Witnessing someone dying and coming back to life has given Praoploy a new perspective, that even if it is hard to believe, she has committed herself to uncovering her memories. Pachara on the other hand, has realized that she wasn’t born vindictive nor with any of her past life memories, so that too changes things for him. But whether they have decided to move forward or not, fate has its own plans, and Tarawatburam’s story must be told.


Praoploy is still trying to wrap her head around her surreal experience, but Pachara says whether she believes it or not, it has happened (and right before her eyes). He asks her to place herself in his shoes, but Praoploy replies that she doesn’t want to be an immortal, she just wants to live her life. She does mention it is rather sad to watch your loved ones pass away one by one.

But I’m not really processing what she’s saying because Pachara keeps looking at her like this:

No thoughts, head empty.

Pachara notes how different she is from Matira – she has empathy. Two thousand years ago she was like fire, ready to scorch everything around her. Praoploy worries of losing her current self when she remembers her past self. Pachara silently thinks to himself that he also prefers Praoploy. It is as if she could hear his thoughts as she turns to face him. Squee. Look who made the two-thousand-year-old man walk away in bashfulness!

Pon phones a friend (who is a cop) for additional help. His friend suggests that he obtain a search warrant because they can’t take Pachara’s verbal permission for granted. So, while Pon requests a formal search warrant, he asks Wanda to stay behind to send him any progress while he returns to the city. Wanda is happy to, but she wonders if he could order Prim to go back with him. Pon says of course he can, he’s the authority in their family. Prim however refuses profusely because she wants to stay on Petch Island until their sister returns. Pon thinks she wants to stay because she likes Wipu, and he chides her for being stubborn and selfish.

Wanda begs to differ, she says that Pon and his sister are cut from the same cloth. Lol. They are both stubborn and selfish. Pon doesn’t believe that Prim wants to stick around for Praoploy because in the past Prim had always been dissatisfied about taking care of their sister. Wanda argues that regardless of that, Prim still takes care of Praoploy. Wanda points out that Pon is bias when it comes to his sisters, he’s gentle towards Praoploy, so why can’t he show Prim some of that consideration and gentleness? Her words seem to have registered with Pon.

Wipu talks Prim out of another glass of wine, he says now is the time to stay focused and alert, not intoxicated. He surmises that she must feel overwhelmed, with her missing sister, her new work and her brother, to the point where she’s not in the mood to do anything.

Pachara thinks back to when Praoploy wishes to remember everything instantly. She feels that these spurts of memory/vision aren’t going to be enough to reverse the curse for him, and that she’d probably perish before that. Pachara says he’ll never let her die (on his watch) because he has already agreed to give her his heart. Which brings them to the last option: Tarawatburam. Praoploy wonders if there’s anything left of the city and why he hasn’t taken her there in the first place. Pachara replies that it isn’t an easy place to get to, it all depends on her health.

As he contemplates the situation, Praoploy approaches him, “Mr. Immortal, whatcha filming an MV here for” she teases. Teehee. That earns a smile from him, but he retorts that there aren’t any cameras around here. Praoploy says that while the situation is strange, she is determined to reverse the curse while remaining true to who she is. Pachara finally says that he has no right to ask that of her, now that they know she wasn’t born with the memory nor a vengeful heart. Praoploy says that they have come this far, they need to go all the way now. But the minute she starts summarizing what can happen – that she reverses the curse and he gives her the heart – she wonders if the act can even happen. I’m over here wondering how morbid it sounds, one of them will end up dead regardless.

Praoploy tells him that whenever she gets one of her heart attacks, it aches badly, it makes her wonder why she was born to endure such pain. He relents that it still makes her want to continue living. That is because Praoploy has a stealth belief: that everyone is born with a purpose. She knows now that she was born to complete this mission, so she’s ready. And that is all Pachara needs to hear.

