This episode ups the romance even more, so make sure to keep your body grounded and your soul intact. We also meander into the lost world of Tarawatburam, meet the political power struggle and the initial stirrings of spiritual calamities. Though we may not get a lot of our questions answered, there is one thing that is certain, I am so here for the suspense.


Sintu asks Praoploy if she believes in reincarnation. The question surprises her, but she attributes that to Pachara’s dogged determination to get her to remember her past life. She tells the older man that she is a Buddhist, but ultimately, she is wary about believing things that has no proof. Sintu explains that he is proof that reincarnation is real. He remembers his past life as clear as day. It all started when the general saved his life during Tarawatburam era, and the vow he made – to stay by the general’s side in every lifetime – becomes an ironclad vow that follows him in every lifetime after.

Praoploy questions if Sintu read this from a journal or whether he remembered everything on his own. Sintu understands that it must sound unbelievable to her ears, and he didn’t believe it either when he was younger. In fact, Sintu was an orphan that Khun Puth (“Pachara’s father”) adopted, just like the other boys on the island. When he was little, he kept having the same dreams over and over again, the dream that he was a fighter alongside another man. Then the minute he met Khun Puth, everything became clear and he remembered everything from that lifetime. Sintu asks if she has had any strange dreams.

We all know she has repeated dreams, but Praoploy asks if he’s trying to say that everything in her dream happened in a past lifetime. Meaning, is she the one that cursed Pachara? Sintu says he can’t say for sure, but what they do know is that she looks identical to Matira, it is as if they are the same person. But he adds that it doesn’t mean she is Matira per say, but she might be the only person who could unravel the truth.

Wanda looks for Pon to invite him to go sleuthing with her, but she spots him in the gym getting trained (which she thinks getting cozy) with a man. It further proves to her that he is gay, lol. But Pon is just taking his anger out on the dumbbells. His office calls him to demand that he return to the city, but Pon refuses, lamenting that his sister needs him more than they do. Wipu overhears the phone call and decides to offer Pon a job designing the grand opening of his resort. Pon doesn’t take the offer very well, he thinks Wipu is more concerned about having a successful opening than finding Praoploy, when he’s the one that got her in a pickle in the first place.

Matinee tells Wipu not to let it get to him but Wipu agrees with Pon, that he should be the first to blame.

Praoploy and Pachara wave goodbye to Sintu as he departs Black Pearl Island, Pachara asks if she’s sure about sticking around. Praoploy replies that although she doesn’t remember her past life, but if she’s really Matira then she should take responsibility for her past life’s actions. Praoploy is still disinclined to believe that one person’s curse can cause Pachara to be an immortal. Pachara says that humans can do much more (I would say much worst) than what we can imagine. In today’s age we have technology, but in the past we just have our bodies and spirituality. Praoploy finally asks the million-dollar question: what was Tarawatburam like before its collapse?

Pachara replies that it was truly beautiful, and what a pity she couldn’t recall it. Praoploy implores him to tell her about the details of the curse and how to reverse it. Pachara says that Matira is the root of it all, and he goes into how the story begins: a battle to protect the freedom of Tarawatburam. Prince Itsara and his troops won a bloody battle, the very same one that Sintu had pledged his undying allegiance to the general (Pachara).

After they overtook the opposing army, they also acquired its people. Traditionally those people become slaves. There was a boy who tried to take medicine for his father, but was stopped by a warrior. Turns out, the boy was a young woman. After seeing her, Pachara decided to buy her. They didn’t start off on the right foot because Ladtha, the young woman, believed Pachara to be a ruthless overlord, I can’t blame her, the leering look he threw her way was kinda greasy haha. He was all, if you don’t want to be a slave, then find enough money to free yourself. She told him she would rather die and prayed not to be his slave, and then he just.. blew at her face. Haha. He said she will be more than that. Their first meeting just screamed of the same first impressions from Praoploy.

