue sea, with the road stretching ahead of him.

He arrives to his home, on the tip of the Ranong dock. It is a sunny day, the house is the color of sky blue. He takes his sunglasses off and walks shockingly inside. The inside of the house has newspaper on the floor and also freshly painted sky blue. He looks around with surprise then sees Numfon rolling paint on the back of the house.
Plerng: Numfon?
Numfon: Oh you’re here?
He steps down.
Plerng: What is this?
Numfon: Giving you your dream, sky blue house that you wanted.
Plerng: I thought you were studying abroad.
Numfon: How can I go?
She goes inside the house and retrieves his journal.
He looks on confused.
Plerng: This is my journal, how did you get it?
She won’t tell and looks away.
Plerng: What is this, I’m confused. My mom, Sita, do they know you are here?
Numfon: Let me tell you something, everyone in the world knows, only you don’t know.
Plerng: Everyone? You mean.. Grandma, Uncle Root, Non, Nari, Sita?
Numfon: Including your mom.
Plerng: What do you mean?

She recalls the event after she read the journal and her impending scheme to Plerng:
Sita: You’re still mad at Perng?
Numfon: Yes, really angry. I hate this type of people. Love me but let me misunderstand.
Sita: Well now you know, he loves you.
Numfon: Love but don’t tell, I don’t like it.
Sita: What do you want then?
Numfon: I will get even. You have to work with me.
Sita: You’re going to fool Plerng then?
Numfon nods her head then she calls grandma that she will marry Perng, but everyone has to help her.

Back at the little house in Ranong.
He angrily says: So you’re fooling me then.
Numfon: You fooled me first.
Numfon runs out of the house. Plerng still holds his journal as he follows her and angrily pulls her into his arms. She yelps in shock but has her hands on his chest.
Plerng: I wasn’t messing around with you.
Numfon: You couldn’t even confess, how detesting.
Plerng: From what I heard you were angry with me because I didn’t tell you that I love you right?
Numfon: Let me go, I’m embarrassed.
Plerng: I can let you go, but after I tell you that…
He looks into her eyes.
Plerng: I love you, Numfon
She looks at him, smiling shyly and he slowly lets her go. She still has her hands on him.
Plerng: I’ve let you go.
She circles her hands around his neck: But I’m not letting go.
Plerng: Why?
Numfon: Because I love you too.
Plerng: You love me?
He wraps his arms around her waist.
Plerng: I am so happy to hear this from your lips. Otherwise, I will have to keep the words I love you to myself forever.
They smile at each other.
Numfon: I love you.
Plerng: I love you too.
He leans down and they kiss, foreheads together.
Plerng: I’m sorry that my drawing of you wasn’t so pretty. I will redraw.
Numfon: No need. I’ve already drawn a new one.
She takes the journal and shows him a page where she drew of them in their wedding gowns.
Plerng pulls her in for another hug, they hold each other tightly and smile from ear to ear.

As we watch them embrace, by the beautiful sea of Ranong, and the beautiful blue skies, we hear Plerng’s voice.

Plerng: Hold on please. You would think that it ends here.. but no.

A page turns.

After grandma’s health improved, the doctor allowed her to travel. She went on a world tour with my mom and my dad. She is very happy.

The next page turns.

Chanon and Sita opened a business together. Please give encouragement to this couple.

Next page

As for me and Numfon, we got married the way that she has drawn.

And.. they lived happily ever after. THE END




The slow burn romance between Plerng and Numfon has finally been realized, the last page of our story has finally been told. With the life long lessons learned.. Plerng has finally let himself go and deserve the one woman he always thought unreachable- the best part of it all is, she loves him just as much.

A fantastic ending to a fantastic drama. Encore.