If you’re wondering what Pachara does in the last 2000 years on his spare time, it isn’t fun. It is no wonder he is so desperate to end this immortality. Praoploy must make a decision on whether she’s gonna fight the fight or join it, while also getting to know more about Pachara, the mysterious island owner and uber rich extraordinaire. How did the saying go? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em? At least she’s not going down without a fight.


Sintu pleads for his general to stop tormenting himself, that it’s been 2000 years. Pachara declares that the pain that he inflicts on his body is nothing compared to the torment in his heart. Sintu asks how many more thousand years is he going to suffer.

In a flashback Pachara gives a woman by the name of Ladtha a necklace, providing that the necklace means that she is part of his family. We see his kind smile as he puts the necklace on her and telling her that she will stay safe if she wears it.  But in the next beat, Ladtha is stabbed by protecting him.

Atop the cliff, Pachara promises that he hasn’t forgotten about her. He stares at the necklace and says that he’s waiting for her to come back so that he may protect her. He stretches out his arm with the necklace, and the other with a knife. Oh no.

Praoploy chances upon this spectacular scene and is horrified when she sees Pachara stabbing himself in the chest. Holy cow. He cries out in pain and says that this is to compensate for her sacrifice and that no matter how many thousand years go by, he will never forget her. Then he pushes the knife in deeper, but as quick as the blood seeps and the anguish is heard, his heart heals itself.

Praoploy declares that this is beyond madness and she can’t stay any longer.

Prim has a pity party of one when Wipu joins her at the bar. Prim asks him an existential question: has he ever felt that he has no place in this world? She sure feels that nobody cares about her. Wipu understands how she’s feeling but he also says he doesn’t turn to alcohol to resolve it. Instead, if the world doesn’t need him, he will create his own world that does. He believes she could do it too and with that encouragement, Prim embraces him closely.

Praoploy tries to rationalize what she saw, she wonders if Pachara is conducting some sort of witchcraft that turns him into satan. And if he gets a heart, she wonders if that would truly turn him into a monster? She goes on to think whether the islanders know of his strangeness or whether they are all strange too. She thinks back to what he said earlier – that he would take her to the past – and suddenly worries about her own life. But Pachara appears by her side because he’s worried that she’s not strong enough for tomorrow. He takes her pulse and decides he needs to relieve her pressure point.


Pachara reaches for her feet, to which Praoploy screeches, because she doesn’t know if he’s a professional and she has heard people can die if you touch the wrong spot. But it’s handy when you’ve lived thousands of years, Pachara asks which degree she wants to see – from traditional Chinese medicine to modern medicine – he has them all. She notes the exaggeration and that he’s bipolar (one minute good one minute bad). Pachara ignores her comment and proceeds to give her a foot massage. Am I the only one who squeals when he peers at her? He says she’ll feel so good and strong the next morning. Praoploy smiles and says she would swim across the island if that were true, to which Pachara banters that he won’t stop her, he’ll just wait and see. Praoploy smiles again, as she can’t help but get sucked into his aura, I can’t blame her, what a hottie.

Prim has too much to drink as Wipu deposits her on the sofa. When morning comes, she sees a note and hangover drink from Wipu.

Praoploy must have felt like a champ because she’s on a mission to swim to a boat that’s 200 meters away. She gives herself a pep talk, that she’s trained all her life for the swim. Lol. Pachara finds out she’s gone first thing in the morning and practically rolls his eyes – like, now he must exert energy to go after her before his morning coffee.

Praoploy doesn’t make it halfway when she sinks into the water, as she goes deeper she sees visions of the lost city of Tarawatburam and flashes back to the scene where Pachara is tied down and Matira stabs him, then the scene of the curse follows. Pachara collects her out of the water, next thing she knows she’s in a different room. Praoploy says she’s always dreamt the same dream but was never able to see faces so clearly before. When she notices her new surroundings, she immediately thinks she’s on Petch Island now and will reunite with her sister.

But she sees Sintu instead and thinks the older man must have saved her.

Not so fast, lol. Pachara appears with some concoction for her to drink. She thinks its poison but Pachara says he has way too many opportunities to kill her before this. And why does she think she had the energy to swim across shore if it weren’t for his help? Praoploy still refuses and pushes away the drink, but Pachara has godlike reflexes. He leaves Sintu to handle Praoploy and the medicine.