Wipu encourages Prim to act her cute self around her older brother too, because the man can only see what is shown to him. Wipu adds that the two should work in harmony since Praoploy is missing. This earns him a hug from Prim who says she feels so encouraged around Wipu, when he teachers her these things. Wipu believes that with time, Prim can learn these things on her own. Prim would rather have Wipu stay by her side and help her, and she surprises him with a kiss.

It’s diving time! As Praoploy and Pachara dive along the ruins of what was Tarawatburam, we are taken through the thriving Tarawatburam, where the general meets Matira or theda-teywa (Goddess).

The prince is heard telling his troops not to fall in love with the dancers because they preserve their purity, but the prince and Pachara cannot take their eyes off the dancers. Janthra, one of the dancers suddenly gets a vision of Matira and Pachara together, then she sees Matira taking out a knife. She nearly collapses from the premonition.

Pachara can’t stop thinking about Matira, who turns out to be his counterpart’s sister. He has only met her now because she was sent to the palace at a young age. Theda-teywas are raised at the palace and taught sacred skills to protect the kingdom. Matira also thinks about the man who was gazing at her earlier and learns that he is General Pachara.

Ladtha is also mesmerized the first time she meets Matira. As she goes shopping in the local market with her mom, she spies some paintings which she took to immediately. Some things never change lol. Ladtha is interested in purchasing one but she encounters the man she ran into previously, she doesn’t know he’s Prince Ruthara, and also the painter. The prince hides his identity from her, as he enjoys teasing her and is smitten. He says he will give her a painting if she shares the event that happened to her prior. Ladtha says that he’s just an art intern, he doesn’t need to know about politics.

Pachara and Wasuta engage in a one to one practice combat, but Pachara gets beaten as his mind is not on fighting. Wasuta says that Pachara seems distracted, but Pachara just smiles and says Wasuta has improved on his skills.

Ruthara presents a gift that he has drawn for his brother- a picture of two horses and a moon – and asks for a favor in return. We don’t know what that is yet.. but the master had been observing him and asks to practice with him.

Sintu comments that Ladtha is lucky to have Pachara, but Pachara says it’s mutual, she keeps his mother company and makes his house livelier. They see a lively group walking from the market, but Pachara has his eyes on Matira only. Haha even during Tarawatburam time, he’s still making eyes with her. Everyone around them, including his mother, can tell he’s infatuated. He’s trying to flirt by asking what she bought and if he could walk her home. But his mother says that he could give her a hand instead.

Once home, she reminds him that Matira is a goddess, which means she must preserve her purity – I’m guessing this means she cannot be with a man. Pachara says it’s nothing, but Ladtha calls him out, he’s holding one of Matira’s ankle bracelets. He tucks it in his trousers and relents that she dropped it. His mother encourages him to return it and to end his infatuation.

Pachara orders Ladtha to call him P’ (older brother) from now on, and that he knows they are not blood related, but they are drawn together by fate. Also, if she considers him as family, then others won’t mess with her. He adds that he wanted to take care of her and protect her since the moment he met her. Ladtha could only look at him, touched by his words. He tells her not to cry and rewards her with a bunny. Ok, best brother ever.

Meanwhile the crown prince summons Janthra to do a reading for him, but Janthra gets another bad premonition instead. She lies that she sees nothing, but the crown prince wants to know if his next battle would meet with success. He then asks if she could see who his soulmate is, to which she remains silent. He gives her a marble as a reward and asks if he could see her again, but not as a crown prince, but as a man. Janthra reminds him that she’s a goddess and is only here to help people. It also looks like Wasuta (Matira’s brother) also likes Janthra, even knowing the path she has chosen, but he says he has looked at her for so long that he is simply unable to look at anyone else.