Ladtha tried to run away, but she bumped into Prince Ruthara, who is immediately smitten. Sintu found her in time and retrieved her back to Pachara’s manor. Turns out, Pachara wanted to give his beloved mother another daughter. Ladtha could not believe her good fortune. Pachara offered his blue necklace as protection and welcomed her to his family, and said she will not be harmed if she wears the necklace.

We are also briefly introduced to Jantha, who perks at the name of Pachara.

Due to Prince Itsara’s strong military leadership, he was promoted to Crown Prince. The King had two sons, Prince Itsara and Prince Ruthara, both from different concubines. Prince Ruthara was only interested in the arts, but his mother craved for power. Chaos in the palace ensued after the announcement of the Crown Prince. Pachara was also promoted to the main general while his counterpart oversaw the palace guards. His counterpart, Wasutha, wasn’t keen on Pachara one-upping him since both were the Crown Prince’s left- and right-hand man. Prince Ruthara was innocent enough, he fancied a new girl he saw and had prepared a present for his brother’s anointment. His mother however, chastised him for not being capable like the crown prince.

Back in present time Praoploy surmises that the political turmoil is still a benefit to a general like Pachara. The man nods in agreement.

Prim tries to make it up to Wipu for stealing his speedboat key and making a mess of everything. She doesn’t want to add additional stress on him, to which Wipu says she is in a worst state. He offers to take her mind off her missing sister by helping him with PR work for his upcoming resort opening, that includes being acquainted with the story of the Heart of Knight.

Meanwhile Wanda is at the library and she notices the Petch Island history book. The librarian says she would need to write a letter to ask permission to borrow the book, but that would take too long for Wanda so she conjures up a scene to steal the book. At the patio dining, Wanda shares with Pon that there is no history information of Pachara on the internet, so she had to go offline. She shows him the history book, which makes Pon wonder if she’s a thief or an investigator. That’s what I’m saying. But Wanda tells him to stop criticizing her because she has something worthwhile to show him.

She lays down three photos of Pachara Group’s family lineage. To Pon’s surprise, they all look alike, as if they are the same person. Wanda thinks out loud that they might be the same person, but Pon says that only happens on a tv show. Lol. But what’s more suspicious to Pon is Pachara. When he had talked about his two sisters being polar opposites, Pachara seems to have known what he’s talking about. Like he’s acquainted with Praoploy.

The archaeologist discusses the flourishing kingdom that is Tarawatburam. There are two goddesses’ relics that no one knows much about. Suddenly Aon appears at the exhibit and asks the archaeologist if he wants to know more. Hm. This makes me wonder if she’s not Matira, then maybe she’s one of the two goddesses.

Next, Prim and Wipu go to see the archaeologist so that Prim may better understand the story of the Heart of Knight.

Back on Black Pearl Island, Praoploy studies the book that Sintu had given to her, even though she can’t read it. He says she’ll be able to in time. The island boys remind her to take her medicine but wonders if that means she is sick. Prao explains that her heart is weak and needs help, to which the boys advise her to get a new heart, these days it is easy peasy. Lol. Prao smiles and says even though heart surgery is advanced these days, they still need to find a match for her. To cheer them up from the morbid topic, Prao assures them that she will live awhile and that one day, they will find a match.

Prim learns two sustaining stories behind the Heart of Knight (1) a woman took her lover’s heart out because he betrayed her with another woman. She then threw the heart out into the sea which then turned into a diamond. (2) the lover killed her brother and dad so she avenged their deaths by taking the lover’s heart out and then throwing it into the sea.

Prim asks which one is true, but the researcher says no one really knows, these are just tall tales, only people from Tarawatburam would know. Cue, the zoom in Wipu’s face.

Praoploy finds Pachara atop the cliff again, he looks so lonely. She says out loud that she can’t imagine what it’s like to live two thousand years. She wonders if she would die of boredom. He asks if she wishes to find out, but Prao says for a person like her, who was born and can die at any minute, living sounds pretty heavenly. She adds that she can do so many things that she wants to do. Pachara says then she should focus on remembering her past so that he can die (which means she would be able to get his heart). Praoploy relents that she’s doing her best, but ever since she’s heard the stories from him, she can’t seem to tell her dreams apart. She doesn’t know which is actually from the past and which is her imagination.