Praoploy cannot comprehend why Uncle Sintu sticks around a crazy man like Pachara. Sintu let’s her talk it through until she realizes that Pachara is the living, breathing, sole heir of Pachara Group. Still, Praoploy says rich people can have mental health issues too. She reasons that no sane person would kidnap a woman and ask her to reverse the curse. Sintu relents that things that are impossible can be possible, like how can you prove Harry Potter isn’t real? That there’s no magic, no spells and curses? Sintu continues that by the time there was proof/evidence that the world is round and not flat, that very person was deemed crazy too. He adds that Pachara is a special person, has she at least noticed that? Man’s got to hit her over the head with some facts, like he saved her more than he has endangered her.

Praoploy asks the important question: do you mean he’s not human like us? Sintu nods in response. As proof, Sintu takes her to Pachara’s office, filled with traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, lab and educational accolades. Sintu asks if hasn’t she felt that ever since she met Pachara, that she’s never felt stronger in her entire life? That’s attributed to Pachara – but Praoploy says what he is, is scary and unfathomable. Sintu argues the world us full of scary and unfathomable things. Mind you, Pachara is on the other side of the room, and can hear everything. Sintu offers his word that Pachara isn’t a bad person. Praoploy brings up the scene she saw, where he stabbed himself and didn’t die. Sintu says this only proves that his heart is special. Praoploy doesn’t want to be like him (she thinks if she acquires his heart, all of the bad things would come with it). Sintu praises her imagination and that she ought to write a book, to which Praoploy has considered it too. Lol.


Sintu advises her to use her senses, trust her intuition to gather what kind of a person Pachara is. Praoploy finally says that she felt very familiar with him the moment she met him, and that she felt safe when he’s around, like something tells her that he can protect her. Sintu says that she ought to trust in that. They’re brought up to live in the present and reality, but they also know that past lifetimes follow them as well. His past lifetime is also related to Pachara’s.

Praoploy finally drinks the concoction that Pachara made. She thanks him for saving her life again and for the medical help, she has felt immensely better. She asks what’s in the drink and where he got it from, but Pachara starts listing ingredients she doesn’t understand and says he’s been in this world for a very long time, so long that he’s running out of things to learn. Praoploy laughs in disbelief (more for herself and her fate than anything lol) but tells him that she’ll change her mindset about the situation, instead of thinking it’s crazy, she’ll try her best to go with it. She gives her word that she will do everything he advises: the first is to drink medicine that he concocts, because her body must be strong enough to endure revisiting the past life. He immediately reaches for her wrist to feel her pulse, teehee. We’re not the only one shipping these two, Sintu peers from the door and notes that Pachara has not smiled like that in 2000 years.

Pon and friends receive updates regarding Praoploy’s disappearance from the officer. They surmise that she might no longer be on Petch Island anymore. There is a possibility that she could have gone to other neighboring islands, but most are uninhabitable in exception to Black Pearl Island. But since it’s a private island it’s impossible to visit. Wipu adds that no boat would be willing to take them there either. Pon is furious, the last string of hope of finding his sister is possibly illegal. He doesn’t give up, he asks Prim to get a key to one of Wipu’s boat so they could trespass Black Pearl Island. Wanda, the investigator, is floored.

Prim gets stopped by Wipu’s secretary who asks her a million questions. Ultimately Prim lies that she thinks she left an item on one of Wipu’s boats. She learns that they don’t keep the boat keys in that maintenance room, she needs to get it from the key keeper. After some creative diversions, the trio manages to get the keys to the speedboat.

It’s a stormy night, and a possible typhoon coming. Pon doesn’t care, he tells Wanda that they need to set out for that Island. This client-investigator duo is so adorable and hilarious together. Partners in crime indeed… who has to spend time together in jail for trying to steal a boat. Hahaha.

She’s sporting a bruise on the forehead from that head butt earlier with him. He blows on a handkerchief to relief the bruise on her head (haha tell me you don’t do this too) and says granny used to do this for him all the time when he was little. They get bailed out of jail by non-other than the boat owner. Awkward. Turns out the secretary thinks they’re up to something, so she reinforces the dock. Pon apologizes but says that his sister and Wanda had nothing to do with it. Wipu says he will take responsibility – they can’t go to Black Pearl Island, but they could find a way to get Pachara to come to them, and if Praoploy is indeed on Black Pearl, they could get that update from Pachara. Wanda wonders how they would do that because Pachara isn’t the easiest person to track down. Wipu guarantees it.