Pachara returns the anklet to Matira, but his hand lingers. Smooth move, lol. She mentions he didn’t need to go to the trouble of returning it, but Pachara relents that he was going to keep it to himself at first, but figures returning it means he could see her face again. Matira asks if it helps but Pachara says this makes him miss her even more, and that it is not in his fate to get to know her better, seeing that she is a goddess. Matira hints that it’s unfortunate he severed his own fate and couldn’t summon the courage that a general like him ought to have. If that’s not a greenlight, I don’t know what is. Sintu surmises that Pachara is really good at fighting but not so good at courting. Even Sintu thinks Matira has given him a greenlight.

On the politics side of things, one of Tarawatburam’s provinces did not provide enough goods requested of the king. The minister thinks this is a sign. The crown prince feels that the war that recently ended took a lot out of everybody, and they should give them the benefit of the doubt. The king says he had sent out support during the war so that they would not struggle, so he demands the truth. Someone will be punished regardless, whether the territory or the ministers that were sent to help the people.

Pachara asks if the crown prince suspects anyone, but the prince says he only worries about the people. The minister on the other hand, feels that the crown prince is out to get him. Wasuta chimes in that he has a way to get rid of the crown prince. The aunt wonders if he’s ready to betray the crown prince who was his friend since childhood. Wasuta says family is more important (the minister is his father). The aunt is Prince Ruthara’s mother. The minister wonders who divulged the information about the struggling citizens, and Wasuta says it’s none other than the foolish Ruthara.

Prince Ruthara finds inspiration to draw people now, he has always drawn flowers or animals. His inspiration comes barreling into the art room, Ladtha. She asks if he could teach her how to draw.

Pachara shows up to Matira’s side and asks to court her. He says he has decided that he would like her to be his life partner. He gives her until the full moon to give him an answer. He promises to take responsibility of her, and no matter what she chooses (to be with him or to be a goddess) he would respect her decision. Mind you, he’s kneeling before the religious statue, it is like he’s making a vow before the gods.

Big decisions ahead for Matira, who will be promoted to Akitae, while Janthra will be promoted to Sintutae, these are sacred positions among the religious culture. Matira asks Janthra if she has ever wanted to live life like a normal person. Specifically, take a lover and have a family. This question shocks Janthra because they have chosen to be goddesses and must leave behind all human desires.

Pachara takes his first bite of Ladtha’s first cooking, he wonders out loud if it’s edible. He doesn’t want to be known as the person who died by her cooking, instead of in a battle field. But after the taste, he proudly declares that it’s delicious. Ladtha shares that her dream is to become a goddess, but Pachara just scoffs at that. The mother questions if she’s ready to give up marriage to become a goddess, to which Ladtha looks at Pachara and finally nods yes.

The night of the full moon, we hear Pachara’s voiceover that Janthra had warned him of the premonition, that being with Matira could bring doom to the kingdom. At the time it wasn’t something he believed because how could a love so beautiful ruin a whole kingdom? And that night, Matira leaves the praying ceremony (probably to meet Pachara), leaving Janthra feeling ominous about her premonition.

Back in present time, Praoploy gets her foot cut from diving. Pachara takes her up for air. As he tends to the cut, he orders their boat back to shore, even though Praoploy laments that she could keep diving. He doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to her safety.

It’s the undercut for me.

Pon, along with the officials, visit Black Pearl island. They present Sintu with the search warrant, but the older man says one is not needed when Pachara has already given permission. They thank him for sending a boat, otherwise they would not be able to step foot onto Black Pearl island.  They proceed to search the house.

Meanwhile, Pachara has taken Praoploy to another place on the island and tells his man to ensure they don’t find the new spot. Praoploy asks him why they haven’t returned to his house.


We are getting closer to the crux of the problem. It also looks like one of the tall tales about Tarawatburam is true, perhaps Pachara inadvertently killed the dad and brother from betraying the kingdom, based on Jantha’s premonitions. I am almost sure that Ladtha is Praoploy. But other mysteries remain to be seen.

I am enjoying the retelling of Tarawatburam times, and that Matira has great chemistry with the general. Can’t wait for more of their moments and how it fell apart. Because indeed, a love has destroyed a whole kingdom.