He finally says to come with him. He takes her to the opening of a cave and immediately the words written on the walls freak her out. Like an ominous presence, her heart clenches. She doesn’t want to go in but Pachara reassures her that he’ll be right next to her. As she takes his hand, she sees flashes of the past. Pachara watches her closely, every nuance of her face. The storm brews outside. Ayyy I’m getting goosebumps.

Prao struggles breathing so Pachara ushers her back outside. Suddenly, the storm knocks two boulders off the cliff, it comes pummeling to them, but Pachara blocks her with his body. He is knocked out! Prao freaks out because he always says he doesn’t die, so what is this? His heart isn’t beating and he’s unmoving. Prao screams for help.

After some time two men bring Pachara back to the house, Prao cries that she has tried everything to help him, CPR, mouth to mouth (wait and we didn’t get to see it?!) then the mute older man drags the crying fisherman out of the house. He blocks everyone’s paths from going in. What a stunning scene.

He signs to everyone outside that Pachara won’t die, but they all look at him like he’s grown two heads. For one, Pachara’s heart stopped beating (for at least an hour which was how long it took to get to the house). The housekeeper froze in her tracks when her dad signs to her that Pachara could NEVER die.

Praoploy is losing her mind as she hovers over him. She wonders who is gonna teach her how to scuba dive or brew medicine for her. She prays, with her hands wrapped around his, that if she were the person whom he says she is, then she wishes for a miracle so that Pachara would just wake up.

Suddenly, Pachara comes to (with a smirk if you will), but it causes Prao to cry even harder.

He tells her that he’s right here and that he only fainted. Well we now know Mr. Almighty can take a swoon too. Nothing could kill him in this world, he urges.

Prao is still crying hard and starting to lose her voice, Pachara takes her face into his hands and says he is now aware that she worries about him. The girl has practically lost her shit. He pulls her into his arms and holds her close while she cries. I mean, aww.

Wipu phones an affiliate in the Netherlands regarding the delay of the Knight of Heart exhibit. She’s not happy about it. She reminds him that there is a reason why she has allowed him to use the gemstone in the first place.

Prao peers at Pachara’s face and notes that it sure feels like he died for real. Pachara says that he goes through the same pain as humans, and can die, it’s just that the curse brings him back. Ugh, that sounds awful. Prao (still crying) wonders how many times he must have died and came back to life. Pachara doesn’t look too sad to be alive this time though, as he takes her hand and places it on his chest. Kyaa. There is no heartbeat underneath. Pachara says that although he doesn’t have a heart, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any feelings. Kyaa. Someone save ME.


My soul is still with these two, ugh why so cute you two?!  I thought I was ready for all of this cuteness, but honestly, I never am. The scenes are always better than my imagination. Praoploy has come to care for Pachara, and vice versa. Even though in the past their love may have occurred, I really liked that we got to see them fall in love in present time. Just makes for hurting so good down the road, you know?

And if I may take a guess (do join me in the who’s who game) let’s talk about the story we’ve heard thus far. Disclaimer: I can be completely wrong!

  • Ladtha – possibly Praoploy! Which makes this just a tad incestuous haha.
  • Ruthara – I am guessing is Wipu! Just based on the parallels of loving art and falling for Ladtha.
  • Ruthara’s mom – Matinee – even more incestuous right? I need to get my mind out of the gutter. Based on the parallels here as well, Matinee sure likes to act like his mother, right?
  • Aon – one of the goddesses?
  • Matira – the second goddess who has the power to turn a human’s heart into diamond! – but who is the real Matira? Could it be any one of the new faces we’ve been introduced to? Either the Netherlands lady or even Prim herself?

Ah exciting stuff, we are opening ourselves up to the old world, let’s see how they connect with this new world. At least we have an adorable love story to witness along the way.