It is no wonder Prim has a crush on Wipu. He’s kind and always there to reassure her. He tells her that apologies are not needed because he would do the same if he were in her brother’s shoes. The secretary isn’t happy to see this though and isn’t afraid to voice her concerns. She thinks they’re bringing trouble to him but Wipu says he brought them to the island so he ought to be responsible. He calms her down by saying he’s glad there’s someone who cares for him, and that he worries about her too. He massages her shoulders and tells her not to stress out, the secretary says they’ve come too far, she’s unwilling to let anything change. That is the scene Pon walks into. How curious.

Earlier during the storm, Praoploy notices the too quiet house. She creeps upstairs looking for anyone, but sees Sintu coughing in his room. Then his body remains still, which worries her. Praoploy is wiping his arm down to lower his fever when Sintu finally comes to. She says she had to search the house for fever reducers and that his nephew is MIA. Sintu says Pachara must be observing the dock if it’s stormy out. We see the man they’re talking about peering by the door with a half-smile, he watches her tend to Sintu.

Praoploy rushes out of the room too quickly and nearly runs into Pachara. He catches her around the waist just in time. Flustered, she orders him to brew some medicine for his uncle while she makes some porridge. He’s shocked at her bossiness but does as he’s told haha.

They have a cute moment in the kitchen where he’s surprised that she knows how to cook. Praoploy says she’s an artist and cooking is a form of art too. Sintu praises that that is the best sick-person porridge he has had. Praoploy replies that she learned it from her mother who is the best at cooking sick people food, since her own daughter is always sick. Aw. Her positivity practically radiates off of her. But Praoploy begs to differ, she says she’s not a glass half full kind of girl, in that the world isn’t always beautiful, she just refuses to see the bad things. Pachara just perches by the door, his usual spot, when Praoploy orders him to feed uncle with the medicine and bring him a change of clothes. Pachara looks like he doesn’t know what to do with himself lol.

Sintu is amused, he says no one could order the general around in 2000 years, and that the old Matira has no trace left in Praoploy. Pachara says she looks exactly like her though, and Sintu agrees, but argues that the kindness in her eyes is night and day from Matira. As the two watch her the next morning, Sintu says it looks like she’s starting to open up for them. Pachara is skeptical, he sometimes wonder if her bright and bubbly self is a façade to fool them like in her previous lifetimes. Sintu advises his general to consider how he feels about Praoploy’s personality – he is of the strong mind that before trying to convert her hatred into love again, he should just open up his mind to let love in.

There is no way I am going to agree to love Matira again. He says. It’s just a method to end this game. He says. Sintu is all ok whatever but Praoploy seems the type that one could just fall in love easily and without even knowing. Lool. Wise Sintu comments that Pachara is the one who refuses to accept his own heart.

Without even realizing it, Pachara made one of Praoploy’s dreams come true: scuba diving! Just the thought of it makes her jump up and down with excitement. He says she would have to pass a test before she could do this. (1) swim 200 meters without help (2) float in the water (3) remember signals. She doesn’t pass the hand signals, because she thinks the heart shape means I love you in Korean (lol). She argues that if hand signals are that important, wouldn’t he need to be around her to see it? He gives her another day to pass the test. As he turns away though, she tests out the hand signal, but Pachara thinks she’s drowning and jumps into the water to save her, and it probably took a couple of years off his life whether he wants to admit it or not. She apologizes for making him worry, which of course he says he’s not. Mm hmm.

At the beach she mocks him by drawing his picture in the sand, she tells the boys that it’s a pic of a monster. Pachara watches this unfold from the hill with a smile.

The boys ask her to teach them how to draw. The boys are great novice artists, but they are sad that their pics would be washed away with the waves, so Praoploy asks Pachara to take a photo of them and commemorate with a picture. Praoploy asks him to send her the pics, so when she gets home, she could post it on Instagram.

Pachara asks if she wants to go home, to which she says that she does but then she won’t be able to fulfill his request. She has decided to stay, honor her promise and enjoy the little things that makes her happy here. If she’s not a glass half full kind of girl, I don’t know who is. He wonders if that means she’s ready to help him wholeheartedly, she wonders the same. The two thinks back on their talk with cupid, I mean Sintu, and realize that yes, they are both ready to open their hearts and minds.

Sintu alerts Pachara on the grand opening announcement of Wipu’s new resort, but more importantly, the showcase of the Heart of Knight – a gemstone relic that Pachara has searched for 2000 years.

Wipu looks at a family photo and thinks back to when he departed from them, his dad and step mom/half-brother. Matinee (his secretary) says it’s a long time ago and just as she is about to divulge her feelings, he gets a phone call that Pachara is here to see him. Well that was quick.

Pachara straight up asks Wipu his motive on inviting him to the grand opening. Wipu merely says it’s the thing to do, Pachara is a famous person with the most valuable island in the area. He also thinks they might have the same interests, but he says he respects his decision on whether he decides to attend the opening or not. Sintu says they want to see the rare gemstone with their own eyes and Pachara asks where it’s kept. Wipu tells them he has someone he’d like to introduce to them first, and Pachara is presented to Praoploy’s family.

Pon doesn’t waste another minute when he shares the story of his missing sister. Pachara says he is willing to allow them to search Black Pearl Island. Sintu chimes in that they won’t be able to do so in the next few days due to the storm. Wipu states that once they find Praoploy, they will know when the Heart of Knight gemstone would make its appearance. As they are watching the fire dancing show, and Prim gets up to dance with them, you can hear Pachara’s wheels turning when Pon shares that his two sisters are like night and day. One is weak and the other strong.

We see Pachara thinks that this is true as he recalls the moment earlier when he gave a piggyback ride to Praoploy as they cross the river. She turns off the lantern and fireflies light up the night. He asks her if she knows why fireflies are bright? They are looking for their soulmate. Is that a pickup line? Lmao. Such a romantic scene though.

Pachara sets his angry eyes at Prim, as the dancing with the fire takes his memory to Matira. We see Matinee (the secretary) watching him closely, along with Wipu.

The next day Pachara tells Sintu that it can’t be a coincidence that Matira in this lifetime manages to look just like herself, perhaps she planned it this way since she wants a head on fight. Sintu thinks it’s too simple of an explanation, Matira is too conniving and not a fair fighter. Pachara says they fought hard for two thousand years, perhaps everything that’s happening is pointing to a straightforward fight, you know that last knockout round, sheer will survival. Sintu argues that if Praoploy isn’t Matira, then it’s a moot fight (can’t reverse the curse). It seems the debate between the two regarding if Praoploy is Matira has come to an impasse; Sintu and Pachara believe the exact opposite of each other. (Insert new OST song!)

Sintu spots Praoploy forlornly at the beach. He asks if she misses home but Praoploy says it doesn’t matter, she can’t leave anyway. Sintu assures her that Pachara has never forced anyone and he would let her go soon, the matter is the utmost important to him, which is why he has to do things he doesn’t normally do. Praoploy says she already made her promise, so she must stick with it now. Then, Sintu questions whether she believes in reincarnation.


I wonder if he’s going to tell her the story about him? Because I am dying to tie up the pieces of this wayward string! Sintu for the storytelling win!

The story itself takes on a semi slowdown so that our couple can clear their conscience and open their hearts up. Romantically I like where we’re going, because before you love someone, you should at least like them and know they are a good person. While they still have reservations, they can see with their own eyes – the goodness in each other – which makes it a more compelling love story. Their alone time is so very dreamy, like we’re witnessing the feelings being developed. Besides Tono-Nychaa are too cute together, they can just look into each other’s gazes and we are done for.

But the story – ah the story! We know something is up with Wipu and Matinee, they are bringing together the Heart of Knight, Praoploy and Pachara. What do they want? A resurrection of the past? As we can see so far, these people in the present all have something to do with the past. The dance focus on Prim is making me wonder who she is as well. What about Aon who came back to life, what is happening to her now? Also, it almost sounds like Praoploy may be Ladtha in the previous life. I have so many questions. What’s your theory? Looks like we may be given more crumbs in the next episode. So, episode 4, come quick!